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There are currently 8 German NGO ships in the Mediterranean Sea collecting illegal immigrants to be unloaded in Italy. These NGOs are subsidized by the German government.


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• Fasting for 72 hours. Water only.

• After 48 hours, you get mental clarity.

• During this whole fasting, your body will automatically:

___• Destroy the dangerous spike protein. Which were created by the vaccine.

___• Reboot your immune system. Including automatically creating new safe and working immune cells.

• After 72 hours fasting, you'll feel fantastic :)

• All of the above works only if you do 72 hours of continued fasting. If you eat anything, you lost all or most of the benefits above. Most people give up before 48 hours. They missed the best benefits starting after 48 hours.

• Fasting is not a cure. It will not magical fix your vaccine injuries. It's a step toward recovery and reduce future risk of vaccine injuries. The sooner you start, the better. You can do additional detox with other option. Such as, but not limited to, those NATURAL products:

___• Nattokinase + bromelain at the same time. Which brake down the dangerous spike protein.

___• Curcumine. Which blocks the spike protein and prevent it from doing damage.

• Even if you were not vaccinated, you were likely infected by the spike protein through shedding.



___• Backup video https://web.archive.org/web/20231001012704/https://rumble.com/v3lsndq-de-spike-naturally-an-oncologists-guide-to-recovery.html



___• https://twitter.com/MakisMD/status/1675170885458882560#m

Why De-Spike?

So you're less at risk of TURBO CANCER caused by Vaccines. Source:




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This is not breaking.

Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC) suggested resolution is not to confuse with the challenge

According to Foxx, her suggested resolution is to **prevent taxpayer funds from paying for State Department employees to travel to or attend events hosted by the Clinton Global initiative **

I agree that the challenge is very old news. The Clinton have a very long history of alleged corrupt behaviors. But this is not the focus of this breaking news.

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Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC) discussed a proposed amendment on the House Floor. Which would prevent taxpayer funds from paying for State Department employees to travel to or attend events hosted by the Clinton Global initiative

She believes this amendment would resolve the challenge with the Clinton Global initiative engaged in blatant corruption and influence peddling that would make even Hunter Biden blush.

Automated Transcript

Thank you Mr chairman I rise in support of my Amendment my amendment is simple it would prevent taxpayer funds from paying for State Department employees to travel to or attend events hosted by the Clinton Global initiative the rationale is quite simple the Clinton Global initiative has engaged in blatant corruption and influence peddling that would make even Hunter Biden blush

In perhaps its most famous episode in 2014 Hillary Clinton approached the Moroccan government about hosting a Clinton Global initiative conference in Morocco the Moroccans fronted the money for the event by funneling it through a state-owned Enterprise that was extracting and exploiting phosphates from a non-self-governing territory Western Sahara this sleight of hand amounted to condoning Morocco's sovereignty over this disputed land you heard that right it was cash for sovereignty deal formulated just as former Secretary of State Clinton began Orion run for president of the Free World this deal was so rotten that even The Huffington Post deemed Fox news's investigation into this matter a quote brutal clean hit on Hillary Clinton's campaign end quote indeed the Clinton Global initiative scandals are Myriad and include an episode uncovered by the New York Times revealing undisclosed donations linked to the sale of U.S uranium production to a Russian government agency as expected the Clinton Global initiative was unable to withstand the scrutiny and shuddered shortly after the 2016 campaign that is until late last year when the organization reconstituted itself its operations are no longer dark and this is the first state in foreign Opera nation's Appropriations Bill considered since its Resurrection it has since morphed into a factory of radical elitist woke schemes just last week the Clinton Global initiative convened in New York to discuss how to reshape our economy to tackle the left's pet projects that will make life for ordinary Americans more expensive and worse given the state Department's enmeshment with the clintons and the initiative we need to send a clear message no more coordination with the U.S government no more conferences with corrupt governments at the expense of the oppressed people of the globe no more representation and participation by the state department an end to its co-mingling with official policy and hopefully the beginning of the end of this corrupt organization's influence on U.S policy making Americans simply can't afford more radical policies purveyed by an organization that allows the global Elite to buy and influence American foreign policy join me in condemning the Clinton Global initiatives misconduct I urge my colleagues to support my Amendment and I reserve the balance of my time the gentleman from North Carolina reserves for what purpose does the gentlewoman from California seek recognition I rise in opposition to this amendment the gentleman from California is recognized for five minutes Mr chairman boy is this the level we've gotten to uh to tell the state department what meetings they cannot attend will we start saying what meetings they have to attend the Clinton Global initiative is a platform for government philanthropy Business Media and Academia to discuss identified problems and to brainstorm Solutions we should be encouraging such collaboration the problems facing the world are daunting and solutions will not come from one place let's take good ideas from wherever that we can and not micromanage who goes to what meetings I approach oppose I urge my colleagues to oppose this amendment and I reserve the balance of my time the gentleman from California Reserves doing from North Carolina is recognized thank you Mr chairman I see that my colleague has not refuted any of the things that I've said about the Clinton Global initiative why in the world again would we ask American taxpayers to pay for people from the state department to attend these conferences when they're likely not to gain anything positive from them and support a corrupt organization I reserve anyone from North Carolina reserves a gentlewoman from California is recognized yes Mr chairman I understand what this amendment does and I don't accept the fact that it's a corrupt organization and I do know the importance of of these meetings and conferences in terms of Us coming together for solutions to lead us to Global Peace and security I reserve the balance of my Time gentleman from California reserves the gentleman from North Carolina is recognized Mr chairman may I inquire as to how much time I have left one and a half minutes one and a half minutes one and a half minutes um Mr chairman we have a terrific debt on our hands in this country we don't need to be spending any money that is not absolutely necessary to spend curbing attendance at meetings such as the Clinton Global initiative is a good way for us to chip away at that debt and to save the American taxpayers some money I think this is an excellent amendment I believe that my colleagues will see that it's an excellent Amendment and I will continue to advocate for its passage and eye Reserve legitimate from North Carolina Reserves gentlemen from California is recognized yes Mr chairman finally I'll just say what this does is another attempt to chip away at our diplomacy I reserve I yield the balance of my channel from California yields the general woman from North Carolina is recognized thank you uh Mr chairman I appreciate the opportunity to offer this amendment I believe again that it is good for us to highlight this organization and the fact that we do not need people from the state department attending its meetings and with that I yield the balance of my time do you know if North Carolina yields the questions on the amendment offered by the gentleman from North

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You can add to this list "SAFE HEAVEN for REAL NAZI"

Because 2 days ago, on September 22nd, 2023, this video shows Neo-NAZI-Supporter-Justin Trudeau's administration invited a REAL NAZI SS soldier to the Canadian Parliament as an Honored Guest. Fact checked: TRUTH. His name is Yaroslav Hunka.

1 minutes Video at https://greatawakening.win/p/17r9fpPPaG/1-minutes-video-alleged-neonazis/

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Trudeau was there. Smiling and enthusiastic clapping the REAL NAZI https://files.catbox.moe/tjzyz4.jpg


• In fact, Trudeau's administration Honored Guest, Yaroslav Hunka served in 14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS. Which operated during World War II under the command of the Nazis.

• On September 22nd, 2023, shortly after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy addressed Canada's Parliament. The House of Commons gave a standing ovation to 98-year-old Honored Guest Yaroslav Hunka.

• Adolf Hitler was the leader of Nazi Germany, Canada and the free world's nemesis, and military opponent during WWII. The Ukrainian ultra-nationalist ideologues who volunteered to create the SS-Galician division in 1943 dreamed of an ethnically homogenous Ukrainian state and endorsed the idea of ethnic cleansing.

• On September 24th, 2023, Jewish advocacy groups, including the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center and B'nai Brith Canada, expressed their deep concern over the incident.

• FSWC is appalled that Canada's Parliament gave a standing ovation to a Ukrainian veteran who served in a Nazi military unit during the Second World War implicated in the mass murder of Jews and others. An apology and explanation is owed. — Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center (@CanadianFSWC) September 24, 2023

• The 14th Waffen SS carried out numerous atrocities against civilians in the Ukraine and fought alongside regular Nazi German armed forces in the battle of Brody. The SS was declared a criminal organization by the International Military Tribunal in Nuremberg. Members of this unit swore fealty to the Fuhrer and the perverted racial ideology of the Nazis.

Fact checked

• Event BIAS-Snopes said this is truth, LOL ;) https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/canadian-parliament-ovation-nazi/

___• https://archive.ph/wip/jBs52

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