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Judge: When did you go to medical school?

Me: I went to the same medical school you did. Oh, and by the way, judge, you are clearly showing bias against me. I move to recuse you from this case ... in the interest of justice.

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Never once did I rely on the government fora handout ...

No doubt, but you also never had the government unconstitutionally destroy your business, shut down the economy, and put you into a position that you could be out on the street. During the Covid hysteria heights, nobody was hiring. A lot of people got into a bind due to criminal actions of government employees.

Different now because businesses are getting going again and hiring (for now), but when the government employees cause the problem, it is a little different than normal "ebb and flow" of the economy.

The entire executive, judicial and legislative system needs to be revamped and down sized. The gravy train for all is over and done.

Preach it!

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No American can consider themself "awake" if they refuse to READ THE CONSTITUTION.

Article 1, Section 6:

"They shall in all Cases, except Treason, Felony and Breach of the Peace, be privileged from Arrest during their Attendance at the Session of their respective Houses, and in going to and returning from the same; and for any Speech or Debate in either House, they shall not be questioned in any other Place. "

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these people are in denial on purpose


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It should be obvious by now that the people in government who are doing this are purposely inflicting emotional trauma on people by constantly changing the story.

Nobody can be this incompetent. It is by design.

These people are engaging in psychological torture of a mass population. If you can see what they are doing, it has little effect. But many people cannot.

Fauci and his co-conspirators need to be prosecuted as soon as possible -- and that is unlikely until after the 2020 election is corrected.

Stay strong.

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I hope he knows something.

Sounds like he does.

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it is the civil suit aspect of it that employers and businesses try to avoid. In fact, the vast majority of cases are arbitrated and settled outside of the court room

True, but if it was you or me who was on the other side of that lawsuit (across from the corporation/employer), then we would not be under any obligation to settle. Maybe under pressure (psychological), yes, but not under any legal obligation. THAT is when you go balls to the walls -- when they are trying to keep you from going to trial.

Discovery could reveal criminal activity,

And that is one the reasons you do NOT settle before trial (unless they capitulate to everything you want, and then some).

now there's a real possibility that a criminal case could ensue.

No matter the circumstances, you STILL have to get a prosecutor to do the criminal case. You and I are not "allowed" to do it. My understanding is that under early American law, ANYBODY could be a prosecutor and bring criminal charges. Today, they will shut that idea down in a heartbeat.

This is WHY my earlier statement was that we need to REPLACE prosectors who will not pursue criminal charges just because the prosecutor is corrupt.

We DO have THAT power.

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The Pfizer trial declared a result 7 days after the 2nd dose.

Forget about 6 months or 6 years.

7 days, and they "KNOW" that their drug "worked."

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If anyone seeks your healthcare information, under HIPAA and other laws, they have to disclose several pieces of information to you as part of the request for information, and they have to provide a healthcare information privacy notice.

Can you cite the section of HIPAA that says employers must do that?

Your employer is almost certainly a "covered entity" with regards to HIPAA, as a "business associate" of their insurance company.

Since the employer is "out of the loop" when it comes to a health care provider billing an insurance company, I would say your statement is wrong.

Again, can you cite the specific clause of the HIPAA statute that supports your claim? It has been a couple of years since I read it, and I don't remember anything having to do with employers, in general. But maybe you can show me that I am wrong.

Where most employers are going to get mixed up is in liability for illness in the workplace. If they are taking responsibility for one disease, they are probably exposing themselves to liability to all

Intersting angle, and this would have nothing to do with HIPAA.

Would be interesting if someone takes the "jab" due to coersion by employer, dies, and then employer (but not drug maker) gets sued.

Would be VERY interesting case -- and I would not be surprised if it happens. Have no idea how any particular judge or jury would rule on that, though.

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Spot on.

The roles of men and women evolved due to differences in biology.

Natrually, since only women can give birth and feed with breast milk, it would make sense for them to assume that role. While they are feeding one young, they likely had many others running around, whether their own or the children of the other women in the tribe. They all worked together to look after and raise the children.

Meanwhile, there is a much different skill set needed to successfully go out into the wilderness, find wild animals, outsmart them, throw rocks, spears, and manufactured weapons to kill the animals, sometimes fighting a physical fight with the animals, avoid being bitten or clawed, and killing the animal. Then carrying or dragging the animal back to the tribe to feed everybody.

Two completely different skill sets. The men had an immediate feedback as to their skills. Either (a) their skills gave them the ability to make the kill and feed themselves and the tribe, or (b) their lack of skills made them go hungry and their tribe either went off with other men or died. They knew in short order how their ideas were working out.

OTOH, women made choices in child rearing that might not be completely known for many years. Was it a good idea to feed the kids this, or to tell them not to do that, or to scold them for such and such? We won't know for many years, when they grow up into adults and we see how they turned out.

Men had to be quiet in the bush, at times, to listen and avoid being detected. Women could jabber all day long. KEK

Today, when women want to buy something, they like to (prior to Internet and Covid) go to the mall and just "browse" whether they buy something or not -- similar to "gathering" nearby fruits off the trees.

Men ususally don't like shopping all that much, and just want to "get in, and get out" kind of like hunting (or sex and then sleep). ;-)

Our biology DICTATED our roles in life.

It was NOTHING MORE -- and NOTHING LESS -- than that.

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I've been busy lately. What's the update on Arizona?

Have the official audit results been released? If yes, when? If no, why not?

Why are we getting "calls for" but not action on decert?

Serious questions. I've been tuned out the past couple of weeks, for the most part, and catching up.

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They have also been known to play games with the number of "beds available" or "beds occupied."

Let's say a hospital has 100 beds total. They set aside 20 for ICU. They have 10 people in ICU beds. That's 50% ICU occupied vs capacity.

Then, they arbitrarily change the number of assigned beds for ICU to 15.

Now, they have 10 of 15 instead of 10 of 20. The "occupied" rate just went UP from 50% to 67%, with no change in number of patients occupying beds.

So, there are numerous ways various people have been doing dirty things.

Of course, straight up fake stories by fake journalists is another.

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inflammation creates disease

Inflammation is probably the #1 cause of all disease and illness.

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A doctor who is a eugenist.

Interesting combo ...

I'm sure there are many more.

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Correct, but HIPAA is a SPECIFIC provision that ONLY applies to SPECIFIC situations.

You still have not READ it.

Why not?

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Her lawyer said ...

A lot of lawyers talk out their ass ... same as doctors.

Just sayin'.

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If it was information required to be kept confidential by "covered entities," then yes.

Otherwise, no -- at least under HIPAA. That does not mean it would not be a violation of a different law. I'm just talking about HIPAA here.

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It doesn't have much value in the real world.

Surely, you are not claiming that different people don't have different abilities in abstract thinking, are you? That would be absurd. We all have different abilities in everything -- throwing a football, art, speaking skills, whatever.

We also have different abilities for abstract thinking. Abstract thinking is what turns ideas into concrete things in the real world. It is the basis of all laws. It is the basis of all scientific understanding by way of the Scientific Method. It is the way roads are built, and the way farmers decide which crops to plant or which animals to raise.

It is an ability that goes into all aspects of life. It is likely the main reason why corporate CEO's become corporate CEO's rather than stay experts in a limited skill set, such as flipping burgers or writing computer code.

Since people have different abilities in this skill, it is only natural that we would attempt to quantify it in some way, just as we do for everything else (such as the grades you got in school to quantify your comprehension of material, and nothing more).

If we are going to quantify it, then a number to represent that ability makes a lot of sense. Maybe there is a better way, but I see no reason why anything else would be a better way to evaluate the skill.

Hey, I don't like the fact that Tom Brady can throw a football better than I can. But ...

So what?

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I'm assuming all hipaa still applies because at my work ...

Hint: MOST people who have been "trained in HIPAA" ... (a) have never READ the HIPAA statute, and (b) have NO IDEA what it really says.

They just take the word of the person who "trained them," and that person ALSO never read it and has no idea what it says, because they took someone's word, too.

We are seeing this play out in this thread.

GO READ HIPAA. Don't assume it says what you WANT it to say. Most likely, it does not.

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Interesting angle. Problem is, you and I do not get to prosecute criminal cases.

You will have to have a prosecutor agree to bring an action like that against someone.

Our power is more on the civil lawsuit side, as well as getting people elected who will remove corrupt bureaucrats and judges via impeachment, and elect/appoint prosecutors who will file these types of criminal cases.

Why do you think George Soros spent all that money to get corrupt DA's appointed/elected?

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HIPPA was written under the assumption that you never had to give your personal private medical information to anyone, ever, without probable cause.

You have not read HIPAA. Because you have not read it, you are making assumptions based on what other people say and/or what you hope it says, but not on what it actually says.

I encourage you to read it, so you will KNOW what it says (and why your statement is not correct).

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IMO, an IQ test is nothing more than an evaluation of a person's abstract thinking aptitude. I think that's why they do it at a fairly young age.

Some people think in more concrete terms but have little abstract thinking aptitude. Those people can do well in life, but lacking an ability for abstract thinking is a hinderance, and for a society as a whole is a very bad thing.

Leftists tend to be these types of people, from what I see.

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