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Piers Morgan is a loud mouthed prick who will say anything for ratings.

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Well, it happened to me via a dream/vision too, so I know it's possible - although I was technically a Christian before as well, I just didn't know what I believed.

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You aren't alone in this, and it appears neither am I :)

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I've been trying to tell people this for nigh on 25 years.

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Two things I noted: Clown Fish (for a clown world)

11.3 and 11.5 arrows fired (Law of War manual)

edit: Plus Alice in Wonderland

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The Psychology is sound, I've used it at work numerous times, especially on public conference calls.

Say someone has done something stupid or caused a major problem and you're the one who has been called in to fix it. You find the issue, and the culprit, and you are explaining the issue and the solution to a dozen people, including board members.

You don't throw the culprit under the bus, you explain to the bosses that it was a natural mistake to make when trying to do something else that should have had a positive effect. You also don't name them.

After the call you can have a private chat with the person and they will forever after be i your camp and be willing to listen to you, because you didn't throw them to the wolves when you could have, and you also gave them a face saving excuse.

A few times I managed to convince the person to go to the bosses themselves and tell them that once I described how it could have happened they realised what they had done and now they were coming clean. This doesn't result in censure because the plausable get-out has already been established and it actually makes them look good, oddly enough.

That person is now part of your team.

The beauty of this type of approach is that you can even tell people what you are doing and as long as they see the benefits for themselves they are 100% ok with it, it's like magic.

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It's interesting that both alpha and beta (used to denote pre-release software) are missing from the list.

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This is what happens when you deploy a 'vaccine' during a 'pandemic'.

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Dayam Fren - that is downright inspirational - nice work - and balls of steel as well.

fyi brought to heel - not heal ;)

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Thanks for replying. I do try and read the bible, but so much of the wording leaves me feeling I just don't get what the passage is about, and I don't trust other peoples interpretations when they rely on esoteric knowledge that isn't in the bible itself.

What I like the most is the reports about what Jesus said how to live, and most importantly to find God within ourselves. That I have done, and it's like a universal sovent (when I remember to apply it ;) )

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If Lucifer didn't have free will, how did he come to take up arms against God? Just curious.

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That is a very disturbing picture for some reason, I love it! :)

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Your point 4 is something that has bothered me about this whole setup all along. I constantly get the feeling we are being set up, it's so hard to see what's true and what is deceit in all the comms. I tend to just assume that if I didn't see it or hear it myself then it must be considered suspect.

One question for you about Lucifers goal (great post by the way) - if Lucifer ever decided to repent, do you think he could? Is there anything in the bible that would cover such a scenario? I'm not convinced it would be possible, it's just not in his nature, I was just curious.

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