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Damn! You ARE good!

For me, one of the key learnings of the Great Awakening is the realization that there are TWO dimensions of the Great Awakening.

One is the revealing of the swamp and the cabal, and humanity learning about and recognizing all the mechanisms for control (including the agendas) that evil has been using for decades, centuries and beyond.

The second aspect is the internal Great Awakening, where we are challenged to look inside, learn about ourselves, and grow internally to become soldiers and champions who can process all the difficult, negative and challenging internal intensity that such knowledge precipitates.

These are two sides of the same coin. As we learn about the real nature of the world we have been living in, we are challenged to grow internally, and indeed we MUST grow internally, in order to be able to properly process and digest what that knowledge inevitably brings up.

This is the 'spiritual' dimension of the Great Awakening. Because, as more and more people become exposed to the truth, they are going to need supports, others who can be a strength for them to be able to digest the reality. And this is one reason why we are chosen. Even if we do not know others directly who need this support, just by doing the internal work and growing, we are contributing to the overall spiritual safety net that is needed to help others through the storm.

So recognize and relish those internal challenges. You're being given an opportunity to be a much greater blessing for the world and those around you than you realize! Doing this is a great way to use the time while you are "waiting on the timing"!


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This interplay or pull and tug, push and pull between the RINO figurehead (McCarthy) and MAGA figurehead (Gaetz) allows both sides to be protected with their respective support base. McCarthy can continue to get support from the rinos and even the dems (who think that somehow, he's on their side, the swamp's side) and gaetz to still get support from MAGA, etc.

Together, they can orchestrate the progress of what is being done in the House perfectly to match the requirements and the timeline of the unfolding of the plan, to expose and educate the American people about the reality of the Deep State system.

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Do you still think that what you see on the surface, is what it appears to be?

Don't you remember that Trump arranged for McCarthy to become speaker? Think about why.

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Why didn't dipsh*t McCarthy do this sooner?

Don't you realize yet that all of this political stuff is a show? The conflict between Gaetz and McCarthy is a punch and judy show intended to highlight to the American people just how screwed up the swamp is.

Do you really think that all the nonsense for the last 4 or 5 decades in the congress was all genuine? Not staged, not orchestrated? It was. They controlled the show in order to keep the American public in the dark.

But now, its reversed. All the show, the staging, the 'drama' is being orchestrated and controlled by the Patriots, for the single purpose of waking up the public WHILE the rest of the plan roles out according to the required timeline.

By not doing this earlier, it has created all the things required for a great show (movie): drama, tensions, release! Unexpected turns!

Whose attention does all of this grab? The Public. The unawake masses.

This is basic drama class 101. The point is that Team DJT need to wake up and get the attention of as muich of the public as possible. What better way that to generate all the drama of ... It's going to be shut down! No! Aaaah.

Also, this approach keeps the deep state guessing. Is McCarthy really our guy still? Or is he not?

This is who political drama is used. It's just that now, the ones orchestrating this drama are Donald J Trump and the patriots. Not the Swamp.

"enjoy the show" ~ Q

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I agree with almost all of the sentiments you've expressed here, except perhaps the idea that this is all about the Law of War manual. I think that it's likely a component, but I don't pin everything on it like some do.

To me, it's unclear how exactly all that is connected, if at all, (even though I've reviewed some of it and exposed myself to Majic Eyes only, interpretations, etc.)

Also, LoW manual was NOT written for lay persons. It's designed and written specifically for Department of Defense personnel.

This manual is a Department of Defense (DoD)-wide resource for DoD personnel – including commanders, legal practitioners, and other military and civilian personnel – on the law of war.

It's a highly technical document, and I think it would be a big ask to have anyone with just a routine public education or even a specialist education in other fields, to grasp it. So perhaps don't be so harsh on yourself.

Moreover, its about WAR and the legal or lawful aspects of conducting war between two or more belligerent powers. If you are reading it as it its going to explain everything about the PLAN or what the white hats are doing, I don't think you are going to find those answers.

There will be aspects of the current operations (plan) to which the LoW will be relevant, but a lot of other aspects that are not, as well.

Anyway, besides this, I think all your other points are spot on and well said. God bless you for your patriotic heart, fren.

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The idea that McCarthy needed to be 'exposed' and McCarthy is working for Trump are not mutually exclusive. McCarthy has always been one of the swamp creatures. But what needs to be exposed is NOT an individual. It's the system.

Think about it. If McCarthy (the individual) is being exposed, WHO do you think he is being exposed to? MAGA? Maga is already on Trump's side. Maga is Gaetz. Maga already knows that there are Rinos, and that the swamp is really a swamp.

So who is McCarthy being exposed to? Non-maga? Unaligned people? The great middle? HOW he is being exposed? I mean, all those people in the middle - the non-aligned, the non-maga, including a very large portion of both Democrat and Republican voters - are the one's who BELIEVE in the Dem-Rep two party narrative.

I don't think it makes much sense to posit that Trump put McCarthy in as speaker in order to expose McCarthy the individual, any more than it makes sense to posit that Trump let Biden take the white house in order to .... expose Joe Biden?

In my view, none of this is about individuals. It's not about Hillary, it's not about Obama, it's not about Feinstein, and it's not about Biden. It's about the SYSTEM that has been in place for decades now, a system that is sick and riddled to its very core with corruption. That's what needs to be exposed.

That's what the people of America and the world need to wake up to. Because without that wake up, Trump or anyone else who follows him will not have the public mandate to do what needs to be done. The nation, most of our nations, have been deliberately divided by the Cabal in order to install this corrupt system, and while the sick, corrupt low level players siphon off wealth and enrich themselves, they are facilitating the ultimate objective of world slavery.

To re-unite the people, they have to wake up to the realization of the existence of this corrupt system, and having Biden in the white house is virtually the prefect DOORWAY to exposing the US swamp, because his crime family is the epitome of it.

(My personal opinion - while I don't have proof - is that Trump and the white hats, knowing the DS playbook, baited the swamp somehow to make Biden the candidate, knowing they would attempt to steal the election. I think the white hats had everything on Biden a LONG time ago. it's entirely possible that Hunter had become a source for the white hat justice. "forgot his laptop"? Really?)

I think that observing how everything at the start of the year went almost 'perfectly' - with the speaker election raising the profile and POWER of the Maga contingent, whose centerpiece is Gaetz, with the concessions conveniently being acquired, etc. I think that DJT's team (white hats) wanted McCarthy in as speaker, and got McCarthy to go along.

Why? To help expose the uniparty system and the reality of the rino contingent. In other words, McCarthy has been shown enough so that he understands there is no way out for him or the swam, so he 'flipped' on his swamp past, and now both he and gaetz are taking their marching orders from DJT with the express purpose of highlighting, through all the drama, all the nonsense, the confrontation (I mean, Gaetz is SO over the top a lot of the time, which is great for that 'role') of exposing the system.

In the swamp, someone is ALWAYS taking their marching orders from someone. No one is a 'free agent'. Either they are taking their marching orders from the Deep State controllers, either lower or higher, or they are taking their marching orders from someone else. I.e. the white hats and Trump. I don't see how there is any real room for 'hoping X person will "do the right thing" ' unless them NOT doing the right thing is immaterial and doesn't matter.

Military planning doesn't hinge on 'hoping someone does x'. It plans, and removes or controls all the possible variables with contingency plans.

inflation: $0.023

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McCarthy is there because Trump wanted him there. Optically, Gaetz represents MAGA and it Trump's representative / mouthpiece to the House, and McCarthy represents the Establishment (Swampy rinos).

Why on earth do pedes look at this situation with normies eyes, and just take everything at the surface?

If Gaetz is moving to remove MCCarthy, then its because Trump has a reason for it. But also Gaetz APPEARING to attack McCarthy, or appearing to try to remove him, etc, provides optical shielding (narrative shielding) to the MAGA position, and helps to promote the optics (narrative) of how the Establishment is bogus and no good, and MAGA, in the future, aka Trump, will need to purge both rinos and demoncrats (aka the Swamp) from the system.

Think about DJT. Does anyone really think that if the Rinos in the house are actually rinos (like some seem to think McCarthy is, instead of thinking that McCarthy is playing his role), then DJT COULD be elected as Speaker? I don't see how it would be possible. Look at how much the Rep party is scared of Trump, as evidenced by the debates and primaries and all the silly 'candidates'.

Unless the house majority is 100% under White Hat control. And if that's the case, then why think that McCarthy is really just s slimeball, instead of a flipped actor moving at the behest of Trump?

The two ideas a contradictory. Either McCarthy et all are really ALL pure rinos and McCarthy is NOT playing a role for the purpose of educating the People of America and the feud between him and gaetz is all 100% real AND it is impossible for DJT to be elected Speaker, OR There is significant WH control, McCarthy and Gaetz are playing their role in cooperation with Trump, in order to expose the deep state to the point where even the most oblivious American starts to wonder how bad it all really is.

From the article: "The feud between ....."

In the past, we KNOW that almost all the politics was bogus kayfabe. That's the MEANING of the Swamp. It was always Dems and Republican rats, pretending to be opponents, but in reality, they simply were taking in turns at sharing the spoils of sucking the People and country of America dry.

So, why, now all of a sudden, should we start taking things at surface appearance?

Think about it like this: Previously, it was all acting (kayfabe) for the purpose of misleading the public by creating narratives that kept them in the dark while the Swamp sucked the blood.

NOW, under Trump and with the White Hats essentially flipping the whole game from a position of having the upper hand (and thus control), Kayfabe is still there, but the purpose is 180 degrees the opposite. Under the white hat influence, the kayfabe is about shaping narratives that EXPOSE the corruption of the swamp, the 2-tier justice system, the corrupt taking of bribes and such like the Bidens, etc, etc, etc.

It has been as necessary to have McCarthy in there as it has been to have Biden in there. Do we really think that if DJT "caught them all" and has all the goods, that there isn't a very important reason why he let Biden step into the White House?

Consider how the information has now been pouring out steadily about all sorts of corruption, etc. So do you really think that the what information gets out when is not being orchestrated? For it to be orchestrated on a timeline for maximum effect really REQUIRES that various players like Gaetz and McCarthy behave in a certain way at a certain time, too.

So, let's practice stepping back, practice not REACTING to the fricken newspaper stories, but try to look and understand what is REALLY going on and separate fact from narrative. Because at this point, we should all realize that what LOOKS like it is happening is NOT what is really happening. It never has been, so why would that change?

Maybe McCarthy IS really STILL a scumbag, and he and Gaetz are not working cooperatively, but then, who do you really expect Gaetz wants to replace McCarthy? Because Gaetz would not, in my opinion, do anything to remove McCarthy (who Trump said he wanted as speaker) unless there was a very clear plan on who would replace him.


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I wonder. People who think that they have no other real choice but Trump, because they cannot stand how crazy the Democrats have become, may very likely go for RFK instead of voting Trump....

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Snap. The Guardian Publishing "Global Satanic Cult" of pedophiles was on my bingo card, but I thought I'd NEVER get to punch that one out.

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Point of order: the Guardian is a British newspaper, so the moniker "Dems" or "Democrat" doesn't apply. It's important that we don't get too sucked into the concept that any of this is about democrat vs republican, or liberal vs conservative, in the political sense.

What the Guardian is, is a Globalist propaganda rag, particularly pandering to the left of the political spectrum, but at its root, its pure Cabal, who hate both the left and the right.

But you're 100% correct. "The group’s main form of communication is on Telegram, which has long been the platform of choice for many far-right extremists." is pure slimey propaganda, intended to establish some sort of association, and brand actual freedom-espousing opponents of the Globalist dystopian agenda as "far right extremists".

Carry on.

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Wow. The highlighting of this video is one thing, but link the board to resee.it is nutso!!!!

In the best way. What an amazing resource for anons and researchers. Well done! Bookmarked for future use.

Thanks, Karma!

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Not a bad stance. Balance is required. However, perhaps I'm uninformed, but all I've really seen from him is rhetoric and talk. And the impact of that rhetoric seems pretty destructive to me.

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You've echoed many of my thoughts exactly, DontTread.

For me also, that was like the nail in the coffin, when he pushed the don't vote agenda in direct contradiction to Donald J. Trump's purpose and leadership.

I latched on to him for a few months, early on, but once I observed the impact, the rhetoric combined with how he targeted others, the odor became palpable.

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Thanks for the input. I guess I am constantly puzzled by the statements that some pedes make, like "I trust Flynn" or "I don't trust Powell" etc.

This would make sense to me if the person was having some dealing or interaction with that person in a way that has tangible outcomes. Like doing a business deal, or asking them to pick up your kids, or accepting what they say and then taking specific actions based on that.

But none of the pedes who express the idea of "trusting" are in that situation, as far as I can see. So it makes no sense to me to "trust" or "not trust".

In a sense, I trust Donald Trump, because I will give my 100% support to him (specific action), pray for him, etc. (I cannot vote for him, but would if I could). But what I "trust" him for is that he will do his best for America.

In a sense, I trust Lin Wood, that he will act as he does, in order to undermine MAGA and the Q movement. But there are no specific actions I will take based on that. So it's not exactly consequential whether I 'trust' him to be him, or not.

I think the stance you are taking is a good one, because you are quite right - we do not have all the information. But I rely on my discernment a lot, in order to navigate the times we are in. Certain players I will generally ignore, having concluded that their objectives and purposes are not the same as mine (i.e. shills, disinfo agents, etc).

However, BECAUSE we are in an information war, I also think its important that we build discernment, view and process the information we have, to understand what is going on. Because we are always under attack from or influence from both sides. There ARE disinformation agents whose purpose is to undermine our work, our efforts, and our community. I think it would be very naive indeed to imagine that this is NOT the case.

Identifying what actions harm us, and what actions benefit us, is the key. Whether a person is a WH or BH, is sort of besides the point (as you say, we don;t have all the information). But because we are 'soldiers' (every patriot is a soldier today!) we must make some effort to evaluate what benefits us, what hurts or hinders our cause. On that basis, we can make informed or at least reasonable decisions on whose efforts or actions we should support or aid.

Above all, sharing information, making reasoned arguments and sharing opinions is part of that process of building discernment and figuring out what actions help us and what hinder us. In the absence of information, or incoming new information, it's wise to apply the OODA loop.

Observe, Orient, Decide, Act. So we need to observe above all.

If pedes on this board, and we are all essentially on the same side with the same overarching purpose, could present serious and reasoned arguments why Lin Wood, for example, why and how his actions benefit our cause, etc., then that would be good to add to the discussion. Then we could talk about it.

Which is why i put the question I did at the end of my comment.

For me, however, I'm not convinced by his mere rhetoric. In fact, his rhetoric raises many red flags for me, rather than inspiring or convincing me. Talk is easy. What about his impact? What effects does his actions have? I mean, beneficial ones?

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Point of order: If the government has been weaponized against ANY American, it has been weaponized against ALL Americans.

Because the government should NEVER be weaponized against anyone, and every citizen by rights stands above the government.

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The Lin Wood fans. On his telegram, for example. But poorly worded, so:

Edit: an almost "personality cult"-like fixation from a group of fans.

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ON Lin Wood

He was rallying patriots to near civil war if election wasn't de-certified. He went extreme to try and rally the masses.

This is a problem. The evidence is in, including from direct testimony and confession, that the Proud Boys and Oathkeepers at j6 were there (by their own confession, and communications) to incite a trigger of a kinetic Civil War.

That is exactly what the deep state wants. They want a civil war, to trigger maga into things that would then allow them - to justify - to institute the draconian authoritarian control they want. Oldest play in the book. Strike One.

dropped some major bombs, such as video evidence of Qanon Shamon (bull horns guy) being a shill, and tweeting video footage of Shamon as a supporter at BLM rallies and other things. Calling him out as a plant.

As the evidence shows, Jacob Chansley did NOT do anything at all to incite an insurrection or a civil war, which is what the DS agenda was on that day. Nor was he part of the crew that actively pursued that agenda, including proud boys, oath keepers, Azov ukrainians and others.

I saw those posts about him being "a supporter" at BLM rallies, but they were completely inconclusive . Just putting him there doesn't mean he is a supporter at all. Simply, in fact, that he was more than likely there to oppose and expose those antifa, blm operations. It makes ZERO sense that he would go there clearly identifiable as the "Qanon Shamon supporting Antifa/BLM", and THEN attempt to go in to capital on J6 as "Maga". You cannot be both. You've got to be disguised as one or the other.

So why was Wood attempting to paint Chansley as a plant? The extremely weak but emotionally triggering accusations and the 'evidence' they referred to are characteristic of such agitation campaigns, to trigger and agitate people against someone or something. Why did Wood say nothing about the Proud Boys or Oathkeepers who were actually doing the DS work at the time? Strike Two.

Then blasted pence and r0berts as known pedos and he (Wood) had all the evidence and would spill.

Wood proclaims the fact that he has NOT been sued by them as proof that his claims are legitimate. What a weak, weak argument. One, why on earth should they bother with such claims (many, many people have made such claims, all across the net) from an inconsequential person, a defamation lawyer from Georgia (who really only came to prominence in the MAGA movement and truth sphere by defending the kid from the Capital)? Wood isn't a publisher, a newspaper. Two, where is the evidence he promised to spill? Where is it all? Surely the wider community should see it? I've not seen it. So where is it? Three, accusations like this are an EASY in with people in the movement who gravitate to salacious accusations about people who trigger their emotions. Strike Three.

I'm glad I revisited this thread and comment of yours. Because I'd forgotten some of the original reasons why I decided long ago who Wood actually is.

They were major truth bombs and he had the evidence to prove it, but was silenced by threat and disbarment and probably more, so he kept quiet.

So which is it? Either he is a sincere patriot, willing to fight and sacrifice for truth and his country, and put OUT the evidence and stand up for the truth, or he's not, and he just shuts his mouth and stays quiet, making ALL the accusations, but providing NONE of the actual evidence he SAYS he has.

He's retired now. Is disbarment an issue? Or is he keeping the evidence secret because it's too much trouble, and he fears hurt or death, unlike Christian martyrs throughout history?

There are MILLIONS of ways to get the information out, and its does NOT require a twitter account.

I'll suggest another explanation. Wood has been a DS asset for many years (an interesting quirk being the Jon Benet connection, which in fact may have all been a psyop, but that's another story). He and his handlers saw a chance for him with the Convington case, and he rose to reputation and some level of prominence in the MAGA movement on the basis of taking and winning that case.

But as a DS asset, his mission is to agitate, promulgate confusion and accusation against actual threats (persons, situations who are threats) to the DS.

He constantly appeals to certain sectors of the Truth community and the MAGA community primarily via the mechanism of preaching his own sanctimonious 'beliefs' while accusing, attacking others, lifting up ONLY those who praise him. Making accusations and saying I have all the evidence BUT never providing it, well, who does that sound like? Adam Schiff anyone?

After Nov 3, 2020, his mission was to foment as much discord as possible and assist in the objective of triggering open, civil conflict. Exactly what the DS wanted.

Making accusations, and getting banned from Twitter, etc, are also easy ways to ingratiate himself to his target audience. But a secretive DS asset can just as easily get himself banned as a legitimate anon or patriot. It proves nothing, but is a great 'image'.

According to wiki, Wood "surrendered his law license and asked to retire rather than face disbarment." Who knows if wiki is accurate here or not, but if true, then why? Why would he not willingly allow himself to be disbarred IF he was right, and telling the truth? Backing down, and asking for the easy way out, seems pretty much at contrast with a LOT of wood's rhetorical behavior.

His record with Rittenhouse isn't exactly inspiring, either.

Whichever way one looks at it, How Wood behaves and acts, and works, maps very well on to how an intelligence asset would work to position himself in to places of influence under cover. Pretending to be one thing, and doing it well, to gather support and followers, by saying the right things at the right time. But, as scripture tells us, you shall know them by their fruits.

What has Wood accomplished for MAGA or Truth other than cause dissension, sow distrust, throw out accusations, often at obvious targets, and make himself into the center of an almost "personality cult"-like fixation from a group of fans?

Honest question.


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I wasn't interested in the post, until I read your comment here. As far as I can see, its just a small bunch of users triggered off by the comment by dashmoomoo. Seems a bit troubling that he <warning, gender assuming> got so many upvotes!

But in any case, its all under that comment. I couldn't see much "anti-woman" posting of comments outside of that. So I don't know. "an excessive amount of old men on GAW that hate women"? Proportionally, its probably not excessive. We've got ALL types here.

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Desantis > The Swarmy guy > Haley > Etc > Etc > Etc > Etc

meanwhile, America > Trump

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Nothing wrong with thinking people are wrong about Elon and Twitter. It's contrasting views and perspectives that increase the collective thinking power.

But your take is, in my opinion (just an opinion), decidedly negative in approach. HOW we look at things, and with what mindset we look at things, directly influences WHAT we actually see, imo.

So, let's go: No, I very much most certainly have NOT pinned ALL my hopes on (kekekeke Seriously?) one corporation or one individual. I observe what is going on in the world, not just by one or even hundreds of individuals, but by observing those and the whole collective, the flow and ebb of culture, information, actions and narratives. My hope and trust are firmly rooted in my beliefs and experiences with God, and I interpret the information that comes in using multiple frameworks. What makes the most sense? What empowers me the most to be able to take action, to be effective? What resonates with that inner compass that has guided me my whole life and which, in my estimation, has borne great fruits and blessings? (Because faith should always be rooted in experience, and not merely a conceptualization that is used to depress more difficult thoughts.)

I guess the "he just sort of side steps any responsibility for failing everyone every single time." seems kind of .... generalistic and nego to me. every single time?

I'm not really too worried about who Elon is, where he comes from, or his corporate management behavior. The things I AM most interested in are the net effects of his actions over the past two years. The EFFECT of what he has been doing at Twitter has been massively in the plus side for Q and the patriots, and for the general waking of millions out of the matrix of lies. Regardless of WHY he is doing that, the net results are beneficial, as far as I can see, to the causes I believe in. And, to be frank, based on those net results, I don't think see the logic or reasons to conclude that he's acting for destructive or selfish reasons.

Yes, there are some who may have the "savior is going to come out of the sky and rescue America" perspective, but far more have the view that it is we, it is every person and every community, that is what will make the difference. To increase our awareness, to understand what others are doing on all the different levels of activity that impact on us, and to be able to make proactive and conscious choices as to HOW we engage and what impact we make, in our own lives on our own micro levels.

If you think you grasp things better, and you think you have solutions, then perhaps you might share them. (But personally, I would consider the possibility that the negativity you are seeing is what your projecting out from your own internal processes, but that's probably a big leap....?)

In any case, if one chooses to make the effort, each of us can make a contribution that aids and helps the macro. It doesn't necessarily require agreement on opinion, simply agreement on intent or purpose.

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