Big list of lies 💊 RED PILL 💊
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Courtesy of 'BigCumulusClouds' over on ZeroHedge:-

  1. They lied about Russia Collusion

  2. They lied to start the Ukraine War

2.1) They lied about US role in carrying out 2014 Ukraine coup d’etat while Putin/Russia was hosting Winter Games

  1. They lied about LHO killing JFK — see Judyth Baker, “Me and Lee” and James Douglas, “Unspeakable”

  2. They lied about Covid 19 being contagious and harmful

  3. They lied to get lockdowns

  4. They lied about reason for wearing face masks and their effectiveness

  5. They lied about vaccine safety and autism

8- They lied about Ivermectin

  1. They lied about Hydroxychloroquine

  2. They lied FBI role in about Twitter Censorship

  3. They lied about the Steele’s (now fake) Dossier

  4. They lied about the 2020 Election results in numerous states

  5. They lied about polio being contagious — see Maready, “The Moth and the Iron Lung”

  6. They lied about Hunter's Laptop

  7. They lied about Hillary's Emails

  8. They lied about the FBI/CIA spying on your social media

  9. They lied about Operation Fast & Furious

  10. They lied about school shootings like Sandy Hook — see Fetzer, “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook”; “From Orlando to Dallas and Beyond”; “The Parkland Puzzle”

  11. They lied about Al queda doing 9/11

  12. They lied about Iraq having WMDs

  13. They lied about PizzaGate

  14. They lied about Child sex Trafficking

  15. They lied about Epstein’s pedo Island

  16. They lied about The Patriot Act

  17. They lied about Global War on Terror

  18. They lied about Southern Border

  19. They lied about Fed’s role in Jan. 6th event

  20. They lied about Tonkin Gulf incident to start Vietnam war

  21. They lied about Watergate (it was orchestrated by CIA — see Phil Stanford, “White House Call Girl”

  22. They lied about Mary Pinchot Meyer’s killer (CIA murdered her 11 months after JFK — see Janey, “Mary’s Mosaic”)

  23. They lied about killing RFK

  24. They lied about killing MLK, Jr.

  25. They lied about Benghazi

  26. They lied about not restoring drug trade in Afghanistan

  27. They lied about The War on Drugs and CIA drug smuggling role

  28. They lied about HIV virus causing AIDS

  29. They lied about Cancer being linked to genetics

  30. They lied about CO2 causing global warming aka Climate Change

  31. They lied about The Green New Deal being an economic boon

  32. They lied about fluorinated chemicals preventing tooth decay

  33. They lied about The Federal Reserve and it not being THE sole cause of (a) inflation and (b) the boom-bust routines

  34. They lied about President Lincoln’s Assassination — see McCarty, “The Suppressed Truth About the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln” (1922)

  35. They lie yet again about mass shootings like LAX, Orlando, Parkland, San Bernardino, Fort Hood, Columbine, Aurora, , Charleston, Nashville — see Fetzer, “From Orlando to Dallas and Beyond”; see also item 18

43.1) They lie about their oaths to support and defend our Constitution, particularly its 2nd Amendment

  1. They lied about The Great Reset

  2. They lied cop killings like George Floyd and Philando Castile

  3. They lied about Patriot Act

  4. They lied about the Anthony Weiner Laptop

  5. They lied about Wikileaks and Julian Assange

  6. They lied about Waco

  7. They lied about Ruby Ridge

  8. They lied about Nashville bombing

  9. They lied about Las Vegas

  10. They lied about Hollywood

  11. They lied about the OKC Bombing

  12. They lied about income tax and Obamacare and their Constitutionality — see Schiff, “The Income Tax Hoax”

  13. They lied about gold and silver price manipulation

  14. They lied about Michelle Obama’s gender

  15. They lied about Obama's kids

  16. They lied about Margaret Sanger

  17. They lied about Joan Rivers' Death

60.1) They lied about Vince Foster committing suicide

  1. They lied about killing General Patton— see, Wilcox, “Target Patton”

  2. They lied about moon landing — see Van Allen Radiation belts; see also documentary “Something Happened on Way to Moon” and Pat Shannon, “Everything They Ever Told Me Was a Lie”

  3. They lied about killing Malcom X

  4. They lied about controlled demolition of WTC buildings on 9-11 — see https://www.ae911truth.org

  5. They lied about a commercial airliner hitting the Pentagon on 9-11— see https://www.citizeninvestigationteam.com/evidence

  6. They lied about FLT 93 crashing in Shanksville, PA — see film “Loose Change” by Avery and Bermas

  7. They lied about finding a highjacker’s passport in ruble pile on 9-11

  8. They lied about Freemasons, Jesuits, Knights of Malta, their satanic oaths, and their presence (or lack of) throughout our governments and major corporations

  9. They lied about Operation Mockingbird and CIA media control

  10. They lied about MK Ultra

  11. They lied about Jonestown massacre

  12. They lied about Israel’s deliberate attack on USS Liberty ship and cover-up on Malta island — see Tourney, “Erasing the Liberty”

  13. They lied about CIA persons not being in Dallas, like George H.W. Bush, E. Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis, David Atlee Philips, and Edward Lansdale — see Mellon, “Farewell to Justice”; see also Prouty interview and Prouty, “the Secret Team”; Prouty, “JFK”; see also E. Howard Hunt confession and Mark Lane, “Plausible Denial”

  14. They lied about LBJ, Richard Nixon, J. Edgar Hoover, and George H.W. Bush not being in Dallas on 11-22-63 — see Ventura, “They Killed Our President”; see also Madeline Brown interview entitled “LBJ’s Mistress Blows Whistle on JFK Assassination”; see also, Shannon, “Everything They Ever Told Me Was a Lie”

  15. They lied about high ranking secret society members Earl Warren, Allen Dulles, Gerald Ford, J. Edgar Hoover, LBJ, Richard Nixon, George Bush, and Lee Iacocca, not being involved in JFK cover up — see Hughes, “Secret Terrorists” and Madeline Brown, “Texas in the Morning”

  16. They lied about their burning of Apollo 1 astronauts alive on launch pad to silence Gus Grissom and others — see interview of Gus Grissom’s son

  17. They lied about Senator Wellstone’s plane crash (there were numerous FBI agents in the small town the day before the “crash” and lined up on airport road at time it happened) — see “Wellstone: They Killed Him” and JamesFetzer.org

  18. They lied about the reason we went to Vietnam — see Manhattan, “Vietnam: Why Did We Go?”

  19. They lied about the bullet holes in the JFK limo and how Lee Iacocca covered it up — see Hughes, “Secret Terrorists”

  20. They lied about the JFK autopsy and Secret Service agent Roy Kellerman’s collecting all photographic evidence and notes, never be seen again — see Hornberger, “The Kennedy Autopsy”

  21. They lied about the witness to and dispatcher call in the shooting of Trayvon Martin — see Gilbert, “The Travon Hoax”

81.1) They lied about the sinking of the Titanic (they sank the Olympic and killed off opposition to Federal Reserve Act)— see “Father Browne’s Titanic Album”; see also Hughes, “Secret Terrorists” and photographic images of Olympic at bottom of ocean, particularly in reference to port hole window spacing

  1. They lied about the fatal shot to JFK’s head — see Crenshaw, “Trama Room One”

  2. They lied about the odd deaths of so many witnesses to the JFK assassination — see Roberts et al., “JFK: The Dead Witnesses”

  3. They lied about Captain Smith of the Titanic (Olympic) going down with the ship — see https://www.nytimes.com/1912/07/21/archives/thinks-capt-smith-is-alive-baltimore-mariner-declares-he-met.html

  4. They regularly lie about the real cause of inflation — see Rothbard, “The Case Against the Fed”; Schiff, “The Kingdom of Moltz”

  5. They lied about why the Federal Reserve Act was implemented — see Mullins, “Secrets of the Federal Reserve”; see also, Griffin, “Creature from Jekyll Island” and Vooris, “Out of Debt, Out of Danger”

  6. George H.W. Bush lied when he said he couldn’t remember where he was on 11-22-1963

Let me end with this truism:

“The first panacea of a mismanaged nation is inflation of the currency; the second is war. Both bring a temporary prosperity; both bring a permeant ruin. But both are the refuge of political and economic opportunists."

Ernest Hemingway