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I can't believe it's been this long to see this meme, so obvious once you see it :)

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At some point, some motivated group of individuals are going to lay a trap for the swat teams and then they won't be in a shootout with some 75 year old loud-mouth.

The fact this hasn't happened yet just means there is still some distance faith in US law enforcers to fall, but once it does, all bets are off.

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It's weird to think, but we're all just a bunch of small sticks bundled together, and then we become mighty.

History in the making, it's so surreal.

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Military planes do not have to adhere to sound restrictions (so, very noisy, even when further away).

Plus, when they are on an active mission they do not have to appear on 'public' radar.

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"Pepe's, we don't need no steenking Pepe's"

Seriously, with community styling off you never even know they're a thing.

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People don't seem to realise that de-humanising any group of individuals is a sign you've been listening to the bad guys.

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It's well written, but it's basically restating civil disobedience, just emphasising the non-violent kind.

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What part of 'all' in wwg1wga doesn't compute?

This is for all the marbles - for everyone - it's a spiritual awakening that will elevate mankind into a new golden age.

There will be those who do not follow, or do not listen, for whatever reason, but that will ultimately be their choice.

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If Rumble hadn't replied, I would have put this down to being fake and a larp - but apparently the UK government has sunk so low as to openly take part in smear tactics against a citizen, not even a fellow member of parliament !

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"Where he issued his pre-emptive response to the accusations made against him by The Sunday Times and Channel 4's Dispatches."

There is so much wrong with this statement alone I barely know where to start.

If the accusations against him were made, then his response is hardly pre-emptive now is it?

Also, he has been accused by elements of the MSM and a government representative is apparently using this as if it had the legitimacy of a court of law.

Wow, just wow.

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you could probably spot weld with one of those phone re-chargers and a couple of cables with metal rods on the end - just don't cross the streams until you're ready :)

edit: I once spot welded a capacitor to a metal ruler once (1uF)

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