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....to be red-pilled and still function normally every day...People who are awake deserve a lot more credit...!

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I keep getting caught out. Someone says something that suggests they need information and I try to help out. Like today I emailed a friend with info about masks because she's worried that her kids will be damaged by wearing them all day at school. She blew me off. How dare I assume that she needed such information. don't ever speak to me again! etc. Poor kids.

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Yes, I had a workmate be like "send me some info on that and I'll read up on it". No, I just say "Don't worry about it, just let it wash over you, we win in the end anyway"

Years ago I did a full CDROM for a friend and after I had given them it, I had second thoughts about it, and while round their house, I retrieved the CD.

It was obviously never missed.