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How in the actual FUCK is it possible that the decision of whether to recuse or not is left up to the judge himself?!?!?! Like seriously.....

Can't you take recusal requests to a broader panel of other judges in the same circuit or anything??

Not that it would matter too much in NYC, but still......

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I mean, Trump is extremely unconventional to say the least, and the establishment absolutely hates him.

His "Calm Before The Storm" dinner was quite highly publicized - not the least because of his cryptic comment.

I definitely don't recall hucksters like clinton & hussein having dinners like that with so many military officers.

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Presidents surrounded by high-ranking generals / military leadership. The real question is; Are gatherings such as these common among presidents?

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Laken Riley:

Georgia officials have since revealed gruesome details about the killing and accused Ibarra of “disfiguring her skull,” according to an arrest affidavit reviewed by PEOPLE.

UGA police said Ibarra is not a student at the university. He did not know Riley and police believe he acted alone, they said.

Ibarra is a Venezuelan citizen who entered the U.S. unlawfully in 2022, according to immigration authorities, CBS reported.



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Lizbeth Medina:

Mother finds 16-year-old daughter murdered in bathtub of Texas apartment Lizbeth Medina was a cheerleader at Edna High School with dreams of becoming a nurse. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/mother-finds-16-year-old-daughter-murdered-bathtub-texas-apartment-rcna128772

EDNA, Texas (KTRK) -- The mother of a 16-year-old high school cheerleader said she was the one who made the horrendous discovery of her daughter's murdered body in their Edna apartment Tuesday evening.

Jacqueline Medina claimed she knew something was wrong when her daughter, Lizbeth, never showed up to the town's Lighted Christmas Parade with her squad. That's when Medina said she rushed home.

"Words can't explain what I felt at that moment, finding my daughter in the manner that she was," Medina said in an interview with Crossroads Today.

She added, "All I can say is that I hope with all of my heart that there is justice for my daughter. Someone hurt my child. Someone took my child from me."


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Kayla Hamilton


BALTIMORE -- A 17-year-old boy believed to be a member of the international gang MS-13 is accused of strangling a 20-year-old woman to death in Aberdeen last summer, police said.

The suspect, who police say is an undocumented non-citizen from El Salvador, was tied to the death of Kayla Hamilton through DNA evidence. He was arrested in Edgewood early Sunday morning and is charged with first-degree murder.

The suspect is also facing rape, robbery, and other charges.

Hamilton's family told detectives she was autistic and recently moved to Aberdeen with her 22-year-old boyfriend, police said.

The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Baltimore determined her death to be a homicide by strangulation.

Tammy Nobles, Hamilton's mother, said she hasn't been the same person since her daughter died.

"I'm her mother, I'm supposed to be there to protect her, but you can't protect your kids when they're adults," Nobles said. "But, I just feel responsible. I was supposed to keep her safe."

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Everyone should vote;

Vote beause they don't want us to.

Vote beause that's just one more ballot they'll have to forge & falsify if they are allowed to cheat again.


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Can we all agree to go full 1776 if the election is stolen again?

I think it's safe to say that there's no Plan if;

  • The Election gets stolen, AGAIN
  • Trump actually ends up in prison. Remember; he's supposed to be totally & completely insulated.

Prison would, IMO, completely disprove that.

I'm just sick of waiting, just like all y'all are.

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So......these satanic demons accused TRUMP of things that THEY THEMSELVES were actually doing, huh......?

Shocking. Mind-blown. Unbelievable.


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Don't be so hard on yourself, fren. :-) We all have so much thrown at us, our brains literally weren't built to cope. :-)

Thanks for the info.... I will see what I can find.

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Yes that's correct. I know the OP referred to Altman & my comment was about Larry Page; sorry if that was confusing.

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That doesn't make me happy..... I really DO NOT want to be right about this... 😯😭🤬

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I really can't agree enough with this. Most problems in business + life seem to boil down to communication - politics too.

I always try to be as clear as possible, to the point where I might almost be pedantic, but I figure I'd rather ELI5, vs leave someone confused, or even worse; not even read what I'm writing because it's unintelligible jargon, scattered / disorganized, etc.

I very strongly encourage all my Frens to take a breath, take an extra minute to put yourself in the shoes of your listener & craft titles & posts carefully & descriptively.

Great job, OP & hope this is taken to heart by many!!

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Huh....good catch, that never dawned on me.... Yep......crazy......

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Even with Miss "I'm not a biologist"???????????????

Damn.....ok, I'm not raising my hopes nor my opinion of her, but we gotta give her a tiny, TEENY bit of credit for ruling this way.....

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Wow, IDK about you guys but I think it's been quiet in my town.... Have the communist riots started yet??

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I no joke 100% believe that these demons are in the process of building real-life Skynet.

I absolutely think this will end in complete and total disaster and anyone who isn't at least extremely concerned about that shouldn't be allowed to utter the words "artificial intelligence" let alone touch it with a 100 foot pole.

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LITERALLY every fucking time.


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And let's not forget the complete and utter satanic, demonic psychopaths who are literally building skynet;

Elon Musk said that Larry Page (google co-founder) wants to create a "digital God" and then actually accused Musk of being a "specie-ist" when he protested / disagreed.

Basically; it sounds like Larry Page LITERALLY supports human rights for AI / robots / etc.....

Read up yourself, let me know if I'm wrong:


Relevant quotes (and terrifying):

Musk told Carlson that he and Page have different views on artificial intelligence, saying he thinks Page believes that "all consciousness should be treated equally, whether that is digital or biological."

During a segment of the interview that aired on Monday's episode of "Tonight with Tucker Carlson," Musk said the two men would "talk late into the night" about AI safety and his "perception was that Larry was not taking AI safety seriously enough."

He wanted to created "digital superintelligence, basically digital god," Musk said. The Tesla CEO said it was "the last straw" when Page called him a "speciesist" for wanting to implement safeguards to protect humanity from AI. A speciesist is a term for an individual who believes all other living beings are inferior to humans.

Musk said his disagreement with Page ultimately motivated him to help found OpenAI. Though he left the company in 2018 and has been critical of it ever since.

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