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There is nothing in this world, no riches, no material wealth, that can supplant TRUTH.

The TRUTH is everything.

John 8:32

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

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Phoenician depictions. They are the demons that came from the sea. The orchestrators of the previous reset. The enemy behind the veil/ the mask. This style of art is world wide. It has also been graffiti-like etched upon the facades of thousands of cathedrals and other prominent structures.

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I love this stuff.

Thought Kayleigh was great. (Best Press Sec ever)...

... Until she endorsed the jabs on Fox.

Have been squinting at her ever since.

The Boss has confirmed my suspicions today...

... Plus a sweet little Q connection!

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Do we sit back and enjoy the "show" whilst doing nothing?

Or do we get involved locally and continue to drop red pills on the asleeples?

Because, imho, We The People are integral in the winning of the war that we're in. I believe It's not just the WH and the ghosts who determine the outcome.

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I understand fren. I was screaming from the rooftops too. I basically lost my 20 year career mid 2020 when I refused to get tested or wear a mask. It's been a slog ever since- these ageing bones have had to get back on the tools in the construction industry... But... I wouldn't have it any other way.

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The Aussie version, I dare say even more "toxic" masculinity lol: https://youtu.be/WA1h9h7-_Z4

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Makes me think of Trump seemingly trolling the DS by asking the question, "Where's Durham?"

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Great post mate! Makes sense to me. It actually ties things up perfectly with a neat little bow on top. Logical thinking. Comfy :)

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Yes. Unfortunately predominantly fighting age males.

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Yes. There's a reason the capstone of the Great Pyramid was all gold. Best conductor of electricity there is.

Edit to add: Greer is not to be trusted. Grain of salt frens...

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And naturally, we Follow The Pen :)

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