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Steve is asking the hard questions. the questions that any doctor, or scientist, or investigative journalist ought to be asking.

This question, in particular, is such a hard-hitting smack-down, because the official narrative is that its "just a coincidence" that symptoms of a kids autism start to show very soon after a vaccine.

So Steve is breaking that myth wide open, by pointing out the obvious fact that the symptoms always start AFTER the vaccine, and never BEFORE the vaccine.

It's awesome to watch a man get red-pilled in real time.

He went from being pro-vaccine, to one of the most influential anti-vaxxers, in just a matter of months,

And iirc, the reason that happened, was because his friend mentioned that she had lost some friends, and she thinks the vaccine killed them, and Steve said something to the effect of he didn't believe the vaccines killed her friends,

And her response was, "well, my friends are still dead"

And that hit him so hard in the forehead, that he's been on a deep dive ever since.

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