Prayer Request for Coworker 🧘Mental/Physical Health 🏋🏼‍♂️
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Tldr: Shes stressed about her job, relationship, money, house, and mental health

Help for Coworker?

My coworker, Fiona, is going through a lot in a bad relationship.

Her boyfriend is unfaithful, engaging in virtual cheating and gaslighting her. They jointly own a house, but she pays rent, and her finances are strained due to a low-paying, stressful job with an abusive boss.

This situation is taking a toll on her mental health, causing frequent crying and illness. She is actively searching for better job opportunities to improve her circumstances and needs prayers and help for success in her job applications.

She seeks the courage to leave her abusive boyfriend, who threatens to leave her homeless if she does so.

He pays for the car, gave her leeway about rent, and is decent when other women don't come up.

Any advice on what to do for her safety, strength, and the courage to make positive changes in her life?

Before, she didn't want to leave because she said she wanted to build a life with him, but after she saw the messages and things he was paying for, she talked with me a bit to figure out what to do.

She's disappointed about the relationship and doesn't want to leave her dog, i think hes in both their names, but the arguing about the women is taking a toll.

She's almost 30.

I gave her some places to check out, a women's shelter etc. online resources and told her to continue saving money and keep job-hunting.

I can't do much since I'm in school and the apt I'm in is shared with 5 other people.