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I usually lurk here, just gleaning headlines, etc., and other than a few things, have done most of my posting over at Patriots. But I'm really bothered with something I'm seeing over there and I wanted to ask about the policy here. Patriots calls itself "The Donald" and that's fine.... but there seems to be so much Jew-hatred and Kayne-worshiping there lately, that I have to ask: how can these same people who champion Donald Trump and claim to be "all things Trump" not see that Trump is one of the best friends Israel has ever had and that he is definitely not antisemitic or a "Jew hater"?

I started out on Gab right after 2020 was stolen and left there because it felt so hateful and dark. I asked Torba how he could be so upset that President Trump wouldn't join Gab when Trump would never align himself with such antisemitism? (He blamed Jared Kushner for Trump's not joining.)

As far as Kanye West: he's a rapper, right? So..... what qualifies him to suddenly become "leader" material? Why is everyone bowing down to him? So,yet another celebrity who seems "based" about the whole vax thing... there are plenty more. I just don't get the attraction to this guy. A swastika in the Star of David? Seriously?

But, I'm rambling and I'm sorry. What I want to ask is this: is the general position at Great Awakening what it seems to be at Patriots (that Jews are to be despised)? No, I'm not a Jew. But I wouldn't be upset if I were. You are born what you are born to be.

Thank you for your time and I hope I don't come off as disrespectful.