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Not much on face tats, but it seems a " I told u so " over the eyebrow might save a lot of time now and in future. So sick of saying it to people who are waking up and then coming to me in a panic trying to red pill me lol.

It's like we already these conversations many times over the years and now because they finally believe, it's like headlines for them.

Anyone ever feel like your words just float off into the ether ? It's almost like were fkn mutes to those under hypnosis. Maybe we are just on truth frequency and some are just finally tuning into it.

Still weird how they have conversations with you and then act like they never happened.

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Most of us know and prolly agree with u, but also War ain't pretty. Sadly triage must take place sometimes.

Do we continue to live like slaves, doom future gens as well, just to try to keep everyone as safe as possible ? They want people like us dead. OR do we go for their jugular and try to end it once and for all ?

Some may have different opinions depending on patience and how bad this is impacting them - understandable.

Pretty sure the choice was already made tho if NCSWIC.

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Agreed, but some of us paid a price. I hate foreplay now.

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Many lurk on this board and rarely post, because we align precisely with ur post, ( nice write up btw ). Regardless of what's posted or not posted, or how we feel about ( insert concern here) - it's coming.

Progress reports are all around if you just look. On all fronts things are moving. Some at different paces, but still activity. Yeah I was ready along time ago too, but w.e.

This NDE is a prerequisite to AWAKEN THE SHEEP. U can't talk to the weak, the stupid, or the gullible. They need slapped and react to fear the best, because that's how they've been trained their whole lives.

We are already awake and ready for the prize, so of course we are gonna be antsy. Chill. It's red pills and popcorn nearly every day.


I got onboard early on too. From Original GA, to CBTS, and then Voat.

Another displaced vet found new home here.

Truth is the first casualty in war. We all know it.

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Thnx. Hope it helps anyone. Info flies by so fast nowadays ( especially here ) it's hard to catch it all. With that in mind 2 days is not late imho. Even with everyone here we still can't keep up with it all. Crazy times.

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^^ This. Also the good news for all of us that the longer we go the more ammo we have, and the more apparent it becomes that we have been right about nearly all of it all along.

Most of us are not crazy. We are just ahead of the curve in the subject of reality.

Be it vision , intuition, w.e. it just seems NCSWIC. Their reality is slowly crumbling and it scares them, so they panic and lash out at a whisper of truth.

In the End they will see and they will have to keeping running from it, or sack up, apologize, and move on.

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Thanks for introducing me to this comedian, who has a 2nd job as a pol.

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Algos have harder time censoring us. Memes help us evade. Also if Military is talking about having a division set up for meme warfare, I'd say it's important. Wouldn't be surprised if already there.

Anon Tribute


Pepe Envisioning the Future


Good quotes / memes Collage


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No. U were right. The video was posted, but mislabeled. Since been corrected because of your keen eye.

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It is in there however was mislabeled " Leaving Las Vegas ". I corrected it. Was rly late when composing it all. Thanks.

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" If a man has mental illness call him crazy, say it silently When country's going crazy we accept it as society " - Tom Macdonald.

Perfect meme. I will return it when done.

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Put this together for anyone to use when trying to red pill normies on ADRENOCHROME. This is not some deep dive that provides a definitive smoking gun.

Most of us know what we know, what we suspect, do NOT believe, or what we do not know at this point. This is more to use on normies to crack their safe space shell when they try to rationalize what they see and hear on the subject.


Might as well just do the kool aid entry and get it over with.

Our so called betters " elites " need for children is much more than them being pedophiles. They're actually pedovore occultists. ( luciferians / satanists )

They torture, rape, and drain children of their blood while they are still alive, for it is adrenalized children's blood they seek. The blood is more potent when the victim is at their highest state of fear,

as they produce high amounts of adrenaline. From this harvested adrenalized blood they make ADRENOCHROME, which is prolly the closest thing to the Fountain of Youth that we know of.

It is not pro make up or plastic surgery that makes people like Tom Cruise, Beyonce, Cher, Madonna, etc. look 10 - 15 years younger than they are.

Those tricks can only do so much and most times u can recognize a facelift. It stretches the skin making the person look like a mannequin. They often cannot even show pronounced facial expressions anymore.

It's not good genes that enables so many wealthy to look young and live so long. It is adrenochrome, ..... and more, but not going into the child sacrifice pit of hell in this post.

As always they put their actions ( past, present, and future ) and plans into our books, news, movies, video games, and even cartoons. It's done to mock us as most stupid sheep never make the connections.

Some also believe it absolves them from any karma by telling us their plans. There's a whole black magic angle to it if you're going to head down that hole.

Adrenochrome references - mostly short clips. Yeah some are youtube links ( sry ), but u might be able to find on rumble or bitchute. Normies are more likely to click yt link than others and that's who this is primarily targeting.

Death Becomes Her -

Their elixer depicts adrenochrome


Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas


Dark Crystal -

They call it " essence " in this show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FnezLs_1ng&t=2s

Monsters Inc. -

movie cartoon where they have to scare kids to harvest children's fear https://vimeo.com/326404457

Bioshock Game

They call it " adam " in this game, but they are talking about adrenochrome. Clues - black and white masonic floor,the molecular structure shown on the clipboard is a reference to " White Rabbit ", the chemical make up of adrenchrome, and the girls even have the " Panda Eyes ".

Bioshock - Saving a Big Daddy


" Panda Eyes "


They always tell us. 1 min clip


Macauley Culkin " They eat babies ".


Dwayne " The Rock " Johson says he eats children and laughs. Notice how they always tell us the truth & slap the comedy/art label on it and somehow that makes it fake or ok.


His pineapple comment refers to the Pineal Gland. It is no coincidence how the pineal is considered the most important gland in our body, yet we never hear of it anywhere - school, medicine, movies, etc.

It is known as the " Seat of the Soul " and is considered the master conductor of the physiology of the brain and body. They are ripping God out of everything in our lives, that also includes our person.

That's a whole other rabbit hole, but let this small section get u started.



Largest Statue in the Vatican is guess what ?


U rly think they care about your teeth? Sorry, there is no helping to you then. Anyone half ass awake should know by now - We have been lied to ABOUT EVERYTHING and EVERYTHING that could be weaponized against us - has been.


Why do they care about the pineapple in my brain ?

To severe your link to God ? Ultimately most is about CONTROL. They already have all of our money. This is partly why they must keep conditioning us 24 / 7 / 365 thru school, fake news, movies, etc.

If they allow u to breathe, u may start thinking for yourself. That will bring down the veil and eventually change the world. It's happening right now, all beit early stages.


Pineal Short Intro

In the Land of the Blind, The One Eyed Man is King.



Part of why celebs do this. - They know.


Podesta Office Art


Pure Adrenochrome hit


Dwayne Johnson creates a child molesting robot. Who thinks this is funny ?


" These people are not crazy. Maybe their environment is just sick " - Comedian Dave Chappelle speaking on the " mental breakdowns " of Mariah Carey and Martin Lawrence.


“Clearly something major was going on in Hollywood. It was all so organized. There is a darkness in the underbelly – if you can imagine it, it’s probably happened.” - Actor Elijah Wood


" Children are currency to the elites " - World Heavyweight Boxing Champ Nino Rodriguez

Perhaps this was why Mel was blacklisted from pedowood for many years.

The Lethal Weapon star said that “every studio in Hollywood is bought and paid for with the blood of innocent children ”




Google's motto is " Don't BE EVIL "

They think they are clever. They laugh and mock us, because they put in right in our faces ( BE EVIL ) and we do not connect the dots.


The Left says it's adrenochrome is " imaginary ".


The drug is so " imaginary " it has patents.




Cher - Makes u look at her hit song differently right ? " If I could turn back time ".


Does Marina Amabrovich look 75 years old to you ?


Katy Perry - Bon Appétit


Tom Petty - Don't come around here no more


Actors who do not age - Pictures



Chivi came from a Bioweapons lab in Wuhan. What else Wuhan is known for ?


The dick state tries to use their propaganda arm ( MSM ) to get out ahead of the revelations of their crimes - to create their narrative, to frame the story in a way that helps mitigate damage - or even to normalize.




Testimony from The International Commission on Child Sex Trafficking


Actor Jim Caviezel - scroll down for video


Adrenochrome, pedowood, & politics


World Heavyweight Boxing Champ Nino Rodriguez blows whistle on adrenochrome ( Article with video )



Bulgarian TV - short clip


More here. A good launchpad.




Gonna end this here because I believe that should be enough to crack the fake reality of any normal thinking & rational person.

Before I go let me drop a few relevant memes.

No matter how paranoid u are, what they are doing is worse.


A conspiracy so monstrous one cannot believe it exists


3 Stages of Truth


Don't pass the battle on to our kids


If u made it to here Thanks, but you're nuts - and we are prolly related somehow. Actually the truth is we just live in an insane world and the realization of truth just makes u feel nuts.

Only the small secrets need kept


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No sudden urge for apples or random whinnies in the middle of the night right ? Glad it has helped u so much. Was keeping some on hand just in case, but the way u and others talk I prolly gonna give it a go soon just to see if I can get bonus points like u.

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Got his shit together. So good. Something tells me he could go on like that for days.

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I am not choosing sides, but something to note. We have been and regularly get attacked here. Shills and trolls always lurking waiting to pounce and derail stuff.

Also there are just some things that should not even be entertained as it's a waste of time like " Voter fraud doesn't exist, Nothing is happening, Q is a larp, etc ".

Statements like that should not even be on the board, because why the hell would a person come here if they believed that - ulterior motives ?

Sure question everything & don't believe everything blindly, but as I said some stuff doesn't even earn a response, much less taking up anyone's time & resources here.

Just my .02

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Of course they do. Talk about something weird you have never talked about before with your phone nearby. In the coming days or weeks watch the ads u receive on all of your devices or snail mail. Been going on long time.

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They want people just smart enough to do the job, but dumb and shady enough to break the law and burn the Constitution. Big reason why so many dems are in gov positions. AA was partly designed for this purpose. Then political correctness was partly designed to get us to shut up about these facts when we notice.

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