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You are absolutely on point.

I had a harmless post REMOVED TWICE by a "moderator" (who also warned me about a potential ban), regarding a topic which was literally on a STICKIED POST on the EXACT SAME DATE. There was a time (not too long ago) when disagreements used to be comments and downvotes (which I've had aplenty in my time on here), but now, things have gone woke it seems. I mean, there used to be a time when a post like this one by me - while it triggered many on here - STILL wasn't removed or anything. But now, I get open ban warnings and shit. Me, a guy who literally made the Shill Tactic Flowchart to awaken folks, and posted stuff like this and here's my LITERAL FIRST POST on this forum, but now, apparently, I'm too toxic for this place or whatever.

Very well then. Bring the cancel culture on board. Get rid of the very best of us because..."their different perspective/s triggered me!". Go full commie. Eat your own. Let's see how that one works out for the movement.

Enjoy the show.

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I'll willingly join my (thoroughly washed and dried) hands with you to cumtribute to the said cause.

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Will the jizz bizz ever run out of fizz? Only time shall tell us dizz!

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From what I understand, the entire global child trafficking / paedophilia / cannibalism situation has been 95%+ resolved and we are very, VERY close to a FULL RESOLUTION on the matter at this time (THIS VERY YEAR should be the end of it all). Many of the offenders have already been given the "full spa treatment" (if not removed permanently out of the equation), and the rest will either follow shortly (or await public trials). However, the public may or may not be ready for a FULL DISCLOSURE on this matter yet (as given in this post), so that may take more time, and a drip-by-drip-info-drop process, as far as I understand this.

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Lol no one on here believes a single word I say anyways (you should read some of the things people say to me on my posts / comments!) :D

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The Details: If you've been following the awakening process over the past few years - and particularly so in 2020, 2021 and 2022, you would have already seen this specific pattern of awakening the masses at play. The speeds of which have ramped now with all of the Twitter Files releases, the FTX scandal exposures, and the like. And the pace will accelerate even further and FASTER this year, I mean, we just closed the LAST YEAR with something as huge (and MASS-ively red-pilling) as the Twitter Files (and almost BEGAN this year with a major football player collapsing on field and that other dude dying), so you can take a general guess at what an EVEN MORE ACCELERATED version of this will look like, in this very year.

Enjoy the show! :) :)

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Point taken. 🙏🏻

In any case, this is not a post meant to diss anybody. It's just there to serve as encouragement to all who feel as if they've lost it all, simply because certain events - at least on the surface level - did not go in the direction that they desired it to. However, upon looking at the bigger picture, something else entirely is made visible. Hope this helps.

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"threat to mankind" 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Funnier are the glowies (aka "anonymous") who are saying pussy shit like "how many times we have to say this", and that too, not even on the Chans, but on Twitter of all places.

I'm going to enjoy watching this shitty ship sink.

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Here's a WONDERFUL BOOK (as an Ebook/PDF) upon the whole re-incarnation subject. AND a well-renowned GLOBAL BEST SELLER at that! :)

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The honour is all mine :)

And now, regarding the whole Christian Teachings part, the sad part is that ALL religious text books and teachings have been TAMPERED WITH by those of the dark. EVERY LAST THING has been re-written or re-crafted by those ones to fit THEIR agendas of turning humans into their SLAVES. For example, the one you know of as Jesus would never, NEVER EVER EVER tell people BS like "past lives don't exist". And how do I know that? Because I myself have held FULL REMEMBERANCE of my own past life right from the MOMENT that I was born...TO THIS DAY. Hell, I thoroughly remember my entire birthing period as well. Yes, yes, I know...most of humanity doesn't. But well, I still do regardless. And it was only LATER in life that I heard about the whole "Christianity says there is no reincarnation" nonsense. Just put yourself in MY shoes and imagine MY reaction to it all lol. 🙄🙄🙄

But it's not even all that new and just too limited to me. For example, PLENTY of people remember and speak OPENLY about their "past lives" as children...you can just Google that stuff up. Or you can simply browse a site like Reddit and find threads such as this one or this one or this one or this one FILLED TO THE BRIM with anecdotes like that ALL OVER THE PLACE. Hell, even some of your own friends and family members will have their own kids' tales to tell you regarding this, if you only asked.

The MOMENT that you look at all of the sheer mountains of EVIDENCE in front of you, you KNOW for a FACT that you've been LIED TO. No different than how YOU probably were before you discovered Q or the whole conspiracy community or what-have-you.

And ORGANIZED RELIGIONS - in particular - are NO DIFFERENT with their GAS-LIGHTING attempts than your own governments and CIAs and whatnot....they ARE run by the same people after all

May God bless you too! :) :) :)

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I’ve found the best way to keep my sanity in all of this is to recognize the humor within.

Well then, guess who echoes your sentiment?

You'd be surprised ;) ;)

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How does someone know if something is true?

The answer is simple. It simply rings true.

Call it gut feeling, intuition, a deep inner sensing, or what-else-have-you. A great example of it would be this very post. Look at all of the people who have connected with it so very deeply. And what for? The post, according to most of my critics, is very, VERY poorly formatted. This text bold, that text italic; quite the mess to get through for some. It's not been written with the fancy language and design techniques used by advertisers, nor does it have provocative / divisive / inflammatory / hateful language used to gain people's attention --- the way politicians do it.

And despite all of its inherent flaws and imperfections, it nevertheless CONNECTS. And with so many peoples' HEARTS at that.

That's the thing about TRUTH. Truth rarely comes through all polished and curated. Instead, it is in the RAW-NESS of it, the CLARITY of it that people find their connection.

TRUTH connects with one's HEART. And no amount of polished and perfected (corporate presentation style language) can ever, ever, EVER get there.

Which is why Donald Trump, despite not being a politician (let alone a seasoned politician), won an entire nation's hearts (and their vote) in his very FIRST ATTEMPT itself. Why? Because the MOMENT he began speaking, everyone, absolutely EVERY SINGLE PERSON could KNOW and FEEL that he was LEGIT. The dark ones - coming from their political communications' schools and lifetimes of PR trainings and all - simply had NO ANSWER to that.

Apply this exact same understanding to ALL KNOWLEDGE IN LIFE that you ever encounter or come across --- and you'll KNOW what's TRUE, and what's NOT.

Good luck! :)

P.S. The entire download is WAY TOO BIG to be dropped single handedly in HERE, but I will indeed give you a place to get started on your journey back to enlighten-ing knowledge. First, the simple route. Go to libgen.is (see if this link works for you) and look up Dolores Cannon

Download all five of the books in her 'The Convoluted Universe' series. Start from one - and go all the way to five - coz it gets more advanced with each book, and you'll need the background of the previous one to truly 'get' what's in the next. Again, see if these links work (you'll need to click on the large hyperlink titled GET (after clicking on one of those Mirror Links given there to download): Book 1 | Book 2 | Book 3 | Book 4 | Book 5. Other than the PDFs, you can well read the .epub files with free EPUB readers that you can download online, or even in the Microsoft Edge internet browser I believe. (Her other books are also worth the read...but read the first five books first. Then, you could also read something like this one and this one and this one. All three of those books are about your beloved Jesus.)

Two, like another commenter said, do indeed visit The NDERF (Near Death Experience Research Foundation) Exceptional Experiences Section to read AS MANY different and diverse accounts of NDEs (Near Death Experiences) as you possibly can. Those are all submitted by very real people, and the posting format is very, VERY detailed and exhaustive. Yes, all people have varied experiences of the After-Life aka the True-Life aka Heaven (that's because you GET what you EXPECT-TO-GET when you go there)...but you WILL INDEED find certain things and themes that are ABSOLUTELY COMMON to ALL of them.

Other than that, the site is absolutely a FUN READ, and that's me VASTLY understating as to how very ENJOYABLE I find reading through that material. After all, what folks call "heaven" is our true HOME. So of course we miss it DEEPLY deep within - and can't WAIT to know more about it all over again - even if such is merely by putting our reading and imaginative faculties to use!

Three, if you're GENUINELY interested in speeding up your Ascension and Enlightenment processes, I have a selection of 8 wonderful training videos for you. There was a time (not even that long ago) when you'd have to convince a spiritual teacher/master that you were even WORTHY of being their student by having to do unimaginably difficult and challenging stuff; compared to that, you're now getting all of that knowledge freely on the internet from a BRILLIANT teacher and for FREE --- so DO INDEED know the sheer VALUE and PRECIOUS-NESS of such an opportunity here. Here are the 8 videos in question. And yes - long as they may be - they are BEYOND worth your time. For SERIOUS / SINCERE / DEDICATED learners and practicioners ONLY!!!

Video 1 | Video 2 | Video 3 | Video 4 | Video 5 | Video 6 | Video 7 | Video 8

BUT, if you want a PREVIEW of how very ADVANCED these learnings can get, I would urge you to go through THIS VIDEO FIRST. But BE WARNED that this video contains ADVANCED knowledge that would challenge and shatter EVERY LAST THING THAT YOU'VE EVER "THOUGHT" YOU'VE "KNOWN" OR BEEN "TAUGHT"...and if that is just way too much for you, then this whole thing is simply NOT MEANT for you!

Proceed in there at your own risk!

And last but not the least, if you're looking for REALLY ADVANCED knowledge and understanding regarding it ALL, I urge you to look no further than the Law Of One (by Ra) material / books. To look at their entire selection of books, you can visit HERE. To download the MAIN BOOK that I'm referring to here, simply download either both the books (Volume 1 and Volume 2), OR download the last book on that page titled 'Unified Index', as it combines both the books in ONE. You can download those by visiting HERE.

And I'm so NOT kidding when I say that these books are really, REALLY ADVANCED AF. Hell, even I don't understand everything that's in those books, and I (otherwise) understand a LOT. So I'd recommend that you first go through the previously mentioned stuff given above first, before jumping into the DEEP END of the pool that is the LAW OF ONE.

Hope this helps! :)

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That takes away all the fun😎

I completely agree. Hence, I never do ;)

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Here you go!

(P.S. You'll have to scroll down all the way to see my response to the question.)

Cheers! :)

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What u/Enlightenment_Now said above is correct. However, what I'm defining here as Ascension is more than just an increase in our vibrational rates (frequencies) -- which, as they rightly said, is an ongoing process. As per my definition, actual Ascension is the crossing of a threshold from the 3rd density (duality/polarity) into the 4th density (of love/light).

At this threshold cross-over, many, MANY things happen simultaneously. And no, it is not as if you cross over into 4D (4th Density) and "instantly" you become Superman. But yes, the process picks pace for sure.

Upon entry into the 4th density, the following things will become the most obvious. It'll become near impossible to stay in or experience negative energy states such as fear, anger, hatred, jealousy, greed, and what-else-have-you. Even if you tried REAL HARD to experience those states, those feelings will, in real-time, simply evaporate.

You'll be able to better read other peoples' TRUE feelings/intentions, and eventually, their minds. This will eventually follow the era of NO SECRETS; because you can't really keep secrets in a world filled with mind readers. Doesn't mean you still can't have certain privacy when you desire it (and others will honour it by not breaching it like a 3D person would do).

In "time", all of your hidden abilities, and the FULL capacities of your brain and DNA begin to unlock. Now we are talking skillsets (that you have attained mastery over in past/future/parallel lives), which could be anything from singing real well to mastery over the martial arts. It will all start to come back to you.

And yes, eventually, the 'superpowers' will kick in too. Flying, healing, cellular regeneration, running beyond human speeds, teleportation, telekinesis, and all of that good stuff. It will come, as you progress further and further into your evolution, at your own happy pace (for each person, their own).


It will be a different pace for everyone, because this is a process of RE-MEMBERING, more than just "learning" how to do something. Most of these things you ALREADY know deep down within your subconscious, but these abilities are currently hidden from you. And your DNA / Full-Brain-Capacity LOCKED.

This process will occur at different speeds for different people, as per each person's pace of REMEMBERING and their comfort-zones (and how far they're willing to travel beyond those and at what pace). Dedicated re-memberers could achieve many of these skillsets and superpowers in anywhere between a few years, a few decades to a century or so. Less dedicated / evolved people will take longer. Perhaps they'll need to reincarnate (in light-er bodies) to continue even. But all of that will be achievable because the life-spans of humans will initially go up to around 200-250 years. And, in (many) subsequent generations, thousands of years even. Many will choose to live out, say, a 200-250 years this time round, and then re-incarnate in a sector of the "future" where the bodies have already evolved - on a global level - to thousand plus years lifespans and a greater re-membrance of the superpowers and all. To each his own (journey).

But you WILL see MANY humans become at least PARTIALLY super-human, in this very lifetime of yours.

And yes, there will be advanced ones around who will be able to make their bodies virtually immortal. I say "virtually" because, even though their bodies will be immortal and re-generatable for all practical reasons and purposes, NOBODY is going to want to stay in a (highly) limiting human body forever. So at some point they'll all leave, and either move on to another civilization with a different(ly evolved) body, or leave the whole limiting world of physicality behind altogether and exist purely as a Soul or an Energy Body / Light Body. If you ask me, if I could gain (physical) immortality and indestructability this time round, I don't think I'll hang around any more than a couple thousand years at best. That's enough time to do most things on Earth here, I feel. Or I choose to reincarnate in a future version of Earth where things are, let's just say, more heavenly.

All "death" would be PAIN-LESS in 4D and beyond, and will occur as and when someone decides (on their own) to leave the Earth plane, and will be quick as a snap.

Will we all travel from 3D to 4D instantaneously or gradually? Through a grand Solar Flash or via other means? The answer is, EVERY ONE will choose THEIR own path, THEIR own time-line, For and By THEM-SELVES. The options (and thus, the timelines) for one's choosing are, therefore, infinite.

But yes, "heaven on earth" WILL be achieved in most people's LIFETIMES. In practical terms, this refers to love and harmony between ALL peoples, infinite freedom to do whatever you please (as long as you're not harming another), infinite abundance and prosperity for ALL beings, erasure of boundaries between peoples and countries and colours and races and religions and whatnot, PEACE upon the entire PLANET, FREE ACCESS to food, energy, shelter, (incredibly advanced and instantaneous) healing, and a CLEAN, HEALTHY and HAPPY environment and planet for ALL LIFE to thrive in (harmoniously), among other things. EQUALITY for ALL LIFE will reign supreme; corruption, nepotism, greed, evil, darkness, divisions, hatred, deceit, royalty vs poverty, us vs them, and all such things will have NO MORE PLACE upon this beautiful and Divine Earth of ours. In short, it will be a free world.

Finally, to answer your MAIN QUESTION: WHO ALL will make it to the New Earth? The answer is, EVERYONE who SO CHOOSES TO. EVERYONE who chooses to choose the way of LOVE and LIGHT and PEACE and ONENESS and EQUALITY and ABUNDANCE for ALL will be given a chance, demon-possessed or not. Technologies and methods will be made freely available for people to heal themselves most RAPIDLY; so victims such as those of the MKULTRA programs and all will ALL be given a FULL and FAIR CHANCE / OPPORTUNITY to heal their physical / mental / emotional wounds and proceed into 4D accordingly.

As far as the dark ones go, it's going to be a mixed bag. IF they are not killed by the good guys in battle and IF they haven't been deemed SO unfit for civilization that they're sentenced directly to execution, the remaining lot (and we're mostly talking about those such as the lower level minions or such here) --- this remaining lot will be given an opportunity to redeem themselves and proceed to 4D. But this would mean two things: ONE, they REALLY have to PROVE that they've now shifted to the good side and show ACTIONS to support said cause, in order to redeem themselves. Such actions include COMING CLEAN about their past, seeking forgiveness, testifying against those needed to be testified against, and showing a GENUINE APPROACH to healing themselves and all others they've harmed. TWO - and most IMPORTANT - note that these ones of the dark WILL NOT BE ABLE TO FOOL ANYONE this time round with some false pretenses of "I have really changed" and "I will be a good boy now". Doesn't really work with TELEPATHIC overseers involved.

So, in short, (mostly) everyone who wishes to go to 4D CAN do so - PROVIDED - as regards to the cases of the darkies, that they show GENUINE remorse, reformation and ATONEMENT for their dark acts. As for the others, they'll have a far simpler route up to 4D - and in VERY short time (by most standards), humans will have true "Heaven On Earth" (or at least, its "Version 1.0" anyways).

Hope this helps! :)

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I do not say this lightly (I never say anything lightly, as a matter of fact), but I perceive a very, VERY high degree of maturity and intelligence in you (also far higher degrees of self awareness).

That being said, those whom we call normies or NPCs - like you rightly captured - are EXCELLENT at deluding...even THEMSELVES. They'll create false memories if need be (to protect their egos and perceptions about "reality"). Not that they aren't just straight up lying to others in most cases, but yes, if pushed, they can even convince THEMSELVES that what THEY remember is true. Self-hypnosis of the highest order.

If they can't bend reality to their will mentally, they'll do it PHYSICALLY. But their (illusion of) "reality" simply HAS TO be maintained at all times.

Unlike you, they do not experience self-doubt, EVER, because self-doubting is a feature of self-AWARENESS, which they greatly LACK. They also do not experience such features of consciousness such as (beyond surface level) introspection, depth, and what-else-have-you.

That being said, it is also possible (and I'll get a little bit into the metaphysical/esoterics here), that someone whom you're talking to is ACTUALLY from a different TIME LINE. And therefore, may NEVER have said to you what you HEARD them say to you --- because the one who said the said words to you was a DIFFERENT VERSION (of the same person) from a different TIME LINE. A time-line that only YOU (and that OTHER VERSION of the person you THINK you know) experienced TOGETHER.

But this timey-wimey madness is FAR beyond most people's understandings and comprehensions at this point in time, so we'll just leave it at that.

Just saying that EITHER of these possibilities could be real --- WE have no real way of knowing.

Have a great day :)

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Worry not. For your username will indeed triumph in the end.

It is the very crux of my message here, after all ;)

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