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A modest proposal

With the Platform formerly know as Prince, I mean Twitter, heating up, we get a decent number of X posts (aka X links) on the board. Thanks to the .win coders (?), we can click on the subject, go to the post, see a preview of most of the content of the X post, all of it if it isn't too long, and even run a video or audio file from within GAW. It's pretty cool.

However, X posts aren't exactly news reports. Very often, they are simply opinion or interpretation. And even if they were news reports, from who?

Given that we can see the poster, the content, etc, once we click on the post, I would like to suggest that board pedes make it standard practice to NOT just copy/past the content of the X post as the subject line,but to ADD more Context.

Copy/Paste of the content of the X post as a subject line really gives the rest of us nothing to go on except that we click the post SUBJECT LINE to find out. The PURPOSE of the SUBJECT LINE is to inform the Board of what might be the content, value and relevance of the Post, so that Board members can choose: Should I click and look at this post, or ignore it?

Copy/paste of the X tweet in the subject line alone doesn't provide any serious context except: "This is an X post"

If you link to a twitter post, include in the subject line something like:

[Name of X Poster] : "blah, blah, blah (aka copy/past content of x post)

Or alternatively, give the name of the poster plus WHY it is significant in your view.

Of course, there are exceptions, but usually, more context is better.

NOT doing anything like tends to simply pepper the board with random X content, and means that the 1000s of board members who potentially could view your post HAVE no choice but to click on to FIND the context that makes it relevant, or just ignore it.

For Example, if an X link post to the board is:

"Trump is going to win by a landslide, but Ukraine needs to be won"

it might capture my attention. And I might click on the post, only to find out its posted by Dan Bongino, or Jack Posobiec. And, then, I might feel like I would NOT have clicked if I knew that.

Dan Bongino: "Trump is going to win by a landslide, but Ukraine needs to be won"

provides context and INFORMATION to the board. That small bit of information can translate to saved time or more effective and efficient use of time by board members.

E.g. If I think Bongino is worth my time, I can click on the post and check it out. OR, I can ignore it because the content might be interesting but I don't really think Bongino is worth my time.

In many cases, adding the Plus Alpha (your anon input) into a subject line makes things a lot smoother for the board as a whole.

It's ONLY a little effort on the part of the poster, but if you end up saving the board members even 10 seconds (if they do not want to invest time to find the poster/context), then multiple that 10 second by 500 and you have saved the board 1.5 man hours.

Post after post - 20 posts a day, and this all aggregates to a much more efficient and effective GAW.

The convenience of being able to make links themselves into posts and then copy/paste the content as the subject title is great. It's convenient and easy. But the question is, is this what defines high-quality, high effort posting?

GIVE board members more context.

Make it easier for them to make choices by taking a tiny bit more effort in how you Subject Line your posts. Particularly for random X posts, that are very often just some random person's opinion or view, and not necessarily fact.

Thus endeth the modest proposal.

Addendum; The same pertains to copy/pasting headlines into the Subject Line. Who's headline? Why significant? Read time? etc.