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That’s for damn sure.

And to make it worse, you have all these new “independent / alternative media”; basically; anyone with a cell phone can call themselves “alternate media”

It cuts both ways; obviously, it is fantastic to have alternatives to the blatantly, offensively corrupt main stream mockingbird media, but we have absolutely witnessed the meteoric rise of grifters, idiots, and others who are not trying to help the country, their frens, nor our movement.

It’s just so hard to know who or what or believe….

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J6 WAS Peaceful… if anyone had even the slightest intent of committing actual violence, it would have been WAY worse.

Anyway, I agree with you; this is all so confusing & disheartening. I want to trust & believe Trump & The Plan, but I just get disillusioned…. :-(

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She’s pretty stupid talking to them if they don’t have a warrant.

Very stupid.

Also, this helps confirm the fact that the FBI themselves are behind mass shootings, bombings, all sorts of other stuff. Pretty much ALL “domestic terrorism” has been the FBI, 100%

– if they were seriously worried about a real suspect doing some thing bad they wouldn’t be giving them ideas of what actions they could take….. 🤦🏻‍♂️🙄

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So wouldn’t that be quite the Thermo nuclear “fuck you” to us?

All these years everybody has been so certain that all of these “sealed indictments“ are for the global elite, Pedo, satanic cabal.

If we find out that they were all along in fact for patriots; doesn’t that prove that Q was a total PSYOP, sham, and intended only to fuck us?

Am I misunderstanding?

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Let me preface this by saying that still to this day I am a complete and total diehard Trump supporter.

However, there are a couple inconvenient facts that we cannot deny.

  1. look at what happened the last time he asked us all to protest.

Has Trump taken any concrete steps whatsoever to rescue the J6 detainees who are still held in Sub-human conditions to this day?

  1. Next is; after what we have been through the last seven years, but especially with the plandemic, I have absolutely zero faith that there is ANYTHING that will cause us to “Mobilize” in any meaningful way at this point.

We have had so many completely, totally, valid, and legitimate reasons to go thermonuclear over the last seven or eight years - again, esp. during the plandemic - and not one damned person has done one single damn thing.

Am I wrong?

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You know; Descend on Washington, DC, as well as your state & local capitals.

Because that worked out SO wonderfully on Jan. 6….

Has Trump taken any concrete efforts whatsoever to even help the J6 detainees, let alone get them released?

Or do we think they are also just fake & made up as part of this “movie”?

Sorry but I just don’t see how we reconcile the way J6 turned out, with this new call to protest….

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The very cynical part of me wants to ask you if you remember what happened the last time we answered Trump’s call to protest….

There’s no way Trump didn’t know it was a total set up, and in my opinion he seems to have left the J6 detainees, completely and utterly high and dry.

Does he even talk about them on any regular basis?

I am as diehard a Trump supporter as you will find, but these are the facts as far as I can tell…. Idk what to think about this…..

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the cynical part of me wants to say that I remember what happened the last time he told all of his supporters to protest……

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Please stop posting mis- and dis-information.

Our government is wholly, unequivocally honest, competent and transparent.

Our government only wants to help us.

Our government is very careful with our tax dollars.

Don't be a conspiracy theorist.

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I'm very curious to know more (been fascinated with .MIL / Security, etc. my entire life) but here's my understanding:

  • Trump absolutely still has a significant - if not full-size - US Secret Service Security Detail. Full-size meaning the same as any prior actively SITTING POTUS.

  • USSS years ago developed their own CAT; Counter Assault Team, which is USSS SWAT.

  • It is common for Tier 1 units to provide added security for POTUS, but I believe that's mostly when he travels internationally or during any time of elevated threat.

Tier 1 = CAG, SEALs, Force Recon, etc.

I think it is mostly CAG (Delta) and SEALs who provide extra security; not heard too much about Marine Force Recon (Special Forces) doing presidential security, but I have no clue. :-)

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EXACTLY what I came here to say! I don't recall ANY "former" Presidents getting a full-bore MOTORCADE.....

USSS Security, of course; that's been the norm for decades.

But an actual MOTORCADE? No way.

Does anyone have any recent pics / vid of Trump's Motorcade? IIRC from what I've seen, he literally still travels EXACTLY like a SITTING POTUS.....


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Execution for treason. That is malicious intent. Period, full stop, end of story, no argument.

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What kind of garbage, low-energy, conspiracy, tin-foiil hat thread is this?

Do you not trust the science?

Do you not tremble before the great needle of salvation and immunity?

"Excess deaths"; how fucking cruel and insensitive.

Do you have ANY idea at all how much worse it would have been if those people had been UN-vaccinated??

Do you not have ANY clue whatsoever as to how this works???

"Excess Deaths" just means it's working.... sometimes you have to break a few eggs to make an omelette, but it's for the greater good....

Don't murder my grammaw.®

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I think this is far & away the best approach. Unfortunately, the media has been successful in smearing Q in the normie's minds, so it's best to start with the topics / subject matter themselves.

Q is somewhat irrelevant as it doesn't matter what people think of him / them / whatever; the messages & information Q is spreading is what matters.

It's called The Great Awakening, not The Q Awakening...

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They're all going to be damn lucky if they are alive long enough to admit they were wrong.

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LOL at anyone who thinks voting still matters.......

Not 'Til Trump gets back in & fixes it....

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Wait, do the globalists block Truth social in other countries?? Or does Truth not allow users to sign up from outside the US? First I've heard....... But then the USA is censoring .RU sites, so...... globalist scum!!!!

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