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No idea about that. But that would likely be part of the DD. How can you agree to buy a company if you don't have access to the computer programs that make it run?

It would be like buying a car without a test drive or even starting the engine.

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Jumping like rats off a ship, due to facing prison time and personal lawsuits that could wipe them out financially.

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Elon planned this from the beginning.

It was a well thought-out sting.

And he will walk away with a big paycheck if he doesn't buy it, or will control the deep state propaganda machine if he does buy it.

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The deal is in the due diligence phase.

That means the seller has to show the buyer documentation to verify their claims of revenue, expenses, etc.

Since Twatter can't do that (because they have been committing fraud), you can be sure there are some executives, directors, and SEC "regulators" (who looked the other way and did nothing about the fraud claims for many years) that are sweating bullets.

They are all facing lawsuits that will bankrupt them and send them to prison.

The stock price will be halted because the price will drop like a rock.

Will be an interesting fireworks show to watch.

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calorie efficient

No plant will ever be as efficient as animals, when it comes to getting protein, fats, vitamins, and minerals, which are the only things we need for good health.

Grow animals.

Here is a guy who did an experiment to only eat broccoli for one week.

The results were so horrible that he damn near died.


ALL plants have little to no nutrition for humans (cows do just fine on grass, but we can't). It's not just broccoli. Why do you think Bill Gates wants to you eat your plants -- even fake meat plant foods?

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Still ... he's very suspect on the 2A.

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During the greatest drought in American history?

Sure, people die in extreme conditions.

So what?

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Right. We don't know who passed the voir dire and made it onto the actual jury and who was dismissed.

Friend or family in FBI/CIA? Yes? Dismissed!

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DOJ may regard $50 million as cheap.

It's not their money, so of course it's cheap.

But the thing they cannot deal with is the discovery of their crimes.

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So much of what the public believes from their childhood education is now in question

"The mission of the CIA will be complete when everything the American people believes is false." -- CIA Director William Casey

Supposedly, he said that in a cabinet meeting, in response to President Ronald Reagan's question about what each agency's mission was.

I always thought that was a very odd thing to say. I did not understand it, until now.

Confuse people with lies, and they become much easier to control.

CIA morphed from the idea of spying on foreign governments and militaries to controlling the people of the world. Probably, from the beginning of inception, considering that Prescott Bush (GHWB's daddy) was instrumental in setting it up, along with the Dulles brothers.

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Wrong link, dog.

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Well ... the ulitimate "Trump Card" here is that no vaccine has ever been proven safe or effective against viruses because viruses do not exist.

The way to play this in a legal case is to put the burden of proof on the other party making the claims that you "must" do this or that.

If a law or regulation or policy exists, but it is based on fraud, then it is not valid and cannot be legally enfored.

Get them to show evidence that their claims are valid. If you are using an attorney, then the problem is that an attorney will "stipulate" to certain things that they don't think are worth arguing. Once stipulated, a thing will be considered a fact for the purpose of that particular lawsuit.

If you and I were in a lawsuit against each other, and we stipulated that the Moon is made of cheese, then for the purpose of that lawsuit, the it would be considered a fact that the Moon is made of cheese.

We could stipulate that (a) vaccines are required because (b) vaccines are effective (c) against viruses that exist and do harm. All of these things would be considered facts for this case. If we stipulate to (b) and (c) but not (a), then it becomes a fight over whether or not they are required. And you will lose that fight.

But if we do NOT stipulate to (b) and (c), then the burden of proof is on the party making the claim.

If you are not up to speed on the April 2021 research that proved that viruses do not exist, this is a good start:


If you choose to go down this road, you will have to become more of an expert than the lawyers, the judges, and any supposed "experts" that the other side will attempt to bring into the case. Just keep in mind that you (or attorney) have the right to voir dire any witness as to their expertise, and they will crumble once you ask them to show you any paper that shows that any virus has ever been isolated and proven to be transmissible and harmful to others. No person on Earth has ever done that. And they never will -- for the same reason that I will never ride a unicorn.

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Don't forget ... Google docs can be edited by anyone with access.

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We The People must uphold our rights every single day.

Right. It's up to us.

For now, our best way to do so is to get every single representative in the house and senate to stand up right now.

As if. How has that worked out, so far?

Our power is in the courts. When judges refuse to uphold the law, we then go to the vote to put in prosecutors who will. Prosecute and remove those corrupt judges.

The People need to stop being lazy and start standing up for themselves. Those of us who did so during the past 2 years fared better, overall, than the sheep.

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She is still posting some good comments on Telegram, including this one, in response to Clarence Thomas' anger over the Roe v Wade leak:

Our institutions have been damaged by themselves. The justices don't seem to recognize that their failure to address the legitimate constitutional issues in timely filings before them brought by persons with standing did immeasurable damage to the Republic and the Court. It was a total failure of the Article III judiciary at every level to do its job. The American people suffer for that more every day.


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Everyone should be reminded: No treaty can violate the Constitution. A treaty is only valid if it is in conformance with the Constitution.

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Sounds kinda funny in a dark way, but that is EXACTLY what they are taught in today's law schools.

They are taught that there is no right or wrong, no good or bad, no truth or falsehood. Only what you can argue to win your case, no matter which side you are "representing."

"If you were representing the prosecution/plaintiff, how would you argue? OK, now if you were representing the defense, how would you argue?"

No evaluation of what is right or wrong. And no consideration for what is constitutional or not -- what government does NOT have the authority to do is ignored.

Did everyone notice that in the past 2 years that 99.99% of all attorneys in the USA said NOTHING about the criminal acts of the politicians and bureaucrats? Forget about filing lawsuits to stop the madness, they didn't even SAY shit.

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On the basketball team. Not many gymnasts or hockey players, though.

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No one aims like that and doesn't miss.

Not quite true.

There was a report over the weekend that in some city (Milwaukee, I think) there were 21 people shot. None life threatening.

Black gangbangers are notorious for being shitty shooters.

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Oh, there was A LOT of video of that event.

Many smart phone videos.

Not one showed any shots/flash bangs coming from the Mandalay Bay. Not even a broken window.

But there WERE what appeared to be gunfire coming from the black sky BETWEEN the buildings. Speculation was that the shooter(s) was/were in a helicopter.

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