I'm turning the screws on local politicians. Gonna give them some sugar coated hell tomorrow- Remind them yet again what treason is, what the consequences of treason are and remind them that in their position, silence is compliance. I encourage you all to assertively and politely do the same. We have so much information ammo at our disposal at this stage there's no need to list it. The ammo is in every second post here. I understand that these political representatives are corrupt and have all probably been bribed- subsequently, I'll be reminding them, that the love of money is the root of all evil and that the time for redemption is running out- stand on the right side of history or be judged accordingly. WWG1WGA frens!


Frens, a few days ago when Hunga Tonga volcano exploded, the sound wave spread out and was literally heard around the world. I heard it in Australia. There are reports of it being heard everywhere. Got me thinking re post 572: THE SHOT HEARD AROUND THE WORLD. THE GREAT AWAKENING. A WEEK TO REMEMBER. Q Hunga Tonga sent this sonic boom shot out on the 14th Jan. Post 572 will be a 4 year delta one week later on 21 Jan, one year and a day after the fake inauguration. Boom? We'll see I guess?


Yes, of course the no tie undertaker theme.

Kari Lake said during her speech, “We’re not going to take it anymore”. Trump echoed those words in his speech.

Kari Lake invited to the stage and references the crossing of the Delaware.

Trump’s emphasis on the important role SCOTUS will be playing soon.

Trump mentioning Fast and Furious.

Gettr marketing bloke saying that soon posts there can be mirrored automatically on Twitter. Will Trumps “Storm is upon us” tweet actually occur on Gettr?

Obviously other people have mentioned Trump saying the numbers 15, 25 and 55.

These are off the top of my head- should’ve taken notes. Lots of comms Frens. Oh, noticed a woman with a WWG1WGA shirt on in the background (top rhs) before Trump came out.


I commented this story on a post by u/koalakingdom and thought I might as well share it. Just like Koala's inspiring story, there are ways we the people can take back our power. I know it may be difficult and time consuming, but believe me it's worth it. This info will be particularly beneficial for the Aussie frens out there but the same goes for patriots world wide. Search your constitutional/ federal/ state/ workplace/ common/ tribal laws to find the legal weapons to have at your disposal- Your EDC lol. I'm well aware that many of us, Aussies included, live in a country that is actually a registered corporation, not a constitutional republic, nor an entity of the Commonwealth. It doesn't matter. For now, use the legal terms of their pathetic system. To be honest, it's kind of like a game of poker and bluffing at this point in time. I say this because for many countries registered as corporations, things will be changing for the better once this war is won. New constitutions, reinstated human rights and rock solid irrefutable freedoms. WWG1WGA. Anyway...

I was bailed up at a Dan Murphy's (NSW) on Christmas eve by a huge security guard. I'd walked straight past the QR sheep checking in. He told me to check in, I said no and kept walking. He said I had to and I also have to wear a mask. I said no and no and kept walking. He rushed into the store to have a go, at which point I assertively let him know (in front of dozens of customers and staff) that he has zero authority over me nor anybody else. I cited the 2015 Federal Biosecurity Act sections 60 and 61and then proceeded to cite the 1988 Federal Privacy Act section 94H. I told him under that privacy act he and the business he's representing are liable for up to $64000 in fines and jail up to 5 years for violating the act. I then pointed at his chest and said it also gives me the right to sue him personally. He had nothing in response (surprise surprise). I proceeded to purchase some Christmas cheer. When I exited I walked straight past the bloke and wished him a Merry Christmas. He was fuming, I was grinning like Trump visiting the Pope lol.

Lesson: Know your rights folks, and NEVER back down in the face of tyranny.

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