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Thanq you for not linking to some racist sh*t like I seen a while back here

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Three Twitter ppl who are reporting from the trial of Sussmann:

Charlie Savage (NYT) is threading the proceedings https://twitter.com/charlie_savage/status/1526549684000538625?s=20&t=HCglhq8qoOYwgW2dFepkEQ

John Haughey (Epoch Times) is posting about the proceedings https://twitter.com/JFHaughey58?s=20&t=Kc70VvSOIHgxE4FVnYiaoQ

Jerry Dunleavy (Washington Examiner) was present yesterday, wrote a couple articles, not sure if he is present today https://twitter.com/JerryDunleavy?s=20&t=ZkG7gbxAJW4FIxhqTjFZgw

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As long as they pledge allegiance to the USA. And, their punishments fits their crimes

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Really? Anything else?

I heard reports a while back that some of these IA agents were flipped. Granted I saw it on RRN and the like, so credibility does come into question, but I'm more inclined to believe that the recent FBI Whistleblower's message really got to them.

Assuming this report is true

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Marc Elias and FBI SA David Martin to testify tomorrow in US v. SUSSMANN

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