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9/11 - but always kinda felt something was amiss.

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Thank you for your thoughtful feedback. Much appreciated. I'm definitely no scholar on the bible but I have an understanding of God/Universe.

To me the bible is a book, inspired by God but heavily edited/interpreted/censored by people, often with the intent to control and guilt people into certain ways of thinking.

All that aside... I understand the acting on the desire thing... but put another way people who are inclined towards the same sex should never enjoy sexual pleasure? I don't buy that and I also do not believe that is how God works....

I can't help but push back when people are made to believe they are wrong when they cannot help what they are attracted too.

My only hope is that the OP finds the peace and happiness they seek.

Bless you as well and have a terrific Thanksgiving! ☮️

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Sincere question for everyone: When did you decide to be straight? Did you evaluate all angles?

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I understand your point. I doubt anyone (including myself) thinks they are perfect. But IMO you are BORN perfect, the way God intended. Then the world happens to you.

But my heart bleeds for the OP because people who police his thoughts and immutable personal idiosyncrasies have made him feel like some sort of mistake or pariah.

He has been led by people, not God to believe he is somehow wrong in his own skin. I really appreciate his journey and desire not to be attracted to the same sex, life would be way easier if we were all the same. But we are not. We are unique, just as you stated.

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God made you perfect. Don't change who you are because of man's interpretation of organized religion.

Good luck.

I will pray that you find clarity in your search for inner peace, as I have.

I submit there are a lot more of people like you and I on here than you realize, it is just not popular to say so...

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If the term "looting" is akin to racism, who exactly is doing the looting?

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We are watching a movie and have been for a while now. ;)

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Leave the bricks - arrest anyone who tries to take one. (Presuming they are not theirs) - let's make them a honeypot...

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**Just noting that the Presidential Seal is intact in this video...

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I'd go with December 23, 1913...

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word - he is on our side - he may have a different circle of influence. Red Pills are Red Pills...

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YES! They literally created "fake news" in real time! I also love that in order for someone to translate, they have to be told it means FJB... lmao

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*note to self...

Time to let go of NPC's and energy drainers...

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