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Yeah, but that was after all this was already in the works.

From what I remember, Hunter's laptop made its first appearance. Comey had already shut down the investigation, and he needed an excuse to reopen it, so he could get his hands on the computer "to investigate," and then he shut down the investigation again.

Don't know exactly why he did the TV appearance like he did, but I don't think that started the fake Russia stories. It goes back at least to the DNC server hacks, which were earlier in 2016, and they tried to blame that on Russia.

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It's an interesting take, but the NSA intrusions by FBI contractors (i.e. FusionGPS) go back to 2015. It looks to me like FBI/CIA/5 Eyes/Contractors were spying on all the political candidates, or at least the ones not fully in control. Maybe they didn't need dirt on Jeb Bush because he was already a puppet. But they were spying on Trump, Carson, and others.

It is no coincidence that George PapaD was working on the Ben Carson campaign until that campaign ended, and then he "was switched" to Trump.

Maybe specific allegations were to get Comey, but Comey provided cover for the Clintons going back at least 30 years. He did screw things up just before the election, so maybe, but the deep state was spying and conspiring long before July 2016.

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If son is a minor, and you are the parent, you can take legal control.

If son is an adult, and able to communicate (not sure if that is the case) and willing, I would have him sign a Limited Power of Attorney for Medical Care Decisions. And make you his attorney in fact.

At that point, YOU make ALL legal decisions for him as it relates to medical care.

Then, demand removal of anything you do not agree with. If they refuse, file a Writ of Mandamous in your local court or a Writ of Habeas Corpus claiming they are holding him against his will in violation of the Constitution.

This is an extreme move, but that's what the situation calls for.

Put them on the legal defense. Take control of removing harmful "medical intervention," and get him on what the real doctors are using to solve these problems.

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New software installed to make tracking bank accounts easier?

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And the way you do that is via the Scientific Method, not by taking a vote.

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Don't ask those Icelandics to tell you about the ice chambers they froze in.

It's a nightmare of a story.

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On a side note, as long as you are posting and reading right now, I though I'd pass this on to you and anyone else interested.

I stumbled upon this video:


The guy who made the video is basically just reading passages from a book. But the info is interesting. The author of the book has concluded that chronic (i.e. regular) exercise plays a significant role in maintaining healthy mitochondria in the cells, and also getting rid of cells with disfunctional mitochondria.

Add that concept to Thomas Seyfried's work, where he has concluded that cancer is caused by disfunctional mitochondria, and you have a prevention for cancer: just exercise regularly.


It is this sort of "putting 2 and 2 together" to figure out the truth of the world we live in that scientists should be engaged in. If they were, we would have found out about Ivermectin, HCQ, and a huge number of other health enhancements over the past many decades.

Instead, we have "science" controlled by government funding, and that is controlled by a few individuals who want to make profits at the expense of good health. And they promote their lies via the controlled media and universities.

Not related to PCR, but thought you might find it interesting.

BTW, how has the legal issue worked out?

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Back at ya.

It is very interesting how so many in the "Great Awakening" still have cognitive dissonance on specific issues.

Many people simply will not discuss topics in which they cannot comprehend that they might be wrong.

It is an uphill climb, but nobody who ever climbs the hill looks back down and thinks they should go back to where they started. Knowledge is a one-way street. Once you gain it, you don't ungain it.

So, there is hope.

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You and I get tested for COVID. We both test positive, my Ct is 18, yours is set to 40. We are both positive, yet I have millions of times higher detectable levels of the “COVID” virus

Even that does not prove that the "virus" caused any illness. If you had a million more water molecules, would that make you sicker than the next person?

NOBODY has proven that SARS-CoV-2 has made ANYONE sick. Have people shown symptoms of sickness? Yes, of course, just like happened every year before. And people have died -- mostly older people in nursing homes, just like every year before.

None of that proves that having more of "Substance X" means anything other than there is more of it (which by itself, means nothing).

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Kary Mullis never mentioned Covid because he died just a few months before the Covid plandemic began.

If he were still around when they were pulling the PCR scam on Covid, he would have spoken out and informed people against it.

Convenient that he is gone.

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There is no "gold standard" for PCR. There is nothing to compare it to.

That's because it CANNOT diagnose anything.

It is ONLY a tool to duplicate material.

It's like saying that I can make 1,000,000 copies of a piece of paper in a copy machine, and when I am done, I can determine that the original piece of paper was full of truthful statements because I now have so many copies.

The number of copies is irrelevant to what was on the original paper.

Likewise, making a million or a billion or a trillion copies of something that was NOT ever pathogenic does not tell me that the original was pathogenic.

It is a SCAM.

PCR is to "amplify" material, which means it makes copies, which then makes it easier to see and work with the material. That is the ONLY purpose of PCR.

They are committing fraud by claiming it can diagnose anything.

And since viruses DO NOT EXIST at all, they aren't even duplicating anything of significance.

Since NO virus has ever been isolated and purified from ANY bodily fluid of ANY human -- EVER, IN HISTORY -- they are left with "creating" genomic sequences in a computer program. IOW, they just MAKE IT UP. They have NO genetic sequence from any "virus." What they have is a computer program that they claim is "close enough" to the real thing.

But there is no real thing. It never existed in the real world. That sequence exists only in a computer program.

So, when they take bodily fluid from a person, they look for this made-up computer sequence, which they WILL find in EVERYBODY because it was made up from a computer database which includes the human genome. They are only looking for a small strand of sequence, and they just use a slightly different code arraignment for each "virus" they claim exists.

ALL of these sequences exist in EVERY human. They also exist in non-human things, like yeast.

Then, they use PCR to "blow it up" to a larger amount, and the number of copies they create (a million copies or a billion copies) -- known as the 'threshold cycle" -- is completely arbitrary. The more "positive" results they want to produce, the more copies they make. The fewer "positive" results they want, the fewer copies they make.

This is how they manipulate the number of "cases." Just by changing the arbitrary number or cycles of a PCR method, which is falsely labeled a "test," they can create the psychological manipulation they intend to inflict on the world.

The reason the number of "cases" went down right after the "vaccines" (so-called) were introduced is because they lowered the number of cycles. It had nothing to do with the fraudulent "vaccines."

The whole thing is a con.

The virus does not exist. The "test" does not detect a virus that does not exist. The "vaccine" drug does not prevent getting or transmitting something that does not exist.

And yet, they want to violate YOUR rights by making everyone else believe their lies.

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Well said.

Engineers must, by necessity, deal in an objective world. Either their ideas work, or they do not.

We are taught to believe that other professions, like medicine, are the same. But they are not. Doctors are dealing in an entirely subjective world, with no basis in reality. They ignore the Scientific Method, yet delude themselves into believing they are "following the science."

They don't even know what the science is -- on anything. They have no knowledge of nutrition (that isn't falsified marketing by Big Agriculture). They have no knowledge of the drugs they prescribe (that isn't falsified marketing by Big Pharma). They are charlatans, and nothing more.

And it does NOT have to be this way. If they would just follow the Scientific Method, we would have good research and good medical care. But they are so far away from that, they have become a joke -- and a danger to society.

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Why don't you respond with substance of the topic, rather than ridicule?

Probably because you are not capable.

No different than the leftards shouting, "SCIENCE!"

The sooner we all wake up to the reality that virology has nothing to do with science, the better off we will be.

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To test this formally, HeLa cells were infected ...

HeLa cells are cervical cancer cells from a woman who died of cervical cancer in 1951. That has nothing to do with healthy cells in healthy people.

This is all speculation based on a fake experiment.

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HIV does not exist.

Therefore, it is complete bullshit.

Post the actual study instead of a meme, and maybe we can pick it apart.

Ivermectin does seem to have some sort of benefit. What that biological pathway is and what it is doing is a mystery, since nobody will actually study it.

But it has nothing at all to do with HIV, which does not exist.

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No, they are not "lacing" the cellular debris. Even if they tried, it wouldn't do anything because the cellular debris cannot do anything.

You should watch the video. It is only 23 minutes, but it will blow your mind and awaken you to the lies.

As far as "clearly there is some toxin being spread around," that is open to debate.

It would take a lot more to explain that. There are many videos that explain it (seems to be better than reading, since in videos people are asking questions like you are).

Basic overview --

Germ theory is false. Terrain theory is more likely true. We get sick because of poor nutrition, poor hygene, poor sanitation, and/or toxins entering our bodies.

Every year or so, our bodies detox. Some people do it more frequently (due to their lifestyle), and others less often. It is likely that this happens as the Sun changes position in the sky.

That's why "cold and flu season" happens in OCT-MAR in the Northern Hemisphere, but in APR-SEP in the Southern Hemisphere. If it were due to a "virus" floating around in the air, with international travel, it should all happen around the same time -- like the Covid psyop pretended to do. But in years past, it has not been like this. If it happens due to the position of the Sun, and less vitamin D, then it all makes sense.

Bears hibernate in the Winter. Humans detox seasonally (primarily, but can detox at any time if needed).

Colds and flus are detox of the body. It is a natural occurance for those of us who have health problems due to lifestyle choices and external influences, like EMF's in the atmosphere.

The current toxin we are all dealing with that is not being discussed at all is the new 5G system and its EMF's.

The first fully 5G city in the world was Wuhan, China. The next area was northern Italy. These were also the first "outbreaks of Covid."

Back in 1918, the Spanish Flu was also a misunderstanding of what was going on. Edison figured out the light bulb in 1896, and over the next 20 years, cities around the world installed power plants, electric power lines, and electricity in homes and businesses. This coincides with people getting sick around 1918 -- which also included WW1 and the craziness of that.

Again, watch that video. It is a great starting point to get a handle on this.

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That's just another aspect of the "inside joke" they are perpetuating in this psyop.

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Looks like genomic sequencing is maintained at https://www.gisaid.org/, we can assume that sequencing is real and they did find a variant called Omicron.

No, it is ALL done via computer program.

NONE of it is done from a sample from a human who is sick.


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Natural immunity is 13.04 times more effective than the vaccine (and it doesn't wear off after 2-4 months like the vaccine).

Vaccines are poison. The body doesn't really have an "immune system," so much as it has a "maintenance system." Whatever it does to maintain the body, it is better than injecting a poison.

The "extremely mild" omicron variant is weak and feeble.

So weak and feeble, in fact, that it does not exist at all. It has the exact same power as a unicorn.

It is also very infectious, so it will spread through the population giving everyone either no symptoms, or a very mild cold.

No, it is not infectious and cannot spread, because it does not exist.

Everyone will be left with natural immunity, with virtually no deaths.

Normal maintenance of the body.

Omicron has 50 mutational genetic differences from the original Wuhan variant.

No, there is no original virus, and there are no mutations or variants.

It is ALL a psyop.

This would take a minimum of 10.3 years to occur naturally.

Of course, it would never happen because it does not exist.

Just as bad actors can create bioweapons, good actors can create biocures.

There may very wll be man-made bioweapons. I suspect that is what the "gain of function" research is about. But they are in the vaccines, not mythical viruses.

People are therefore theorizing that the weak and feeble omicron variant was created by good actors as a cure to ruin the cabal's evil plans.

No need to create something that does not exist.

It is a psyop, not a White Hat operation.

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From similar isolates of SARS, they have isolated and ciltured that strain for a long time. They have been working to tweak the original Sars for 20+ years.

That is false. SARS (the first one, in 2003) was ALSO never isolated and purified.

And yes, you CAN see virus' under an electron microscope--some have viral envelopes that are geometrically beautiful.

That is also false. Nobody can SEE a virus under an electron microscope. What they see is a picture of cellular debris, caused by the poisoning of the cell culture. There is NO virus "in there" at all.

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Which means it is a man-made concept (computer programmed by man), and NOT something obtained directly from nature.

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The entire graphic is nonsense.

(NOTE: "Omicron" is shapped like Africa. It is all a joke within a psyop.)

There is a reason that it is all done with drawings and not photographs: the virus does not exist.

ALL viruses are imaginary.

Virologists have bought into a dogma, not a scientific study. When they think they are looking at viruses, they are really looking at fragments of dead cells, and nothing more.

Even virologists will say that viruses are not alive. They are not microorganisms. They do not have a respiratory system. They do not have a digestive system. They cannot reproduce. They cannot move around. They are NOT alive.

If they cannot move around, then they cannot DO anything. That being the case, how can they possibly get into someone, get into their cells, cause damange, replicate, and all the other nonsense we are told?

They canNOT do any of it. They are not alive. In fact ...


They are simply fragments of broken down cellular tissue, mistakenly assumed to be independent molecular structures. It is just cellular debris that is caused by the process of poisoning of cell cultures that "virologists" use in EVERY STUDY THEY CONDUCT about "viruses."

Most of them have simply never bothered to check their own assumptions.

Just like doctors believe what they are told about the Covid scam, and they do NO independent research of their own, virologists are the same. They learned some "facts" when they were in school. Those facts were fraudulent, but they believed them. Now, they continue to assume these facts as they "study viruses." But the facts are not facts. They are a misunderstanding and/or intentionally misleading and fraudulent. They are following a dogma, and it has NOTHING to do with science, because it IGNORES the Scientific Method.

It Is Difficult to Get a Man to Understand Something When His Salary Depends Upon His Not Understanding It -- Upton Sinclair

They are now caught in a trap. They have cognitive dissonance about the fundamental building blocks of their own profession. It will not be easy to get them to see the error of their ways, but see it they must.

Quick overview:


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