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So he censors Jack's email on top but leaves it on bottom. Notice the Pizza???? DORSEY IS CONTROLLED!!!!!!

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This is it. This will further support the upcoming Supreme Court case They did violate their oaths!!! ITS HAPPENINHG!!!!

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The cabal is hiding behind Judaism while practicing Satanic worship.

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Kanye is not a leader in most of our eyes.

I am not aanti-semetic BUT I also think that term is overused. We are not permitted to ask questions without being labeled (deplorable, anti-semitic, antivaxxers, conspiracy theorists) and therefore it leads me to ask more questions and challenge the narrative

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We have J6ers sitting in prison going on 2 years without a fair trial. I think our elected officials could have taken one for the mother fucking team!

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I am gonna bet that Wikipedia was not mentioned one time when this guy's dad was in school.

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I am going to be looking for the man everytime i am out in public so that I can shake his hand.

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That wasn't the docket. That was a request to take the case. It's a petition. The Supreme Court gets tons of the and accepts only a few.

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I am going to find a Christian group to join and focus my energy there. We can't place our hope in man. We need to look to our Lord for hope.

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I read that this is a petition to the Supreme Court to pick up the case. They receive a ton of them but only take a few.

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Are you guys watching SBF Twitter account. He is deleting one post and adding another simultaneously so as to not alert the Bots. It has now spells out "what happened" go look

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I just read another stickied post that said FTX was the trap that triggered EO 13848. That with this, I can't wait to see what the rest of this message says!

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I'm starting to wonder who are these people that President Trump is retruthing?

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Hallelujah my friend!

All you have to do is recognize our Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior and repent of your sins. I'm truly happy for you.

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