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Now that's what I was thinking. A Starlink satphone is such a no brainer even Biden/Festermann could think of it.

I'll bet he's just waiting for the opportune moment to release them.

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Julie Green is sounding very "Q" aware of late. Especially yesterday.

She even said nothing can stop what is coming, because God told her to.

Multiple messengers for multiple audiences, but same message.

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The last "model" I saw looked like beached whale, so I'll pass on that.

And, I can imagine how cold a metal toilet would be (gold is a metal). I pass on that. It's probably electroplate anyway.

I'm still working on my first million, so you might have me there.

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I made this point a few days ago. Third comment from the top

Try to keep up Stumpy.

Just kidding - great minds and all that.

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OH, if they aren't a government official, and the RNC is in fact a corporation like all the other corporations, why are we letting them select our candidates?

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The only way that stuff goes away is if the power that runs it goes away.

No electricity, no tech.

Freedom! Freedom at last.

Forward: Into the past.

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Just think of the mayhem he could create: the RINOs would be ready to impeach him in a week.

Two pillows up!

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Typing as a (retired) jet pilot, this should be a criminal act. Something along the lines of interfering with an aircraft crew member during the performance of their job (takeoff or landing).

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Wow. I suspect the photographer charged extra for that shoot.

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Bacon is red meat, right? I'm sure It's just an oversight that it is not in the picture above.

Any one of those marvelous steaks would be even more wonderful wrapped in bacon.

Edit... From the article:

There is, however, more evidence for a health risk from eating too few vegetables. That is really the risk of a high-meat diet, those meat calories are displacing vegetable calories.

So bacon wrapped asparagus it shall be from now on!

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If you leave the door open you'll have flies in the kitchen every time.

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Oh no! Not, the extraction ceremony.

Will there be cake?

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Vaccine causes Sterility

We were warned.

Stargate SG1 - The Aschen Agenda (Season 5 Ep. 10)

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