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EDIT: I stand corrected. I watched it live and they were talking about the lawsuit with Sam Altman, but on further review it looks like Musk was specifically talking about Page in the "late nights" conversations.

But Larry Page and Sam Altman are from the same tribe and have similar backgrounds and beliefs.

Here is a short clip of a couple of times that Sam Altman (not Larry Page) joked about "AI will probably lead to the end of the world, but in the meantime [we will make a lot of money, or something to that effect] ..."

I think Altman demonstrates his disregard for any real danger of AI. Same as Larry Page.


Musk has filed a lawsuit against OpenAI, a company, and its founder Sam Altman.

Musk was instrumental in the foundation of OpenAI by donating $50 million.

He recently had an interview on CNBC where he said that when the company was founded, it was supposed to be a non-profit foundation with the source code open to the public.

But Altman has turned the company into a for-profit company with the source code kept secret.

Thus, the lawsuit.

Musk also said he had many conversations into the late night with Altman about what AI could and should do, and Musk brought up the issue of potential dangers with AI.

Musk says that Altman had no concern at all about the dangers and was cavalier about any possible danger.

Altman called Musk a "specie-ist," which I guess was a reference to Musk being concerned for the human species, and apparently Altman didn't think that was important. Seems like Altman thought computers should be on an equal level with humans.

Is there a reason why Altman would not give a damn about the possible dangers of AI to humanity?

From Wiki about Sam Altman:

Samuel Harris Altman was born on April 22, 1985, in Chicago, Illinois, into a Jewish family ...

He attended John Burroughs School, a private school in Ladue, Missouri.

Also from Wiki:

John Burroughs School (JBS) is a private, non-sectarian college-preparatory school ...

John Burroughs has long had a school philosophy of liberal and progressive education.

Again, on Altman:

In 2005, at the age of 19, Altman co-founded Loopt,[14] a location-based social networking mobile application. As CEO, Altman raised more than $30 million in venture capital for the company ...

Does that sound like your average 19-year old flipping burgers or hanging dry wall?

These are the types of people who are hiring the types of people who program AI computers, and the result is the shit show we have seen with Google and other woke results.

On a side note, I met a woman who wanted to talk about how great AI is. She had some sort of business conference to attend and they wanted a head shot photo.

Apparently, she didn't like what she had, so she had an AI app create a picture.

She showed it to me.

It did look a lot like her -- she had to input parameters, such as female, asian, age, height, weight, etc.

It did look something like her. But it was NOT her.

I started laughing, thinking that within 5 years, all the dating apps will be profiles of people who don't really exist -- because the AI app creation looks better than the real thing.


I asked her what she thought about the dangers.

"Dangers?" she asked. Clueless.