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So, does this mean the police are no longer able to shoot knife wielders?

Or is it totally acceptable that they operate under different laws, and are somehow 'above' the law.

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It requires no mental gymnastics to present two contradictory views if you refuse to connect them together in the first place.

They would likely be fine arguing that the Sun only comes out at night, even if they had to try and read that statement off a piece of paper in the dark.

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Whilst not an academic, one of the most powerful tools I've learned over the years is to take your own problems and externalise them into a person you are talking to (mental exercise).

Then, listen to the problems as if that other person was saying them and respond with the best advice you can provide.

This appears to remove the ego from the equation to a large degree and then you can take the advice you just gave for yourself and you invariably solve the problem.

What I took away from that experience was that we already know what we need to do, but sometimes we don't want to do it (for whatever reason). However, we are more than happy to provide sound advice to others because we know it is something they should do, regardless of how they feel about it.

It's literally an ego bypass. Your comment about posing the question feels linked to this process to me. Someone far brighter than me can hopefully explain that a lot better than I just tried to do :)

by jb12458
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Lots of great tips on here.

One thing I have learned is that to make life go smoothly (and therefore according to God's design) you have to listen to your heart.

It sounds like you are already doing that to an extent by making the decision not to go back home, but you are still hung up on the results.

Whatever we experience is always temporary. If you can let go of your expectations with regards to results you tend to get better results, especially when you expect God/Jesus/Universe to help you along - you just have to keep an eye out for the signs.

Deep breaths, have faith and stay open to new opportunities - you never know what direction life will take you.

An example for you: Last year my wife and I decided to visit her niece and small child, even though we knew the child was ill with laryngitis (which I've never had before, but I've had tonsillitis loads of times).

We decided to go because we really wanted to see them. Unfortunately I got quite a bad case of laryngitis which meant that we had to cancel a long held booking for a weekend trip away for my wife and myself - something we haven't been able to do for several years, so it was really disappointing.

However, I made the decision to go in the full knowledge it might make me ill, so I accepted the consequences with good grace.

As a direct result of that we ended up going to a completely random event we would never have otherwise attended, where we met a couple who both my wife and I really got on well with and have since become firm friends with.

When I say that's a rare thing, it's a massive understatement. It's not really rare, it's unique (for us).

So, in deciding to visit our niece and accepting it when we got ill, and supposedly lost out as a result, we ended up much better off 6 months down the line.

You just never know. The only thing in life you truly control, is how you engage with life - your attitude and approach to life's challenges.

Having said that, a little luck doesn't go amiss, so best of luck, and good on you for sticking to your principles. If you change your mind just because it creates hardship, then it wasn't a principle - you clearly know that and that puts you well ahead of the game in my estimation.

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It also occurred to me that even if outnumbered it would make sense to focus on one enemy and make them really pay. Might not help on this occasion but might give people pause for the next time.

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Although the postage stamp plots look similar - but I guess a lot of places are like that in the US.

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Check out the 'XL' links on this page for the UK..


You won't find many 'high' levels occurring in the last two decades.

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I can't even convince my wife that we are 'at war' right now.

Her reasoning is that you can't have a war with just one side fighting.

My counter-argument is that if one side doesn't fight, it's just genocide.

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Such as?

That's a bit of a broad statement, at least give me a place to start.

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It becomes blasphemy when they use it, because it's supposed to stand for the covenant between God and all the creatures of the earth after the flood to say that there will never be another flood to wipe out all life on earth.

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That chapter is also a bit of a blow to the Vegetarians:


Everything that lives and moves about will be food for you. Just as I gave you the green plants, I now give you everything.

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They are trying to make this very difficult in the Uk.

Lots of high street banks have closed, atm's removed etc. The banks that are left need a letter from your Mum if you're over 80 etc. etc.

I pay cash where I can, it's not always straightforward :(

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I wasn't arguing that at all. We're both entitled to our opinions.

I was merely clarifying that JFK was from a political family when you claimed that he was not, that's all.

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Key excerpts:

Both parents hailed from wealthy Boston families with long political histories.

Joseph had been the one tapped by his father to become president one day. Upon his death, his father's aspirations fell on John.

As far as I'm concerned, that qualifies my statement that he came from a political family.

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Joseph P. Kennedy Sr.

a prominent Irish-Catholic Democrat briefly served as a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission chairman and an American ambassador to the U.K.

Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy

grew up in a wealthy and political Irish-American household (her father, John F. Fitzgerald was the mayor of Boston)

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