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Gold, Silver and Crypto are three of the stupidest investments you can make

Oh, really?

I'm worried about how he's handling our money

Our finanaces are complicated, we have a business and three properties...

This woman is a certified idiot, and the host is the one who certified her.

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he perfect two finger on the pulse handshake,

Since when is that a FM handshake?

Got any sauce for that?

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There is one handshake he gives the lady near the end that is possible, but since she isn't a Freemason I'm calling bullshit.

None of the others are even close.

It's also worth noting, for reference, that the FM handshakes are used to identify another Mason (and their rank) under certain circumstances, you don't use them with FM's in public whom you already know.

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My wife told me last night how she was feeling scared about ww3 and all the stuff going on right now.

I literally just turned to her and calmly say "Just remember that's it's all a movie to wake the normies up, it's fine".

Seemed to work :)

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Tell him he's at least a bit famous in the UK too :)

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Same here. Worst case scenario (assuming the world as we know doesn't completely end) I get to spend it in my retirement

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Rumour has it that Eastern countries such as China and India are taking delivery of actual gold (which these certificates represent, but are usually not acted upon - just traded).

This means there's less actual metal in the comex vaults upon which they can leverage these paper instruments, so their ability to suppress the price by issuing more paper gold is becoming limited.

Don't ask me about the details, I know them not.

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They should have removed their tops to reveal the body paint flag underneath, and then danced :)

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Closed due to flooding, re-opening in 6 months, when we'll be leaving.

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The amount of illumination will be too low tomovercome the high contrast of a blue sky.

I mean, some of the stars are pretty bright and you can't see them during the day.

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Technically that's the far-side of the moon. People refer to it as the dark side because we can't see from Earth, but it's lit up just as much as the side that faces us, we just can't see it.

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