My dad just informed me 20 min ago that he has T Cell Lymphoma. Rarest of all of them. He’s due in for chemo next week… I don’t want him to do it, his wife doesn’t want him to do it.

I told him I’d reach out to my people (you all) and see if we can crowd source some info fairly rapidly on alternative treatments.

Anything is appreciated. This is my dad, 57 years old. Athlete. This is my guy. I haven’t even had time to digest the news yet.

He won’t do any alternative treatments unless there is data on people who have tried it. Currently with chemo he has a 50% chance of remission.

God is great. I love my Lord and I love my dad. And I love you all, thanks in advance.

All of the countries relaxing their coof restrictions might be a setup for when waves of people start passing away from their jabs. This will justify a harder crackdown. Blaming the deaths on the coof…. Not the jabs.

I just got hit with this BS tonight about a conference call tm morning following up with her exemption. They’re digging in deep to her religious exemption, they’re going to ask her in-depth info about what she knows and why. Could you guys drop some links below relating to the following:

Vaers data spreadsheet

CDC cutting ties with PCR test

Inventor of PCR test saying not to use it

Bible verses relating to the beast and not taking unnecessary risks to endanger your well being

I’m only crowdsourcing this because time is of the essence! Thanks for your help I appreciate any feedback.

She ain’t taking that shit and if she loses her job then so be it. We are fighting this tooth and nail. (I guess she should have listened to me during all my frustrated rants over the past year because she would have this shit memorized 😁