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Hi, frens,

I’m looking in to getting the horse paste and stocking up, but have come across some conflicting or unclear information. I’ve found many of the tubes, but they all say 1.87%, and I’m unsure of what else is in it/if it is safe. Obviously, they all say not safe for human consumption, which I don’t believe, but I want to be sure.

Does anyone have links, to the kind they have used, and information on dosing? Any information, is much appreciated. Thank you, and God bless!

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I got the Bimectin brand 1.87% ivermectin. It's fine.

There are weight marks on the plunger, the dose per pound is the same as for horses so if you are 175 pounds then you press the plunger enough for a 175 pound horse. A centimetre or so.

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Fucking Kilos...

What country do you think this is?

I use Durvet. I mix it with cranberry juice like a shot. The dosage is one notch on the plunger (it will be obvious if you purchase it) per 50 lbs body weight. There is a white collar on the plunger that can be slid down and twisted into place to stop the plunger at a specific amount.

If you accidentally get too much, don't worry about it, it is well tolerated.

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Sorry about the mixed unit comment. I'm a Brit who thinks in kilos. Have changed it for you


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It's available on Amazon in a tasty apple flavor. One measures it out according to one's weight. It's completely safe for humans. I also have a prescription for Ivermectin from America's Frontline Doctors. The pharmacy they use charge $178. refill Horse paste is MUCH cheaper, equally effective

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FYI it is not tasty. Apple scented, nasty bitter taste. Eat some peanut butter after you take it

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It's not that bad 🙄 in comparison to the jab, 💉

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1.87 is accurate for our purpose and what all ivermectin paste wormer tubes say. Go to your local livestock feed store where they sell hay, and see the paste wormers. Buy ivermectin, not a blend, or any other wormer. Tube has notch measurements to dose according to weight. Round off, upwards, not lower. If you can't find locally order from Valley Vet Supply, duravet ivermectin, 4.99. Amazon is a rip off charging 20. Keep it simple, fren. This is easy and won't hurt you. By the way, apple flavoring is not meaningful. It's really only apple scent. Don't bother.

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I believe zinc and ivermectin are supposed to work together. Ivermectin allows zinc to pass through virus walls.

escapefromearth 2 points ago +3 / -1

this is one I'm looking at but haven't bought yet. and they just added that warning in red I guess because of so many people buying it. https://www.valleyvet.com/ct_detail.html?pgguid=4D9A49D8-394F-46B3-883C-733D88C2C257

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Just bought a 12 pack. Thanks!

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The linked handout shows the correct dosage by body weight: (see page 2 of the handout (little arrows top left) Each ~6 gm tube contains 6gm*1.78% = 113mg. Each tube has 25 notches so each notch equal 113mg/25 = 4.5mg. Example: 200lb man, from handout the dose is 18mg. 18mg/(4.5mg/notch) = 4 notches per dose. Or as some other posts have noted: 1 notch per 50lbs body weight. https://covid19criticalcare.com/covid-19-protocols/i-mask-plus-protocol/

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I just put the paste on a cracker,and put one on top. Make sure you use the lock ring,as it comes out fast.

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Horse owner here with 30 years Ivermectin experience. Read the full label, Ivermectin paste is 200 mcg/kg (1.87%). Most doctors recommend a dosage of Ivermectin of 0.2 mg per kg of body weight, which means that 60 kg body weight leads to a 12 mg dose. .2 mg/kg = 200 mcg/kg Ivermectin paste is 200 mcg/kg *Would follow exact weight guide on tube. Once per day for 5 days is common. ***Make sure the ONLY active ingredient is Ivermectin!