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Click on headline for Open Letter from Senator Ron Johnson asking the Sec of State for Defense for a detailed repsonse to Major Murphy's Report by 25th Jan 2022 and to meet Major Murphy ASAP


Project Veritas has obtained an UNCLASSIFIED report written by Marine Corps Major Joseph P. Murphy about the origin of the COVID-19 pandemic and the response to it. Major Murphy was affiliated with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and produced the memo after leaving the agency. Project Veritas was clear that the documents were UNCLASSIFIED and not leaked to them by Maj. Murphy

Major Murphy stated when asked - "I offer no comment on the investigation or internal Marine Corps deliberations. I offer a brief comment to those that desire answers and to those that withhold them:

To those seeking answers, I offer encouragement. There are good people striving for the truth, working together in and out of government, and they succeed.

To those that withhold, I pray for you. Find the moral courage to come forward. Don’t let a lie be our legacy.

People will forgive. A commitment to truth is at the heart of this nation.

Semper Fi"

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Why would Russian media be interested in him ?

If he is with the Azov Regiment and became recently involved with bio labs it is very odd

Either way his silence is very strange and Canada confirmed he is in the Ukraine from April

Also Russia UN disclosure from 13th May of new US bio lab weapons evidence in Ukraine seem unreported anywhere

Is a deal being done on Ukraine ?

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Russian media report from early May translated via web translator above

Canadian General Trevor Kadier was arrested while trying to escape from the territory of Azovstal in Mariupol, media and bloggers reported. According to reports, the general was in charge of biolaboratory No. 1, where 18 people worked with deadly viruses. Kadier was taken to Moscow, where he will stand trial, the  360 ​​channel reports . Twitter users suggested that if the general was caught, they would test new medications on him as punishment. Earlier it was reported that Azovstal has a mercenary general who is in touch with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Recall that 101 people, including women and children, were evacuated from the territory of the Azovstal plant in Mariupol, they were taken to Bezymennoe in the Donetsk People's Republic . According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, on April 30, 46 people left the territory of Azovstal and nearby houses, and on May 1, another 80 civilians were rescued from the territory of the plant. It is noted that those who came out on April 30 voluntarily decided to stay in the DPR. Earlier, a man who left the plant reported that at least 300 civilians continue to remain on the territory of Azovstal.

The VZGLYAD newspaper wrote that in addition to nationalists, high-ranking representatives of the command of NATO countries may be at the Azovstal plant in Mariupol .

Recall that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered not to storm the last stronghold of Ukrainian nationalists in Mariupol (Azovstal), but instructed to block it so that “a fly does not fly”.

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Read this link and review the link to Nature Mag about all the tbings Ivermectin has been tested on with positive results from yellow fever to certain cancers



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The FDA set out about Ivermectin is dangerous and provided no trial evidence that Ivermectin is dangerous or that the Merck Trials showing Ivermectin was very safe at at least 10x times FDA doses were false or flawed.

No such effects were reported in the Merck ivermectin trials yet the FDA stated

"You can also overdose on ivermectin, which can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, hypotension (low blood pressure), allergic reactions (itching and hives), dizziness, ataxia (problems with balance), seizures, coma and even death."


Studies linking ivermectin with human deaths or side effects are hard to find and were either peer reviewed and shown as misleading or deaths were linked to cases where very high levels of parasites treated by ivermectin were present


Ivermectin has been used extensively and has been associated with a low frequency of side-effects.5 Barkwell and Shields' conclusion that ivermectin should not be used for treatment of scabies in elderly patients is not supported by our results.


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Yes but lets ask for a justification of the censorship and what was wrong with the published trials

Either they did not do their job or they were were withholding safety information when false claims were made by Merck, others and the FDA about Ivermectin being dangerous

Grounds to show they cannot do their job or are involved in a fraud or misrepresentation by deliberately withholding info the public is entitled to be made aware of and knowingly making claims that high doses of ivermectin cause death or serious issues.

No research I have found shows any deaths or serious long term harm caused by ivermectin in humans.

I believe some people have taken huge doses of ivermectin by mistake

That is mal administration for which they are accountable

Ivermectin as Cancer Treatment FDA web site trial


2017 Nature Magazine

Many successful Ivermectin Trials for many serious viruses and serious diseases like cancer


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"This study was sponsored by a grant from Merck Research Laboratories, a division ofMerck & Co., Inc"


Download full PDF study from webarchive


"Ivermectin was generally well tolerated, with no indication of associated CNS toxicity for doses up to 10 times the highest FDA‐approved dose of 200 μg/kg.

All dose regimens had a mydriatic effect similar to placebo.

Adverse experiences were similar between ivermectin and placebo and did not increase with dose."

Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, 2002;42:1122-1133 ©2002 the American College of Clinical Pharmacology

"This study demonstrated that ivermectin is generally well tolerated at these higher doses and more frequent regimens."

"In summary, the safety profile generated in this study supports the use of oral ivermectin at the approved dose levels and at dose levels being considered for the treatment of head lice. Furthermore, a significant safety margin is demonstrated. However, studies in the pediatric population are necessary to confirm safety in children at higher dose levels.

The pharmacokinetic parameters are consistent with those previously established, with the exception of a slightly longer half-life. A significant food interaction was demonstrated.

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Ban corporate ownership of the media and require balanced reporting break up google facebook amazon microsoft and censoring media

Stop Bill Gates and others sponsoring health care and academic research.

Make donations blind and subject to academic freedom

Stop pharma funding the FDA and have term limits on FDA leaders

Break up the FDA into research and drug supervision

Stop FDA leaders working for pharma after working for FDA

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Its up to us to make the politicians understand we will not vote for the ones who do nothing to stop the Secret Government.

The film FJK by Oliver Stone got new laws passed on releasing JFK files but then the pressure stopped

Its time to vote for Congressmen and Senators who respond to our wishes not to those of their sponsors and funders

Its time to stop funding of politicians by anyone other than individuals who directly vote for them and only up to maximum amount per person

The Sectet Team - Col Fletcher Prouty




Stop voting for and believing political parties they are owned by powerful intertests and Dems and Republicans follow the same policies

Reagan Bush Clinton Bush Obama and Biden were all bought and paid for and failed to take on China or work with Russia

Trump was too strange to take on the Swamp and to see he was set up to look stupid. He failed to fix the electrol system or put in safety checks

JFK was the last President to try to change the system and Esienhower warned of themilitary industrial complex

The last decent man was probably Colin Powell

Blackstone bought a human DNA data base company Ancestor.com for $4.7 billion in 2020

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Yes i think you are right about it but nobody links up the story they are just bits put out at various times

By Way Of Deception (the title comes from the Mossad motto)

From the link above includes the film docu

There is much more than this in the link

Two large quantities of what appeared to be heroin https://www.theguardian.com/uk/2001/jun/27/lockerbie.features11

Lester Coleman, blew the whistle on massive CIA drug smuggling activity directly responsible for certain airport security anomalies/breeches, which enabled explosives to be smuggled aboard https://rense.com/general/cole.htm

Allan Francovich made the documentary film, The Maltese Double Cross along with Gladio, three part BBC documentary on Operation Gladio, broadcast in 1992. LeWinter is identified in the documentary as "Colonel Oswald Le Winter, CIA-ITAC liaison officer, Europe."

October Surprise: Martin Kilian of Der Spiegel interviewed LeWinter in Sep 1988 and published article of October meeting in Paris between CIA Director and officials from Israel and Iran.

Francovich said he had learned that 5 CIA operatives had been sent to London and Cyprus to discredit the film while it was being made, that his office phones were tapped, and staff cars sabotaged, and that one of his researchers narrowly escaped an attempt to force his vehicle into the path of an oncoming truck.

April 17, 1997, Allan Francovich suddenly died of a heart attack at age 56, upon arrival at Houston Airport https://rense.com/general3/panam.htm

BBC: Abu Nidal 'behind Lockerbie bombing' Atef Abu Bakr says Abu Nidal told a meeting of his Fatah-Revolutionary Council that he had organised the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103, also claimed Abu Nidal was responsible for 1986 attack on West Berlin disco, provoking American air strikes on Libya. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/middle_east/2211327.stm

German TV exposes CIA, Mossad links to 1986 Berlin disco bombing - main suspects in the disco bombing; worked for American and Israeli intelligence. https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/1998/08/bomb-a27.html

Abu Nidal, notorious Palestinian mercenary, 'was a US spy' Abu Nidal even worked for Israel's Mossad intelligence agency, has written of how, when he feared treachery in his own ranks, a suspected spy would be buried alive, fed through a tube for days and then – if Abu Nidal's "court" deemed death appropriate – a bullet would be fired down the tube. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/abu-nidal-notorious-palestinian-mercenary-was-a-us-spy-972812.html

After the bombing took place on 21 December 1988, the US State Department said that an unidentified person had telephoned the US Embassy in Helsinki, Finland, on 5 Dec, saying there would be a bombing attempt within two weeks against a Pan Am aircraft flying from Frankfurt to the United States. The caller claimed to belong to the Abu Nidal group, the State Department said at the time. http://lockerbiecase.blogspot.com/2017/08/abu-nidal-and-pan-am-103.html

Why was the authenticity of US intelligence's Tripoli-Berlin intercept not challenged by Washington and London, given the fact that a similar intercept had earlier been mistakenly used by the Reagan regime to blame Libya for a bomb which exploded at a Berlin club on April 5, 1986, and to justify the U.S bombing of Tripoli and Benghazi nine days later, which killed Gadafy's infant adopted daughter in a brash attempt to kill Libyan leader

By Way Of Deception (the title comes from the Mossad motto), will testify that it was Mossad commandos who set up the transmitter in Tripoli that generated a false signal about the "success" of the Berlin bomb https://www.theguardian.com/uk/1999/apr/17/lockerbie

CIA Drug trafficking over many decades https://isgp-studies.com/cia-heroin-and-cocaine-drug-trafficking

Key Figures In CIA-Crack Cocaine Scandal Begin To Come Forward https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/gary-webb-dark-alliance_n_5961748

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No one keeps linking the old CIA stories and strategies of the past with current events to show the replay or how the same players show up.

This is what we find out so imagine what is really going on

The KGB /FSB / MOSSAD and MI6 do the same.

The French blew up the Rainbow Warrior in NZ and MOSSAD assassinate people quite publically

Listen to UCSC Professor and lawyer on the post war Nazi connections with intelligence services around the world


I believe Fletcher Prouty also discusses it including the MOSSAD connections via the ex nazi Gehlen training network.


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It all mirrors - the rense article points out the US blamed Syria for a long time until Bush met with Assad before the first Gulf War seeking Syrian support. After that the US blamed Libya.

I think these fragments show that something else was likely going on. Too many strange changes and convenient endings.

Gaddafi or the Iranians may have wanted to do it but the US may have helped it along - the US almost certainly has recordings of people talking just as they do about the Berlin Bombings and other things

It is possible that elements of the CIA were involved just as the US transported Al Qaeda in US aircraft to fight in Syria against Assad and the CIA was clearly involved in some way to the smuggling of cocaine into the USA via the Contras, from Vietnam and Asia and also via Iran under the Shah

Listen to Col Fletcher Prouty on drugs below https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ear75Mo02uU

Longer Prouty interview in various interviews he discusses how the US paid Chinese Soldiers in WW2 in drugs via official US Army pay parades in Asia and how the CIA elemented all the rival drug lords in Indo-China to leave their man in control of the business


In Afghanistan and Iraq helicopters were supplying ISIS both were reported by Russians from radar etc and by local Afghan and Iraqi leaders

Only the US really operated helicopters in Afghanistan



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You want to review who was on the Lockerbie PAN AM flight that got blown up and that both the US ambassador to Lebanon, John McCarthy, and the South African Foreign Minister Pik Botha had their travel plans altered at the last minute in order to avoid PA103 for an earlier flight despite the S African having a pre-arranged meeting in London that he then missed ​with the ex Swedish Prime Minister / UN Commissioner for Namibia, Bernt Carlsson. They were both supposed to be on the same PAN AM flight together following a meeting with DeBeers diamonds in London. Carlsson was critical of DeBeers diamond operations in Namibia

Only Carlsson was killed along Charles McKee, a US Army Special Forces Major, and Matthew Gannon, the CIA’s Beirut deputy station chief and 2 other US agents who reports claim were returning to the USA to expose CIA drug smuggling related to George W Bush


If you read the link above it sets out the sworn statements made

Also note the UK put Andrew Green in charge of the Lockerbie investigation he was the UK Foreign office official in charge of liaising with the US on Iran-Contra CIA drugs and guns


Also note Carlsson the Ex Swedish PM resigned as PM the day after several men were spotted on his roof by a security guard at nearby building not his Swedish Secret Service Guards. The men on the roof were caught and turned out to be policemen who had no right to be there

The previous Swedish PM was assassinated some say because he was trying to broker peace with USA and USSR and at least between Sweden and USSR against CIA wishes and that right wing Swedish police were linked to the assassination. There were neo nazi groups in the Swedish police and tge investigation was strangely handled with much covering up of evidence

It was also noted that the assassinated PM met with Col Oliver North and would not agree to Col Oliver North's request related to Swedish arms sales and a fake end user license. This request was later shown to be almost certainly connected with CIA contra drugs and arms sales to the Contras or Iran.

Also US Embassy in Moscow was warning people not to fly on that PAM AM type of flight stopping in both Frankfurt and London


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Its not running yet - possibly a new type of pandemic or some fuller NATO war or no fly zone in Ukraine

Food and water shortages linkexd into inflation

Also have a Taiwan war - remember Bay of Tonkin was faked

UFOs is the big one they are saving - attack from UFOs or revalation there is alien or other dimension life However only an attack by UFOs would be easy to control especially if they have built UFO craft they could use in fake attack

Hitler used fake attack to start war with Russia USA did it on Vietnam and to take Cuba from Spain or try to get rid of Castro via operation Northwoods, China did it over Tibet and the UK and France have done it over many places round the world - UK started a fake war to take over the Boer Republics in South Africa

All used heavy censorship to hide and distort what was really going on and the cost

None of this even addresses fake internal enemies that govenments ard always creating

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Nixon took the US off the gold standard to pay for the never ending wars. They will all take your gold

Its the principle that counts - left and right make no difference

An elite coup in 1933 would never have given back power and removed the constitution totally if the coup had succeeded. The Bush family funded and supported the Nazis until 1942

Clinton and Bush both took power away from the constitution and the Supreme Court is very political

The elite just want crises to exploit and will create them if they dont exist.

Attaching yourself to either side is what they want

You will be too busy fighting with the latest enemy they havd created to see what they are doing

Watch Prof Sheehan about who really rules. He has had first hand experience of what is going on and being hidden

@51 minutes he sets out how the retired CIA deputy chief in Mexico told Sheehan that he had to have an interview with the foreign elite to keep his CIA job and was taken by private jet to a foreign country with head of Mexican CIA/FBI for the interview and how DEA chief said he would not investigate the evidence of US government drug smuggling that he already has and knows is true because he does not expect to live if he does


China is using drugs against the west

Its not about politics its about business and power and not the peoples health

Obama and Bush were no different

Obama just carried on Bush's policies and the media is part of the problem

Trump was a big shock - they had to act harder and a new crisis had to be created to take Trump out. Russiagate and Covid.

The left and right were against Bush

Trump is not a hero he merely reflects those people's disbelief in politicians, media, legal system, academics, pharma, industry etc

Perfect for the elite

The media then just creates a story that encourages extremists

The ignoring of Hunter Bidden story or Hilary's emails shows the media role and lesson learned from 2016 election

The support of the Intel Community and Republicans shows what was really going on

Alternative Systems not discussed

Effective system of cheap medicine is not possible with big pharma and insurance which distort the free market and blocks cheap effective medicines.

Pharma and regulators should be accountable for all faulty medicines and insurance should be excluded from paying for medicines.

Private hospitals are ok

Taxation should only be on luxary spending no income tax - people should have cheap good food and basics tax free that will control government spending.

No debt issued just print money to pay for budget deficits that will hold politicians accoutable for success of spending and regulate failing policies

These are all examples of policies the elite would not support and that they do not care about left or right and are not duscussed by media academics etc

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Not sure but if you are not breaking the law of the state you are taking it to or Federal law it may be ok

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The Whitehouse Coup Monday 23 July 2007

Document uncovers details of a planned coup in the USA in 1933 by right-wing American businessmen

The coup was aimed at toppling President Franklin D Roosevelt with the help of half-a-million war veterans. The plotters, who were alleged to involve some of the most famous families in America, (owners of Heinz, Birds Eye, Goodtea, Maxwell Hse & George Bush’s Grandfather, Prescott) believed that their country should adopt the policies of Hitler and Mussolini to beat the great depression.

Mike Thomson investigates why so little is known about this biggest ever peacetime threat to American democracy.


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Probably the REAL QUESTION is who stopped the research so we could not get it in 2020 and how should they be held to account to stop others next time this happens

Because it will happen

Why do the media and academics not meaningfully ask who covered up

WMD in Iraq War 2 was faked

George Bush in Iraq War 1 sent Saddam a hand written note saying US would not object to an Iraqi intervention in Kuwait to resolve oil claim dispute

Who wanted the Vietnam War and faked the Bay of Tonkin incident ?

Why are any of the Kennedy papers about the single killer Lee Harvey Oswald still classified ?

Who planned the US military Chiefs of Staff formally approved Operation Northwoods to kill US Citizens with terror attacks including remote controlled planes and Mall Bombings which Kennedy rejected and viewing the plans and their planners as insane !

Operation Paper clip and the links to Nazis

Prescott Bush's links to funding and supporting Hitler - grandfather of the later President Bush.

Gen Butler revealed coup against Roosevelt of 1933 for Butler to become a Wall Street backed assistant President

The cover up goes on the media hides - disinformation, propaganda and blocking of people who offer alternative views

How did Covid start and what has really gone on ?

The real reasons UFO evidence and investigations were hidden and denied for so long showing something real is going on with UFOs?

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