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...Nor should you, especially with the "legal system" in place now. I love being a father too, and its the best thing I've ever had to do in my life! I have a son tho (age 12), not daughters. If we raise 'em right, hopefully they're never in harms way. Hopefully. Lots of nutjobs out there for sure. Only advice would be NEVER stop parenting. Stay involved every minute, every hour and every day. And make sure they know you're the rock they can always lean on and trust.

Congrats again!

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Great news and congrats to you freebass! Enjoy your 2nd blessing.

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We need Hasselhoff back on those Cali beaches!! Nothing the Hoff can't handle

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100% agree. And isn't Iso Alco one of the main ingredients in sanitizers?

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Oh Sh!t. Growing up my mom used that on me for so many reasons thinking it "killed germs". Dont have much cancer in my family line but dammit this could trigger it.

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LOL. I thought the same thing as soon as I said that.

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely apologize to that elephant and all elephants worldwide.

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No word if Al Cowlings was driving the hearse...

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Thx for posting the proper spelling. I had no idea what happened to her. I found this article speculating about her death/suicide.

I sure do hope the "death" was staged and she is protected. Need more like her and O'Keefe

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Hadn't heard this theory before but plausible. So the son killed his own mom?!?! Thats pretty F'd up.

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^^^ Brilliant comment right here! Kudos Data!

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Agree 100%. But what caught my eye was the "yep" sentiments in agreement with the steal/fraud/broken voting system. THAT'S what I hope the masses on YT see and recognize. Not Tulsi as a legit candidate but a system that is rigged/broken

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The "tolerant" left. Pfft. Psychopaths

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Most telling of all are the comments on YT from user/viewers. Lots of awakening happening there

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