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Interesting. When they went thru the wilderness for 40 years they did not have enough water. God gave them water.

Should we allow God to have all the glory? Yes I would say so. Should we be aware of how the deceiver of Nations and his followers are? Yes I would say so.

Jesus was a giver. God is a giver. We should be givers too? If the economy crashes and all the sheep become unemployed. Should we not then help our neighbors and be givers still?

I don’t know. The procrastination might only be you have worked and saved your entire life and you are concerned it was all for nothing? These younger people are told to take over the older people and they lack basic skills to do that.

One example I have of how are quickened into action is by need. My youngest tells me he wants his old computer connected to his tv on the wall. I told him after I recover from surgery I will help him connect the hdmi cable. The neighbors did those fireworks that sound like broken glass and when I hear that I jumped out of bed and believed it was the tv crashing into the floor. Was I supposed to jump out of bed? Nope and I paid for it with more pain.

-when the time is right we will be quickened to do the Just Cause that is required but we should also be able to discern and in my case I connected my perception that was not correct. Patience is tough

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Nice. I pray and ask things like, what if? When I see a group (mob) pushing something that involves mocking and belittling along with free donuts I have to say no, no matter what.

The 6 foot distancing with masks made me think of things like 666 all across the country and is this a test to see who would take the mark of the beast?

No need for me to use any alternative information.

Essentially it was a very Biblical thing going on and they were doing it in the open.

Any Christian who does not see that simple thing should think

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Thank you. I usually call it educated fascism or simply fascism. These educated (in large part) have weaponized sin. Humility is a weakness to them and envy is a strength.

I sure hope to be alive when the pendulum starts swinging back. It is exciting to see this now, but yet when it comes back-these weak minded people will not be accepted as reliable.

Some of them already are yelling at everyone on how they are the most competent.

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For this to happen the educated proud crowd would have to come to terms that they are not very intelligent.

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Interview his friends and family who said to him - not to take it. What was his response?

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Human nature is inevitable. Violence is human nature. To have the uptopia these totalitarian fascists/marxists/communists claim requires blood.

There is a COST to everything humans do.

We allow evil to beguile and violently take over while the docile Christian’s claim to take the higher ground.

Common sense really.

Socialism will always fail because there is human nature like ; lust, jealousy, envy, entitlement, and so on.

I say let them destroy themselves and stop trying to view them as repent full. Those who see and soften their hearts will repent and God knows. The so called leaders are very intelligent and focused on their totalitarian agenda. If anyone who claims any intelligent thought says otherwise only shows they are either dumb as that dude formally known as The Rock (aka the pebble) or dreaming of their fake utopia with Obama being the supreme leader.

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Back in the day I did contract work for KMart which turned into Sears — 2005. I would get calls to go fix a fiber or network cables and wonder if tomorrow the store I was at would be closed. It was a thing that took some years but one day they were all shutdown.

I am no expert on stocks and such however for Kmart and then blockbusters when I was working I their stores it was the same thing.

I remember shutting down a bunch of DHL stores and gathering up all their equipment to ship. When this one happened in the offices and cubes I would see peoples drivers licenses and keys left behind—like people just disappeared or was locked out suddenly without notice.

When things finally happen they are usually swift and at times the middle management doesn’t even get a heads up.

I see here it is claimed controlled demolition and from my experience of being a nobody important but working in telecom I would say it has to be controlled for decades.

The group in culture that pays the consequences for the evil doers is always the fked up part and hopefully this decade doesn’t end with that same scenario. Many of us are getting old and still need to work and save—yet we also want all these criminals (in a large number) to be the ones who pays for their sins to society.

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Men crying in public to me is still one of the worst things to ever be seen. Men can cry but be a man about it not a sissy.

He is probably the victim of the results.

Soooooo tired of men being sissies.

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These people who demanded concentration camps (reeducation camps), forced mandates, arrests, raping people to give them a vaccine (mRNA), and many more things these past 4 years is needing to explode in the faces of the people who are now trying to claim -it was a dark time and we did not know at the time-

The rebound needs to be so great that they get incinerated in their cultural beliefs of worshipping their god of self and “know your source”

I hope you are right and I have faith in you.

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Discernment is tough and I might of worded incorrect.

Jesus said to be wise right? To be wise requires not a diploma but it requires critical thinking. Critical thinking is psychology.

God created us and we have free will. Free will is used as an excuse to be ignorant at times.

When anyone reads the Bible and gets a foundation on it they will start seeing things can have many meanings and scenarios.

Like James 4:17 one might not know what good is but when one knows what good is and does not do it for that specific person it is sin.

Example is like rank in the military. If a private does something stupid it is expected but if a Master Sergeant does the same thing it is not stupid.

God created us to think and to chose what we want to do. In my opinion the Obama side of the fence has destroyed themselves and they know it.

How can any Christian that is wise vote for anyone in the Democratic Party? Any Christian that claims it is possible is only showing their ignorance or they are showing they are a deceiver.

Psychological abuse is what they are doing to the Christians in the USA and it doesn’t matter if you are an atheist or not to see that.

They want to mock Christian’s by claiming they are trumpers and gun lovers - that is psychological warfare.

The Bible is a resource to combat against the Obama side of the fence and not only defend but to use the whole armour of God including the sword.

The Bible teaches us what psychological warfare is and we are seeing spiritual warfare within it.

It is the most exciting thing to see happen to the USA. I am not angry. None of us live forever and I was hoping this would pass my generation but it is ramping up still. :)

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Life is a pysop. The Bible is a pysop.

If evil people created a pysop to confuse, mock, ridicule, use opinions as facts, and so on. This will not end well for them. Sure they will have fun for a time and their cultists will be in their sublime spirit of pride.

Let them do their best. Vengeance belongs to God alone and God alone will keep His children safe.

They knew exactly what they were getting into and they have been warned many times. NCSWIC

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Pence would need to come out and say something that will be very important. Even that it would be very difficult for many.

At this point I would not pretend to know who would be the front runner for VP. What I do know is Trump / Ice Cube makes more sense than Trump/Pence.

Pence to me is one of those jealous types who believes they should be number one and being number two really bothers those types of people.

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Do it. NCSWIC. They will need police, military, neighbors, doctors, and more onboard. Fear is not going to work for them much longer.

Many are still afraid but that is silly. Why? Regardless of which side people are going to be on will require sacrifice.

Those who choose evil to be their master will be required to much and those who choose good to be their master will be required to rebuke the evil.

Humility is required. Yet humility is loving your enemy but also destroying your enemy with God. The God that gave His Son for our Salvation. Not the god of what they will claim is the same god.

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Hilarious stuff. Reminds me of an old black and white show with only captions.

They need to do a retake though. Biden was supposed to slip in his poopie and Macron was trying to get him back to do a retake.

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Totalitarian flag (commie-left/fascist-right). We live an era where the evil Care Bears united and they are all holding hands with commies, fascists, Satanists, evil clowns, warlocks and such and their beam of darkness is exposing how weak the USA has become.

If we get thru the valley and the storm these evil Care Bears need to take heed. No one will have any tolerance for them. They want a world war? Ok. Let’s send them the Israel/Hamas and see if either side welcomes the purple haired commies or the fascist liberal woman — remember woman have the right to be a man now.

If we fall as a country during this period then so be it. Both ways the evil Care Bears will not be sustainable. Both ways good people will suffer and will recover while evil will once again be smashed into pieces.

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I am going thru therapy and one lady doctor is very liberal. Yet she does have critical thinking-that is key-

She is fun to talk to while she torments me physically. Today tiny dancer was playing on her radio. I asked if she knew the meaning or thought of it as a good song?

She did not get angry but did say she doesn’t go down conspiracy theories (in which they pushed 6 foot distancing and masks) — this is something-they- have to come to terms with.

I did not go any further than saying the singer of tiny dancer is a boy lover. I use personal life experience to explain my point of view. Like I was raped, kidnapped, locked in dark rooms as so on when I was a child in the USA. She says I am more sensitive to that perception and I said no way. I am more aware of evil people.

It is up to them to have faith in people again and stop worshipping their gods of evil in the USA.

Hopefully they pull through, but they have a lot of baggage to let go. See they would not forgive themselves if they did that to themselves and in psychological warfare one must understand they could be the first step towards salvation. :)

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Every doctor and family member who forced this from this psychopath are indeed the same as this psychopath.

Out of a million people how many will repent?

I honestly think it will be in the low 0.01 percent range why? Because they will claim that even though fauci lied it was for the a precaution and they will deny those like me who have kids who were affected by this nonsense.

Hope I am wrong. But I have faith in the few good people who found the narrow road and I have faith those in the road that is broad will always cower behind being a victim.

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Prison? Naw this is another thing we need to fix in the USA.

Many say even here that nothing will ever happen. Yet that is a lie. Trump is showing us for years that lots happen under the surface.

The American dream appears to be gone. The new dream is to be happy and own nothing. So let’s go there and all you and those who claim nothing ever happens will see they deceived themselves.

Or people can repent and pray once again.

It is a choice and all we can do is give them a choice. If the USA constitution is void in the day light we will see millions of people gathered up under the banner of them being Trump supporters and the churches once again will show their evil head and stand with the government.

Exciting days for the USA and it is very sad.

Nothing I can do about it but witness it and marvel at the USA citizens who have been groomed into the same spirit of those who hung Jesus on the cross. The mind disease is not a new thing.

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I decided for the first time to use this thing. I followed trump. Found live content and was banned from fascists pretty fast in the comments. They are more lost than I thought in lots of the live streams. I seen a lot more support for Christianity and Trump than I expected though.

I also think I am already shadow banned on it. At first people would reply to me but in under an hour no one was. lol.

Maybe the dam is breaking a little Bit more?

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By claiming you are atheist and yet have knowledge of good and evil only says you are more wise than many Christians and definitely more wise than the wokies. Luke 16 the whole chapter. Kjv

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Yep many will pray and pray for MORE patience. Times like these I take a break from trying to keep up on anything related to the social medias and msm. I tune it out. Pray to God and focus on recovering, home, and getting back to work.

November is very soon. They are desperate. This is a fact. They need to somehow scare people and also burn people out.

Patience is a good work. They hate that.

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I prayed about my brother being a woke and on Amazon had a published Q book. Ordered it. Read up to a point to where it gave me a link and over time I am here.

For me I viewed the Q book as an instruction manual and I still have it. It gives a reference for knowing the q posts do not get changed over time to fit a narrative.

For me though I do not read user manuals. I skim them and toss them to the side.

To me God and Jesus is real. To me the USA Military is real. To me there is evil and good people and I have faith in all those to do what they do. Yes I have faith in evil people to do evil and deception as good people will stand up to evil and I have faith God will lead those who want to water and food.

Hope is very important and I knew many people in the 80’s who would yell at the tv, have back flashes, addiction, hopeless broken “good” people — because they thought they were alone.

I have faith there is good people in the military and there is hope.

Something to consider — those who grew up without faith in God struggle to have faith in people. I also believe good people will say and do things to confuse evil people.

To I see the msm and the same spirit as them mock, yell, claim to be the light, claim they are the way to be not confused and so on. It proves they are seeing something that they are worried about. All by them being the source proves something is going on.

Vengeance belongs to God and God will never fail.

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