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Why wouldn't he have the same pose on both his hands? Comms?

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Has anyone else noticed that all of the major user-generated and -moderated websites on the internet are just echo chambers of poison? I have fallen into love with quora unfortunately because most of my feed is related to history.

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I haven't been able to think properly in years. My mind is a constant jumble of conspiracies, politics, geography, history, and alternate history scenarios. I can't focus on something for very long or i'll get uncomfortable and jittery it sucks!

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Oh my gosh I think I saw Dr. Malone but the camera isn't focused on him.

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I have become so dissociate from reality lately I feel like i need to put my life on hold until after the Storm.

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Can someone send a link to this? I can't find anything on the news.

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My Fellow Americans, The Storm Has Arrived.

Nothing can stop what is coming. They know what is happening and are powerless in the face of it. Fear not, citizens of America and the world. Your suffering will come to a swift and beautiful end.

God Bless America

Trump better say exactly this. And exactly 69 seconds later the storm begins.

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I just realized what the chart was. Absolute best starter graphic for normies. Start with the easy stuff (Great Awakening, pedos, CIA, etc) and work your way out to aliens, higher intelligence, astral planing, and so much more! frick yeah!

And the best part is, I know absolutely nothing outside of the Great Awakening oval. The rest is still pure speculation to me. But logic always wins out. If something is logical, it's true.

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the only braces he knew were those his handlers used on the kids.

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and there was a lot of suspicious yogurt inside each one.

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Most definitely makes sense. Victims of child abuse become perpetrators themselves. Those who are raised to be smart will raise others to be smart. This is the great divide right now.

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I don't think a horse could even do that!

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Wasn't this from before he started redpilling everyone? His music used to be dark but now its patriotic af.

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How many movies show the white house getting blown up?

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Right I forgot about those.

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Sprinklr? the blue thing next to the date? thonk

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full disclosure should come before the invasion though. I'm sure Putin wants to tell the world what the Biden's have been up to.

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Who commits three quarters of crime in the US again?

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