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Is this a meme or a no fly list ? Anyway, I like. I take. Nice work/find.

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Soft stockholm syndrome.

Imagine if TV did not tell sheep what to be angry about? They have outsourced their thinking so if it ever got pulled they'd literally be lost. They WANT IT. They NEED IT.


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The largest statue at the vatican isn't a coincidence. They have separated us from God in any & every way they can. This being the most important I'd say it's been going on the moment they discovered fluoride could negatively effect our pineal.

Can't believe ppl do not wonder why this lil wonder gland was just magically considered not important enough to be taught about health & biology, etc. It is a master conductor of many bodily functions on top off everything u mentioned.



They use their propaganda tools on us to reflect a reality they want ( think mirror ). So if the pineal helps to create reality surely they would want to kill that as it could bring down the whole curtain.

Vatican statue




They're stealing our spirituality.


They always tell us - Mindstone


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A papaya, goat, and motor oil already tested positive. Tests are a joke and can actually give u flu or worse.

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Don't forget state revenue generators too. What do they do more - prevent crime ( lol ) or ticket ? It's why they have quotas and we have " law books " thicker than the bible that even lawyers can't understand.

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I'll bet no matter where he goes it's entertaining. Honks and thumbs up by Patriots to getting flipped off and cut off by karens.

Ppl need to not give af like this dude. Silence is a choice. Pick a side and let the chips fall wherever. Save everyone time and headache.

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" masks " is that not the entire foundation of pretty much everything on the left ? Every real intent is veiled by something virtuous.

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It is astounding what u can get away with if u just wear a simple disguise - white coat cult.

Salty u should have only agreed to give him real meds IF he agreed NOT take nyquil. Then he would have had no option, but to believe.

Been going thru same shit w/my Dad about everything too. TV and anyone in a white coat are the smartest and most trustworthy ppl in his opinion.

So frustrating. It's not about being right & vindication, we're just trying to keep ppl from destroying themselves, mentally and physically.

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Don't tease me bro.

Would that not be the ultimate red pill ? The fkn mask just starts falling off one of his speeches. It would be undeniable and we would not have to say or do anything.

" SOMETIMES U MUST SHOW THEM " just took on a whole new meaning. Omg the thought alone amuses the hell outta me.

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We were all fooled. They have had 100 years to perfect their psy warfare. We all have our own path. U arrived and that is what's most important.

Our escape is not why they fear us. It is because we always go back to free others.

Pay it forward. Try to wake others up. Silence IS A CHOICE. Just don't be silent anymore. If we all do this the sheep will have nowhere to hide and will eventually have to accept their new reality. They are groupers, and hate being left out of the cool crowd.

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The older, wiser, & more awakened you become the lesser friends you have, the more selective you become.

I'm totally ok with this anyway. I am open to all kinda new friends, but not zombies. Be picky with who and what gets your energy.

Been going thru what u explained for ages. I just keep making sure they know propaganda is legal and being used on them everyday to get them to think a certain way.

At least plant that seed. I try to take it off Trump and put in general terms or another lie, because the TV shoots them with anti Trump venom daily. Any progress u make will be negated when they're laying on the couch taking their next dose of poison.

Sometimes if u open 1 door to truth it can lead to others, but Trump will be the last one for them, if even it ever comes.

Most of these ppl aren't worth the time anyway and here is why. When all the dust settles and our new reality has set in and the facts are going in history books, do u really believe any of these ppl will sack up and say " I'm sorry. I was tricked. I was wrong and I've learned my lesson ? "

No way. They will deny, cower, act like nothing ever happened, and just go about their trance. They will forget how badly they treated you, how much they were wrong, who actually lied to them, and who tried to help them with truth, etc.

Here is some good news for them though. We explain things differently to children than we do adults right ? U dumb things down and speak to things that they can relate to. These sheep can't be reached by Trump, Q, or us.

However if the white hats gain or have control of their beloved idiot box, then they will explain it to the npc's in a way they can grasp it. It HAS TO come from ppl they trust. Sadly they trust the TV talking heads more than us.

Now I like that because it will make progress with some of them. I hate that because that adds credibility ( for now speaking truth ) to their beloved msm.

This kinda seems counter productive, because it does not explain to them that the msm were the ones who have been lying to them all along. Anxiously waiting to see how that plays out.

In the end just let it go because the train doesn't stop for them. They are nothing but followers anyway. They will never think on their own, but they will follow the herd and the masses are heading towards truth.

They may arrive late, but they will eventually get there, even if it means they will be spiteful and bitter to the end of their days.

Truth Sounds Like Hate, To Those That Hate Truth.


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Ppl can't even handle truth about masks, vax, bidan, elections, pedos, poison food and water, etc. How would they deal with real deep truths ?

I don't like hidden either, ( hopin we at least get our 60% ) but I understand why. Ppl are stupid, cowards, crazy, and soft crybabies. And yeah, it is helluva slippery slope. Secrecy AND complacency led us here.

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If we only have 2 ways for change ( T2A and elections ) and they've proven time and time again that they can, have, and will steal 1 of those options, then that changes everything. It's been this way for a long time until Trump.

I say that to get to this - If they can take us nationally then the lower level stuff would have been even easier. To think there are not gatekeepers and stolen elections locally would be crazy.

There are firewalls to keep good ppl out. Many in control & regular community ppl don't even know the local, much less state/fed laws. That ignorance and/or arrogance has led them to just ignore all laws. AG Gatekeepers don't do shit. Calls, emails, letters do squat, mostly ignored. Trying get on boards, committees, or a start are futile in many areas. First act after a crime is coverup and then fortifying.

Not dooming, but that's the way it is. Severity varies with area I'm sure. Getting involved locally in any capacity is good advice tho. I get the message and who he is actually speaking to.

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Giving to a guy who rubbed cheetohs allover his face as he bashed Trump.

I haven't listened to Beck in many years. What is he saying nowadays ? What is his position on Trump/Biden ? Seems suspect from what I last saw from Beck.

Why Beck? It concerns all of us more than him. Drop it allover the web and we all can decipher infos how we see fit - filter free.

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I would not sweat it too much just cuz it has a horse picture on the tube. Natural to be skeptical tho.

All u have to do is some basic math to make sure you take correct dosage per weight of person. Start small if you're concerned. Keep in mind no one has ever OD on ivermectin. It also won 2015 nobel prize for medicine. No side effects that I've ever heard of. Oh wait there is 1. It takes like shit. ;D

It's just a dewormer and some believe many diseases are parasitic in nature. We deworm every other animal so why not us ?

Not sure if we can post direct links to anything ivermectin, HCQ, or Fenben related anymore. Tractor Supply would most likely never carry tablets for humans. I've never heard anyone here or elsewhere getting tabs from TS.

All Day Chemist and RX Pharmacy are 2 that many here and myself have used ( still do ). Not gonna link cuz unsure about guidelines, but easy to find the sites and search them too. See links below. All of them.

Many here ( me too ) believe Ivermectin helps with much more than flu btw.

Good luck.



Parasite Pill Infos



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First priority after a crime is cover. They got in key positions and immediately started building a secure perimeter that turned into a stronghold. They have done nothing but fortify for half a century or more.


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Weekly since 2020. Horsey paste from tractor supply for couple years and now tablets. We've switched over to avoid taste and stop whinnying in the middle of the night. Doesn't help my mane unfortunately.

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Hells yeah. Fkn hate foreplay now. bidan did his part. Whomever isn't awake now doesn't wanna be & ain't never gonna be. Let them finish their lives under their rock while we get on with with adult shit.

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