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12000 years ago Michigan was covered in a mile of ice. Clearly not the case now. No mystery. The climate changes.

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Yep. If 2020 is confirmed invalid, Trump can serve 1 day less than 2 years of the 2020 election and still be eligible to run again in 2024, giving him 2016-2020, 2022-2024, and 2024-2028, or 10 years in office

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Frogs are green. What other interpretation?

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I've been following Q and this forum for about 18 months. I'm not a digger into the Q posts - I get my info from people noting connections on this board, so I don't have original insight to bring. I've been convinced that Q is true, but this proof is a superproof. To have a 3 1/2 year old magazine in the files that made it into an FBI "publicity" release. Mind Blown.

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Honest question. I'm confused...how does Oz falling behind in PA demonstrate Trump is 17 steps ahead?

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The pain of loss is proportional to the depth of love. You are fortunate to have such a dear friend Prayers to you all.

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Interest rates have approximately doubled from 2% to 4-5% for a 10 year. That increase the PI payment by 50%, pushing all houses into a higher income bracket for potential buyers. 30 year rates are nearly

Housing starts in July 22 were down almost 10% from from June 22 and about 9% below July 21.


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Why aren't refugees pushed on other Islamic countries? It is all by design.

Islam has a principle called Civilizational Jihad. It is the conquest of other cultures by infiltration. Moving in, but refusing to assimilate. The average Muslim woman has 4-5 children; the average western woman has less than 2. Starting with a small immigrant crew, Islam can become the majority within its "host" country within a few generations. History has shown even long before becoming the majority Muslims have an outsized impact on their host. Once Muslims reach 15% of the population they become culturally and politically active, and by being vocal and insatiable they can influence policy to their liking even though being a relatively small minority. And in the history of the world, dozens of countries have been taken over by Islam, either through direct invasion, or through Civilizational Jihad. And in all of history, no country that has become Muslim has ever become non-Muslim. It is a one way street. And the countries of Europe would do well to listen to the message in this video.

For an excellent discussion of this topic, read any of Mark Steyn's books on Islam and global demographics. America Alone is a great place to start.

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Typical lizard people perspective.

"Water is not a human right. But I am not human, so I all the water belongs to me."

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That's some real Elmer Fudd / Bugs Bunny action right there.

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Yeah. Cuz every time communism failed it "wasn't implemented properly." We'll get it right this time.

Yeah. Sure.

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I didn't realize semen was high in vitamin K.

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Trump and Norris would never duel. They would unite to rid the world of evil.

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15% have a new medical condition, but only 10% regret taking it? That implies 5% have a new medical condition and are OK with it.

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