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Not intended as a dig direct at you, OP, just our side in general & people who say stuff like this:

Seriously; Please stop with comments like these.

Our side just carps & whines and moans endlessly about "right / wrong; morality; legality," etc....

Meanwhile, our enemy just does whatever TF they want, and we let them get away with it by not imposing ANY consequences whatsoever on them.

Do you think for even a fraction of a second that our enemy gives any shits at ALL about the law?

No; all they care about is power; getting it at any cost, holding onto it at any cost.

We will keep losing until we learn to FIGHT.

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T'would be a shame if marc elias caught a sudden case of suicide.

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Yep. Our enemy does what they do only and specifically because we allow it.

At this point, I've very, VERY little faith that we have it in us at all to fight back, even in any small way.

We're fucked.

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Easy now.

The CIA, ATF & lots of other nazi fed alphabet agencies played a part too…

Do t deny them their comeuppance.

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Bingo. Let’s hurry TF up and get this on. Esp because our enemy doesn’t reside behind walls, among security, on military bases. etc.

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Trust me dude; Prepping is NEVER a waste / bad idea.....

Just the peace of mind alone..... Not having to rush to the stores & literally physically fight other desperate normies for food, water, etc.


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Confirmed by viewing Clandestine's official @TruthSocial Acct:

https://truthsocial.com/@Clandestine (You may have to login to view)

OP is being...... a bit disingenuous.

Cancelling / throwing someone under the bus because of ONE comment is NOT how our side rolls.

Let's do better, frens.

Quoted directly from @Clandestine:


If you don’t question your own side, you are not a “citizen journalist”, you are a meme-sharing cheerleader. Which is fine, just don’t pretend to possess any objectivity or expect to be taken seriously. The overarching Trump base are in agreement, that announcing 2024 in that manner, after the “historic” talk, was terrible optics and offensive to his supporters, who just watched another stolen election. I still support Trump 100%, but ignoring the current reality is cowardly and petulant.



Q: “Question everything” Me: “Okay. Trump said the vote will be different in 2024. What proof do we have to suggest that happens, after we JUST watched 2020 AND 2022 get stolen?” The community: “… well you can’t question that.”


@Clandestine W>ho started this narrative and why are so many of you echoing it? If the enemy could start WW3, they would have done so LONG ago. The same people who say that “white hats are in control”, also say that we are trying to “throw off the deep state”. I was under the assumption that the “strings were cut” and these people have no power anymore. It’s all a “show”. And if the enemy is able start WW3, does that mean Trump will NEVER be able to tell us what you think he was going to say? Zero logic


Yes. We want remedies. Now. No more “we’ll get em next time champ”. It’s binary. Is there election fraud going on? Yes or no: -If yes, we need to address it right now. Not after 2024… -If no, we can’t continue to trust the leaders who have been preaching “election fraud” for 2 years… That’s where we are at. Trump and his circle said that voter fraud is happening. We can see that voter fraud is happening. And now they want us to brain dump what we just witnessed and move on to 2024? No.

These next 2 are particularly valid*

@Clandestine: I, Jacob Creech, am demanding better from our leadership. And yes, I do believe there is a military plan underway and being carried out before us. However, I am also making it known to our leadership that our minds and emotions are not play-things to be whisked about at their leisure to do their bidding. The psychological manipulation they are enacting upon the base is taking its toll and will reach a breaking point, which is what the plan was designed to avoid. This concern is legitimate.

@Clandestine: Many are throwing around the term “black pill” loosely/incorrectly. I am not black-pilled. That would insinuate that I believe there is no plan/there is no hope. That’s not what I am saying AT ALL. I still think the plan is intact, I’m just addressing that this segment of the plan is being executed poorly, the optics are terrible, and Trump’s support took a massive hit. Addressing the elephant in the room is not taking the black pill. I’m not giving up, I’m demanding better from leadership.


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I mean; has clandestine done / said multiple other things that cause you to question him, or is this it?

I've seen his posts around for a long while & he seems pretty solid overall...... Everyone makes a mistake once in a while.....

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you are welcome, hope it spreads some serious, well-documented optimism!

I do believe that The Best Is .......in fact..... YET TO COME!!!!!!!!


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I've been buried under work; Exactly what statements did Trump make that are so "tone deaf / atrocious / hype" / etc?

Is clandestine referring to Trumps' official announcement speech last night (11/15/2022) or were there other comments Trump has since made?


Trumps' announcement has filled me with pretty much rock-solid confidence that he's got this locked down.

My thoughts:


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Holy shit.

This is quite the "coincidence" Mathematically impossible?

Can anyone more autistic than I see if there's any correlation between the date & time posted, to Q Drops?

Epic thread, fren!!!

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I'm going to post my thoughts into a few different threads here today:

Let's look at some facts:

45th President Donald J. Trump is a billionaire business mogul of a global real estate and brand (Trump is a huge brand name) business empire.

Further, he made his fortune in literally the most cutthroat, difficult & competitive real estate market on the planet; Manhattan.

AND THEN, as if that wasn't enough;

He had a good deal of success in cutthroat and hyper-competitive Pedowood with The Apprentice, and THEN; And THEN......

He went on to not just run for and win the race to become the most powerful man on the fucking planet; President of the United States of America;

NOT ONLY did Trump run and WIN the Presidency;

He did it while solidly defeating (and ultimately destroying) 2 of the biggest political dynasties in the world; the bushes and clintons.



So, say what you want, but those are the objective facts.

So people who talk about how "stupid" Trump is; let's see YOUR net worth, and the size of YOUR business empire. Let's see YOUR life achievements listed out here.

Do you think a man like Trump likes to waste his time and jerk off?

Do you think a man like Trump gets into something, only to do it half-ass?

Do you think a man like Trump does ANYTHING in his life with the expectation of losing?

Not just the thought / consideration of the possibility of losing; No; do you think he embarks on anything in his life THINKING THAT HE CANNOT AND WILL NOT SUCCEED?

I know enough to tell you objectively and factually that mindset is easily 90-95% of the success equation. If you THINK you can not or will not; You won't.


For anyone and everyone.

It's a universal truth.

Mindset & mentality.

Especially knowing what we know about Trump and his psychology / personality type / etc; he's ultra, ULTRA-Competitive. Always has been, and very publicly.

Trump only does something if he is;

a) Going to do it with every fiber of his intelligence, being, and considerable resources, and;

b) Going to win. Decisively.

You don't get anywhere near his level of success without a serious drive to accomplish, achieve, beat everyone else, and fucking WIN and WIN BIG.

As someone else put it far more eloquently;

"Looshers whine and complain about 'doing their besht"; Winners go home and fuck the prom queen"

Point being; do you really, HONESTLY think Trump would submit himself and his family to this ALL OVER AGAIN but EVEN WORSE THIS TIME (worse than the past ~7 years) if he was going into a rigged game; a rigged system; only to have the election blatantly, objectively stolen from him AGAIN?

You really think that fits ANYTHING AT ALL that we know about Trump???

No; if anything, I'm realizing that Trump announcing he is running for 2024 gives me great hope because it all but proves that;

a) The system appears outwardly rigged, but he knows something we do not.

(Do you think that a President of the United States; literally the most powerful and by-definition well-informed man on the planet, access to the msot powerful intelligence apparatus in the world; do you think a man like that might know something, about a few things, that we don't?

Just maybe?

Just a touch?

And / Or:

b) The system IS rigged but there's already a Plan in place and actively underway to clean it up in time for him to win and win big in 2024.

Check my post history:

I've doomed and gotten disillusioned a bit.

I can't help it.

I'm only human.

But now?

The more I really think about Trump formally announcing for 2024, the more hope, faith and confidence it fills me with.

Because Trump doesn't do ANYTHING without a serious Plan, and with the express and explicit goal of winning and beating the FUCK out of all the competition.

He doesn't do shit half-ass, nor planning to lose.


MAGA now and forever, baby!!!!!!!!!!


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I agree… I am extremely emotionally, intelligent, sensitive and perceptive, and he really seemed angry / pissed off / concerned more than I’ve ever seen him.

No doubt.

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I do not dispute this in the least, but can we get some more specific examples please?

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2020 showed us so many things.

One of the biggest, for me, was that California finally makes sense. There are SO many truly great, wonderful, decent, NORMAL and CONSERVATIVE people in California; so how has its government become totally and utterly, full-bore COMMUNIST?


Dominion and smart-matic.

There's nobody on this board who thinks even for a second that 2020 was the first time an election was stolen, right?

A nuclear bomb of a light bulb went off for me after 2020; my whole life I've wrestled with how I know so many truly amazing, salt of the earth and actual conservative people in California, yet the state has such a horrible reputation and the government makes Marx look like Reagan.

2020 finally gave me the answer;

Dominion and Smart-Matic...

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