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In addition to attempting to pad the IRS with an ungodly number of additional agents, the IRS still hasn't processed my 2021 tax return. I first filed it in March, by mail because Turbo Tax was glitching. I am owed over $3k. I checked in June to see if they'd processed it, and their website said they hadn't received it. Rather than call (where every agent gives you a different answer and leaves you with no proof of what was discussed), I wrote a cover memo over a second copy of my return and submitted it by mail again (this time with registration so I could prove it was sent and received). To this date, still no refund. Hard to imagine they could be that screwed up...

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All the employees are in new hire training.

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Why because the already hired and trained didn't get the poke? Were federal employees required to do so? I truly think they are going after everybody because the government is broke! SEVERELY!