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Stop "waiting" for the storm. For the storm has already HIT.

When the majority on Twitter - endless normies included - start openly championing the return of free speech (with regards to Elon purchasing it), the storm has already HIT.

When the polls on the same website have the MAJORITY demanding a reinstatement of DJTs account and pardoning the Assange's and the Snowden's of this world, the storm has already HIT.

And all this, even before Twitter Files became a thing. Or Mr. Musk openly posted pepes and started openly speaking about stopping child exploitation (a topic that mere weeks ago only us "QAnon nutjobs" were talking about).

For example, here are some interesting comments that came through on Reddit regarding singer Elton John's decision to leave Twitter for "encouraging misinformation". These are some pretty short comments, so I urge you all to go through them. And to kindly note that not only are these comments all over heavily moderated and astroturfed subreddits, but that these came AFTER Reddit's been shitting all over Elon Musk - all over the front page - for literally MONTHS now (in post after after post after post). And yet, most of these comments are UPVOTED. Which means that these comments are being upvoted by none other than the (now AWAKE-NING) "wokes" themselves. Have a look: Comment 1 | Comment 2 | Comment 3 | Comment 4 | Comment 5 | Comment 6

But what about the "CLOT SHOT", you wonder? Well guess what, the storm has already HIT.

For example, HERE is a post about it on the HEAVILY woke, HEAVILY censored subreddit that is r/India, that is OPENLY ASKING some VERY uncomfortable questions for all to ponder over. Questions, that not too long ago would get your entire account shadowbanned (and the post deleted) in mere seconds --- IF it even got through their endless filters somehow, that is.

And not only are these questions on normies' minds all over the world, they've even made it to YouTube (of all places) --- yet ANOTHER bastion of heavy-handed censorship and free-speech suppression. So before you click on THIS VIDEO - (one, which was posted a mere TWO weeks ago) - I want you all to guess the number of views it could possibly have garnered by now, on a place such as YOUTUBE no less. Go on. Give it a "shot" (heh).

My dearest frens, REGARDLESS of how very hopeless you may have ever felt at times (or still do feel), you must understand THIS ONE THING: the Great Awakening was NEVER EVER going to be stopped. Because the Great Awakening is NOT a "human" plan NOR a "DJT" plan NOR a "Q" plan.

It is a GOD plan.

This plan - the plan for humanity's ascension - has not been put in place by mere mortals or "the White Hats". It has been put in place by your very CREATOR. To think that we walk out of this with ANYTHING less than a complete and absolute WIN is somehow contemplating the idea that GOD - the ONLY true power and intelligence in the cosmos - could somehow, well, "lose". And that very idea even is just straight up laughable.

Your Cabal & Co. could well make a hundred trillion 9D chess moves powered by quantum AI intelligence and FB-profile-data (and FBI profiling data) coupled with MKULTRA and backed by an array of 11D Large Hadron Collider Interdimensional Portals and a bazillion advanced shadow government techniques and technologies and whatnot --- and your CREATOR would knock them all down in one shot with 1/100,000,000,000,000,000th of a NORMIE-TIER move. Not even kidding.

It's a NO CONTEST even BEYOND what the term "NO CONTEST" could EVER hope to convey.

You must understand a rather simple fact, and especially if you're a newbie on here or a doomer or so: One, it is TOO LATE (for the darkies to do absolutely anything about it). And two, TOO MANY ARE AWAKE NOW, for the dark ones to have ANY sort of sway left in this battle now anymore.

Second - and equally important thing - for everyone who's like "but the sleeping-wokes are STILL not taking the Twitter-Manipulation or Election-Interference thingies seriously". Well, most of them were never even really meant to, because that was NEVER EVEN the PLAN.

The sleepy-wokes have been brainwashed into hating DJT, Russia, Elon Musk, and others for SO very long now, that many of them wouldn't really have a problem with actual election interference proof being dropped all over the place, even if it WAS unquestionably handed out tomorrow.

Unfortunately (for the dark ones), even they have a line that cannot be crossed. The one line that even Q has reminded us (over and over) will be when the ongoing storm hits its peak.

It will be the CHILDREN that unite us all in the end.

So let me make it very, very clear here: the FINAL revelation of the storm that brings all hell crashing down WON'T be the election interferences, WON'T be the censored posts and shadowbanned profiles, and it WON'T EVEN be the truth regarding the jabs (because --- as angry as it shall make many; MANY will still do insane mental gymnastics to somehow convince themselves that all-is-well and "they were still right to take it" somehow and such.)

The FINAL, FINISHING BLOW will come when the world learns of the dark ones' UNSPEAKABLE atrocities against this planet's CHILDREN.

That's when your shits hit the fans happen. That's when your suicide weekends happen. Because what would you do if you - the hunter - suddenly became the hunted? Would you want to be thrown in a prison with all of the other prisoners knowing what you did to innocent little children? Or would you dare to venture out in the streets, when it has long been told that you wouldn't be able to walk the STREETS? You'd commit suicide ASAP, that's what you'd do.

To know how abuse against children can powerfully cause even the most hardened of MSM-brainwashed puppets to have an absolute MELT DOWN, I'll leave you all with THIS RECENT INTERESTING VIDEO CLIP REGARDING THE BALENCIAGA SCANDAL (where the news anchor rips off his ear-piece and goes off-script) to watch.

Please remember, it's not that far back in our own history when the peasants finally had enough of the noblemen and put them all to guillotines, and the slaves finally had enough of their masters and broke free of all of their chains, and shit went down real hard, real fast from "worship the royals" to "EAT THE RICH."

And this time round, SO MANY of us (globally) are awake now (as you all saw during the global anti-jab/regulation and trucker protests) - that if the worst comes to worst - we'll just all take to the streets and do what NEEDS to be DONE. And with free and fair Starlink to help keep our internets running all smooth and helpful at that. And if you doubt that part, kindly remember that open protests against the government are now happening in CHINA, (of all places). So all else is FREE GAME, folks.

We have ALREADY WON this battle and this WAR even. And that's no false-ass "hopium" that I'm dropping in here.

So get cozy, live your best life, inspire others, awaken new frens wherever possible, and enjoy the show.

Coz in the end, GOD WINS.