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It's just for 12 hours. Nothing is happening, and nothing is going to happen because our corrupt court system is rigged against the Goyim.

They cannot turn in their people to be punished by any authority, so they packed the courts, DAs offices and legal system with their own or sympathizers who do what they are told in order to prevent them from being punished for wrongdoing. These are instructions straight from the Talmud. It is true that nobody has any standing in these cases, because the Goyim cannot be allowed to win in court.

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I doubt it's less of a "loose end" and more of an "occult sacrifice ritual".

Personally, I would be shocked if he was still alive. That doesn't mean he died on camera in the way we were shown.

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Heavy vaccine uptake in North, South, and Latin America

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Great. But they don't ever mention it. Very few people are even aware of the true nature of our money and its inherent destructive nature- and here is Gaetz preaching "fiscal responsibility" with the very thing designed to destroy us.

He's pointing fingers at the Democrats. The Democrats do indeed revel in evil, but they are not the problem- the problem is the money.

Telling people works. It really does- but it has to be about real things, hard evidence. You can't just talk about cryptic hopes that somebody else is going to do something- WE have to do it, wake up our neighbors and family members, and it cannot be Q drops, two more weeks, or any of the stuff that has yet to bear any fruit. Q was useful in helping me to wake up, but I haven't seen a shred of evidence that corrupt people are going to tear down the corrupt system and start again. The only thing the our system has ever needed is light, and instead all the people have gotten is a complete black hole full of distractions, lies, finger-pointing, and misdirection for over a century.

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Wow, that's a great connection. Pretty telling that it just means "trash" or "plague" from Hebrew, and that name for "undesirables" stems from what the Jews called the Egyptians who left Egypt with them. That this name has persisted for nearly 3400 years with almost exactly the same pronunciation is pretty wild.

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Gaetz is part of the problem. He's preaching fiscal responsibility, when in reality he should be preaching "Congress needs to print our own money instead of farming out the responsibility to the Federal Reserve System and paying them interest on it."

The entirety of our national debt is to the Federal Reserve System. That's the ONLY major societal problem they have. The fact that he is working and fighting for "responsibility" WITHIN the corrupt system and not claiming that it needs to be torn down completely is all you need to know about him.

What a doorknob. Maybe he's just ignorant and doesn't know what money is and how it works.

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KM is just a smokescreen. It's the Synagogue of Satan, the ones who claim to be Jews but are not- they are liars (Rev 2:9, 3:9). The ones still choosing to remain Jews in defiance of Jesus fulfilling every Messianic prophecy are choosing Satan over God.

Really dig into how the citizens of Israel treat foreigners and non-Jews and how they talk about Christians- they consider Christians to be idol worshippers worthy of death and property confiscation.

Today the majority of the Jews are EXACTLY what Jesus said they were 2,000 years ago. And he called them children of Satan then. It's not some minor issue on how to best be pious- the problem is that the Jews have repeatedly abandoned God and decided to engage in child sacrifice, pedophilia, temple prostitution, idol worship, and stealing from and murdering foreigners with impunity within their communities- most of the Old Testament is literally about exactly this. Just like the Jews today push abortion and homosexuality/sex/transgenderism/pedophilia through the media they control, materialism through the banks they control, and a complete miscarriage of justice through the courts they control. Same playbook, updated terminology. About 90% of Jewish voters are staunch Democrats. But this explains it- there is no such thing as "Judeo-Christian", that's just Christians making excuses for the horrific actions of the Jews over the centuries.

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General Flynn complied with the fraud that was the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars.

Why does anyone listen to this occult-obsessed weasel?

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Remember when the Democrats were saying they wouldn't take a "Trump Vaccine"? Here is video of Trump denouncing"dangerous anti-vaccine rhetoric".


** “[Biden and Harris] should immediately apologize for the reckless anti-vaccine rhetoric that they are talking right now,” Trump told reporters Monday. “It undermines science.” **

Trump has been 100% consistent saying the vaccine has saved millions of lives, that he has taken it and a booster, and that he did a good thing with Operation Warp Speed.

Don't assign motive to someone you don't know. Judge people on the fruit they bear, by their words and actions. And Trump's words and actions regarding the obviously terrible Covid vaccines are that of a vaccine salesman.

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Being a member of a Satanist secret society needs to be grounds for inherent distrust.

He's part of the Hegelian dialectic, the presentation of "here's two choices", when in reality both choices are fake. He is a Republican, and he does not spend every waking moment fighting against the Federal Reserve.

Corrupt people are not going to fix corruption. Having the few people truly awake to the extent of the corruption on both sides completely captured by this idea that someone is going to swoop down and save them is so disheartening- we need to make change happen ourselves and wake people up, not using arcane predictions based on hinted at puzzle pieces, but using real evidence and real life to bring people together against our common oppressors, which are the Banksters who run our money supply and siphon off our productivity with systematic money dilution.

Coordinating corn comms? Grassley is the Senator from Iowa. His campaign's social media manager is going to be tweeting pictures of corn constantly.

Grassley has been in the Senate for 43 years, and participated in sending American industry to China for decades, stripping our wealth, and the decimation of the American food supply with pesticides and terrible crop management happened on his watch. The complete domination of big pharma was only necessary because the food, water, and air was poisoned under Grassley's watchful eye. He has received awards and tons of publicity for "exposing crimes against children in the FBI" 20 years ago and "reigning in the FDA", neither of which made a single bit of lasting difference. He's like Ted Cruz- yell at Big Tech CEOs for sound bites and then do literally nothing behind closed doors to make any difference at all.

Grassley is not on our side. He's just Joe Biden with less brazen children.

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Viruses don't get people sick.

Our bodies follow specific detox protocols based on our environmental exposures and diets, and when we hit a threshold of toxic accumulation (for example low Vitamin D season- Vit D is essential to the Liver's breakdown of toxins), our bodies engage an immune detox response that does things to clear accumulated toxins, like producing extra mucus from various lymphatic systems into the nose or throat to either route to the lungs to be coughed or sneezed out or swallowed to be further broken down by stomach acid, like increasing temperature (fever) to accelerate metabolism of toxins, inducing chills to further increase metabolic rate, setting in fatigue to prompt you to rest, and in more severe cases, initiating vomiting and diarrhea to quickly dump toxins.

There are more greater responses for more exotic toxins with long-term accumulation, like tumors made of fat (most toxins are fat soluble) to quarantine the toxins until your liver has capacity to process them, or cancers to destroy tissue that has either accumulated excess toxins or has been damaged by toxic exposure. There is a reason why people get exactly the same genetic types of cancers when exposed to exactly the same radiation or pesticide or poison, and it is not random bad luck or random disorder.

We are made correctly, and all natural systems tend towards order, not disorder. Entropy as a guiding principle to our universe is yet another myth. Just because we cannot precisely predict an action does not mean it is random or has been randomly initiated, it just means we don't know how it happens. The entire goal of Scientism is to distract us from our Heavenly purpose to Love God, Love Each Other, and glory in our Design in God's image as the caretakers and masters of this realm.

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The kid is wearing what appears to be a standard issue backpack. In the US Army, you can wear the Gadsden Flag on your uniform instead of the American Flag. It's that important to American history, and starting around 30-35 years ago, a bunch of communists started teaching in schools and hiding as much of our history as possible from everyone since. The biggest crime is teaching the "science" of evolution and tricking impressionable millennial children into thinking that God is not real.

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If you can't see it, you need to look harder.

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Please check for spelling and grammar errors in memes before you share them. Convincing the masses that you are approaching a situation with reason and logic is difficult when the meme itself is (likely) designed to undermine your position with errors.

"Coercion" "Cherry Picking" "Fearmongering"

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They killed as many as they could by withholding emergency resources and water and warning systems. And the rest will be "compensated" for their loss of land- but in reality the banks own the vast majority of the equity in nearly every property in the country- so the Government will be borrowing from the bank to pay the bank for the land they purchased for fake money they already made up... and the people who own the properties will receive all of their equity, but probably nothing close to the actual value of the home based on the market- like a house with a $200k mortgage owing $150k and $50k equity will probably receive $50k, while the house may have been worth $600k on the open market- and since the government is getting involved en masse, insurance companies are going to try and shirk their contractual responsibility as well.

It sounds a little bleak, but in pretty much every situation, just assume the Oligarchy is out to screw the little guy as much as possible and you'll never be surprised by the end result.

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You can be under your parents' health insurance until age 26 and you can't rent a car until around 25. Some people talk about the brain not being fully developed until around 25.

But people have been getting married and having children in the early to mid teens for millennia, this thing where "you're a child until 18" is pretty new. Our society does not support young people being able to start families and afford anything in life at a young age anymore, so it's kind of forced a couple generations of people to delay marriage and starting families and general independence. 30 feels like the new 18, and something like half of people between 20 and 30 live with their parents.

Again, that's newly taboo- people of all ages lived together in households for millennia, and our modern Western society has split families and moved us away from our homelands and our roots at unprecedented rates. In most of the world, it's not a strange thing for a 40 year old man to live with his parents or a 30 year old woman. It is a strange thing for them to be single still at that age in many societies.

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Even that just leads to another bank bailout and a different bank snatching up their assets and liabilities for pennies on the dollar.

The money system is not set up in our favor.

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Nothing bad for the bank.

Fiat currency is created on the spot in credit transactions- when you buy a house or a car or spend money on a credit card, the bank creates new money on the spot to give to the seller and you pay back real wages that you have to earn. And if you refuse to pay, the bank gets to write off a liability, they can repossess anything you purchased or sue you in court to get your personal assets, and they likely also get a bailout from the federal government. This is pretty much what happened in the 2008 financial crisis.

So we'd get another bump of inflation, the bank would lay claim to the assets of 1 million people, and the court systems would protect them because that's their job.

The main problem in our society is that the banks create new fake money out of thin air. And that directly leads to the devaluation of our labor- the promise of technology and the insane improvements in labor efficiency have been almost completely siphoned off by intentional money dilution, which we call inflation.

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The bigger tell is how lab animals are made to be ill. And humans in controlled studies.

Swapping spit doesn't work. Injecting blood from infected same species organisms (that doesn't trigger blood type rejection) doesn't work. I'll try to find it (it keeps moving and being deleted but it is available on pubmed), but there was an experiment with about 100 servicemen in 1918 where they volunteered to try and get sick with the Spanish Flu, and the researchers could not make them sick by any means, finally resorting to having them spit in each others' mouths with zero success.

Animals cannot be given a specific human illness solely by exposure to humans. It requires adjuvants like aluminum, petroleum products like polyethylene glycol, a "matrix" like FBS- which is Fetal Bovine Serum- calf's blood, Vero cells from green monkey kidneys, and antibiotics. This "base" is combined with cultured snot or the resultant product of the cell fractionation, injected into the test subject, and when the test subject becomes ill- the author points to the cultured snot/test cells as the cause, completely ignoring the effect of the mixture of incredibly toxic adjuvants, each of which could on its own result in an illness response.

Understanding the intricacies of cell fractionation is not the issue. The issue is that that the variables tested are not remotely independent variables and they never have been. I posit this is because they cannot work in the way they are described independently (and it is common knowledge that you need adjuvants in a vaccine or the immune response will not happen).

The reason these "waste products" have very specific genetic codes is because humans have very specific genetic codes that are incredibly dynamic and operate procedurally. When you cut your arm, you have a very specific response to the pain that triggers inflammation and the routing of resources like platelets to begin the healing process. When you are exposed to some extreme toxin like radiation, people have almost exactly the same physiological responses that produce identical cancers that can be identified with genetic testing. I am not saying I understand the purpose of the particles we call viruses or their functions, I am simply pointing out that the entirety of their existence in mainstream medicine and virology is based on flimsy lies.

If you cannot be made sick by exposure to the virus, or a "purified" version in saline, water, host blood, or host mucus, nothing in these substances is pathogenic. The only thing that causes illness is the adjuvants.

Now the adjuvants CAN kick off specific immune/detox reactions that can mirror the body's natural responses, and those may have the ability to create a small illness now that results in a small illness later. But that is at the cost of incredibly toxic adjuvants that accumulate and cause their own long-term chronic issues. If vaccines didn't leave a mark and result in increased overall health, explain the reality of things like this (it's also the food and soap and air and water obviously): https://www.cnbc.com/2021/05/04/older-millennials-chronic-health-conditions.html

Don't get bogged down in the intricacies of experimental prose in the results, and instead evaluate the experimental design. If independent variables are not actually tested, the study is fraudulent and any forthcoming conclusion does not accurately explain reality. With enough money and the ability to exclude study members for any reason at all, you can prove almost anything in a peer-reviewed study. My father practiced medicine for 45 years and his assumption is that 95% of peer-reviewed studies are nonsense.

Why Most Published Research Findings Are False John P. A. Ioannidis https://journals.plos.org/plosmedicine/article?id=10.1371/journal.pmed.0020124

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There still isn't evidence of viruses. We have tiny geometric particles that are associated with disease, but there is still no proof that viruses can be isolated and cause disease. It has never been done. There is no paper proving HIV causes AIDS or that SARS-COV-2 causes Covid-19.

The best explanation for viruses is that they are produced by various forms of cell respiration as waste products, which is why they are organic but "neither dead nor alive". Like feces.

Flies are active on a dead body- did the fly kill the animal? Firefighters are active around a burning building, did they start the fire? "Viruses" are present and detectable, did they cause the illness?

The big eye opener is that when we look at how testing for diseases works, it is almost never a test for the presence of the "virus" or bacteria, it is a POPULATION COUNT. "With PCR if you do it well you can find almost ANYTHING in ANYBODY" - Kary Mullis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHmVj3LTqrU

You have HIV. You have influenza. "There's very few molecules that you don't have at least one single one of them in your body." - Kary Mullis

Because "viruses" are not external. They are generated by your body in a GOOD process of illness that is meant to detox and clean us up. It is by design that we get sick, and the process of getting healthy is just a series of detox mechanisms.

Watch this interview with Kary Mullis: https://ugetube.com/watch/kary-mullis-pcr-inventor-the-full-interview-by-gary-null-hiv-aids-1996_zKng4sOqHPIAOBO.html

"The weight of evidence we examined from both historical and modern analyses of the 1918 influenza pandemic favors a scenario in which viral damage followed by bacterial pneumonia led to the vast majority of deaths," says co-author NIAID Director Anthony S. Fauci, M.D. "In essence, the virus landed the first blow while bacteria delivered the knockout punch." https://www.nih.gov/news-events/news-releases/bacterial-pneumonia-caused-most-deaths-1918-influenza-pandemic

Except there was no "viral damage", only detectable waste products from immune response to the toxic vaccines that led to extreme immune response of pneumonia because the vaccines were so toxic.

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