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Dude, 90 degrees minus 23.4 is 66.6 degrees. Is that a coincidence? Do you believe in coincidences now? They made up the tilt- and it directly relates to the number of the beast. Along with a plethora of other numbers involving space and a round earth.

I know, it’s a hard one to wrap your head around. The cognitive dissonance is tough with this subject. My advise is to dive into what flat earthers believe and try to prove a globe.

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And isn’t it funny how people on TGA act very similarly to leftists. Rude, name calling, never understanding the other position. It’s amazing. I think discovering the flat earth is part of the Great Awakening.

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Space isn’t real either. Learn basic flat earth concepts. You have no idea what they even think. Here. Start here. https://communities.win/c/FlatEarth/p/141roCfDT4/resources/c

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Excuse me, who’s calling who a retard? You pull out wikihow as your fucking proof? Plus a Netflix doc? Omg dude. You really need to expand your research. You are not worth discussing this with until you’ve done some basic research that doesn’t have the globie spin on it (no pun intended). Read up, retard.

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Stubborn. I promise you, research it and you will come away believing the earth is flat. Guaranteed. You have never researched any of it…and it shows.

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One day you’ll learn you can’t see as far as a light year.

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Some will never accept it until they do the work themselves. Get off your high horse built on nothing but indoctrination and expand your thinking. Are you so full of yourself that you know the world to be round because that’s what you were taught. Don’t you think we all were taught the same shit? Maybe these Flat Earth people did the same amount of research as maybe you have done with Q. Maybe.

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Other lands beyond Antarctica for one. But the real reason they hide flat earth under the firmament is to hide the existence of God.

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Moving at speeds Mach 88 and still seeing the same constellations every year in the same spots is all the proof we need.

Also, why isn’t the moon pulled around the sun with its magical gravity power?

Here’s my favorite. Sun is rocketing straight at around 500,000 miles per hour and the earth (that’s spinning around the sun at 66,600 mph) must speed up to 566,600 mph at times and then slow down other times. Never once do we feel any of these speed changes. Not once.

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Wake up. Don’t be such know-it-alls about something you’ve never researched. https://communities.win/c/FlatEarth/p/141roCfDT4/resources/c

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Satanwood gunna produce that? We actually do see Bezos and Musk scrape against the firmament. Never in space. My word. Lol. It’s fucking obvious.

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peepeesee you still haven’t done your research yet I see. Such a shame that someone who knows nothing about flat earth can continually push against it.

Everyone who does the research on flat earth NEVER goes back to the Satantic globe prison. That is 100% fact. Take that to the bank, Jack!

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Way to parrot something you read that someone else wrote on some board that one time. They demonize the things they don’t want you to learn. Flat Earth, Q, God.

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It’s obvious you have zero clue what the flat earth looks like. The information is out there. Dig for 10 mins.

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Check out this brainwashed fool. He believes his middle school teacher knows the shape of the earth. Lol. He also thinks the “air” rotates with the earth and that an unprovable “force” can pull billions of pounds of ocean water around a ball. Lol.

But that same magical force doesn’t drop clouds carrying billions of pounds of condensation from the sky. Unless someone turns the gravity on and it rains.

He thinks we should see the North Star every night in the same place because the earth “tilts” that way. Lol. I know. Absolutely retarded indoctrination.

I can’t wait to hear his rebuttal. Maybe he’ll explain what his 7th grade prof said about why the same constellations appear in the same spots every year for thousands of years when we are rocketing through space at Mach 88.

He doesn’t realize the truth yet. Poor dummy. The Great Awakening will happen without him I guess.

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Don Lemon may be gay… But that’s not why he is a faggot.

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