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U238 has a half live over 4 billion years but will eventually decay to lead, there are many sources for this. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uranium%E2%80%93lead_dating

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"Fully depleted" uranium is Lead (Pb) so depleted uranium is not really depleted, hence it is in a state of ongoing radioactive decay, hence it is a "nuclear weapon"

It is used mainly because it is denser than lead - makes for a heavier projectile, means more energy on target, means more likely to punch through steel armouring. When it does punch through it is partly atomised into a dust/vapour and that is radio active dust, breathe that in and your cancer chances are increased.

Side note: I have a pet theory that lung cancer rates were driven by airborne nuclear testing programmes. When they ended cancer rates began to fall, so at that point smoking (which is blamed for these cancers) had to be curtailed to account for the fall in rates. Hence there was a lot of smoking bans introduced. Government can then claim their bans have saved lives, when the truth is their airborne testing programmes caused death.

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Microchip was debooonked eons ago, weird fantasist midget, probably just larping but is very persistent with this fantasy. Edit: from 2018, yeah he got totally roasted for this.

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Maybe it will soften the blow when real arrest happen?

When real people get arrested there will be enough disbelief that nobody will be motivated enough to riot or play up. It will be confusing but then later gets confirmed real. Just enough time to explain why.

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possibly the point was they became aware they were being monitored so open voice or text comms would have been incriminating so they tried coded messages?

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Long have I dreamt of a definitive index on all subjects, uncensored. A community wiki uncorrupted by ideology - with competing definitions that are voted on perhaps.

Since about 2015 the internet has become more ephemeral - posts and content slides by in an irreversible unrecoverable stream. Back in the day a repository lasted, with info on serious topics archived for reference. You get that less now, it just pops up and goes.

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They stab it with their steely knives But they just can't kill the beast

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That door is a secret service door (evidenced by the flushness in closed position, the hinge not being on the edge to facilitate that, and the wallpaper inner surface) but what really surprises me is the thinness of the wall.

Other notables: the high position of the camera - looking down from almost the top of the door. the strange "zoom" - it looks like the doorway was overlaid on the scene in the office and is not an organic shot. Everything looks too big through the doorway.

Finally I would comment on the wallpaper pattern - I would not want to do hallucinogens in there - that paper has many easy-to-hallucinate demon faces in it.

Its very 'off'.

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self-created fodder by one of the lunatic "QFS" or medbed crew. Create fantasy narrative, do shows about it, offer up anon source video as "proof" what you said was real. Rinse repeat, buy house off excitable credulous subscribers and ad money. profit.

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This makes me think covid lockdowns was deliberate WH way to expend their ammo, they went along because it looked like their plan. The vaccine was mildly dangerous to remove their potential to do it with a more deadly version in a pandemic they controlled. All necessary to prevent the same response to a future pandemic, building resistance in people. Combat tactics.

"live exercise" - Kansas.

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This issue makes it clear that "the awakening" is - is - the moment that public opinion flatly contradicts the position of major institutions, and will continue until they shrivel up. This is a big thing to do, but looks like the end game. They will continue to lie until they are the only ones who are pretending to believe the lie. That moment is the set up for the moment when they implode under the absurdity of the lie. It really is utterly astonishing that it continues, but surely this sort of dissonance cannot forever endure. Nuts.

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Maybe shaman was a triple agent - there to catch DS recruiters, told them he would lead the insurrection, then on the day he deliberately scuppered their hopes, wandered around and then said all the "wrong" things. Hehe I hope so that would be even better.

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I know what you mean. I had a meme I made that i forgot about. Titled "the vanguard papers" and had a snip of text talking about Obama being under the control of HWBush and Biden "admitting that he was also compromised".

Anyway - I cannot find ANY MENTION of "vanguard papers" with "leak" I don't even know if it was real now, maybe I did a typo?. No string from the text on the meme gives a result of any usefulness either. Very frustrating. I also didn't do much offline saving of source documents, only really memes.

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Captures the horrors we must impassively face

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Thanks, great pasta. I agree. This needs to be forced down the throats of the entire world until they get it through their thick skulls. If Tucker's revelations do not include this then they are just another smoke screen.

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Fair enough, you could be right. When I say he deserves his current predicament, that was based on a belief that he was paid to bring disrepute to this movement, which is a serious movement. Essentially I was saying that in the belief he was a traitor to this movement. If he is not a traitor to this movement then I shall happily retract that sentiment, without hesitation.

The FBI or informant people who seeded the j6 incident to have people locked up for it, those people deserve prison because they bore false witness. I had him in that camp, if I am wrong then fine, I retract. We will have to see it play out.

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OK yeah you could be taking the sensible line. It was the Pelosi pic that got me annoyed, but there is counter material for sure. I just wondered if he took a deal to go to prison, do the photo ops to make everyone look crazy, and has a payoff waiting for him.

Equally, he could be relatively innocent, as you say, time will tell.

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Fair enough fair enough. Made easy fodder for the media to paint everyone as a lunatic, but again to be fair they do that anyway regardless of the source material. We will see how it plays out.

Edit: Babbit was also a veteran, but that stinks to high heaven too (I think it was faked)

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