Here is my thought.

The equinox is December 21st, this is the point where the amount of darkness and daylight are equal, also known as when a shift from dark to light occurs.

Multiple meanings exist.

So, additionally think mirror as in 12/21 is a mirrored date.

Guess we’ll find out in a matter of days.

Edit: meant solstice not equinox.


Remember last winter/spring an issue with getting “shots in arms” was the vials had to be stored at crazy low temps that regular freezers simply can’t attain?

A student of mine (nursing student) was volunteering at a government run vax site and she told me how she would always have trouble getting the right amount of doses out of the freezer as they had to thaw for 30 minutes and then wouldn’t be good for too long after thawing so if the right amount weren’t ready for the correct amount of people they would be short/have to wait or end up with discards. The freezers and this process were a news item of the time.

The vaxxes are the same, the vials are the same, why can anyone get a Covid jab at any damn pharmacy I saw someone getting one when I was picking up something for my kid and they just pulled it out of a fridge, not even the freezer, no thawing, no waiting, just pull and jab.

So, what about those super special ultra cold freezers?


So, I have followed Kim Clement and his prophecies which around here “The Trump Prophecies” are probably the best known.

I was reading a blog post about it from a few years back and noticed a reference there to the D5, which we see pop up frequently in the Q drops and has mostly been seen to mean December 5th based on posts about that date.

However, we are to keep in mind multiple meanings exist and so this blog has D5 as:

“D5 (D5 – His GLORY Shall APPEAR To Your JOY And To Their SHAME: Heaven Is Coming To Earth: As Heaven Is, Earth Will Become) was written for after God’s glory is poured out or The Sign of Jesus appears. The five “D’s” are the main areas that people will be dealing with who were not ready (D1-Depression, D2-Deception, D3-Doom & Gloom, D4-Defiant Dead, D5-Diseases).”

So far Kim’s prophecy is going swimmingly. If we look at it he says the summer is when the veil is pierced and truth revealed - which we just saw with the Lindel symposium. Then says in the fall many will fall - I think this could be deep staters going down or the vaxxed being taken out by cold and flu season, or both. He also says “hypnotic November” which could be when everyone is watching the truth about everything being revealed, the Covid hoax, the election steal, the “insurrection” being planned and carried out by Pelosi et al, etc etc. Then in winter we will be happy, Trump has also said that we will be very happy when someone said to him “we want you back”.

So, back to the D5 “the main areas that people will be dealing with who were not ready “ I would think those who were not ready are those who were not awakened, ie the jab takers, or others not paying attention to the nightmare we have been following and researching in this community. Imagine it, when they see deep staters perp walked, their loved ones dying off in droves, the truth about the election, Covid, fake Capitol “riot” how could they not be depressed, feel deceived, doom & gloom (yeah so you got vaxxed, probably gonna die, sry), defiant dead - not sure what to make of this yet, and diseases is pretty self explanatory at this point with their weakened immune systems and coming prion disease.

Just wanted to bring in an another view on the D5 reference, WWG1WGA.


oThis morning I opened my email to see that I was granted an exemption from my employers requirement of the Covid-inspired mRNA injectable product.

I need to thank this community as I could not have done it on my own.

Over the last month or so I copied a piece from a post here, a segment from someone's comment there and was able to craft an assertion of religious objection that was well sourced, accurate, and most importantly - true to my sincerely held beliefs as a Christian.

I work at a University in the Northeast US which is extremely leftwing, some of our top administrators actually openly worked for the Biden/Harris campaign and all our leadership donates bigly to left wing extremist house/senate members.

So, I was fully expecting my application to be denied, but by the grace of God it was accepted and I will not be losing my job due to my un-injected status.

I am however aggressively looking for a new non-jabby job because f*ck them for attempting this in the first place.


EDIT: To answer some questions. My school had a deadline of the end of August so I submitted last week to give me some time to bail if denied.

I do not have a copy of what exactly was written as it went into an online form and I did not back it up onto a word doc or anything. It was brief and essentially I said that I was a Christian and taking an injection that has or uses fetal cell tissues goes against my sincerely held beliefs. I don't remember the link now but it can be searched for that shows which ones have it in the shot and which ones used fetal cells in the testing phase. I didn't quote any Bible verses or anything like that since I learned from videos I saw that it is not necessary, the only requirement you need is that you have a sincerely held religious belief so the less you say the better.


Take it for what you will I won’t dox anyone. My friend works for a member of congress. Those familiar with his thinking (don’t you just love that line) say that with the inevitable in sight, Fauci is now planning to play the “I’m retiring” card to avoid being in the hot seat, though it probably won’t work out the way he’s hoping.

Expect something along the lines of “I’m 80 years old you know” and “I have had a long and impactful career.”


My mother got her second moderna injection 2 days ago, we just did the magnet test on it this morning and it actually stuck. Only on the needle mark, all around it does not stick.

It is almost unbelievable seeing it happen in person.

What the hell is in these injections?!

She got ModeRNA.