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I don’t know anyone over the age of 60 that could fall like that and not be completely immobilized.

That's what surprised me, too.

His walk was that of a frail man. Then, he just about bounced up from the fall.

Seems strange.

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Proves a tyrannical mindset.

Both a willingness to be tyrannical, and a willingness to bend a knee to tyranny.

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I think the most racist are American blacks.

The majority of them ONLY see the race of a person, and nothing else.

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Split the vote, and Dems win it all.

BAD idea.

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Crowd got louder after he fell ... BUT ... whoever posted this turned the volume down to try and hide that.

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DEFAULT now and let's rebuild our nation and economy.

Who is this "let us" shit? YOU will have NOTHING to do with a "rebuild." [They] will control that, and YOU will own nothing -- including yourself (i.e. no more rights for you) -- as [they] have been planning for decades.

Either you uphold the Constitution, or not. YOU ... not [them].

If you allow [them] to default, then you also allow [them] to do any damn thing they want.

I am also hearing more BS about a Constitutional Convention, with (((Mark Levin))) being the chief cheerleader.

In theory, great. But in reality, it will be Soros types at the convention, not you and me. And they WILL KILL the Constitution AND ALL YOUR RIGHTS.

Either you stand for something, or you stand for nothing.

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I disagree -- strongly.

What most people do not know is that there are TWO types of minerals: organic and inorganic.

There is organic iron and inorganic iron. There is organic copper and inorganic copper, etc.

Humans can ONLY digest, absorb, and utilize organic minerals, which are found in foods -- ideally, animal foods.

So-called "mineral water" has inorganic minerals, which are nothing more than rocks.

We cannot utilize rocks, and in fact they build up toxins within us.

ALL the organic minerals we need are found in animals foods. They are the right type and in the right amounts (as long as we eat enough food).

The only type of water anyone should drink is distilled water, because it is pure H2O, with zero inorganic minerals.

If you search this topic on the cabal's internet, you will find articles about how distilled water will leach minerals from your body.

YES! It will leach INORGANIC minerals, which your body does NOT want and cannot use.

Adding rocks to your diet is NOT a good idea.

We humans have 4 needs from our diet: Amino acids (from proteins), fatty acids (from saturated fats), vitamins and minerals. All 4 of these are found in abundance in animals foods.

Anything else is less than optimal.

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They CANNOT default -- at least, not lawfully.

The 14th Amendment requires a payment of legally-authorized debt. It is the ONLY thing that is REQUIRED to be paid from the federal budget.

So, the debt must be paid FIRST, then whatever is left over would go to defense, social programs, corporate welfare, whatever.

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People seem to be missing a big point:


Sure, they CLAIM it is "termporary" for only 2 years -- just beyond the 2024 election (how convenient).

But that new Congress in 2025 will walk in with NO DEBT CEILING.

If MAGA does not take over Congress, it is even more unlimited spending (same as before, but now without the pretense).

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Speaking of slush funds and Saudi Arabia ...

I read an article several years ago, written by someone who seemed to know a lot about the subject.

He claimed that the Petrodollar was created to keep the US dollar strong after Nixon violated the Constitution by taking the dollar off the gold standard.

The criminals set up a situation where Saudi Arabia would agree to use the US dollar for all oil sales, and in return the US military would defend the Saudi oil fields. Part of the deal also included that Saudi Arabia would use its oil profits to invest in US treasury bonds, which would be managed in such a way that excess income from those investments would create a slush fund, which could be used by CIA black operations -- off budget, and unknown to Congress.

If so, it explains a lot.

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Unfortunately, that is not true.

If you look up their financials, you will see they have been making profits consistently.

In Q2 2022, their profts dropped significantly, but they still made a small profit, and it has been going up since.


Hopefully, this boycott will cause them real pain in their financials. It's what they deserve.

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The fund managers are not the "true owners" in the sense of owning the investments.

But they DO make the decisions.

Same concept as communism: Everybody supposedly "owns everything together," but there is SOMEONE (an individual or small group of individuals) who is the ONE who MANAGES it all, and THAT is who effectively might as well "own" it.

"Own nothing; control everything." -- John D. Rockefeller

People can get OUT of their Vanguard and other investments, and just buy other funds that invest just the same, but do not push the woke bullshit.

The People DO have control -- they just don't know it.

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Add on:

I forgot to look up Human Rights Campaign, Inc.

Now ... THIS is where the money is REALLY coming in!

Latest Tax return:


$40 million in donations in 2018, $37 million in 2019.

Plus, other investment income.

Though, they don't really have a lot of other assets for investment, considering all the donations (less than $20 million in assets).

That's because ...

Well first off, it is David Alphonso listed AGAIN as the primary person running this organization (was he fired from this one, too, or did he stay on?).

Of the $40,000,000 in donations received in 2018, only $700,000 was PAID OUT in donations.

Of the $37,000,000 received in 2019, only $420,000 PAID OUT in donations.

This is a 501c(4), not a 501c(3), so the rules are a little different.

Still ... that is PALTRY payouts, because ...

MOST of the money is paid to insiders and "other expenses." Pretty much ALL of the donations received is paid out to insiders and "other expenses," and NOT paid out as donations.

In this organzation, several key people are working more or less a full-time schedule (or so it says), and they are making BANK.

Several people making over $250,000 per year each.

Would be interesting to find out who these people are ... and who they are MARRIED to.

I don't have time right now. Someone else wanna dig?

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But, they did it anyway.

Right. And the reason they are doing it anyway is because of two things which are new in Big Corporate America --

(1) The executives of these companies are now old enough, yet young enough, to have gone to the woke university system, received an MBA, and learned about tranny this and BLM that (IOW: they are indoctrinated sheep), and

(2) Their funding (banks) has strings attached, which includes having a "high ESG score," which is an agenda pushed by the cabal, and they do it via tying their financing to the woke agenda.

The people at the WEF and the Federal Reserve and the banks pushing ESG are the ones pushing this behind the scenes.

It is time for individual States to create more state-licensed banks and operate a system similar to what the BRIC countries are doing, and outside the control of the Federal Reserve, and backed by gold and silver.

The Constitution requires that the States may ONLY authorize gold and silver to be money within the State.

US Constitution, Article 1, Section 10, Clause 1:

No State shall ... make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts ...

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For those who live in Texas: Is Fort Worth known for being more corrupt than the rest of Texas?

I don't know the answer to that, but it would be an interesting place to start.

If so, what about the sheriff's department? The judges? Etc.

Are they any more corrupt than the rest?

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And this is not young Dolly.

This is old (recent) Dolly.

Sad and disgusting.

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