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The truth should unite, not divide.

This is a copy/paste from a previous post of mine, there are a ton of people who have been unable to reconcile that there was a fair bit useful information provided with Q, but that the rest of it has been either so far twisted by internal and external forces that the people interested in Q now look like lunatics- all the stuff about Trump and Obama spying was true- but the vast majority of liberals don't give a crap or even think that Trump deserved it.

Fortunately, you don't need to talk about ANY of that.

War is a good place to start for a young, bleeding-heart liberal.

There were no WMDs in Iraq. OBL was not in Afghanistan. Bush was human garbage. The Gulf of Tonkin Incident that kicked off the Vietnam war was a complete hoax created by the US Government to trick the American people into supporting invasion of Vietnam, and 3 MILLION brown people died.

Here's a 30 minute documentary on how America was lied into Gulf War 1 by a 15 year old girl "Nayirah" who ended up being a CIA shill- talking about how Iraqis took babies out of incubators in Kuwait and left them to die, sparking American outrage and an invasion that killed hundreds of thousands of brown people. https://youtu.be/yaR1YBR5g6U?si=dxK3dCExT6EFDDEF

This is almost exactly what happened with Israel accusing Palestine of beheading babies. It turned out to be completely false, but nobody apologized.

Here's my go-to from the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation. It's a giant red pill for understanding chemtrail gaslighting and how extensive weather manipulation is- and almost no Republicans OR Democrats talk about it- they just say manmade climate change or no-we are given two false choices and are encouraged to fight over them.

WEATHER MODIFICATION: Harvesting the Texas Skies in 2022 - A Summary of Rain Enhancement Operations in Texas https://www.tdlr.texas.gov/weather/summary.htm

Nearly everything about the climate agenda is just fake, particularly the narrative around Carbon Dioxide. The current CO2 level is about 0.042%, or 420ppm. The highest in Earth's history is somewhere between 0.6% and 0.7%, between 6,000ppm and 7,000ppm. And that is measured from when the planet was a giant rainforest. I do not trust the timelines they give us, since they skew everything else (and because living tissue- particularly from crustaceans regularly can be carbon dated at millions of years old), but the CO2 concentration data comes from ice cores and ancient tree rings. http://earthguide.ucsd.edu/virtualmuseum/climatechange2/07_1.shtml

If someone even mentions CO2 in the same sentence as climate change, they are lying. And that includes Republicans denying it, without actually addressing the truth of the matter.

There's no need to go into Q stuff, into the speculation here, or even talk about Trump. He is a lightning rod, but most importantly - he is no savior. Jesus saves, Trump is a human, and a DEEPLY flawed one at that. Do not try to redpill someone with something that you cannot 100% verifiably, factually prove beyond a shadow of a doubt. And there are SO MANY LIES, that this is quite easy to do. Here are a few of my favorites.

Here's a NASA Astronaut saying that we'd love to go to the moon, but we don't have the technology anymore. https://youtu.be/16MMZJlp_0Y?si=8cS0H-oBPS-xJXYN

Here's the BBC reporting WTC building 7 collapse BEFORE IT HAPPENS, with the building actually appearing in the background. https://youtu.be/677i43QfYpQ?si=9BF9BMJtZMGaWfz5

And the Building 7 collapse, which is so obviously a demolition. https://youtu.be/LD06SAf0p9A?si=Gjs2-r_ER6NIeHpw

Here's the report on the Hijacker's passport found in World Trade Center rubble. https://youtu.be/V-QycTzwV7c?si=wpF_-cGu8KlmDWIU

Here's a wild green screen Biden interview. No need to go into speculation on who he is or why he looks completely different. It's just freaking weird that they'd green screen the President on the lawn of the White House. https://youtu.be/nvgrp82qktU?si=2hGgqtNbMKNwZ5sP

Here's the creepiest part of George Bush Sr.'s "New World Order" speech on September 11, 1990. https://youtu.be/VtlO39wIRWs?si=T1qURqZou1pPZDQL

Here's famous Radio Broadcaster Paul Harvey predicting modern society perfectly in 1965. https://youtu.be/4LWPcEo2gV0?si=Fz89MkFXnmnQhe2V

Here's the perfect example of us being told the truth about how society works and why singular voices for truth are silenced in children's cartoons from "A Bug's Life" (EVERYONE SHOULD SEE THIS). https://youtu.be/UI-RFRykjTk?si=ZBbKlFdQKXSPuVQG

Most importantly, get off the Trump train. If you want to give someone a lasting, lifelong red pill, do not use such a flawed individual as your anchor. It's kind of like taking the girl you're dating to Church and trying to sit in every Bible study and worship time together- lead her towards Jesus and talk about Jesus together, but don't tie your relationship with her to her faith in Jesus, because you don't want her to abandon her faith if it doesn't work out with you. Lead her, help her understand and answer questions, work together to learn about God, but let her have her own relationship with the truth and reality. Because you cannot hold her hand through every situation everywhere.

Don't tie your daughter's awakening to Trump, because there are so many giant red flags that our community has just collectively decided to ignore, that should absolutely not be ignored.

For example...

Trump is responsible for Operation Warp Speed, Red Flag Laws, he is 100% in on homosexual marriage, and his support of the lockdowns/faked pandemic hysteria and the American "Rescue" Plan are primary causes to why we are seeing such insane inflation now- Biden put a nail in that coffin, but Trump dug it up. Trump let trillion dollar hedge funds like Blackrock tap into the Federal Reserve system to buy single family houses, which is why the housing market went insane when everyone was unemployed and out of work. The pause on evictions also allowed the whole country to not pay rent to property owners, causing small business owners to go out of business and providing endless capital for giant conglomerates to buy out the entire real estate inventory to switch it to rentals. These all happened under Trump, and we are screwed for generations because of them. Don't just say "optics" or "trust the plan". These are real things with real consequences, and the whole world suffered because of it, and there is no end in sight other than hopes and whispers, while he bows to the Oligarchy that owns the banks and big pharma.

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Literally everything about his face, demeanor, voice, and physical build are different. His skull shape is different, his signature looks like his wife is writing it. It's not the same guy.

Explain "play his role for Q team", because the damage being done is real. Millions of hungry, desperate mouths to feed, billions to launder and murder civilians in their play wars, our housing market is destroyed for a generation, all income gains we had under Trump were wiped out with inflation, children are being sexualized and ruined by transgenderism, thousands of people died because of their attempts to trick companies into mandating crappy untested vaccines and millions were maimed. What is the plan here?

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There's barely 8 months left. Stop moving the goalposts, it is not going to happen.

Q told us a bunch of useful things and woke a ton of us up, but we need to see the fruit being borne here. For giant proportions of the country, nothing has changed at all. The loser liberals who cheer anything bad happening to Trump are cheering that someone who committed no crime (outside of Operation Warp Speed and driving the bus during the Covid Hoax) is having his rights stripped away- Trump was right that the system was coming for us and he was standing in the way. And when he is the appointed martyr and we collectively do nothing, we deserve what is coming for us on the tails of the judicial precedence set against him.

rump is a big pharma salesman, he's cozy with the banks, and he's all-in on things like Red Flag Laws, 15-minute cities (on this campaign trail he has been discussing the creation of new smart cities to handle the crush of illegal immigration), and he is the biggest Zionist of them all. MAGA means magic, and is the highest level of Satanism. We constantly talk about symbolism here, what does MAGA mean?

Here's that Marina Abramovic witch dude (what probability do you think that creature was born a man, 90%?) calling Trump "the magician who is waking us up". The Satanists constantly tell us what they are doing- the best hypothesis I've heard on this is that they believe their magic does not work on unwilling participants. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wL7T299qS4c

Don't "trust the plan", trust God.

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That's the OTHER Joe Biden.

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Also, look into "primary water", which is water the Earth produces by combining hydrogen and oxygen under pressure. Spring water is "new water" that is directly made by the Earth.

This is similar to what petroleum actually is- petroleum is not a fossil fuel- it is constantly made by the Earth, and petroleum engineering's primary focus is to manage tapping oil wells at a rate that allows the oil well to be constantly replenished. Oilmen don't talk about this in public because in order for petroleum to keep its high price, the illusion of scarcity needs to be preserved.

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Cloud seeding would like to have a word with you. https://www.tdlr.texas.gov/weather/summary.htm

Our teeth are made of hydroxyapatite, a mineral primarily composed of calcium and phosphorus. Eating animal fats, seafood, Vitamin C, Vitamin K (animal sources- plant ones are not bioavailable), and food with plenty of minerals like magnesium, boron (big one), potassium, and iodine are essential to building and repairing your teeth properly. Teeth are bones and should heal themselves, but because fluoride converts your teeth into fluorapatite- a mineral that is not biologically active in your body, it sabotages repair, even though it is slightly harder.

The argument that "well, we have a study from the 40s in Michigan" does not reconcile the fact that turning your teeth into something that is not teeth does not make them better at being teeth.

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EWG has a very long track record of investigating potential hazardous consumer products and ingredients and cataloging them.

Sometimes they take the word of the scientific community too seriously in condemning some natural ingredients- but they usually err on the side of extreme caution. EWG is an excellent resource for helping you not get poisoned by soaps, shampoos, cleaning products, and food.

Trump screwed us over in so many ways. Pfizer is a Trump vaccine. Using the American Rescue Plan, Trump allowed trillion dollar hedge funds to tap into the Federal Reserve to buy single family homes, which destroyed the housing market for at least a generation- why do you think real estate prices shot through the roof when everyone was forced out of work and stopped paying rent? He pushed Red Flag Laws, he bowed down to Israel at every step, and he did crap like this where he allowed the Satanists obsessed with poisoning the human race to do so even more with impunity. Questioning or blaming Trump should not be cause for alarm. Don't trust Trump, don't trust Kansas, don't trust Barr or Wray- trust God.

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We perceive the physical, but the war is spiritual. Trying to win a physical war against a spiritual enemy is folly.

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. -Ephesians 6:12

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I've been saying this for years now.

Fauci can say with a straight face that they support any gain of function virus research, because it's not real. He was telling the truth. It doesn't mean he is not a lying piece of garbage in every other aspect of his life.

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The only real earth-shattering thing he could put forth is evidence that the Holdomor was co-opted by a certain faction for financial gain and geopolitical influence.

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Two miles away, there are gaps in the "wall" with roads running through them and nobody manning them.

This is a big play fight. The goal is obviously to try and federalize the National Guard.

If Abbott cared one iota about this issue, he would have taken action THREE YEARS AGO. Doing so now is just for optics, while some other sinister rule is snuck in through the back door.

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If step 1 of the "war game simulation" is that "nobody shows up because it's obviously a glowie party", it's just idiocy for headlines.

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How about the "Beautiful Vaccine" that "saved millions of lives"?

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By the way, the mechanism of death for Remdesivir is pretty straightforward.

It was a failed Ebola drug, and crazy toxic, killing around 50% people in the trial compared to the baseline 35%.

"Overall, about 50% of people who received either Zmapp or remdesivir died during the trial. In contrast, only about 35% of people who received either Mab114 or REGN-EB3 died. Three participants died of side effects thought to be related to treatment—two in the ZMapp group and one in the remdesivir group." https://www.nih.gov/news-events/nih-research-matters/two-drugs-reduce-risk-death-ebola

When your kidneys are overloaded with something extremely toxic, they dump fluid into your lungs as an escape valve, kind of like how your gallbladder dumps bile into your liver to induce vomiting with food poisoning and to help break down excess toxins.

Remdesivir is wildly toxic and induces an extreme kidney response, often accompanied with kidney failure, and since "Covid" was classified a respiratory disease, worsening symptoms were treated with ventilation.

The problem with ventilation, aside from the extreme invasiveness (the general principle is to NEVER ventilate someone without an obstructed airway as it is so dangerous), is that it is so painful and uncomfortable that people have to be sedated with morphine or midazolam for it to work. And sedation prevents you from coughing out the crap that is filling your lungs because your kidneys are boxed. Additionally, with the "quarantine" measures, people were not being appropriately monitored and fluid was not being suctioned from their lungs because a "known" symptom was precipitously low O2 SATs. So their lungs fill up with fluid without any exit point, their blood oxygen dropped to nothing, and they drowned in their own fluids alone in a hospital room with nobody watching them and no family members in the room to raise the alarm.

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Regarding "viral" spread and contagious diseases...

I personally do not think that viruses are a culprit for illness. There is a lot more there, but this is a long comment- the research has been attempted for over a century since the "Spanish Flu", and people or animals do not get make one another sick with bodily fluids. In lab settings, adjuvants are required to make animals sick. Healthy animals cannot be made sick through proximity to unhealthy animals in lab settings. Many experiments also rely on extremely toxic "placebos" that cause allergic reactions in the subjects, and then the "test results" are compared to whatever difference occurs between the toxic placebo and the test.

Our bodies have various detox and healing responses with distinct symptoms and byproducts that are universal and can be tested. But it's a machine producing those byproducts, our very specialized cells are not "hijacked" and lose their essential functions in order to become "virus factories" and then return to their initial form and function suddenly when the "immune system wins". The whole setup is hogwash.

The simplest explanation is energy and electricity. We have energetic fields, and we know how they work in some very limited ways. If you're depressed, your dog knows to snuggle you. If your wife is seething mad about something, you can physically feel her anger and it generates anxiety in you until you deal with it. The female period sync has had a ton of investigation both ways and the general consensus is that it doesn't exist- but there is so much anecdotal evidence to this that I'm skeptical- but I don't use it as a hard piece of evidence. But we share energy, and that energy triggers an immune response- IF YOU NEED IT.

The best test case for this is Tuberculosis. TB is VERY CONTAGIOUS, but only in households where they cook or heat with fire indoors. The primary symptoms are that you cough until you're done- either by clearing out sufficient cumulative smoke inhalation or dying- and have general weakness/fever/chills. Westerners exposed to TB test positive for the rest of their lives (my Dad is one), but they do not get sick- not because they do not "contract" the illness, but rather because they do not generate one. TB has been eradicated from the First World without vaccines, but it is still deadly throughout the Third World.

Another is Hepatitis. You can get hepatitis from things like drug abuse, from drinking too much, from taking too much Tylenol. And the probability that someone tests positive after a Hepatitis needlestick is around 0.5%. The probability that a random person tests positive for Hepatitis is around 0.5%. If you are exposed to Hepatitis- of any form- and you do not have the precondition necessary to generate an immune response- which is simply Hepa (liver) and -titis (swelling/inflammation)- which is your body sending extra resources to your liver in order to process toxins more rapidly because of long-term cumulative toxic exposure, you are no more likely to get sick after a needlestick as you were before the needlestick. My Dad had an accidental needlestick from an unruly Hepatitis patient in the clinic like 15 years ago and had no issues at all.

When you get an AIDS test, you are asked lifestyle questions. Why?

The biggest indicator that disease is generated internally is that nearly every single blood test for illness is a population count, and not a test for the absolute presence of the contagion. You have e.coli, the problem is if you have too much. You have pneumococcal antibodies, the problem is if you have too many too recently. You have HPV, and a host of all manner of viruses and bacteria. If you look hard enough (or crank the cycles up enough times in Covid's case- and PCR can be magnified far more than 45 cycles), you can find anything in anyone.

"PCR, if you do it well, you can find almost anything in anybody... There's very few molecules that you don't have at least one single one of in your body". -Kary Mullis


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Every time I hear another deep explanation of how gain of function research and bioengineering works and that "trust me guys, it's the researchers making deadly contagious particles"...

Obviously contagious diseases exist. But if they were spread by particles, masks would work.

I am reminded of the cold hard facts. Masks not only don't work, they are responsible for a net negative effect. PCR cycles were cranked up above 40 instead of at 25, causing over 90% false positives- and that those tests themselves were never actually based on an isolated virus, but rather components of influenza and cold. Isolated viruses themselves have never been proven to cause disease- and that vaccines require a whole host of adjuvants in order to provoke any immune response. Death certificate coding was changed to make nearly every death potentially attributable to Covid. Since all symptoms were assigned to Covid, and things like heart conditions and pneumonia went untreated and people were sent to "quarantine" instead of getting properly evaluated. Remdesivir plus ventilators were the primary culprit in putting people who checked into the hospital with moderate symptoms into an early grave in a matter of hours. And people had to be tested to know whether they were sick.

Any defense of the research community and the "novel virus" that does not address the abject institutional fraud and systematic murder and propaganda that was required to convince the public there was a deadly pandemic has zero merit.

If "the science" has any exceptions at all, it is not hard science. It is a flawed hypothesis, at best, that needs to be thrown out and reevaluated. Science must be infinitely repeatable with consistent results.

The systematic application of reason and real-world testing has been roundly applied to the theory of diseases and vaccines, and they are both so full of holes, there is nothing of value contained therein.

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Kidney issues are very common in late pregnancy, your wife's kidneys are processing waste for herself and also a growing human. It's not some crazy disease, it's just an overload, exacerbated by the toxic crap we are constantly exposed to that requires significant, constant resources. My wife just gave birth a couple weeks ago, and had some protein in her urine at the end indicative of this.

If she is having kidney issues this early, she is also probably having blood pressure issues. Hibiscus tea is a very effective way to help lower blood pressure with no symptoms. My wife had a cup a day the last month of pregnancy for our subsequent kids after she had major blood pressure concerns after our first, and it helped a ton. It's super tasty- probably not for first trimester, but it's way safer than blood pressure medication in the third trimester when it's useful.

Drink tons of water, get tons of sleep and extra naps (our kidneys go into overdrive filtering toxins during sleep- which is why we always have to pee after waking up), get some chlorella/spirulina to help flush toxins, go full organic for at least the rest of the pregnancy, cut out all processed foods, stop eating all sugar, and definitely do not drink any soda- the phosphoric acid in most sodas is very hard on kidneys. Dr. Eric Berg has a pretty good youtube channel talking about different foods that can positively and negatively influence various metabolic processes. It's not the final resource, but it's a good starting point for understanding what's happening and what steps can be taken to reclaim your health from the charlatans at the hospital.

Vitamin D (sunshine is by far the best but it is hard in the winter, there's an app called "D-Minder" that helps you track when sunshine periods are available), Vitamin C- particularly from fresh veggies/fruits- bell peppers are just about the best because they are high in Vit C and low in sugar- and Vit C denatures at high and low temperatures- so supplementing is decent but not the same as real food, magnesium- nuts are great, potassium- apples/bananas/spinach/broccoli, Vitamin A/E/K from meat, and lots and lots of good fats... like butter, butter, and more butter. Also milk (whole- and try out lactose free if she can't handle pasteurized milk like many people), full fat beef, and more butter. Avocados/avocado oil/coconuts/coconut oil/olives/olive oil are also wonderful sources of fats.

All the crap we have been told about how animal fats and saturated fats cause heart disease is hot nonsense. The cholesterol in your blood is created by your liver out of dietary glucose. You don't have beef fat or bacon fat flowing through your veins, you have human cholesterol, and if you eat too much sugar, it gives you a fatty liver and spills out into storage if you have too much.

Bears eat berries and honey all summer and get super fat, and they use that fat for hibernation in the winter. Sugar is the primary culprit (and high glycemic simple carbs like bleached wheat with no fiber).

Anyways, we are praying for you guys! You can do it!

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Great for UTIs as well. My wife used to have them all the time until we changed our diet, cut out processed foods, started intermittent fasting, and switched our primary calorie intake from carbs to animal fats. Zero UTIs in 3 years after making the change, after having one or two per year for 20 years.

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All he had to do is show up and give them the middle finger and respectfully invite them to consider taking a long walk off of a short pier.

It was obviously a clown show, and he made himself the target of legal action by refusing to show up and point out the clowns.

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The same goes for "free" things, particularly pornography. It's "ad-supported", which just means that some Satanic Pedo Banker is creating Federal Reserve funny money to throw at trying to ruin the sexuality of young people.

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We create the biological conditions that test positive for influenza and coronavirus inside of us in response to a diverse set of factors, from toxic exposure to dietary deficiency (the primary being Vitamin D from sunlight in the winter) to stress to lifestyle conditions (for example, Tuberculosis is VERY contagious, but ONLY among households that cook or heat their homes with fire indoors).

You can catch a cold or flu alone in your own house if you don't sleep a couple days in a row or are super stressed out or maybe spend a whole day in 40 degree rainy weather in shorts. It came from you, you generated it in response to depleting the resources your liver and kidneys use to process normal toxic exposure.

We are energy at our basest, most elemental sense. And we share that energy- if your wife is mad at you, you feel it. If you are sad about something, your dog knows and comes to snuggle you. We emit and receive energetic signals that kick off immune responses, which vary in severity based on the precondition of our bodies- if you don't NEED to get sick, you do not generate an illness, which is why you can be "exposed" and "test positive" without any symptoms. The symptoms of all communicable illnesses are various methods of your body purging toxins.

People get sick after flu shots not because the flu shots have anything contagious in them, but rather that they are simply toxic cocktails (read up on adjuvants- vaccines produce no immune response without tons of adjuvants, because viruses do not make you sick- there has never been a truly isolated virus). You get a toxic exposure, you produce a low-level immune response, you ping the people around you to check if they need one as well, and if they require a similar immune response, they produce one. There have been dozens of experiments throughout the decades in which people sneeze on each other, spit into each others' mouths, and are even injected with "infected" blood, and they cannot transmit viral infections. The most important one was done with 100 army volunteers during the Spanish Flu, though it has been scrubbed from the internet now- when I find it again, I'll make a permanent copy and also post it on the forum.

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