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Here's the thing. While of course its painful, realize that so much of the world has been kept in deliberate poverty by the powers that be. Until you live in a "third world country", it's hard to realize how incredibly opulent beyond understanding our Western societies have been.

Maga has to take place, but then when the Cabal is removed, it will be time for the rest of the world to enjoy the fruits of history as well.

Meanwhile, tighten your belt!

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Thanks Oz.

Kudos on planting the seeds. When seeds are planted, then nature needs to take over. We are doing this not alone, but hand in hand with nature (God).

Bosi doesn't quite fit the DJT description. Firstly, he's not uber-rich. Trump could do what he's doing because he was/is completely independent financially. Secondly, Trump was extremely well known not just in the US, but around the world. He had been in the public eye very obviously for decades. He was virtually an institution.

The DJT formula is the one that God chose for the USA, for many reasons I think. That formula won't necessarily work in other countries, including Australia. (Look at the mess that Clive Palmer is/was, for example). While many Aussies would love to see a champion ala DJT rise up, I just don't think its in the cards.

But here's the good news; Australia has its own unique qualities. Our constitution is very powerful. The problem is, Australians do NOT understand it or even know it. That's the real problem here. The wanna be elites have run roughshod over the law in this nation for decades.

Imo, the solution for Australia is not a DJT-style leader, but rather, that the People learn about our constitution, the foundation on which we stand, and rise up to take the proper ownership.

That said, Bosi is a great leader. I truly hope he becomes prime minister some day. But for that to happen, Australians need to wake up. Many have, but we need many more. Wake up not just to the Cabal, but to the incredible foundation that we have: our constitution.

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Pur, I just want to reiterate. It feels good that you've felt support from the board community over the years. Because it really goes hand in hand with the fact that you have made an outstanding contribution to this board and its community over the years.

The support this post is getting is clear evidence that the community knows and feels that.

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When you are ready, Pur, please make a post telling us about your brother.

Until then, know that he who has a grieving heart is never in grief alone. Be comforted by He who has known more grief than anyone...

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There is no living with anyone like this, in any society.

Well, yeah. This is so obviously (at least to me) Neo-marxist thuggery. They've been using this methodology for centuries now.

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"genchat" is the term that I believe rooftop coined (at least, I first saw it in a comment by rooftop) to refer to

General Chat

aka the post in which you and I are currently participating.

Ur welcome.

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The rakuten site is a curious one. It sources goods from individual sellers like a portal. To get stuff from overseas, you need to sign up for a special rakuten service, where your goods are shipped by the Japanese merchant to a Japanese address, which then dispatches the goods to your overseas address.


Haven't used this next service, but it's there...


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Tokugawa is generally celebrated as a national hero, but his shogunate essentially created the first 15-minute towns. The entire nation was divided up into fiefs, and no one could legally travel outside of one's own fief without specific permission from the shogunate, etc. The common folk literally could not travel.

The entire Japanese nation (and people) were in lockdown for centuries. There were of course many positive aspects in their lives, but the entire system was all set up to prevent any possible regime change.

Well, change DID come, at the time of the Meiji restoration. Interesting movie (fiction) set at that time, worth watching. The Last Samurai - Tom Cruise.

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The devil seeks to hurt and maim, but healing gradually allows us to open up to truth.

Thanks for sharing your man's story. Prayers for success.

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FYI, slightly better resolution:


Only two episodes (1 and 2)

Boy, they love their jidaigeki (period dramas):

This one has more than 800 episodes! (12 series!)


DVDs available, but unlikely to have English subs.



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Wow. So keen to watch that.

FYI, I know a bit about Japanese history myself. Tokogawa essentially created and embedded the J deep state in the entire national system. He was the third in a series of individuals who attempted to unify the warring fiefs into a single national system - Nobunaga - Hideyoshi - Tokugawa.

Hideyoshi was Nobunaga's right hand man, and pledged to protect and lift up Nobunaga's son should Nobunaga die. When Nobunaga died, Hideyoshi promptly executed the son, and claimed the top for himself. Tokugawa was Hideyoshi's right hand man, and pledged..... (repeat).

So Tokugawa set up a system so that no one could remove or replace his descendents. The Ultimate Deep State, part and parcel of the Japanese culture that exists until today.

Excellent book about his in Japan, it is the System that rules, not the people, and not the politicians.



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I dunno. I heard about it once. I thought maybe I should try it.

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Just remember. This may be how it starts, but it's not how it finishes!

Process the pills, and find the love. CU soon.

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First English language? or first British film?

Are you not a native (English speaker), BB?

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Sometimes I wonder how many of the influencer anons out there know about GAW. I never see references to us or the board, except the random one by DS 'journalists' debunking qanon.

Also makes me wonder... are there other Q boards out there that we hear nothing about?

The trail to GAW leads from r/GreatAwakening to Voat to GAW, at least for a bunch of us, but...

I wonder if even Dave from X22 knows about GAW. He used to frequent the reddit and the voat (I know he tracked the voat subverses, because he once directly quoted a post by yours truly to one of the q subverses there).

In the Great Awakening diaspora, are we even on the map?

Random thoughts...

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I think there are other ways to interpret what the lyrics are saying. Are they advocating for this? or describing it?

Metaphor is really big and a powerful tool in all forms of literature, which song lyrics are. Taking "an oath by the blood on my hand" as a literal reference is an interpretive choice. Likewise, describing demonic reality is not the same as advocating for it.

That said, even a cursory look at ID landed me watching an interview with one of them (I guess the lead) by good ol' Epstein temple recreation set owner whatshername ... "Ellen" where he's advocating for acceptance by the Mormon community of LGBTQ etc, which is essentially satanic, so maybe you are right.

Not sure about what seems to be a very literal interpretation of "making a deal with the devil", but who knows.

You say they aren’t overtly demonic

No, I wrote that the I bet My Life song is overtly God or Christ oriented, but to me it maps very clearly on to that.

Either way, people change, and in the music sphere, as in most spheres, the devil is always advancing corruption.

I'm not that heavily invested in ID either way, and I also think one easily become preoccupied with the dark and the satanic if one chooses to focus on that, which is extremely hazardous itself.

Note: I appreciate the response.

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Genchat so quiet today.

Good. We all need time off.

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I haven't listened to them much, so no. Just a few of the early albums I came across. You seem to know them very well?

I'll just say one thing:

There is one song in particular, that I always found extremely moving. "I bet my life". I don't think it's overt, but the lyrics map 100% onto the experience of a sinful person being saved and rescued by Christ.

I don't know much about them, though.

Listening to those songs you listed, I think there are other ways to interpret the songs. Yours seems to be a particularly negative interpretation. There's adrenaline, but how is that adrenochrome?

Working onto something that I'm proud of, out of the box
An epoxy to the world and the vision we've lost
I'm an apostrophe
I'm just a symbol to remind you that there's more to see
I'm just a product of the system, a catastrophe
And yet a masterpiece, and yet I'm half-diseased
And when I am deceased
At least I go down to the grave and die happily
Leave the body and my soul to be a part of thee
I do what it takes

"An epoxy to the world and the vision we've lost."

Someone that helps the world connect and wake up to how far we've fallen away.

The lyrics could very easily be describing his own flawed state and yet, by striving nonetheless to make something out of it and serve the world, he can "leave the body and my soul to be a part of thee, I do what it takes" aka die with a good conscience when he finally meets his maker.

Not as advocating something, but as describing something. Artists will often portray or describe a thing in order to give a message. I mean, did Mozart intend to inspire people to be like Don Giovanni, when he depicted Don Giovanni as being dragged into hell?

I see so much literal and actual demonic stuff in the music world out there, but I don't get that vibe from imagine dragons. Maybe it just depends on how you interpret the words. Some people look at DJT and see nothing but evil....

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FYI, it's not his given name, as far as I know. He's not a Rothschild, but apparently adopted this name as part of his conspiracy theory exposure racket.

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I think this has to be correct. I cannot see any other reason why.

Besides, Q is big enough now that we don't need publicity from the crowd at a rally. DJT himself is doing all the publicity, plus word of mouth.

So I think its a combination of not needing that action now (Q patriots in Q gear at rallies) aka the operation has moved forward from that stage, plus also the threat of infiltration and bad media presentation.

Much safer this way.

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