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No man or woman is perfect. God uses imperfect people for his cause. Lin is a devout Christian. Whether he calls himself a Democrat or a Republican doesn't matter anymore. We are passed those meaningless titles. The fight is now about good vs. evil. Light vs dark. Don't get distracted with bullshit.

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I wish you all the best on your journey. With God your battle is already won.

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Trust Lin.

I trust LINwood to be fighting for good. I trust Mike LINdell to be fighting for good.

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I idolize the Lord.

At this point we have no excuse for not having learned our lesson. All men are fallable. No man or woman on this planet is good. We all harbor sin.

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It isnt. Haha, 4 chan tricked MSM into reporting that it is. F-ing hilarious

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He is basically a McCain. He is wanting to appeal to the right but we are past that. I dont want a Republican. I dont want a democrat. I want a George Washington. I want a patriot.

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Generally used on internet forums, inb4 refers to a user posting a reply to a message/topic "before" another user posts an obvious response.

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Stay away from Phoenix, or is chucked a fuck. They are mandating thec police force get vaccinated. Let's see what happens with that.

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That was rough to get through but once you do get past it, so much is revealed. My opinion of Charlie Sheen has shifted.

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Friends son turned 18 last night. A few weeks ago he was sworn into the airforce. Got his first shot ended up with lock jaw. Got his second shot ended up in the hospital with seizures. Medical staff didn't consider the connection and therefore didn't intend to report the adverse reaction until mom had it out with the Dr.

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