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You may not care anything about royalty, but you might care about losing the UK as a free country and notice the huge red flag that the following royals are missing:

King Charles

The Prince of Wales

The Princess of Wales

Prince George

Princess Charlotte

Prince Louis

Prince Edward

and now Zara Tindall, too, the popular daughter of Princess Anne? How long before Camilla is out, and Edward's wife Sophie, and maybe Anne, too? They're the only ones left with any upcoming appearances scheduled.

Let's see: That would leave Andrew, Sarah Ferguson, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle as first in line to publicly representing the royals. All of them have been soundly disgraced for years, and suddenly they're the only ones left?

Well, maybe that's just a coincidence.

Of course, an excellent way to destroy a country from within is to first destroy its cultural icons. Yes, it's true that we recognize no royalty in the USA, but the UK does. They are already crumbling and getting rid of their monarchy would be a huge step in destroying them completely.

I am hoping the Wales family are in protective custody somewhere due to threats from those who want to control William. But this is all highly abnormal and it's amazing how the mainstream news doesn't want to touch the story.