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People who dig find out. You don't move or act on information that you cannot verify, qualify or vet properly.

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Cos normies.

Same reason why anons are now posting on Tritter.

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I suspect it is more Xi purges, like the Shanghai lockdowns.

Shanghai is/was the stronghold of former Premier Jiang Zemin. Reportedly, Zemin was the person responsible for starting all the Falun Gong persecution, the concentration camps, the organ harvesting, etc. His powerbase is/was Shanghai.

Xi's powerbase is Bejing. I suspect there are purges of the anti-Xi mob taking place in Beijing now.

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Ric Bosi always starts his presentation of Australia One vision / plan with an emphasis on


End State


His "end state' vision for Australia is worth a solid look. One of the problems our societies have suffered from is that there has been so much confusion and so little clarity about WHERE we should be going.

Proverbs: "Where there is no vision, the people perish"

Part of the Great Awakening is a growing awareness of what the New (liberated) world will truly look like. First, we were offered the Marxist vision, then, the Neo-Marxist/Globalist vision. What the people really need now is the true vision.

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For decades, the Marxists and NeoMarxists have portrayed themselves as downtrodden, as persecuted, as victimized. First it was gays, then bis, then LGBTQI etc. Trans. Middle eastern. Women. etc. Always representing themselves as victims.

Their self-identification has become a parody, a caricature. They bend over backwards to represent themselves as victimized, noble, pontificating in their uber-glory, that anyone who criticizes must be a bigot, evil, despicable.

You must accept me, because I am a glorious and perfect <identify>, and I am victimized.

Then come along anons, and we represent ourselves as frogs, of all things. As pepes. We look at ourselves and we laugh, we embrace, we celebrate our quirkiness, all the foibles of our normalness.

We are the opposite of the virtue-signalling social justice victimized saints of critical theory.

"Deplorable" was the stepping stone, but we are frogs! No one victimizes us! We are not victims! We fight for victims, but we are plain and simple frogs, who like yummy food and playing around.

We are the counterweight to the social millstone that is Marxist, deviant victimhood.

For that, I am grateful.

Updoodle. Michelangelo never had such paragons to based his work on!

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remember: 17 updoots is but a pitstop on the road to 45 updoots, which is a pitstop on the path to 55, to 144, etc.

The fun nevers stops... we just need to smell the 17s when they emerge as we go about life.

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Firebombing their houses is what they want. We destroy them with facts, character, truth and moral rectitude, not violence.

As if the Globalist or Leftist Media needs any more fodder for whinging and playing the victim card...

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I think being removed from their positions, their privilege, their world, will cause suffering. After all, it is only those things that allow them to keep at bay the internal misery, dare I say internal hell, that they are living in each day. Do you really think that Maxwell is ... happy?

In the overall scheme of things, this is early, early days, and Maxwell is/was one cog in a machine of 10,000, 100,000 parts.

I'm not too stressed about this. As someone said, cooperation....

The main priority is that the machine is destroyed and the slaves are liberated. Everything else is secondary, imo.

Who shall judge? God is the judge, not you or I.

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Medical Social Psychological interactions?

Not that small, not that specific.

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Well, we don't know if she was pisssed. Only that she was trying to use the corporate card for personal shit.

Hey, I cannot help it. Q trained me too well. I deal with factoids, not leaps of logic. keke

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I've been thinking about this a fair bit. I know that many simply react to this sort of thing. Rightly so, because we know that Luciferians and Satanists are at the top of the Cabal food chain.

But Musk is not an idiot. He knows FULL WELL what that costume represents to some people. Given his recent behavior, I have the sneaking suspicion that he is either doing a massive troll, or possibly even one step further: showing who he is by cosplaying an evil, baphomet character: "I am playing a role, in which I make myself look like the devil to many, but it is a role I am playing, it's NOT who I actually am".

Still cogitating on this one, but the more I think about it, the more I think Musk is part of a much longer plan to knock out the deep state.

Up until the Twitter thing, he has consistently presented himself on issues that send clear signals to the Deep State and the Woke Left: I am one of you

Global Warming, carbon tax, vaccines, electronic cars, etc.

And despite all that, he was given the greatest government contracts and responsibility for the Space Force infrastructure by none other than DJT. How? Why?

What if Musk is not or never has been who he presented himself as? A sleeper? A double agent?

I think given recent developments, its something at least worth considering.

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Tomorrow, Victoria, Australia, home to the worst Covid lockdowns and most disproportionate 2020/2021 attack on a population in the Western World, votes tomorrow with regards to electing the State Government.

Your prayers will be most welcome. Just a whisper. All will help.

A great awakening is coming, and ncswic.

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Wow. I never imagined... and yet, believable.

Will they be doing that scene? You know, the famous one? "Red Pepper Wedding" (고추장 웨딩)?

Well, GAW's loss is the world of culture's gain.

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I daren't add a flair, but really, I thought if any post warranted a shitpost flair, it was this one.

I suppose that means that the post itself is an argument for the shitpost flair, as well as arguing for a shitpoost flair!

Either way, YAY!!

Let the shitposts fly, you pepes! Let them fly!

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The "stupid f***ing normies" kinda gave it away!

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Smoke and mirrors!!!

(Actually, I think that was 6 days ago. I expect to see the Tendie of the Roofs very soon!)

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Never had "traditional Thanksgiving food".

But I will do an occasional roast chicken with roast vegetables now and then.

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Precedent. It just establishes another precedent.

Is it a problem? No, because DJT is clean. But now the precedent is set: Biden? Obama? Bush? Clinton?


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