Even Q knew better than to outright deny their existence.

Because that would've been a complete and total lie.

They're here.

Always have been.

Far, far, far, far before humanity or Planet Earth even became a thing.

Project Blue Beam may be a fake but that doesn't mean the extraterrestrials themselves are.

Extraterrestrials exist.

Extradimensionals exist.

Parallel universes exist.

Parallel multiverses exist.

Parallel dimensions exist.

Time travel exists.

There's a hell lot more to creation than what you've been told by those who claim to be your leaders and priests and scientists and historians and more.

Prepare for an update to your science, and your religions.

They are here.

One day it shall become widely known that humans aren't the only intelligent species in God's creation. And I'm using the term "intelligent" very, very loosely here.

We have brothers and sisters all across the night sky (and beyond).

Some of them serve that which is good. Others (relatively fewer in number) serve that which is dark and demonic agendas.

Both varieties walk amongst humans (almost always unnoticed), even today.

The universe, the multiverse and the omniverse are filled to the brim with intelligent and semi-intelligent and (relatively) unintelligent species.

Many are light years ahead of multiple PhDs in their spiritual and scientific evolvement -- whereas humans, compared to them, are mere toddlers that are just now joining kindergarten.

The calling of your benevolent sky brothers and sisters will only get LOUDER from hereon.

Enjoy the show.


If there's one thing that I know about being an autist, it's that quitting is simply NOT in our DNA. Autists have no such concept, for they know nothing less than winning. Winning at all costs. We'll go full psycho mode about achieving our objectives if we have to, because that's exactly how our singularly focused minds work. We have no concept of losing, quitting, or defeat.

Victory is written in our very DNA.

Your so-called "pure blood" DNA means nothing if you came here all this far to quit. Focus on the wins. Focus on the wins.

Focus on the WINS.

This website is titled GreatAwakening-dot-WIN for a reason.

Instead of focusing on how (allegedly) useless the Trump Cards are, focus on how devastating the Twitter Files disclosure drips are. Instead of wondering why Fauci hasn't been executed yet, SHARE this incredible new documentary that just dropped that has been especially designed for waking up normies by making the whole jab situation easily understandable and digestible for their comprehensions.

Because - and I can GUARANTEE you this - the more that you focus on what is (seemingly) not going your way, the more shall you fall down into a downward spiral where everything gets worse and worse and worse by the day. Instead, the MORE that you focus on the WINS (which ARE occurring in greater numbers each passing day, by the way), the more that you'll feel uplifted, enthused, and motivated.

Many of you have already gotten such learnings in real life itself. Think about the time that you had a heartbreak, or someone that you loved passed away. Was it "time" that helped heal your grief and the (resulting) death spirals, or was it the moving away of your FOCUS away from it all, that TRULY helped you get over it all?

There's your ANSWER.

If you didn't quit on DJT when he literally endorsed the jab publicly (and got booed for it too, at that), why quit now just because he launched some (apparently worthless) NFTs? Get real. These are all optics. For the man with the golden tuft is not a fool. He's playing his enemies in real time, as he always has. And even if we assumed for a moment that he was indeed a fool, do you think all of his support staff and advisers are ALL somehow retarded for allowing him to advertise some stupid NFT (for seemingly no reason) by disguising it as some big announcement? Your Kash's and Fitton's would've openly been throwing tons-of-fits if this was indeed something that was legit detrimental to the plan. One man can be as insane as he chooses all he likes; but to have his entire crew lose their marbles all at once? Never HABBENED, never WILL.

Also, people of such stupidity can't exactly win elections, manage empires, or run a whole country (real nice) for four good minutes, let alone four breathtaking years.

DO NOT let optics kill your common sense.

Think about it. How does the drummed up fight that is Trump vs Musk make any sense, if ultimately, their actions are all aligned towards the exact same cause? How does the other hyped up battle - Trump vs DeSantis - make any sense, if they're still fighting the exact same war against the exact same enemy? Which "war" have you ever heard of where a side decides to decimate itself? And thus, the most logical conclusion is that there's a game being played here for the normies. A show, even. Theater. Mind Games. 7D Chess. Optics. Illusions.

It's all a slight-of-hand.

There's a reason Q always, always, ALWAYS told us to Enjoy The SHOW.

We absolutely CANNOT lose after coming this FAR. And ALL evidence we've seen of events so far agrees wholeheartedly to THAT.

So divert your ENTIRE FOCUS on the WINS and get cozy and sleep stress free. Don't let the optics divert you away from the popcorn.

We are autists.

Losing is NOT in our DNA.

Enjoy the show.



Stop "waiting" for the storm. For the storm has already HIT.

When the majority on Twitter - endless normies included - start openly championing the return of free speech (with regards to Elon purchasing it), the storm has already HIT.

When the polls on the same website have the MAJORITY demanding a reinstatement of DJTs account and pardoning the Assange's and the Snowden's of this world, the storm has already HIT.

And all this, even before Twitter Files became a thing. Or Mr. Musk openly posted pepes and started openly speaking about stopping child exploitation (a topic that mere weeks ago only us "QAnon nutjobs" were talking about).

For example, here are some interesting comments that came through on Reddit regarding singer Elton John's decision to leave Twitter for "encouraging misinformation". These are some pretty short comments, so I urge you all to go through them. And to kindly note that not only are these comments all over heavily moderated and astroturfed subreddits, but that these came AFTER Reddit's been shitting all over Elon Musk - all over the front page - for literally MONTHS now (in post after after post after post). And yet, most of these comments are UPVOTED. Which means that these comments are being upvoted by none other than the (now AWAKE-NING) "wokes" themselves. Have a look: Comment 1 | Comment 2 | Comment 3 | Comment 4 | Comment 5 | Comment 6

But what about the "CLOT SHOT", you wonder? Well guess what, the storm has already HIT.

For example, HERE is a post about it on the HEAVILY woke, HEAVILY censored subreddit that is r/India, that is OPENLY ASKING some VERY uncomfortable questions for all to ponder over. Questions, that not too long ago would get your entire account shadowbanned (and the post deleted) in mere seconds --- IF it even got through their endless filters somehow, that is.

And not only are these questions on normies' minds all over the world, they've even made it to YouTube (of all places) --- yet ANOTHER bastion of heavy-handed censorship and free-speech suppression. So before you click on THIS VIDEO - (one, which was posted a mere TWO weeks ago) - I want you all to guess the number of views it could possibly have garnered by now, on a place such as YOUTUBE no less. Go on. Give it a "shot" (heh).

My dearest frens, REGARDLESS of how very hopeless you may have ever felt at times (or still do feel), you must understand THIS ONE THING: the Great Awakening was NEVER EVER going to be stopped. Because the Great Awakening is NOT a "human" plan NOR a "DJT" plan NOR a "Q" plan.

It is a GOD plan.

This plan - the plan for humanity's ascension - has not been put in place by mere mortals or "the White Hats". It has been put in place by your very CREATOR. To think that we walk out of this with ANYTHING less than a complete and absolute WIN is somehow contemplating the idea that GOD - the ONLY true power and intelligence in the cosmos - could somehow, well, "lose". And that very idea even is just straight up laughable.

Your Cabal & Co. could well make a hundred trillion 9D chess moves powered by quantum AI intelligence and FB-profile-data (and FBI profiling data) coupled with MKULTRA and backed by an array of 11D Large Hadron Collider Interdimensional Portals and a bazillion advanced shadow government techniques and technologies and whatnot --- and your CREATOR would knock them all down in one shot with 1/100,000,000,000,000,000th of a NORMIE-TIER move. Not even kidding.

It's a NO CONTEST even BEYOND what the term "NO CONTEST" could EVER hope to convey.

You must understand a rather simple fact, and especially if you're a newbie on here or a doomer or so: One, it is TOO LATE (for the darkies to do absolutely anything about it). And two, TOO MANY ARE AWAKE NOW, for the dark ones to have ANY sort of sway left in this battle now anymore.

Second - and equally important thing - for everyone who's like "but the sleeping-wokes are STILL not taking the Twitter-Manipulation or Election-Interference thingies seriously". Well, most of them were never even really meant to, because that was NEVER EVEN the PLAN.

The sleepy-wokes have been brainwashed into hating DJT, Russia, Elon Musk, and others for SO very long now, that many of them wouldn't really have a problem with actual election interference proof being dropped all over the place, even if it WAS unquestionably handed out tomorrow.

Unfortunately (for the dark ones), even they have a line that cannot be crossed. The one line that even Q has reminded us (over and over) will be when the ongoing storm hits its peak.

It will be the CHILDREN that unite us all in the end.

So let me make it very, very clear here: the FINAL revelation of the storm that brings all hell crashing down WON'T be the election interferences, WON'T be the censored posts and shadowbanned profiles, and it WON'T EVEN be the truth regarding the jabs (because --- as angry as it shall make many; MANY will still do insane mental gymnastics to somehow convince themselves that all-is-well and "they were still right to take it" somehow and such.)

The FINAL, FINISHING BLOW will come when the world learns of the dark ones' UNSPEAKABLE atrocities against this planet's CHILDREN.

That's when your shits hit the fans happen. That's when your suicide weekends happen. Because what would you do if you - the hunter - suddenly became the hunted? Would you want to be thrown in a prison with all of the other prisoners knowing what you did to innocent little children? Or would you dare to venture out in the streets, when it has long been told that you wouldn't be able to walk the STREETS? You'd commit suicide ASAP, that's what you'd do.

To know how abuse against children can powerfully cause even the most hardened of MSM-brainwashed puppets to have an absolute MELT DOWN, I'll leave you all with THIS RECENT INTERESTING VIDEO CLIP REGARDING THE BALENCIAGA SCANDAL (where the news anchor rips off his ear-piece and goes off-script) to watch.

Please remember, it's not that far back in our own history when the peasants finally had enough of the noblemen and put them all to guillotines, and the slaves finally had enough of their masters and broke free of all of their chains, and shit went down real hard, real fast from "worship the royals" to "EAT THE RICH."

And this time round, SO MANY of us (globally) are awake now (as you all saw during the global anti-jab/regulation and trucker protests) - that if the worst comes to worst - we'll just all take to the streets and do what NEEDS to be DONE. And with free and fair Starlink to help keep our internets running all smooth and helpful at that. And if you doubt that part, kindly remember that open protests against the government are now happening in CHINA, (of all places). So all else is FREE GAME, folks.

We have ALREADY WON this battle and this WAR even. And that's no false-ass "hopium" that I'm dropping in here.

So get cozy, live your best life, inspire others, awaken new frens wherever possible, and enjoy the show.

Coz in the end, GOD WINS.



It can't possibly be that everything he's ever said or done has gone down well with you (and if it did, that sounds like a problem, to be honest). So, when were the times that you've legit been against something that he's said or done?

As far as I'm concerned, I understand that his endorsement of the jabs was entirely for "plan" reasons and everything, but other than that, I personally don't agree with his stance on wind energy / windmills (or his general take on environmental issues) AT ALL. I mean, I do understand that this whole Climate Change nonsense is a complete scam, but what I've heard from Trump (and even from Conservatives in general) regarding taking care of our environment in general has been less-than-environmentally-friendly, and I, for one, am extremely disappointed in that.

What are some of your criticisms of DJT, if any? Would love to hear em! :)


As many of you have well felt, intuited, or even outright noticed in the most obvious of ways as of late, we are now in what can be considered as the pre-storm phase of things. Mother nature herself is reflecting this on the outside (e.g. the whole Florida situation); and the growing number of nods to Q by Mr.DJT, and numerous other events lining up, the collapse of societal constructs, the passing of "royals", skyrocketing inflation, collapsing financial institutions and currencies, and a host of other events (too many to name in here) are greatly indicative of the obvious --- the first whirling winds of the storm are now here. Which means that we are well past the so-called datefagging territory now, and, as things continue to build up, get loud, and get more and more obvious by the day -- so do we get ever and ever closer to the storm, which will be this year, 2024, all the way to the start of year 2025 (with some MUCH needed pauses here and there to give us all some breathing space). That being said, the question finally arises:

How well prepared for the Storm are YOU?

And, with that question in mind, I have prepared for you all here what can be well understood as being a 'Pre-Storm Checklist'. This should ideally help you, your loved ones, as also anyone else around you in dire need of mental or emotional support and stability during what is to be a greatly challenging time for one and all. So feel free to bookmark, save, or share it as you please.

May you be well and blessed during humanity's final hour of redemption and resurrection.

And now, we begin...

STORM PREP ONE: Meditation and Prayer

Indeed is it the eleventh hour for that, but even eleventh hour preparations are way better than NO preparations AT ALL. And, in case you are completely new to this, simply pick a search engine of your liking and look up meditation methods. There's many meditation methods for many different types of people, so look up as many of these as possible, and then, choose one that feels the most natural and ease-ful to you and stick with it.

Even if you really suck at meditating, you can still manage something like 5 minutes of meditation each day, or even 5 minutes each, twice a day. For, as they say, Something is better than Nothing.

A calm mind is to be your GREATEST source of strength during the storm.

For the only ones to survive the storm will be the ones who can ride out the said storm. And the only way to ride out a storm is to find YOUR own Center, YOUR own core of Peace WITHIN. And much like the eye of the storm stays ever unaffected by all of the windy chaos that insanely rages around it, so shall you be kept safe from all of the ill-effects of the madness that is to ensue shortly, by being able to keep your head in the right place (right when you need it the most). Even a few mere days of practiced peace of mind will be MORE THAN WORTH ITS WEIGHT IN GOLD once push comes to shove, take it from me. And you (thankfully!) still have more than just mere days left at this moment, so use what you have to your very greatest. And, if you can manage something like 30 minutes, or even an hour or two of meditation each day, NOTHING LIKE IT!

Finally, if you absolutely hate (or find boring) the normal quiet your mind type meditations, then, just hit up YouTube and look up "guided meditation" (without the quotes). And then, simply chill, relax, let go, and disappear into the amazing music, soothing voices, and the enjoyable journey that is a guided meditation. If you think meditations aren't your cup of tea, you should ABSOLUTELY try this, you'll absolutely be ADDICTED to this stuff, I kid you not!

Last but by no means the least, if you prefer prayers over meditations, then, do just that! Absolutely ANYTHING that keeps your mind CALM during the STORM is your GREATEST tool during this time, and that much needs no more explanation.

Give it your best.

STORM PREP TWO: Connecting with Nature

This can be as simple as watering your plants, or as "complex" as taking a stroll down your local park or public garden. For a connection to nature is a connection to HOME.

And you can well get as CREATIVE as you even LIKE here...!.

Touch some flowers, grow some fruits, chase some butterflies, hug a dog, cuddle a cat, embrace a tree, or just spend some time listening to rain fall, watching a snow fall, or hearing a creek gush by. Especially if you are bad at meditating, this one's a great replacement for the same!

Mother nature heals all those who go to her. Make the most of it.

But if you're too out of options when it comes to connecting with nature, worry not! You can still connect with your inner joy by playing some (indoor / outdoor) sports, hiking, fishing, rock climbing, or doing any other creative and joy-inducing things such as painting, writing, or making music!

The point here is simply to connect as deeply with joy and/or peace as is possible during this time, one way, or another!

And finally...

STORM PREP THREE: Rest and Relaxation

If you are having any amount of freedom and free time now (due to the Storm not having picked full pace yet), CONSIDER IT A BLESSING. Because when the Storm hits, you're not going to find an ample lot of time to rest, relax and recuperate.

Remember, (digital) soldier or not, every warrior needs at least some amount of rest (no matter how little), to recharge and recuperate. Hell, even your phone doesn't last forever without a much needed charging; and here, we are talking about full-fledged humans and warriors fighting against the greatest enemy man has ever known!

So make it a point to relax more. To give yourself ample rest and hydration and relaxation. Even if you are able to find multiple 5-minute gaps each day to just chill and purely just breathe, then take those gaps and make the MOST out of them. Drink as much water as you can, for hydration gets the soldier moving.

Listening to certain types and forms of (soothing!) instrumental music can be helpful here too. Do it now, and also do so when the Storm is actually raging. You'll be recharged and ready to kick ass in ways that are far, FAR BETTER than what you would otherwise do as a tired, injured, war-worn and broken soldier.

Some find their peace and relaxation with Yoga or chanting, some others find it through a relaxing warm bath or a nice nap snuggling by the fireplace. Use what time and resources you have to get the best kind of relaxation, and you'll ride out the storm in a way that is truly, genuinely COMFY, just as our good ol' Q intended!!

Speaking of which, here's are a couple of excellent videos to get you started!!!

Do spread the word, SAVE it, BOOKMARK it, and SHARE it away with everyone you love or care about!

Remember, the more at PEACE and at EASE you are during the Storm, the easier shall you find it to not only ride out the said Storm, but to also help many, many, MANY MANY MORE along the way as well.

Enjoy the show!



For me, the point of my awakening was pre-Q, when an incident known as the so-called "vanishing" of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH-370 occurred. There's just way too much surveillance over our skies for me to believe the BS that was relayed by MSM outlets after that. And after that, it was one rabbit hole after another that led me towards getting the full picture of what was truly up. My only real exposure to "conspiracy theories" prior to this point was the (extremely little) knowledge that the rap community (for e.g. Immortal Technique) were speaking about things such as the Illuminati and 9/11 and Reptilians and all of that stuff, and, like any other normie, I refused to believe it. At that time, I clubbed it all in with "tinfoil hatter nonsense", like how the normies now club anything that sounds unbelievable with "flat earther nonsense" and such. But yes, after that flight disappearance incident, I pretty much woke up full-scale in about less than 6 months or so.

What's your awakening story?


This is a question that I'm throwing open to every single person visiting this website, nay, our online home.

If there's one thing that the main stream media, the politicians, the social media giants and all of the elites and the military industrial complex are (still) able to do truly well, it is the task of spreading negativity, fear, depression, hatred and hopelessness amongst us ALL. Let's give them their credit where credit's due, they've mastered this particular area of expertise; hell, they've almost turned it into an art form, not to mention a cold, cunning and calculated form of science as well.

And it is the one thing that hurts us all the most. That hurts our movement the most. That hurts our very lives the most.

Bad company takes down everyone with it. For example, if you watch horror movies all day, every day; the day won't come too far when you're even scared of sleeping without the lights on.

I want you all to reflect upon what you generally see on this site every day. It's like the plandemic, the elite rulers and their dark acts, and all of them related things live rent free in our head on here 24x7x365. And don't get me wrong, I'm not asking anyone to bury their heads in the sand here. But to consume all of this darkness and negativity non stop, to what extent are we even taking it in here and will it ever even end?

If you put a single rotten fruit with a bunch of multiple nicely ripening fruits, it's not too long until the rot spreads itself to all fruits, and far rapidly than the rate that the said fruits would otherwise decay at.

The more that we focus constantly, consistently and ONLY upon the darkness, negativity and depravity within our world; the more do we make it a part and parcel of our very lives. And, soon enough, every last happening you look at seems evil (even when it necessarily isn't). Every last person that you look at looks and feels suspicious. Every third person you meet on the street seems to have some, secret, hidden, and evil agenda. Every second thought you have is one that pulls you down, instead of pushing you (and all those around you) up.

And that's EXACTLY how satan wins. It's a time-tested mechanism of those of the dark to bring down powerful movements through infiltration, divide-and-conquer, demoralization, and, above all, fear-based programming. Brainwashing. Hypnosis.

What worse a satanic infiltration than one that occupies your very mind?

This bears repetition.

What WORSE a satanic infiltration than one that occupies and rots your very MIND?

I'm not the one to offer suggestions and advice this time round. Because I'm not the only one here with a thinking mind. Not in a literal hive of autists and anons anyways. This is our collective board. Our collective HOME.

It is time for us all to get together, get our shit together, and face and resolve our own darknesses once and for all.

Thank you all for being a part of The Great Awakening.

Enjoy the show. (for a reason)

EDIT: A beautiful related read... (please read with an open mind)


Consider this as a hypothetical situation (for now): But if tomorrow, extraterrestrials and extradimensionals are legitimately confirmed as being real; and also all of those UFO sightings and whatnot are confirmed as being legit things that your governments hid from you (not unlike an endless list of numerous other things that they've been hiding from you), how would you react? Does the idea conflict with your religious views? How would your worldview change? How do you think you would personally deal with such a revelation, and, how do you feel your immediate near and dear ones would react to such a revelation?


I understand that this topic gets very rarely discussed or brought up on here, so I'm presenting this hypothetical scenario for your consideration. And yes, I'm only bringing it up here because this is a far more open-minded place than most others, and because we all know on here that the difference between a "conspiracy theory" and "legit news" is a few weeks.



TYPE A: Is a genuinely good doctor who actually cares for their patients - who is also wise and awake - and who refused this whole [email protected] nonsense from the word go. Also encouraged patients to ignore it and gave them better, more natural immunity enhancing health advice. This type is the least found, but by FAR the most respectable one out of them all.


TYPE B: Despite what many feel about the healthcare industry, I don't have reason to believe that all doctors (specifically) are straight up evil --- though I won't say the same about Big Pharma and the remaining profit-crazy medical establishments (such as hospital top managements, sanitizer and mask producers etc). I do believe that humanity is a thing that the majority of people still HAVE in this world (thankfully), and so I'll put Type B (of doctors) in the category of said majority.

Unfortunately, this category of doctors is utterly naive and sheep-like, and someone that placed way too much faith in $cience™️. These ones may have the medical degrees and knowledge, but no wisdom, no red pill, no ability to think for themselves. These ones will regret having blood on their hands once the truths start coming out, and given what I've been reading (even on places such as Twatter as of late), said truth has already started coming out BIG. Majority of doctors across the planet - the way I see it - belong to this very category.


TYPE C: These are doctors that knew full well what was up, and yet, willfully cooperated in the (attempted) full elimination of humankind. These ones will soon find out that what they did for the love of the dollar will come at a cost that neither their pockets nor their souls would be able to encash. But you know what, I'll still respect these ones over our next type of doctors, which is Type D.


TYPE D: To be straight up evil is one thing, but to be utterly and totally spineless is even worse. At least our 'Type C' doctors above had made a clear deci$ion to be downright evil and greedy and stuck to their guns regarding that. At least these ones were honest (to themselves) about their true nature and motivations, and their chosen way$ of going places.

Type D, on the other hand, fully knew about the plan to cull off most of humanity, and yet, out of sheer apathy or fear, did absolutely nothing about it. Just for the love of some measly dollars and a good reputation and standing within the medical community (and it's not like doctors aren't already rich AF enough to risk losing some money for a higher cause), these "doctors" went along with the dark agenda despite knowing what that substance would do to their patients, despite knowing all of the side effects, despite having the ability to take a stand --- they didn't do JACKSHIT. And by the way, even if you can't outright denounce the shot publicly, you could still find ways to hold your patients off the decision for a bit: by linking them to research, by telling them stories of some side effects that others may have experienced, by encouraging natural immunity and healthy ways, or by simply planting enough doubt within their minds about it all (or just hinting at the idea that one should not take medical decisions of what to put in one's body without looking at the first results --- of an experimental vaccine that was magically available in 6 months instead of many years for $ome reason), all of this could have been done. And if the patients (at least the educated ones) still didn't do their research, well, then at least that's on them.

To be a 'Type D' doctor BY FAR ranks the very worst on my scale of unprofessionalism.


Doctors. People used to trust them so very much. Too bad it's game over for these ones (and the medical community at large).

Just kidding. As much as I personally disagree with the idea that all doctors are pure demon spawn or whatever, I'm fucking GLAD that it's game over for all of these Big Pharma and Big Hospital and Big $cience types (and their profiteering rackets) once and for ALL. For it is ABOUT TIME that people discovered Natural Immunity, Holistic Healing, Ayurveda, Reiki, Yoga, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Hypnosis, and like a TON of other far, far BETTER health and healing modalities that have been cruelly suppressed without good REA$ON.

It's good that the world is (at long last!) realizing what a big fucking $CAM it's all been for THIS. FUCKING. LONG. Coz it's time to move on from all of that and change the fucking world.

This concludes my TED Talk.




Dearest anons,

Many upon our planet – Europeans in particular – are currently facing the wrath of an extremely powerful heat wave situation. Now, regardless of whether the said heat wave is natural, man-made, or straight up manufactured, we can all lend an (energetic) helping hand here to those who are suffering the most from it. The men, the women, the children, the elderly, the animals, and the trees -- all could greatly benefit at this time from our collective energetic intentions, prayers, and blessings no less.

Now, many of you might be tempted here to say, “Well, but don’t the humans DESERVE what is coming to them for all that they’ve done to nature?” and things like that -- and to that, I’ll say -- that at this time, most humans upon our world are actually doing their best to HELP (and be FRIENDS WITH) nature, and NOT hinder it in any way whatsoever. You can see that in how much awareness has increased regarding things such as recycling, green energy, sustainability, and things as simple as planting trees and being kind to animals ALL ACROSS our planet, even in places where you’d least expect it, at this time.

Please note here that HUMANS, as a species, are actually VERY kind and loving beings. The TRUE culprits behind the destruction of nature (and the destruction of kindness etc.), are usually the rich elite and politicians who own ALL of the resources, polluting corporations, weapons, and other such dark and depressing things. And they will ride out the said heat wave in the cooling comforts of their Air Conditioned homes and offices, well, at least until they’re all taken out anyways. In other words, the only ones to bear the wrath of the said heat wave are nice and kind human beings who only have everyone’s very best intentions and interests at heart.

Now, is this heat wave truly essential for awakening SOME (still asleep) members of our planet? Most certainly. And that job it (this heat wave) is doing quite so successfully ANYWAYS. As for the rest, we can all assist them by visualizing experiences such as a calming burst of rains everywhere (that is facing this heat wave), to cool down our beautiful planet and its peoples. Because remember, this heat wave is doing practically NOTHING to those RESPONSIBLE for it -- it only hurts the common people such as you and I, and THAT only makes things WORSE.

And with that being said, please do join me every day at 11:00 AM and 11:00 PM Pacific Time to take out just 2-5 minutes for sending all heat wave affected areas upon our planet your love, your light, your joy, and your peace. Furthermore, you can imagine pleasant light rains cooling down all of these affected areas all over the planet. And to imagine this successfully, I recommend that you watch some rain videos on YouTube, and tune deeply into the sound and the FEELING of the said rain, as it rains JOY and COOLNESS everywhere (use headphones if needed!) And then, simply project those feelings of pure joy and coolness OUTWARD into the affected areas upon our planet, and IMAGINE / VISUALIZE / INTEND that ALL BEINGS are joyfully enjoying the weather, playing in the rains as little children do, and what-else-have-you! Truly, DEEPLY feel into those frequencies, and then, just let go and let the universe take care of the rest.

And, as a BONUS add-on, PLEASE DO NOT FORGET to invite EVERY LAST HIGHER BEING that you can think of to ASSIST YOU in this process, from Angels and Archangels to Jesus and God no less! For this help is free, and all you need to do to get it (as per Divine Law) is just ASK for it!

Finally, do remember to take out tiny moments (of 2-5 minutes) each day to send the very same energies, prayers, blessings, intentions and thoughts to all affected areas upon the planet, and ASK that ALL be assisted in the very highest of ways here, to get safely and soundly through it all into a more BEAUTIFUL, more “chilled-out” world.

PLEASE DO SHARE AND TRANSLATE THIS MESSAGE EVERYWHERE that you possibly can, blog about it, video about it and speak about it with your loved ones and communities (and get them involved too!), and let us show the universe the sheer RAW POWER of what TOGETHERNESS and UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS can even do!

Where We Go ONE, We Go ALL

EDIT: To people who believe that this heat wave is fake (it isn't, I checked with my own relatives there and you could easily go and ask yours), or who believe that this so-called "thoughts and prayers" thingy is all nonsensical and useless, please just ignore this post. For MANY of us on here have had direct (and MULTIPLE) experiences of the incredible power of thoughts, prayers, intentions, blessings, meditations and such, and so, we do what little we can do to assist our European brothers and sisters from whichever corner of the world we are at. So instead of giving us grief in our inboxes or hating on mods, please just let us be as we put Qs goal of WWG1WGA into actual practice and do what we can to help make this world a brighter, better, and happier place. Cheers! And thank you for your help :) :)

(And for all those who wish to learn more about the "new age - manifestation and “the secret” bullshit" (that some people on here really love-to-hate-on), don't tell anyone I gave you THIS AMAZING LINK to kick things off. Enjoy! * wink wink *)


Where words fail, pictures speak a thousand words. Where research fails, memes help get the message across. Where logic fails to filter through asleep folks' left brains (filled to the brim with dated ideas), it is the magic that is art and the poetry that breaks through to their hearts, their right brains, and reaches deep within them to create that magical, (inspi)rational, awakening.

Given that we already have an all-new book club of our own, how about we start one for the art too? I'm sure many folks on here are excellent artists who have physical art, digital artworks, awakening GIFs and animations and more such cool and trippy stuff that appeals to sleeping souls and wakes 'em right up!

Put your hands up if you love the idea!!!

P.S. Mods, take a look at this!!! :)


TL;DR: What you call your "reality" is but just a hologram, or, more clearly, a waking dream. A waking dream with more of a time delay between what you call your "thoughts", your "beliefs" (about reality), your "expectations" (about what will occur next)...and your actual "reality" aka creation or manifestation. And yet, this hologram, this waking dream, is entirely and SOUL-LY under YOUR control, YOUR command, in no different a way than how your thoughts immediately create or affect the dreams you dream while you're asleep.

Knowledge of this particular fact is exactly why someone such as Jesus (or various saints and sages throughout the ages) have been able to perform their miracles. And so, when you truly recognize this fact and this understanding, and re-arrange your beliefs (about what's going on) as well as your expectations (about what is to occur next), you begin to rapidly shift your reality into something that is more to your liking. And in the end, you wake up and become the Neo that can see right through The Matrix, because indeed, you are the One.

N-E-O => O-N-E

Hidden in plain sight, is it not? ;)

Neo: What are you trying to tell me? That I can dodge bullets?

Morpheus: No Neo. I'm trying to tell you that when you're ready, you won't have to.


Have you ever had that creeping feeling that tells you that the rest-of-the-world simply isn’t waking up FAST ENOUGH? Or that far too many people are continuing to remain stuck in that sleep mode, or, dare I say, “SHEEP mode?”

Well congratulations! For you’ve now seamlessly identified the root cause of your problems successfully indeed!

Because you see, SO very powerful are you – that even the TINIEST of your BELIEFS about “reality” – whether they’re hidden (from you) or not – manifest themselves AS your very reality!

So if you even have the TEENSIEST of negative beliefs about OTHER people – such as – “Why is EVERYONE still asleep?”, “Why are all the CHILDREN still suffering?”, “Why is so and so negative AGENDA still existent?”, “Why can’t the truth disclosure processes SPEED UP?”, “Why haven’t the conditions for ET disclosure and reunion with our star families REAL-IZED yet?”, “Why is the arrival of global peace and prosperity taking SO very long?”, “Why won’t people heal their divisions and traumas ALREADY and find LOVE?”, “Where is all of that EQUALITY that we were promised?” – and so on and so forth – well, guess what, so very POWERFUL are your thoughts that you end up creating exactly just THAT.

But that’s okay. It’s only human to make this particular mistake. I should know – I was making it only until just a few MINUTES ago.

Well, not ANYMORE.

And so, here’s the NEW thoughts that I’m now conditioning myself to think and loop-think on a regular basis instead…

“EVERYONE upon this planet is waking up faster and faster”, “ALL children upon this planet are being RETURNED to LOVE, JOY, PROSPERITY, FUN, FREEDOM and PEACE that they’ve FOREVER deserved”, “ALL negative agendas are now RAPIDLY DISSOLVING by the power of GOD”, “ALL disclosures of truth are now RAPIDLY RAMPING UP left, right and center”, “ALL disclosures of ETs and reconnections with our Star Families are now EVERYWHERE ONE LOOKS”, “PEACE is growing everywhere we look”, “PROSPERITY and EQUALITY for ALL BEINGS is growing everywhere we look”, “ALL divisions and traumas within humanity are being RAPIDLY healed”, “SUPER ADVANCED healing chambers, replicators and free energy devices are coming to life EVERYWHERE ONE LOOKS”, “the ENTIRETY of our very PLANET, its AIR, WATER, and SOILS, and ALL BEINGS upon it are being HEALED and RESTORED to their very HIGHEST forms”, and anything ELSE of beauty and benevolence that you may wish to add to THAT mix.

And now, here’s a fun little thing: I want you to say all of the above given (positive) sentences either mentally or out loud. And then, if at ANY sentence you feel that you’re LYING to yourself somehow, I want you to keep REMINDING YOURSELF (until the fact sinks in) that you’re in a DREAM being dreamed by none other than YOU, so the TRUTH is what YOU decide it to be. Because what you’re facing, in that moment of feeling “defeated” by something OUTSIDE of you, is a hidden (or partially known) Negative Belief of some kind that tells you that “reality” is being created by something OUTSIDE of you. Which it SO ISN’T.

So DO INDEED make it a point to spend some time finding out the (known or hidden) negative beliefs that are causing you to think in this way – giving your power away to an outside source – and then, SURRENDER, RESOLVE and TRANSMUTE the said negative beliefs by discarding them and sending them right back to GOD. And that is ALL you even need to DO, here.

Finally, you could also say the above sentence – “This DREAM REALITY is only and ONLY what I WANT it to be. PERIOD.” – out LOUD as many times as it takes for that TRUTH to sink in and become a PERMANENT belief of yours. Do this until there is not a SINGLE SHRED OF RESISTANCE left to rise up within you when you make the previously mentioned POSITIVE statements or affirmations about reality.

And THAT’S HOW you flip this game on its very HEAD.

Last but by no means the least, WATCH YOUR EXPECTATION.

This bears repeating because it’s super SUPER important…

Watch your expectation. Watch Your Expectation. WATCH your EXPECTATION.

If you SAY you want more and more PEACE in the world but EXPECT a bunch of wars to start up because your favourite Alternative News Source or Channeled Entity or Tarot Reader told you so (or said that it was in humanity’s highest interests) – only what you EXPECT to happen WILL BE what ultimately ENDS UP happening.

You can’t SAY you want all division to heal while internally EXPECTING things like “I hope that political party (that I hate) and its supporters get destroyed” or “I hope this religion (or group of people) that I dislike loses everything” and things like that.

You can’t have it both ways.

You can’t ride on two boats (going in opposite directions) all at the same time.

You can’t HAVE your cake and EAT IT too.

And yes, I’m not saying it’s impossible for something NEGATIVE to happen PURELY as a part of the DIVINE PLAN. But you must let the DIVINE INTELLIGENCE decide that, and NOT YOUR Ego or Mind.


Expect only and ONLY the most POSITIVE – the most BENEVOLENT things – to happen everyday, and only THOSE things shall happen.

Make hatred a thing of the past. Make negative expectations a thing of the past. Make negative BELIEFS a thing of the past.

Accept. FORGIVE. Grow up. LOVE.

And the REST shall TAKE CARE of ITSELF.

(And in more and more INCREDIBLE ways than you can even really IMAGINE, as of yet.)

Finally, I can’t even BEGIN TO TELL YOU how very CRITICAL it is for this message to reach the MAXIMUM numbers of people at this time. So please, PLEASE do EVERYTHING in your power to SPREAD IT ALL OVER.


TALK about it. TELEPATHICALLY THINK-SEND IT to ALL OF HUMANITY. Make it ACCESSIBLE for the learning or reading disabled. Set an INTENTION TO SHARE IT ASTRALLY (in the dream-planes) with ALL OF HUMANITY just before you go to sleep.

Make EVERY LAST EFFORT to SPREAD THIS MESSAGE EVERYWHERE. Because it can literally change EVERYTHING for this planet and its peoples. But you already know this, having read this message.

Let’s stop SABOTAGING ourselves through our OWN thoughts, words, actions, beliefs and EXPECTATIONS.

Let’s make a HIGHER reality HAPPEN.

Where We Go ONE, We Go ALL.

Enjoy the show.


Have you been having a greatly challenging time of late? Feeling like a ship lost amidst the stormy seas? Unable to anchor yourself at all to this reality? Feeling scared, lonely, anxious, restless, impatient or helpless? Unable to find any actual help or working solutions to things, no matter how much you search or scrounge the entirety of the internet for it?

Worry not, for you’ve arrived at the right place.

Because you see, much like yourselves, I too, am a light worker. Which means that what YOU are going through right now, I TOO am going through right now. The EXACT SAME types of emotions, feelings, hardships, challenges, and you-name-its.

Which is excellent news because, when even ONE amongst us is able to find a solution (to any problem) that actually WORKS, we all can share it with one another right then and there. Which in turn uplifts the entire light worker collective, and, with that, the entirety of the human race (and the very planetary consciousness itself) at large as well.

So, and without any further ado, here’s the ACTUAL WORKING SOLUTION to this specific problem of ours, as I have found it to be.

It begins (and ends) with simply asking yourself the question: “How can I best be of SERVICE right now?”

And that is ALL that you even NEED TO DO in here.
Really. Seriously. Absolutely. TOTALLY.

You’ll be surprised to find just how very BRILLIANTLY it even WORKS!!!

Go try it out.

So, what was it that even BROUGHT ME to this realization? Well – as it turned out – what I REALLY discovered here was that what I was asking all the wrong QUESTIONS to begin with.

Because you see, in the spiritual community (at large), what we are constantly bombarded with is the idea that we need to discover our own joy, our own happiness FIRST. And so, we list down a hundred different things that (we THINK will) make ourselves happy, only to end up with one (saddening) realization after another that none of it actually really WORKS.

Don’t get me wrong here, seeking happiness or joys is so NOT the PROBLEM here.

The problem lies in how we have FRAMED the very IDEA and CONCEPT (of discovering happiness ITSELF).

Allow me to explain this in a little more detail…

The idea is very simple. Whenever you ask yourself “How can I be of the very highest SERVICE (to ALL) right now?”, what you are actually doing is transcending your ego and connecting (directly) to your HEART, and to your very SOUL no less. And, as it turns out, even though the core goal of your soul (aka your heart) and your mind is ONE and the SAME, i.e. – to discover ever GREATER levels of love, joy, and peace – only ONE OF THEM ACTUALLY knows the solution that can satisfy BOTH your mind and your heart all at once. Things, which not only serve YOU, but also serve the COLLECTIVE – the ALL – with it SIMULTANEOUSLY.

It is helpful to know here that if all your SOUL wanted to do here (on Planet Earth) was to simply be merry and pick cherries, it wouldn’t even BE here upon this planet right now. I mean, the soul’s home is already what is commonly known as heaven – aka, the nonphysical realms – realms where lack doesn’t even EXIST. And realms where you are enjoying life to the fullest with instant manifestation, divine connection, love, light, and tooth fairies drifting unicorns no less.

So then, given the fact that it (your soul) has come HERE, on EARTH of all places and at THIS TIME of all times, it is only LOGICAL here that it has a greater PURPOSE in doing so, a greater OBJECTIVE, and a greater GOAL here at that.

And that goal, my fellow lights, is to be of service to ALL.

Now – and here’s the best part – REGARDLESS of WHAT answer you get to THAT specific question, YOU will find incredible happiness coming out of it for you ANYWAYS.

Because the ANSWER to that question could be absolutely ANYTHING. Sometimes, you’ll be guided to express your truest and deepest passion, be it playing a guitar or reading a book. It could be baking a chocolate cake and sharing it with all of your loved ones (or even keeping it all for yourself, doesn’t matter really). It could be riding around town on your bicycle or taking a nap. It could be simply meditating or self healing. It could even be going ice skating or para gliding. Really, the options here are endless.

It could also be EXPLICITLY serving “others” either by assisting people with something, volunteering, working for a good cause, praying and blessing the world, meditating and visualizing the new earth, or helping grandma cross the road (if she wants to).

It could be as simple as spending some time in self love, self healing, self care and self appreciation; or it could be time spent in explicitly doing good things for others.

Because REGARDLESS of whether your highest JOY is to be found in helping OTHERS or helping your OWN SELF – you WILL end up benefitting the ALL ANYWAYS. Because after all, you are ONE with EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. There IS no separation. There IS no disconnection. For you and I are ONE.

The only thing we are doing DIFFERENTLY here is asking our HEART / SOUL to guide us towards our HIGHEST joys instead of our MIND / EGO. And that is ALL (there is to it). Because once you’ve received your answer to THAT question, then regardless of WHAT it is that you do or WHOM you serve (at least, on the surface level), you are going to end up serving the ALL anyways.

You enjoying just a simple piping hot bowl of soup (if such is guided by your SOUL) and feeling and RADIATING great JOY from such an act into the entire PLANET -- is NO LESS and NO LITTLE an act of service than, say, you planting trees in your neighborhood (again, if such is guided by your SOUL here most specifically). The only thing that we are doing DIFFERENTLY here is asking our SOUL – our HEART – instead of our MIND or our EGO (to guide us to our greatest joy, here).

Read that part over and over again until it sinks in.

Your soul KNOWS your very highest JOY and your very highest PURPOSE (BOTH of those things being the ONE and the SAME). Your MIND does NOT.

Which is why attempting to only do things that your MIND says will bring you happiness is so very FUTILE. I mean sure, there will be times when your mind’s desires as well as your heart’s desires are (coincidentally) the exact same things. But that is SO not a GIVEN, and, as a matter of fact, you’ll find such a method (of trusting your mind) utterly FAILING YOU for the most part (and ESPECIALLY when you’re in a dire need of finding your happiness the MOST at that).

So always, always, ALWAYS ask your SOUL to guide you towards your highest happiness. With the question: “How can I be of the very highest SERVICE right now?”

Keep asking and asking that question over and over again until you see, hear or feel a concrete answer being received to it. Which you will (and faster than you’d EVER expected). Allow for deep silence in between the questions for the said answer to seep in, be heard, and get downloaded into you accordingly. Persevere with this for a bit, and don’t give up upon it until you receive the answer. (This becomes easier and easier and faster and faster the more you practice with it). And then, just simply ACT upon whatever answer you get NO MATTER HOW SILLY OR SIMPLE OR CRAZY that answer seems like. And don’t worry, your SOUL will NEVER EVER guide you to do something harmful (either to yourself or to another) or anything. So you can joyfully trust THAT PART. AND in the rare instance that (you think) you’re receiving answers that seek you to do something negative to yourself or another, you can rest assured in the KNOWING that it is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT NOT your SOUL that’s talking to you in there, at that moment.

As for the rest, enjoy hearing your soul’s calling non-stop and (blissfully!) take that leap of faith all the way back into boundless freedom and joy, every single day!!!

Do this, and watch your hard times disappear faster than an Epstein from a prison cell.

Where we go ONE, we go ALL.

P.S. Please do SHARE THIS ARTICLE all over your Social Media, or in your conversations with friends, family members, communities, spiritual groups, or what-else-have-you. For many are indeed struggling GREATLY with finding joy, balance, love and peace at this time, and could most CERTAINLY use a little pick-me-up (or two) here and there. AND ALSO while you’re at it, please do remember to ALSO SEND IN some powerful prayers and blessings of Love, Light, Wisdom, Inspiration, Strength, Upliftment and Peace for ALL of our fellow human beings and brethren, and most ESPECIALLY the awakened and awaken-ing community at large upon our planet at this time. For we ALL could indeed use a little boost of happy loving energy just about NOW! Cheers!!!

Enjoy the show ;)


I have been divinely guided and asked to come here one last time to give you all the following message:

PLEASE. For your own sakes. Choose LOVE.

All of this anger, all of this hatred, all of this vitriol that you are (seemingly) putting out and projecting outwards towards "others", do you know where it all actually goes? It goes right back into your very own energy fields and auras and stays there. And energy and intention being alive on their own merit, follow the like attracts like formula and attract like things. Ever wonder what energies are similar to negativity and hatred? More negativity, more hatred, more cruelty, more vengeance, more doom, more disease, more disaster, more and more and more darkness.

What you put out is what you get back.

Such is LAW.

Humanity has taken the "go at war with tHe OtHeR" approach for eons. We've served ruthless warmongers for millennia. We've chosen violence and killings over dialogues and discussions for ages.

And yet, here we are, back to square one, redoing the same old basics over and over and over again like some kinda Groundhog Day.

So PLEASE, I implore you all from the very bottom of my heart, please, please STOP (projecting out all of this hatred, rage and vengeance.) All of these "enemies" you are busy hating on and busy demanding vengeance and killshots for -- and it does not matter what label you give them -- be it Homosexual, Commie, Libtard, Mexican, whatever; it does not matter. Forgive them. Move past the hate. Move beyond the violence that you are doing, not to anything outside of you, but to yourself.

Choose kindness. Choose forgiveness. Choose LOVE.

I totally get it that this makes me heavily dislikeable. I'm going to get shit on. My head will be wanted on a plate. But I care not.

Understand that I only and ONLY speak this from the very bottom of my heart. Also understand that your Jesus, your Buddha, your Moses; if these ones were here today, they'd say the exact same words to you. Hell, they'd probably get crucified right again for it too. The usual.

One day, you too will run into the One Infinite Creator. And the One Infinite Creator will only ask you the following simple question: "How well did you LOVE?"

And if you doubt my words at all, click here to go read ANY THREE randomly selected Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) and see what comes of it.


You guys are a massive group. A force to reckon with. Even a teensy-weensy amount of you re-viewing your ways as a result of this makes this entire effort of writing this post more than worth it.

Even a TINY amount of you all choosing LOVE, KINDNESS, COMPASSION, ACCEPTANCE and FORGIVENESS makes an UNBELIEVABLY POWERFUL change and IMPACT upon the entire PLANET at large.

And yes, I would have (and have indeed) said the exact thing to the liberals and the lefties and the commies as well. Unfortunately, they just straight up banned me for my efforts.

Very well. Their loss.

Karma won't forget their names (or actions) either.

Always catches up with one and all, that bitch.

And speaking of Karma, here's yet another reason as to why you shouldn't bother outwardly projecting out all of that anger and vitriol and calling for heads to be served on a platter and everything. Because regardless of what you wish for (or do not wish for), divine laws aka Karmic Laws will anyways deal what can only be called divine justice in either case. And thus, your inputs (or the lack of them) affect such justice proceedings not.

To forgive DOES NOT mean to stand by and do NOTHING. To love DOES NOT mean to stand by and let some psycho eat your babies.

But protecting, securing and defending one's own is one thing, and projecting out vengeance, hatred, rage, and all types of negativity outwards all day long is yet another. Everyone's a grown adult here. And so we all know the difference (of night and day) between those two things.

So PLEASE, I once again implore you all, re consider.

Rethink your stance towards the world.

Relook at what you're wishing on your "enemies."

Reconsider what you're putting out, and why you're putting it out.

Hear my heart-felt calling to you. I do not lie to you.

Hear my words from your heart, I DO NOT LIE to you.

I stand to gain absolutely nothing from this personally.

I do not write you a cheque that you can't cash.

Read with your heart for once, not with your mind or your ego.

Read with your heart for once, NOT with your mind or your ego.

Read with your HEART for once, NOT with your Mind or your Ego.

Hear my heartfelt pleas.

Hear my heartfelt pleas.

Hear my heartfelt pleas.

I ask you nothing more.

(...for such a communication may never come your way ever again)

Where We Go ONE, We Go ALL.


The following is an URGENT and CRITICAL request for IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE from the peoples of India.

So, long story short, the Deep State Cabal is absolutely pissed off that India didn't side against Russia with regards to the whole Ukraine situation. For not only did that mean that India is now strongly coming out against bioweapons, and, above all, child trafficking operations currently being eliminated by Putin within the borders of Ukraine; but also are they taking a strong stance against child trafficking within their own borders as well, at this time. Just look up the word "trafficking" (without the quotes) over at this link...this link...as well as this link right here to see what I mean, here.

So then, the Deep State Cabal wants to punish all Indians in here by instigating violent riots and senseless manslaughter all across the country (and slaughtering innumerable innocents through it).

So, over the next few days, please, PLEASE send ALL of your Prayers, Blessings, Love, Light, and Visions, Visualizations, Imaginations and powerful INTENTIONS for the establishing of Peace, Prosperity and complete and total Wellbeing for all citizens of this country. Above all, please request the very highest levels of Divine Intervention in this regard, for such would indeed prove to be of TREMENDOUS ASSISTANCE here.

Even if you were to take out but 2 to 5 minutes of your each day (and if possible, multiple times throughout the day) for just the next 7 days alone; you would be helping folks out in here tremendously. That is all I ask of your here, BUT 7 DAYS OF sending powerful Prayers, Love, Wellbeing and Peace to the people of India. (And especially so towards the people of this specific state known as "Maharashtra.") Given that that's their primary target or the epicenter here, at this time. Finally, also send some Love, Light, Peace and Wellbeing to the rest of India, as well as the rest of the World here too. Because well, but obviously they seek to attempt to pull off this dark shit all over the rest of the world too, clearly.

Finally, and in case you feel so guided, do come join in in the Mass Meditations for Peace and Wellbeing (within these Targeted Areas) at 11:11 AM G.M.T as well as 11:11 PM G.M.T. for the next 7 days, i.e. until the 8th of May, 2022.

We may be just a handful (of people), but with the power of GOD by our side, we will prove to be quite a HANDFUL for all those negatives that only and only wish harm to us, as well as our innocent brothers and sisters (and anti-child-traffickers) all across the planet.

So let's go show these meatheads what REAL POWER even looks like.

PLEASE DO SHARE THIS MESSAGE URGENTLY wherever so possible, and, if possible at all, do ask all of your (willing-to-assist) loved ones to join within these prayers (and mass meditations); as also see if you can organize some Group Prayer Sessions or Group Mass Meditation Sessions of your very own here as well!

THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH!!! Your help here in protecting innocent lives and children is MORE APPRECIATED than mere words can ever even hope to convey, here!


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