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I'm so sick of these people..Seriously, what the fucking hell? And know they will force the poison on children? I will never forgive these fucking idiots, i loath them more then anything. If the majority of liberals die its a win in my book, useful worthless idiots who has committed their life to destroy the west. Fuck them, fuck these atheist to hell and let them burn forever. I have a bad taste in my mouth just when hearing these snarky idiots speak.

The only forgiveness they should ask is from god, they are my enemy. I don't give a flying fuck about people who says we should be "tolerant" and "understanding" to these maniacs. Fucking pedophile enablers and filth.

Sorry, had to get that one of my chest even if it is not the prudent thing to say or think but ffs. Carry on now.

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pearlrevolver 16 points ago +17 / -1

God has no problem culling massive amounts of people for the benefit of humanity, as seen routinely in the Bible. God wins, they just don't know it yet.

Shine382106 12 points ago +12 / -0

That's very true. He keeps reminding me of that too. Many of these people that he took out were actually part of the cabal even back then. Cabal = worshipers of Ba'al, Baphomet, Moloch, etc.

Geralt-1776 1 point ago +4 / -3

God or Darwinism. Maybe a little of both haha

Hilltopperpete 5 points ago +6 / -1

Darwin was a Freemason who invented evolution to lie about the existence of God.

This is a LONG video, but it should be required viewing. To be promoted, to be famous, to be wealthy- the PRE-REQUISITE is to be a prt of their club. http://youtu.be/bZ4NTdSK5ac

Spoiler: Freemasonry is just a bunch of sheep covering for the worship of Lucifer by the highest levels. And it’s impossible to deny once you see the extent of the symbolism.

This article (or embedded video like halfway down the article) explains the timelines of dinosaur fossil discovery and the who and where. The author does not understand the motivations, but Freemasons working for the Carnegie Foundation and Cabal-funded museums around the world have discovered ALL dinosaur fossils.


Despite there allegedly being trillions of dinosaurs, no normal person has ever found a fossil, even while searching for “fossil fuels”. There are about 2,100 partial dinosaur skeletons that are under lockdown at museums and not accessible to the public. Every single bone you see in a museum is manufactured. And they were ALL found AFTER their existence was theorized.

How likely is it that trillions of dinosaurs existed and yet there was never even a partial dinosaur skeleton found in the history of humanity before Freemasons set off to explicitly find them in the 1850s and then found convenient piles of them just feet below the surface in order to confirm the theory that God was a myth?

I knew from childhood that the fossil record did not come close to supporting the gradual macroevolution of all complex forms of life. I knew the Bible was true on an intellectual level, despite the overwhelming crush of contradictory information, because there are so many massive holes in evolution that are completely whitewashed and ignored. I knew some Creation Scientists got their hands on a dinosaur bone and did radiocarbon dating and found it was the same age as a lobster shell (now it’s clear the bones are all fabricated- I thought maybe it was just the timeline that was a lie, but it was EVERYTHING). But I didn’t understand the motives or the institutions behind then until recently.


Karl Marx was a Freemason- that famous picture of him is the “hidden hand” symbol. And the real-life application of his manifesto combines a false promise of total equality to the people with a reality of feudalism and Oligarchy that benefits the Elites and grinds the useless eaters into fertilizer once they outlive their working lives.