Stop taking tests and open your dams eyes to the reality around you.


Of everyone seeing Putin wear a "Trump Won" pin on his suit lapel during interviews this week?

Baseball game banners, now folks overseas holding signs. LMAO.


They fucked around enough. When is it time for them to FIND OUT!?


I put this out to frens and fam and the looks on faces was astounding.


Asking because I woke up some small town fellow Ohioans when a year ago they were assigned to find a building to put the bodies in. Because two weeks to flatten muh curve and millions were gonna die.


I just read a very vague meme about this operation. Anyone have details / sauce and care to enlighten the topic?


I was reading Trump's GREAT VOICE tweet and some other comments about Q BOOOOMS with it... and then it hit me.

The constitution spells out that it is our right/duty to ALTER or ABOLISH the government when it has been deemed tyrannical/corrupt - rebellion/insurrection etc. Forgive me! I dont have the exact text in front of me and I am writing this hot off my thot. - LOL - Follow me...)

We all are aware of 1913 and the bankruptcy of the USA, when the Fed took over creating a USA corporation. Maybe it's not "US" that will fulfill their duty to ALTER or ABOLISH the gov. What happens when Trump walks away with the Military and no longer recognize the US of A corporation, but Alters and recognizes a New US for A? Fulfilling a duty to ALTER or ABOLISH the tyrannical corrupt government. It would leave Biden and the other traitor asshats in a defunct congress ready to be rounded up.

Piglosi is freaking the F out about the 25a. Why?

Just my 2 cents. I don't care for "What if's" anymore than you all probably do and I really tried to write this out in a manner that it really wasnt. But I digress.


A good link? To the full call with the GA SOS.?