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We sure this isn't just a trap sorta thing? Idfk I'm just a frog trying to weather the storm.

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Also fully dissasembled and stored in a federal armory.

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Can you stop spamming this stuff? Make a single post about it where you actually talk about the topic. Making a dozen titter posts (that half of us can't see because we don't have titter) just looks awful.

And where is the actual proof? This looks like hearsay!

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I thought we preferred Occams razor here? It makes more sense for Q to return and post a few things right in his style (though a year or so further into the plan), than for Watkins to do a little hacking and try to pose as Q.

If he posed as Q, then either we are easily duped or Watkins is Q. Because we all agreed that was Q when they first dropped. Very few people doubted even before the Ascension drops.

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Ok, so in other words, we just ignore ascension. I see. Gotta love the fed's narratives. They scoop up everyone it seems.

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Global warming is a minor trend. Within a few centuries, warming will level off and things will trend downward again. We are nearing the end of the interglacial period. Who knows how far the glaciers may extend. It may be lessened by the extra CO2 (tiny amount). But it probably won't be nearly as severe because we are sophisticated enough to figure out how to reroute those things.

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Someone is looking really really stupid in front of a judge right now.

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Avengers: Infinity War = 1963-2016

Avengers: Endgame = 2016-present

By that analogy, Thanos' army is about to defeat the few Avengers. Or so it looks.

However, Wong is making several thousand portals to assemble the Avengers.

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well how about you stop promoting low effort stuff like this?

Maybe remake it but with BORDER spelled correctly! This is not Trump's TS feed. We do not tolerate STOLLEN or BOARDER except from trusted comms. Anything else detracts and delegitimizes us!

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The fact is, at some point the evidence will have to come to light. We can't just keep it under seal because "well kids are being raped here."

We are going to be having public tribunals and executions. All of that evidence will have to be played. It will be ugly, but you cannot imagine what they have done. All of it caught on camera. Blackmail comes at a very heavy price for all involved. The footage will have to be displayed in order to prove to a wholly stunned world that those they admired and looked up to were all in on the most atrocious, abominable, and revolting things. They will have to see the activities of the Big Club in order to understand the public executions and installment of new Christ-conscious governments all around the world.

Rest assured, the light is ahead, but the storm is not just around us. It is in us and moves through us. It is up to us to wake up the sleeping masses and gird up their loins to the battle ahead. The battle for our minds, for our DNA.

Put on the full armor of God, resist the devil and all temptation, and keep that helmet of righteousness upon your head.

Yes, the videos are illegal to watch. How much more so to do? I believe that outweighs the illegality. Certainly, kids cannot see such depravity. But those adults that are redeemed by the Lamb's blood should be mature enough and wise enough to see, know, and understand what has, is, and will be happening.

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That's an awesome video! Absolute banger!

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