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I debated on posting this but it's just to good not to share.

Today I was 'out and about' with my 22 year old son. He's pretty smart, works his ass off, not as informed as I'd like but he watches the hell out of Tic Tok vids and that stuff when the subject is Trump or what is going on. I guess that is better than nothing. ANYWAY, out of the blue, he asked me about the 'recount' in AZ. I had to set him straight about that it was an 'Audit' not a recount, and explained the whole reason and process. Then I asked what prompted that question. He said, and I QUOTE: "Everyone on his social media is talking about that, Fauci's emails, and why 'Trump left us all hanging'". That last statement was where my heart started to race. Really did. I asked what that was supposed to mean. He said there are a "Shit-ton" (his words) of tic-toks out there of LIBERALS ready for Trump to come back. He said from everything he is seeing, they have all had enough of Biden and those dick heads, to include the MEDIA. So I asked exactly WHO were these LIBERALS. He said mostly African American dudes, some chicks, a ton of gay dudes ... all begging for Trump to come back.


It's glorious. Fucking GLORIOUS !!!!!!

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Yep we need to understand all the tactics of the left and counter them effectively which starts with kids, education, and apprenticeships especially with underprivileged kids. What does it do to a child when we teach them you’re bad because you’re white and the whole system is rigged against you because you’re black or your masculinity is toxic etc. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Conversely if you get kids into a small business and they learn skills, service and problem solving and they get a sense of accomplishment it opens their mind to the possibilities of their true potential. I’ve said for the longest time the hardest part of turning my passion into a business was the mental game. Everyone just wants to put you in a box! I had a minority employee from a poor town and that was all he ever knew. Through a horrible accident and workers comp settlement (fortunately didn’t affect me) he ended up getting his own rig. Before he saw limitations and now he sees possibilities and it’s great and that’s what we need to give to every kid. That’s what America is about. Unleashing the full potential of the human spirit. That’s why I love Trump. If we put our minds together there’s nothing we can’t accomplish. This is just the beginning!

Sunlight is the best disinfectant. We need to make new mega threads because the time is ripe to red pill people.

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Preach. That site is new to me but can already tell it's a trove. Thank you.