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Just thought I would share.. while I’m sure almost everyone here is aware YouTube is poison.. a family member got my daughter a kids tablet that is mainly math and reading games, and just other games you can play.. however kids YouTube is an app on this device.. so I clicked on it to see what it had on there.

For the kids YouTube age 9-12 setting, the very first video was explaining genders… the first damn vidoe.

If you look at the ages 5-8 setting it didn’t populate on the main page, but if you searched the word “gender” about 75% of the videos were gender reveal parties, but you better believe the other 25% were explaining genders, the genders of different cultures, names and genders don’t always match..

Anyways, I was disgusted.. and while I assume most here would automatically shut down any form of YouTube, the “kids YouTube” is just another indoctrination tool. This crap should be illegal.