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^ I retract.

Looks like a fake account.

u/winn posted this, but looks to me like that comment is hidden for some reason.

Anyway: https://files.catbox.moe/x4p1jn.jpeg

Still, military vehicle for a search warrant is not routine.

I wonder if the house was rigged.

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Yes, if they are adding bacteria to their fake vaxx, then it could cause serious illness -- even death.

Maybe "gain of function research" is about how to manufacture dangerous bacteria in a lab and include it in a vaxx.

Same story with the anthrax that was found to be man-made in a military lab. It was sent to the two members of Congress who were holding up the vote for the "Patriot Act."

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Just a few days ago, the UK's top medical "expert" stated the following in a government hearing:

No proof face masks ever worked against Covid

There is no solid proof masks ever slowed the spread of Covid, England's former deputy chief medical officer said today.


I would ask the hospital if they follow "evidence based medicine." They will either say yes, or they will be evasive and not want to answer that question.

I would then demand evidence of any scientific study PROVING that face masks are effective against Covid (impossible to do, since face masks will never be able to protect against a fake scam -- it would be easier to find a unicorn to measure its horn).

Best to make this demand in writing, including a copy via email -- before the "hearing" or whatever administrative thing they are doing to make the decision.

I would also give them a copy of this study, which is published on PubMed stating that wearing a face mask reduces respiration rate and oxygen levels in the blood:

Wearing the N95 mask resulted in reduced respiration rate and oxygen saturation by pulse oximetry (Spo2) within 1 hour, with elevated heart rate (mean change, 3.8 beats/min [95% CI, 2.6-5.1 beats/min]) 2 hours later until mask off


I would also include this study, published in JAMA:

Wearing an N95 face mask over a long period of time can cause cardiopulmonary stresses, such as reduced respiration and elevated heart rate, a new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows.

“The findings contribute to existing literature by demonstrating that wearing the N95 mask for 14 hours significantly affected the physiological, biochemical, and perception parameters,” the researchers wrote.


I would summarize by stating:

"So, I have provided two studies that show that wearing a face mask for a prolonged period of time is harmful to my health, and also have shown the #1 medical expert in the UK government stating that there is NO EVIDENCE that wearing a face mask is in any way helpful regarding the prevention of spreading illness or pathogens to others.

"Where are your studies showing that there is ANY proven benefit to wearing a face mask? If you claim to be setting your policies in accordance with "evidence based medicine," but you instead REJECT any evidence that is contrary to your peronal preferences, then this hospital is egaging in FRAUD, which means your policies are not lawful."

"I love this hospital and I love my job. I will not quit. If you fire me over non-evidence based quackery, then I will be forced to take the appropriate legal action to defend my rights."

Something along those lines, depending on how harsh you want to be. The point is: THEY have ZERO evidence on their side. ALL of the evidence is on your side, which means they are engaging in fraud. Fraud carries triple damages in a lawsuit, btw, so make sure the attorney goes for triple damages -- how ever many years of lost income, plus pain and suffering, times 3, plus punative damages on top of that. Could be a multi-million dollar lawsuit.

They ARE acting in bad faith, whether they realize it or not.

Also, if they do fire you, the first thing I would do is send this letter to the CEO and legal department of HQ, not necessarily your specific hospital (if it is a larger operation). I would demand reinstatement with back pay and bonus, or see you in court.

If they think you have the goods, even if they are baffled by the info you present to them (the CDC never told them about any of this), then they might make an exception for you rather than open this potential can of worms.

If not, find an attorney who will do a contingency, if you can. Or, handle it yourself if you can't find one.

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MGM stock (company that owned most of Mandalay Bay) was shorted (via put options) by George Soros just before the Vegas shooting.

Also, Martha Stewart was not convicted of insider trading. She was aquitted by the jury of that charge. She was convicted of lying to prosecutors. The "lie" was based on the idea that she said she did not tell her broker to sell the stock shortly after meeting the CEO of the company at a party. The evidence presented in court was an "FBI handwriting expert" who said he looked at the broker's ticket and concluded that Stewart had lied about the timing of things.

Later, the FBI "handwriting expert" was found to have committed perjury. He never actually looked at the evidence that he testified about.

Guess who the NY prosecutor was in that case?

James Comey.

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NOBODY is talking about the military vehicle creeping up to the house before the explosion ???

This was not a normal search warrant.

Also, those comments made in the thread seemed coherent and legit.

Talking about how the internet backbone security system works, and how Israel controls it. Maybe that has something to do with his house getting blown up, while military vehicle is involved in a search warrant.

Looks like he might be some sort of whistleblower, talking about US/DOD spying on everyone.

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To dismiss the theory is to just believe what you"learned" in school as a child.


To dismiss a theory -- if there is evidence to support the theory -- is to just believe what you "learned" in school as a child.

Nobody ever provides evidence of FE.

They merely say, "Well, I don't see any curve from my house!"

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Not when equity in houses are shrinking ... House prices in Toronto are dropping by 20%.

Then, it's about real estate prices dropping, which is what I said in a previous post.

Rising interest rates are leading to lower real estate prices (just like artificially lowering interest rates resulted in the real estate price bubble), so we sort of agree.

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If interest rates are higher, wouldn't a bank make MORE money by lending MORE credfit?


Therefore, it is not about higher interest rates.

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Expecting real estate prices to go down, leaving no equity, and so people will walk away from their houses (and payments).

Credit has been tightening, all around.

Not good.

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Jews primary text is the Talmud, even if they themselves don't realize it.

They think they follow the Torah, but in fact they do not.

Their religion is about how to GET AROUND the Law of Moses.

Thou Shalt Not Murder.

Talmud teaches that this ONLY applies to other jews. Non-jews can be murdered with impunity (just look at Gaza).

Thou Shalt Not Steal.

Talmud teaches that this ONLY applies to other jews. Jews can steal from non-jews and it is not even stealing.

Thou Shall Not Bear False Witness

Jews lie ALL the time, and the Talmud teaches they MUST lie if discussing their religion with non-jews.

Those are just a few examples.

We have many centuries of proof that jews do NOT follow the Torah/Books of Moses. Their religion is all about getting around the Law.

This is why they kept trying to trick Jesus in the New Testament -- trying to justify their refusal to follow the Law. But Jesus called them out for who they were -- the children of Satan (the Adversary).

Many Christians need to drop the Judeo-Christian Zionist brainwashing. Jews are the ADVERSARY, and as Paul said, they are the Anti-Christs (because they do not believe in Christ, and forever take action against Christian values).

ALL of the anti-Christian crap we see today -- faggotry, trannyism, communism, pedophilia grooming -- were invented by jews to harm Christian ideals.

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Also, the term "Judeo-Christian" is an abomination. The two religions are diametrically opposed. There is NOTHING in common. The jews CLAIM they follow the Old Testament (Torah), but the DO NOT. The Talmud overrules everything in the Torah, according to jews.

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"Unconfirmed reports ..."

Military does not say, "6 AM."

It is 0600 hours.

Who is the source of this "unconfirmed" rumor?

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Funny how NOBODY on the pro-jewish Israel side EVER asks the question: But WHY would Palestinians attack the jews?

They NEVER ask that question, much less discuss it in public.

They ALWAYS act as if the history of the world started the day the jews were attacked "for no reason."

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  • Originally, he shut down the beaches 'cuz muh Covid. Only later did he recant and become some sort of "hero" due to how bad other governors were.

  • He took a trip to Israel to sign a FLORIDA bill into law that destroys free speech if anyone says anything negative (although true) about muh joos -- a clear violation of the First Amendment.

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... comprise roughly 13% of the ... population, though they commit a disproportionate amount of crime ...

Hmm ... where have I heard that before?

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Why the HELL are attorneys charging $3,000,000 to defend 3 lawsuits, when the defense is simply he was engaging in legal advice?

Who the F**K are these attorneys to charge such outrageous fees?

Looks like a scam.

Are these attorneys undefeated? Never ever lose a case?

Do they not care enough to defend their own profession that they won't do the job pro bono?

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Leftists will believe ANYTHING they are told to believe, if it comes from an "expert" source.

Leftists also have no concept of hypocrisy nor the understanding that holding two directly opposing ideas at the same time is any sort of problem.

They are NON-THINKERS, and just follow like lemmings. That has been indoctrinated into them.

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Leftists will believe anything they are told by "experts." It's their religion.

Muslims believe in Sharia Law, not Marxism.

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Whoever operates the AI weapon, whoever programs the AI weapon, and whoever gave the orders to program and to operate, all the way up the chain of command to the head dog, must be prosecuted for murder.

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That list is completely irrelevant to the OP.

James Files here is interviewed, and has claimed for many years to BE the shooter on the grassy knoll.

Not the same thing at all.

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James Files has been claiming to be the grassy knoll shooter for many years.

Funny if he really was and NOBODY believes him, huh?

I am neutral on him, but he tells an interesting story.

Funny how FBI has no interest in his story.

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