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His successor, Adm Mike Rogers, personally went to Trump Tower to warn him that his place was bugged.

Snowden was CIA, and the ensuing scandal was meant to blind the prying eyes of the NSA from stopping Clowns.

Biggest scandal of 2013 = SNOWden
Biggest film of 2013 = Frozen (Let I.T. Go)
Biggest game of 2013 = Last of U.S.

So yeah, there's a number of reasons why NSA and Q are seen to be on the same side.

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  • 10/17/2019 WUHAN CHINA: World Military Games Prep
  • 11/17/2019 WUHAN CHINA: World Coronavirus Begins

Same place 1 month apart.

  • 100+ Countries Begin getting infected with COVID
  • 100+ Countries Begin Military Olympics
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It does feel that both sides are "going through the motions". And Trumps constant court trials, which I don't interpret as an actual threat to him, act as a way to keep the fact that this actually IS an election year in the public conscience.

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How many of these Twitter employees were simply getting a salary as a form of payment for their participation in Clown Ops?

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  • 06/23/1988 Miami Heat Begins picks first players ever in its Expansion Draft.
  • 06/23/1988 Global Warming is declared by NASA’s Dr. Hansen to the U.S. Senate.
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I think you'll get a kick out of this dig into Reddit's WallStreetBet's timed with Biden

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One will not understand GME, and AMC, without a full understanding of the COVID Op.

Why? Because both stocks were pumped/hyped at the onset of that Op, almost instantly exploding their value in weeks, a phenomenon during an event that should well have been the end of GameStop and AMC. Instead, today, the companies are alive and well. Was there an agreement in place?

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Uranium One was owned by Canada for awhile. Five Eyes includes Canada. The MKUltra program Q highlighted, Dr. Ewen Cameron's experiments, took place in Lincoln Park Canada.

I don't see Canada splintering given its current role. I expect it to be fully co-opted by patriots, just as America is. There are comms to suggest that things will get all the more ridiculous, on purpose, to wake normies up "We are watching a movie". This law would appear engineered to piss off a populace that lives their life digitally.

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Wait, are we pretending Biden is in any way a threat to Trump?

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► 03/24/1999 Matrix 1st Premiere: Trench Coat Mass Murderer of innocents.
► 04/20/1999 Columbine Massacre: Trench Coat Mass Murderer of innocents.

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Maybe spend less time online

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An image, especially when the context is known, can equate to a thousand words.

An Elite Clown is given a proper K-12 worth of education on how the world works, and its true history. "The Titanic" for instance, has layers and layers of meaning, most involving the FED and the Great Depression.

But in a different context, "The Titanic" can be invoked in order to show a display of Clowns ultimate power. A "greatest hits" album, as it were.

Understand that say, "Titanic" = FED. And "Turtle", in the context of money, equates to "Mitch McConnell". An editor could then be instructed to write a superflous, offbeat article involving Sea Turtles being endangered by century-old remnants of the Titanic shipwreck. The details of that article, all the sentences and paragraphs, when the cypher is known ("Titanic" = FED, "Turtle" = Mitch McConnell) can then be used to elaborate on backroom dealings that the Comms-Aware community at large does not have access to. Let's say, a closed meeting between McConnell and Janet Yellen.

Or, the article could be a threat on McConnell's life. All done in a way, with zero attribution (as Q puts it: non_stick) to those who order it. The details would be found in the article the editor wrote.

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I don't think he has time to post on GAW. He does have a twitter and telegram tho, if you wish to speak with him.

While his last YouTube video got banned, his last one on Rumble is up to 2.2k views.

I believe the most resistance people here face, people who are primed to accept this material, is coming to terms with the world being far more complicated than we thought.

The Mainstream Narrative is, of course, bullshit. But the ideas that many tend to cling to in contrast, be it Starseeds, or Gematria, or Satanic worship of Moloch, or Antichrist interpretations, is a gross simplification of how Clown World operates.

Take Q for a moment. Q is obviously not a single person, Q is an entity, most likely militaries from all around the world. Imagine how many operations are occuring on a daily basis in this fight. Now imagine how much communication would have to be conveyed back and forth. Switch now, to the Clowns. Why does Q always repeat "Symbolism will be their downfall"? Many attribute esoteric interpretations to that phrase. What if, instead, it was a far mudane explanation:

Symbolism, the way Clowns MUST communicate, will be their downfall.

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Hulk Hogan's real name is Terry Bollea.

  • 05/28/1979 Chernobyl-2 Begins Operation
  • 05/28/1979 Dolly Parton: Great Balls of Fire Album
  • 05/03/1986 Dollywood Backyard Theme Park Opens
  • 05/04/1986 Chernobyl contained.
  • 05/12/1986 Top Gun: BRADSHAW “Great Balls of Fire”

"“Bradshaw” in the Top Gun film dies by PLANE CRASH. Just like the “Bradshaw” in Nasa. Taking compromising pictures of foreign agents.

This film was officially a marriage of Hollywood and military, promoting in exchange for what looks like a handoff of certain practices. i.e. what we see Bradshaw doing? This is far more meaningful when we take a step back and look at more Bradshaw comms.

  • 03/03/1983 Terry Bradshaw adopts name TOM BRADY Name while undergoing arm surgery. Bradshaw having won the most Super Bowls until Tom Brady.
  • 03/03/1983 Terry Gene “Hulk Hogan” Ends American Wrestling Association, continues in Japan/WWF

That last comm implies Bradshaw -> Brady. TOM Cruise -> TOM BRADSHAW -> TOM CRUISE (Military + Hollywood).

It’s easier to understand Bradshaw as a comm in contrast to Brady.

  • 08/03/1977 Tom Brady Born
  • 08/03/1977 MKUltra Hearing
  • 08/04/1977 Q Clearance DOE Begins

Brady material = evidence not turned over to authorities.

  • 01/1986 Bradshaw D.O.B. PLANE CRASH Nasa
  • 01/1986 Iron Eagle Air Force film: Starring Louis CAMERON + PLANE CRASH
  • 05/1986 Top Gun: Bradshaw Air Force Film. CAMERA + PLANE CRASH  

One being the military sending the comm, the other being Hollywood. An “agreement”?

I focused on the most famous passenger of the crash, but there were others on that crash that also likely had comms."


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  • 08/17/1560 Protestant reformation, rejection of Papal authority.
  • 08/21/1560 Famous Solar Eclipse

"Once again, a transition from what is being seen to something new!

These are all official history; I’m only interpreting what MSM records as the most famous eclipses and recognizing they are tied to historic moments in history about the exact same thing!"

  • 07/10/1991 First President of Russia Established
  • 07/11/1991 Longest Solar Eclipse in centuries.

"This was the replacement of the U.S.S.R.!

Another perfect symbol for a transition of breakaway from one thing to antoher. USSR-> Russia/Ukraine/etc An ECLIPSE as the old is no longer viewed in positive terms!"

  • 08/07/1888 Solar Eclipse: Largest Saros.
  • 08/07/1888 Jack the Ripper begins with 1st Murder.

"Jack the Ripper remains infamous as the first sensationalist INTERNATIONAL NEWS STORY. The origin of MSM hysteria? It is a good symbol people seeing one thing and then another suddenly." 

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NCAA March Madness Decoded

"To understand that last bit...

NCAA March Madness is arguably the most popular sporting event in the country. It typically gets higher ratings than the NBA Finals!

The reason for this is said to be its history with "David Vs Goliath" matches. I began digging into the famous upsets, and the first on on the wiki is the "Perfect Game". This is also the March Madness took its current 64 Team form!

  • 04/01/1985 MARCH MADNESS Biggest Upset
  • 03/31/1985 WrestleMania I: Yearly Biggest WWF Show


These exciting "David Vs Goliath" upsets are surely game fixes and that is the point of having HOGAN as the big winner in a show most known for fixing matches for entertainment.

HOGAN was the bane of the NCAA in the past and now he promotes Mr. T who acts as the NCAA symbol. I'm talking about District Attorney FRANK HOGAN who alongside Max Kase nearly brought down college basketball in the 1950's.

So that name held a special significance, and so it is invoked here to signify that having overly dramatic and obvious match fixing would not be taboo. (cont.)"


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Solar Eclipse: Mini Post

"There are many eclipses, but famous ones are rare.

Historic Eclipse of Jesus & Muhammad. If you look up the most famous historic Eclipses…

Crucifixion of Jesus = FAMOUS Eclipse
Birth of Muhammad = FAMOUS Eclipse


Followers of Jesus = Largest Religion in world
Followers of Muhammad = 2nd Largest Religion in world

What kind of messaging is this?"


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A symbol, by the way, is not a communication. It is, at best, a word. Communication requires sentences

Symbolism comms:

Word -> Meaning
Image -> Meaning
Animal -> Meaning
Object-> Meaning

Q's use of Symbolism

"Let’s start from the beginning.

Symbols are prominent at every level of society, and you already know tons of them. They define what and where things are without the need for words.

If you understand the symbols below then you already know how to decode. It is no different than recognizing the basic attributes of a thing and reconciling context. They define what kinds of actions are or are not allowed, they can define the affiliation of a location and much more.

You already do that all the time!

You also surely have had an inside joke or two in your lifetime. Say one of your friends years ago shaved his mustache into a Hitler Stache for Halloween, you never let him live it down and your friends still occasionally call him Hitler as a joke.

That makes your friend what? Yes, that makes them a symbol of Hitler. However to anyone outside your group of friends they don’t understand because they weren’t there.

That’s what the world of comms is! Thousands of inside jokes you aren’t in on that involve all sorts of different symbolism.

I decode symbolism, but not in the way disinfo merchants do it. I am not the status quo online. I will never ask you to trust outlandish claims with nothing but my word. In my posts I walk you through the research I did as I explain why I believe what I believe."


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Come to understand that any celebrity you aware of is, in a sense, a "DS swampie".

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Understand that "the medium is the message" for the purpose of Symbolic Communication.

Comms-Aware Clowns, in 1908 reading the Newspapers, got the heads up regarding the Model T's future dominance by reading bogus stories regarding the T-Rex.

there is no precision involved in this, and you admit that the number for the tyrannosaurus was pulled out of the air at the time

What matters is what those Editors in those Newspapers chose to put to print. That is what contains the Comms. There need not be any basis in reality for what they are using. The majority of CERN discoveries are simply vehicles for relaying Comms. The discovery is simply an excuse, or rather, a lexicon in their vocabulary, to communicate about topics that really matter.

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the estimated running speed of the tyrannosaurus was anywhere from 10 to 45 mph

It is always important to look at initial reporting at the time. And the initial reporting at the time, stated the estimate speed of the T-Rex as 45 mph. Of course, that's a ludicrous number. And future reports estimate far more reasonable figures.

But understand, in 1908, that original number. That 45 mph they seemingly pulled out of thin air, had a purpose behind it.

And I see plenty of sources stating the Model T's top speed as 45 mph.

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Show notes: https://decodingsymbols.wordpress.com/2023/12/15/dinosaurs/

"At what point is a coincidence mathematically impossible?

  • 10/1908 T-Rex Discovered: First one complete enough to give shape.
  • 10/1908 Model-T first produced: revolutionizes automotive industry with factory lines.

Not only do they share a name and origins…

Model-T = 45 Miles Per Hour Max
T-Rex = 45 Miles Per Hour Max

They also were the exact same speed!"

At what point is a coincidence mathematically impossible?"...

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You guys...seriously? After everything Q has told us. How in control the Military is. How far into the end game we are. You really think it's going to end guns blazing?

If that was even an option on the DS, they would've gone for it by now.

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