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2016, Pizzagate. Was in high school and saw my classmates crying that they'll be deported. It shook me

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Could Sept. 24 and that weekend be a false flag

Also, there seems to be crisis acting training too

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Old people have it

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I hope so. They're scared to even visit family. Doesn't help that the govt. sponsors terrorism:(

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Would reverse desertification help Africa? Or would it cause more wars and bullying from the world powers like the West? What's the benefits and risks of taking away desertification, how did the DS control this, how will this change the world?

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My parents are still holding out hope that their native country will be free...

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Yeah, a lot of people are celebrating her death here :/.

She was no doubt murdered , probably by Charles .

She mightve gave up info on her sons too.

I don't doubt that when things come to light, Charles Andrew, and other royal family members will be exposed, and William would take over

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Either they lifted his fingerprints off this and are trying to forge documents, tampered with it, or found nothing and are trying to stop themselves from admitting guilt

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I found this on a Reddit comment on walkway

If you didn't get the shot in Nigeria the government would shut off access to your bank account. In India the government would take away your phone service and electricity. In Canada Justin Trudeau asked "Do we tolerate these people?" And prevented them from using transportation, leaving the country, or protesting lockdowns. In France Emmanuel Macron vowed to "Make life miserable" for unvaccinated people. In Britain the police would arrest you for walking down the streets without a mask on. In Australia you couldn't go more than a mile from your home, and the police would come to your house to arrest you in front of your children for things you said on social media. In New Zealand Jacinda Ardern told people the government was their "Sole source of truth." And hermetically sealed people into that tiny island for years over single digit cases. In Italy, Germany and France they wouldn't allow people into grocery stores without a Covid pass for a period of time. In China they locked down entire cities, killed petsz starved and jailed people, and lied about the disease's origin. In the United States the government weaponized OSHA to coerce almost 100,000,000 people to get vaccinated or lose their jobs, and they wouldn't be eligible for any kind of government assistance since it was a "justified" termination. "Experts" like Leanna Wen told viewers unvaccinated people shouldn't be able to go out in public, and others tried to exclude children from getting an education. The U.S. government permanently closed 30% of all small businesses in the U.S., caused 25% of all people between the ages of 18-25 to have "serious thoughts" about suicide, created irreparable rifts between families and friends, and irreversibly damaged the public's perception of the medical establishment. Colleges in the U.S. held kids and families paying exorbitant tuition costs hostage, and demanded that kids get vaccinated and even boosted just to be in classes over Zoom. Governments encouraged the mockery, ridicule and ostracism of the new untermensch in society, changed the definitions of words, obscured statistics and stopped reporting damaging data points, and ballooned financial deficits by printing and borrowing on unprecedented scales, contributing to the monetary oversupply and supply chain issues destroying people financially today. The CARES act financially incentivized over exaggeration of Covid cases and deaths, and self-appointed public health "heroes" like Deborah Birx lied to the government in order to justify more severe restrictions. No swimming alone in the ocean, no dinner with family for Thanksgiving, no going to grandma's funeral. Life was stopped.

These people wanted to take everything from you, and they were willing to do anything in order to achieve it. No jab, no job, education, public services, sports events, concerts, social life, travel, medical care, or financial assistance. No gatherings, even with your family, or straying within six feet of another person. No entry anywhere without a worthless cloth muzzle. Mistreatment of the unvaccinated population was not only allowed, but encouraged, and the POTUS and many members of the medical establishment did this themselves. The U.S. government lied about being involved in gain of function research, obfuscated the relevance of the Furin Cleavage Site, refused to help people financially after shutting down society, and either misplaced or allocated to big business over 50% of the PPP "relief." Nothing.

These people tried to destroy your life. If you ever forget this, then you're a fool, and you ensure and deserve your continued abuse in the future.

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