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Serious question for this board. A vet buddy (and lurker here) and I were discussing the current thing, and we were wondering if our "greatest ally" has ever helped us militarily. We've searched for IDF in Iraq, Afghanistan, and even Vietnam, and it would appear that Israel never sent troops or participated in combat operations in any of those theaters as our allies. I've tried a bunch of different search terms to come up with anything even tangential, and nothing.

We're both fully awake but this is a massive redpill for both of us at the moment. I don't want to be hasty in the conclusion that our "greatest ally" has never actually acted as an ally, so I wanted to see if anons knew of specific, meaningful examples of joint US/IDF operations in the conflicts concerning our interests and not just assassinations / targeted hits.

So, any anons aware of the IDF actually acting as allied forces in any conflict?