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Exactly this.

And right there is the deception: Equating perspective and perception with the truth itself.

FWIW, from a Christian or spiritual perspective, this is Lucifer's assertion. "My truth" is as important or real as yours, God."

But whether one believes in the Creator or doesn't, the premise that there is only one truth is foundational to goodness.

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Agreed. I guess my favorite Christian saying these days is this:


Part of our human nature has in the past gravitated towards institutional-ism and religion, which gave rise to ever fracturing denominations. (Also, the unfortunate but understandable limitations in our theological understanding, as different denominations arose from emphasizing this aspect or that aspect of what is a theological framework with gaps.)

God, in his infinite grace, has raised humanity higher and higher over the past 2000 years, and we now stand in a place (spiritually) where we can pursue the relationship with God and Christ over and above institutions or churches or denominations and 'religion'.

(You'll notice that the steady development and reform of the Christian presence on Earth has constantly been directed towards establishing greater freedom from institutional authority and more and more towards direct personal relationship with Christ and the Father.)

Indeed, there are many theological issues to be yet resolved for Christianity, butt the purpose of theology is to open the way to an ever growing relationship with Christ, NOT to build and establish rigid structures that end up preventing a relationship with Christ.

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The point is, "capitalist" is a concept largely defined in opposition to, but because of, Marx's theory of economics. As such, it exists on a playing field defined by the enemy, and framed by lies.

"Free market economy" is what anyone should be aspiring to, not a "capitalist economy".

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The Assyrian Christians are OG Christians. They have suffered persecution oppression and challenge for millennia. Smack dab in the middle of the Middle East, original Mesopotamia.

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Hmmmm.... Even if it is legit, it appears to be almost a year old.

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Being president is more than mere position. It is being a leader, being a servant of the nation, one who protects the nation and her people. Barry was never a president, only a traitor. Before Trump, it had been a long time since America had a real president.

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Very likely. I mean, not very unlikely. But the fact that she could be accepted shows how deeply the infiltration has been.

Consider: The Australian Communist Party was founded in 1920, shortly after the establishment of the Soviet Union. It was dissolved in 1991, at the same time as the collapse of the Soviet Union. In 1992, the Greens Party was founded.

The communists and socialists have been infiltrating all our nations, and especially Western nations, for a loooong time. That Adern could even be accepted by the population shows a long-standing corruption of Western, Christian values. Imo.

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Correct. Before entering politics in NZ, later to become PM, she was President of International Union of Socialist Youth.

Communist through and through. Which testifies to the level of infiltration in NZ, that a socialist (communist) could run for PM and win.

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God didn't great evil. Everything that God created is only good.

God created the angels to minister to humanity, his children. He created the angel, Lucifer, with a fierce intellect (Gabriel and Micheal represent the emotion and the will).

The intellect sometimes thinks it knows everything, but it doesn't. What is greater than intellect? Love. And love issues forth from the heart.

Lucifer was a teacher to Adam and Eve. But Adam and Eve were created as God's children. Before Adam was created, Lucifer and the two other Archangels were at the very top of the creation hierarchy, directly below God. Lucifer had command over billions of Angels, and was the conduit of God's love and instructions to them. He was top dog.

But when Adam was created, all of a sudden, Lucifer found that he was top dog no longer. He had a natural desire for God's love, but in his intellect, he diverted from God in his thinking. He could not understand why God put Adam at the top of Creation, even over Lucifer.

Adam was a young buck, immature and sort of unknowledgeable. But Lucifer had worked with God for billions of years to create the universe.

He felt short changed. He felt replaced, and developed feelings of being ungrateful.

Is this a problem? No. It's not evil to feel such emotions. And, even though Lucifer had experienced those emotions, it was not a problem for one reason. The only way Lucifer could fall and become Satan was if he had someone to do it with.

And this is why God gave the commandment to Adam (and via Adam, to Eve). To prevent the fall, and to ensure that Lucifer's going off track would not result in evil.

If Adam and Eve kept faith in God's commandment to not eat the fruit, then Lucifer would be petulant, throw a tantrum, and even sulk, but in the end, he would have worn himself out, and then come back to God once he realized that God created Adam to love Lucifer even more than God loved Lucifer himself.

(If Adam obeyed that commandment, and did not fall, he would become perfected as God created him to be perfected, fully mature in heart, and one with the Creator, and so, his love for Lucifer would have amplified God's love for the Angel.)

The key point was Adam and Eve. If they lost faith in God and failed to keep the commandment, Lucifer's problem would cause the fall of man, and then all three would be draw down into a vortex of evil out of control. Satan would be created, because Adam failed to keep faith.

This is the reason why Christ must come as a man. To reverse the failure of Adam. To fulfill the original blueprint that Adam failed to fulfill. And to restore evil.

God did not create evil. Evil was created by Lucifer because Adam and Eve failed to obey God's commandment. Evil was created by, and created, Satan.

In the end, Evil must be destroyed because it is not from God.

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Just wanted to mention that the patriot in question is a kiwi, because this is the truth: Trump is beloved around the world. America is effin' lucky to have him, but the world loves him. Greatest American President in history.

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Just want to mention to frogs, that this particular orthodox Bishop is totally based and was calling out the Covid nonsense during the 2020/2021 period.


Propaganda news report


Here he is calling out the evil Pope.


In my opinion, there is a reason he was attacked, and it's a spiritual reason; just like anyone who calls them out, he is a threat to the satanic cabal and a threat to satanic lies.

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You sound like you vote left.


Well, you sound vaccinated!

But seriously, I think you have zero understanding of geography and climate. Kind of like Climate Scam proponents.

Not to mention the English language, inasmuch as you think Elon should be making Northern Africa "inhabitable".

Suggestion: remove ego from engagement with the information war.

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"inhabitable" means humans can't live there.

But don't discount that the arid nature of the North African continent is part of an extremely complex system. It impacts on all of Europe, sub-saharan Africa, etc.

You can't really just wander in and convert that massive land are without all sorts of incalculable impacts on surrounding populations and geographies.

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Well, technically, might one posit that we are all white hat operators?


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Yeah, maybe. But my dad lived under Nazi occupation for 5 years, when he was a kid/youth, so what's your point?

Also, having met survivors and seeing the results of the devastation on their family, it's not something I can so easily dismiss.

Moreover, regardless of the figures or the holocaust narrative, only a fool would move to deny the utter brutality and savagery of the Nazi regime.

A lot of the 'historical facts' we have have been distorted, but the reality of the concentration camps, death and murder under communist regimes around the world strips away pretense that we've been hoaxed.

Honesty, no offense, but I wonder how many Americans sit in their cocoons of blessing and theorize about stuff that has happened, from a place of being disconnected. A lot of anons are bewailing and bemoaning all the pain and difficulty that America is experiencing at the moment, but it's kindergarten compared with what so much of the rest of the world has experienced over the last 120 years.

I only write that because I believe that the USA is blessed, that the USA was raised to be God's champion, and that the USA paid the price to become the USA, but the level of disconnect and softness that has crept in to the American experience over the past 60 years is phenomenal.

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I live in the city that had the most draconian lockdown measures of anywhere on the planet. Moreover, I was intimately involved in local activism during the years 2020 - 2022.

So yeah, I deny the characterization of "concentration camps", firstly, because I know the reality about actual concentration camps, whether you are talking Soviet Union, Nazi Germany or North Korea, etc., and secondly, I know a fair amount about the places that spawned the 'concentration camp' narratives.

These quarantine 'camps" existed, I think about 3, and this was for people who arrived in the country during a specific period of time, to put them into quarantine for a specific period of time (3-4 weeks, I think). Where they wrong. Sure. Stupid? Yes. Were the rights of the few hundred people restricted to them trampled (edit: a few thousand). Yes. And so were the rights of millions and millions of Australians.

But I'm seriously curious what your concept of these is, and what picture you have in your head. Because being in actual ground zero, I know a LOT about the reality of our lockdowns, and this also made it pretty obvious when sensationalized narratives took flight and got spread around clickbait-style in overseas reports with all sorts of non-Australians just believing any old hype they heard.

I know the details of the lockdown measures exactly, because I lived through them. And this makes it easy to spot the fake narratives that get spread because of sensationalism.

The lockdowns here were the worst in the world, but overblown fake narratives don't expose the truth. They dilute it.

If you are interested in knowing some of the details of how the lockdowns screwed us over, I'd be happy to describe them. But 'concentration camps' were not part of the mix, thankfully.

Full disclosure: I guess I'm a bit prickly about this because a) it's directly personal and b) I have a solid peeve about fake news narratives that tend to afflict anons and those of us who have started to exit the matrix.

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Remember the bullshite hype that people all around the globe believed because they latched on to headlines without knowing facts?

How many camps do you think there were?

How many people do you think were in them?

What exactly is your understanding of these 'concentration camps'?

just asking, because a lot of people have a very skewed idea of that actually happened here in 2020/2021.

That said, we did have the worst measures of anywhere in the world, and a LOT of people will be very suspicious of such a proposal. Rightly so.

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Um, ok, Ken, but "terrorism" specifically refers to the use of terror tactics for political ends. So far, no one is alleging terrorism.

Sure, there's a lot of underhanded stuff going on, but sometimes its just the world where people go nuts for whatever reason and evil takes a hand.

So far, reviewing the news, I don't think the death of the offender is suspicious at all. The guy was on a murder spree. There was every reason in the world to take him down.

And, I think if there was something underhanded at play (like the shootout with the people in the rural area in Queensland) then they would not have done this with some random guy wielding a knife blade.

Very possibly, the guy was out of his head on drugs.

Tragic event, especially for the young baby who lost her mum, whose mum probably saved her life.

Footage shows some brave dads protecting their families. The worst and the best of human nature on display.

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