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Ooof - Sounds like someone should be going to jail. But that almost never happens anymore.

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I didn't know we had professional writers with gHraMaR sKiLz in here. LOL!!!

I have to remember #wordnerd. That's funny.

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Any one else think this is just an entire joke? Midterms? I haven't seen anything in my state that improved anything over 2020 so how the F do I even know of it counts?

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There's that number 14 again.

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Chess move for an ammo expense. Seen it before, that is all.

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Now I know why the fences have been put up.

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At what point can we just remove the blind fold from lady justice and let her serve it up?

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The only rock with a tidal lock.

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If this happens maybe we do see the tweet, " my fellow Americans, the storm is upon us. "

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Nope on all that stuff. - I actually prefer Great Lakes (Elliot Ness and Edmond Fitzgerald (Porter), Sam's Chocolate Bock and Hefeweizen is great at the holidays. Boston lager is good with a steak. I "grad-u-cated" and prefer the heavier beers. Guess Im getting old, and bald (no bun).

I'm not up with the current thing, thought it was a good patriotic beer (apparently in name only?). I do know Ben and Jerry is liberal AF.

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