Maybe this doesn’t apply to you and your region, maybe it does. I’m coming from my Australian based perspective. Based in fact in a traditionally left leaning rainbow-flag-waving area...

I live here because it truly is God’s country, the land of milk and honey, rich volcanic soil, rainforests, productive farm land, beautiful beaches, great surf.

Also, lots of work for this experienced carpenter. I get to meet many different people from all walks of life. From the based traditional farmer types, the “alternative” hippies, the construction worker crew, to the recently relocated from the city lefties.

People ARE waking up all around me. Those miniature seeds sown over the past couple of years seem to be sprouting.

The recent local council election results saw a reversal of the green/rainbow agenda and the installing of more conservative councillors.

People are questioning the recent (rigged) federal election where NOT ONE “freedom” candidate got elected. Only months after at least half a million of us rocked up to the nation’s capital Canberra to declare that enough is enough and we the people will no longer tolerate totalitarianism bullshit.

Everyday Aussies clearly see Biden’s ineptitudes. People who admit to never paying attention to American politics because they thought it doesn’t affect us are now talking about RvW and much more. The same people who were brainwashed to believe Orange Man Bad are now starting to understand that Trump is the good guy...

I’m now surrounded by many people who will seemingly not tolerate govt overreach ever again.

That being said...

We have some seriously rocky times ahead of us. Clear as day. It’s obvious. The reason why? The serfs, the slaves, the normies, the asleeple, they are FINALLY awakening.


Batten down the hatches frens. We ARE WINNING and that is why the DS will throw everything they’ve got at us. Just like a pinned taipan in its death throes, its life will be extinguished but we must avoid the fatal strikes it’ll attempt to deliver before its inevitable demise...

What a blessed time to be alive. As bad as the precipice will be for so many of us, it clearly had to be (done) this way :)

Remember, we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.


WWG1WGA world wide.

Big love to you all my brothers and sisters!



22 second Video of him saying this is in this link: https://weathermodificationhistory.com/president-lyndon-johnson-weather-wafare/

“It lays the predicate and foundation for the development of a weather satellite that will permit man to determine the world's cloud layer and ultimately to control the weather; and he who controls the weather will control the world” - Vice President Johnson at Southwest Texas State University (1962)

There's plenty more to be discovered in that link it seems, I only just stumbled across it after looking at the McAfee post analysis and receiving a reply from u/Traveling_Thru_Time. https://greatawakening.win/p/15IEJkrG2S/x/c/4OYZP2TwFxi?d=50

With the shenanigans going on with the East coast Australia weather this last 3 years, most notably the mega floods of three months ago I thought it share worthy.


Please excuse the long rave, but I want my international frens to know and understand what has happened here on the Eastern Australian seaboard this last fortnight.

I live in North Eastern NSW. A place absolutely devastated by what could be described as "biblical" flooding. Some river heights peaked at more than 2 metres higher than record levels. I still don't know how to adequately convey what has happened and what I've personally seen.

Friends' houses destroyed, many missing people still, even though it's been two weeks since the events unfolded, roads washed away, thousands of livestock washed away, small businesses ruined, never to return, planes previously parked at the airport wrapped around trees, dead pets littering the muddied streets, people still trapped in mountainous regions relying on (private operator) helicopter drops and intrepid souls trekking supplies in to them, countless landslips altering the landscape and tens of thousands or more people basically still in a state of shock after having witnessed our region turned into an inland sea of surreal proportions.

I was one of the lucky ones. My place was unscathed as I'm at altitude. I was actually staying at my gf's farm when the biblical rains ramped up. We'd had 150mm (6in) of rain a few days earlier and the entire region has essentially been saturated by the wettest summer I can remember. Electricity went out on the second night of the deluge, phone and internet services the next morning. They were out for three days. Other areas were out for days longer. Very strange feeling to be completely cut off from all communication, information and electricity. literally "in the dark". That aspect honestly felt like a trial run for the communication blackout we know is coming on a broader scale. During the rain the small normally dry valleys in the paddocks were now white water rapids. The dam closest to the house burst. And this was occurring near the top of one of many catchments. I could only imagine how bad it must've been downstream where the multiple catchments converged into one. Once the two+ days of non stop torrential rain eventually backed off we went to see what we could. Didn't get far. The only road in and out had a landslip filled with trees blocking it up top coupled with a 4 ft wide chasm crack. Down the bottom of the road a huge wash out about 40 ft wide. Long story short, we eventually got out of there after a few days. Now some local contractors with heavy machinery have 2 weeks later started rebuilding the road.

The scenes witnessed when heading in to the downstream flooded areas for the first time (as inadequately described in the 2nd paragraph above) will be forever etched in my memory. The waters had mostly receded and the destruction was jarringly evident.

The next aspect: Was this an intentionally "manipulated" weather event? Potentially. I've been a surfer for 35 odd years and always pay close attention to synoptic charts, wind directions, tides, radar images, rainfall totals at different stations etc. There was a lot "amiss" about what I was witnessing in the lead up to and during the rain (until the internet blackout).

The local sky in the week previous was bombarded with a lot of SAE (stratospheric aerosol injection). Some people refer to this as chemtrails, others refer to it as conspiracy theory nonsense. Either way, myself and many others witnessed it and couldn't but comment on it as there was so much.

During the event I saw a few out of place rainfall "straight lines" appear and disappear on the radar, not an uncommon occurrence, but not natural in any way either imo. Then I saw, and this is the intriguing part: on the quarter hour rainfall radar chart I witnessed strange circular "holes" appearing essentially reducing the amount of rain falling on the most devastated areas while the catchments that lead to these places continued to swell. I've never seen anything like this before. It looked like the equivalent of a stone being dropped into a puddle and the rain disappearing in a radius of 10 to 30Km (6-20M). I was then checking all the local rain stations. There were 24 hr readings in excess of 800mm (32 inches) all across the region with the average totals being around 500mm (20 inches). All except for the main devastated flood plain and major town that up until that time had only recorded 70mm (<3 inches). The victims of this flood had no idea what was coming.

Thus the last minute 2am call to evacuate. Thus the reason countless people ended up seeking refuge in the last place they could as the waters continued to rise: their ceiling cavities. Thus all the missing people as many swam for safety in the dark, amid swelling and rapidly rising water filled with debris. A nightmare of beyond traumatic levels for entire communities.

Ok, so what was the response from the govt, federal and state? At best nothing, at worst, intentional neglect.

It's now been confirmed by a local political rep that the Australian Defence Force twice asked to assist in the first crucial few days of the flooding but were denied by the Federal Govt. https://www.facebook.com/JustineElliotMP

In a first hand account from a State Emergency Service (SES) worker I heard that the multiple rescue boats and boat crews that were ready to go were told to "stand down". Where did this order come from? All she knew was it came from the "higher ups".

I also read that "Private helicopter operators say they were never called upon by NSW government to assist during this month's flood emergency, even though it pays them to be on standby so they can rapidly respond to natural disasters including floods". https://www.smh.com.au/politics/nsw/baffled-pilots-say-their-helicopters-were-not-wanted-by-government-during-flood-crisis-20220312-p5a41t.html

Why were the ADF, SES and chopper operators denied the ability to rescue?

Meanwhile untrained community members in their hundreds manned their personal watercraft and began rescues. Thousands of people were trapped on their roofs, some for 2 days and nights.

Pathetically, 10 days after the catastrophe, the PM turns up to have a look around. And the ADF is now allowed to help "clean up". Something we the local people have been during for a week straight.

Then there's the good ole MSM. Crickets. And apparently there are only 4 or 5 dead after this event. Try and look it up online. Meanwhile many people are hearing from paramedics, nurses and traumatised volunteers speaking of the "hundreds of dead". What is going on?

What have we got here Frens? I think it's pretty clear. I reckon it's mass murder and associated trauma via either the initial event, the aftermath response, or both.This demonstrates a war against the people being waged by all levels of govt.

Coupled with that, we've also now got the rabid left screaming "climate change" and begging to be carbon taxed and demanding we be marched off the land to their pods in the smart cities.

Interesting that this all occurs only weeks after hundreds of thousands of Aussies descend on Canberra.

It's scared alright. The panic in Australia seems to have potentially manifested in weather warfare. Could this be our sector of the DS starting their "deployment of all assets"?

Thoughts and prayers going out to all my Aussie brothers and sisters affected. It has been a tough couple of weeks.

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