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The recess was for 10 minutes.

The link was live... the clock in the upper left was ticking, the hearing resumed as scheduled.

Mods have left dead posts stickied for days without removing them yet this one, developing an active and engaging thread, was replaced by a post by a mod, and stickied by that mod with a link to the still live feed and link to the hearing.

Now... where do you think I might think that mod became aware of the committee hearing in the first place.

The point, I will make once again...

Moderation on the board is uneven and inconsistent.

The best improvement to the moderation of this board is not to allow moderators to sticky their own posts or the posts of other moderators.

That would address the source of much of the dissatisfaction about mod sticky policy and administration.

Now... if you will allow me the last word in this matter, as the aggrieved party, I will withdraw from any further interaction on the board.


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"So then you already know that you weren't accused of not being able to. Now, none of the stickies were dupes of what your friend here posted. So, again, why do we have a problem. We remove duplicates, not different posts on related topics."

Here is the link to this post (with this thread) with the c-span link, hosted on youtube to the live stream of the Committee on Oversight and Accountability ... the one which was unstickied.


Here is the link to the same c-span link, but hosted off rumble, from the Committee on Oversight and Accountabilty... the one that was stickied after the post above was removed.

As of 2:12 PM EST it is still sticked.


The exact same c-span link.

Refute that!!!

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This post was unsticked by a mod and replaced by another post with the rumble link well before the lights went out, the feed dropped (but link still live) and the recess notice put up.

You are confusing the first recess with the recess that is the result of the lights going out and computer system glitch in the hearing room.

Check the time on your mod action board, it was taken down and the post with rumble link was put up.

The line with the feed from the Capitol is still up and the youtube link is still live waiting for the lights and computers that went down in the went down in the hearing room...

My complaint is taking down the post that was getting a thread going was taken down and replace by another post with the same link to the hearing.

That sucks.

Own it.

Don't excuse it.

Moderation on the board is uneven and inconsistent.

Just announced.

Recess called in the hearing due to technical difficulties in the hearing room until 2:30 PM EST

Link on youtube is still live.

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Off topic - post unstickied - point of getting sticky was to get eyes on the live hearing, the hearing is just in recess at this time.

Not meant as a grief to mods but...

Some actions of moderation administration are a mystery of logic.

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"Representative Jordan, what is best in a House meeting?"

"To crush your enemies, see them driven before you... and to hear the lamentation of their transwomen!"

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Roth was "overruled" by Del Harvey on the NYT article on the Hunter Biden laptop was pulled.

Del Harvey...

"Twitter's vice president of trust and safety Del Harvey announced Tuesday that she is leaving the company this week after nearly 13 years. Her last day is Friday.

Harvey said her decision was motivated by a desire to spend more time with her family."



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Twitter is holding their twitter accounts from the witnesses ... means there is criminal action / investigation in process

You are sooooo right, they are sooooo fucked.

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