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This is the result of cognitive dissonance. If a person believes one thing but the evidence suggests another thing the brain enters a position of "stop." We can't act without having some level of faith that our action is "correct" (or at least correct enough). The cognitive dissonance must be resolved before the brain can move forward.

There are three possible paths out of this dilemma:

  1. Ignore the evidence. In this case the belief is held on to and we can move forward, unperturbed by the contraindicating evidence. All that is required to choose this path is the slightest doubt about the evidence, or the most brainwashed faith and trust in the belief and we can convince ourselves that it's OK, possibly even morally imperative to ignore the evidence.
  2. Adjust the evidence to fit the belief: The belief is held on to, though the evidence is not in our brains in its original form. In this case however, the seed has been planted. If you only see the evidence once it is easy to keep the false belief. Thus the power of the Memory Hole. However, if the evidence keeps coming, this path out of cognitive dissonance requires ongoing effort and eventually leads to realization that the belief is wrong.
  3. Allow your beliefs to change to fit the evidence. This is by far the most difficult path, and can be very painful if the belief is a core belief. We have been brainwashed to believe in "the authorities." We trust them. It is a core belief for many, trained since almost birth, i.e. Sesame Street and/or Preschool, both of which were created by the Carnegie/Rockefeller foundation.

For me personally, I have learned to let go of my beliefs. I hold onto them only tightly enough to act, but no tighter. I recognize that they can change at any point with new evidence (and cogitation on that evidence). If you know the Truth, you simply can't see evidence to the contrary. The only thing I know with absolute certainty, is that I know Jack Shit.

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Musk did promise to take us to the moon.

I always thought it would be through SpaceX. I'm OK if it is done through Twatter.

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Watch this:

All Signatories to this Treaty are Sovereign.

Where by Signatories I mean We The People, and by Treaty I mean Constitution (because that is what both were purported to be).

Any treaty you are forced to sign (ours) is fraudulent. Any treaty you can't reasonably exit (ours) is fraudulent.

Regardless, the DoI made implicit statements of individual sovereignty. The Constitution did not. The Bill of Rights made explicit statements of not sovereign (5th amendment's eminent domain e.g.).

With the one sentence I added above, the Bill of Rights becomes redundant. In fact the Bill of Rights becomes fraudulent.

I know perfectly well the propaganda of what the Bill of Rights pretends to be. It was not that. In actuality (i.e. what actually happened) was that it was a fraudulent document that took away Sovereign Rights from We The People and gave back those which the PTB allowed. It created the illusion of respect for and acknowledgement of Rights, but really allowed for future fuckery.

As for the origin of our Rights, yes, they are dictated to us by That Which Is. It is That Which Is that bounds us, society can't except through fraud.

Thus, any formal declaration of governance that does not contain fraud would by necessity contain explicit and unequivocal statements of our intrinsic and inalienable Rights, not by listing them out, but by stating the obvious Truth; We The People are all individually Sovereign.

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AOC + Elon baby naming convention = OU812.

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"Anti-Semitism" is one of the strongest brainwashing programs that runs in the minds of the masses. It is even stronger than "Conspiracy Theorist," which was a phrase designed for the same purpose; to prevent people from talking about or looking at evidence for massive scale crimes.

It is going to take time before that particular brainwashing has been sufficiently deprogrammed before we will be able to talk about the crimes of "some of those who call themselves Jews" amongst the general public.

The communication channels have been opened substantially. If we are really on that path, and it isn't just a ruse, eventually it will be open completely. Don't call foul just because all of the deprogramming hasn't happened yet.

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Any Constitution AKA the formal statement of the powers of the government, if done without fraud, doesn't need a Bill of Rights.

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This isn't about team blue v. team red. This isn't about "playing the game better." For as long as there is a game to play, or even the concept of "two teams," the only winners are the Cabal, no matter which team "wins."

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There are different levels of complicit. There are those who:

  1. Control the system (Rockefeller, Rothschild, etc.)
  2. Work for those who control the system, knowing at least mostly what is going on (Presidents, Senators, Church leaders, Community leaders, "A Listers," Head's of companies, Boards of Directors, etc.)
  3. Are on "the Left," "the Right," "Truthers," etc.. These are groups all created by the first two groups, designed to keep us unaware and separated, by which the world is ruled.

The vast majority of people fall into the last category. Most people who are helping to perpetuate the system are doing what they believe is right. They are doing what they were trained (brainwashed) to do. By calling them out as being "on the left," or "pro-LGBT," or "BLM," or "the Jews", or whatever, is being Controlled Opposition, doing exactly what "they" want, driving division and miscategorization, naming the wrong entity as the enemy, and helping to perpetuate the system.

The Right is just as controlled by The Matrix as the Left. All sides are controlled. All sides get their beliefs from the leaders (or sources) they trust, and all sides' leaders and sources are controlled by the Cabal. This is how it has always been. Just because some have woken up to the larger scale manipulations, most, even of the "awakened," are still stuck in this Cabal contrived dichotomy in opposition, created to keep us separated, divided, conquered.

From my perspective, if you are not in the first two categories listed above, you are not "the enemy," even if everything you are doing is "woke." On the contrary, such people are just souls, stuck in The Matrix, in desperate need of some unplugging and deprogramming.

The vast majority of Jews, or The Left, or all these other groups that are so often hated upon, are just as lost as the rest of humanity is (or was, as the case may be), completely unaware that the first two groups even exist.

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Yes, I did mean professional sports. Perhaps I should have been more specific. Who knew that making a flippant blanket statement would come back to bite me in the butt? :)

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I could have been more specific in my first statement, but in the interest of brevity I made a blanket statement. You called me out on it, I'll give it to you, but you left out what I said after in the second statement. I said "I don't know" (referring to if they all have predetermined outcomes). That's a very important qualification that changes the "pick one"ness of the two statements (i.e. I didn't really say two mutually exclusive things as you presented it).

Maybe they are all predetermined. I don't know. At the least they are all suspect because the system is full of so much known fuckery.

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Sports are designed specifically to placate the masses, providing the exact same mollification of the plebs as the Coliseum did for the Roman Empire. They also provide heroes (as does all of our entertainment systems) specifically designed to keep people from seeing their own empowerment. This aids in the government keeping them suppressed and enslaved.

That's it's design purpose, but like all systems in the one world monopoly, the sports system is also designed as an asset transfer vehicle.

With respect to it's fakery, it has also always been fraught with fraud to increase it's asset transfer potential. From deflategate to doping to "bad refs" to an almost expected cheating in baseball, sports have always been full of cheating at the highest level. When they get caught they throw someone under the bus. "It's Sammy Sosa," or "It's the ball guy," etc.. I suggest no one does it on their own. The industry is designed to cheat. But why? Because if you control the cheating, you control the outcome of bets.

That doesn't mean that all games have predetermined outcomes, I have no idea, but some do. We know about many, and those are just the times they got caught and it was validated by an actual investigation. In other words, those are just the times they did it and it was so obvious they had to investigate to keep up the illusion. How many times does it happen where they don't get caught? "Bad Refs" is ubiquitous in sports. Why?

The entire system is controlled by a single entity. Not just sports, but the entire economic world (not to mention the media who gives us "the news" and tells us "what is true and what is false.")

All the world's a stage.

And we hold up the board.

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Nonbinary identity is real...

...and the NHL, like all sports are fake as fuck.

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It's indoctrination not education

This has been true since "education" became a formal system and not just parents teaching their children the 3 R's (reading, writing, and arithmetic, AKA our forms of communication).

Having said that, back when people learned the 3 R's, books were the primary form of indoctrination, all written by The Elite with Cabal social control programs built in.

So not really any different.

This has been going on for a very long time.

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The only way to wake people up is to show the evidence from a source they trust. This is, of course, because The Great Sleep has nothing to do with evidence... has never had anything to do with evidence, but with the great fraud we call "trust."

Once people unlearn the social mind control program called "trust" we can get on with this show.

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Let's be honest, compared to other investigations the MJ thing isn't really that much of a mystery. In fact its straightforwardness on the surface is a blatant wake up call.

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I was going to say Slander votes Democrat, but really, Slander is non-partisan. It votes for whoever serves the Cabal.

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Kat Timpf makes a lot of sense.

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I don't know if il Donaldo Trumpo and Catturd are the same people (which I have long suspected both as actually DJT), but there is no way that was off the cuff. I smell comedy setup. Comedy Gold setup to be sure, funny as fuck, but a setup nonetheless.

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I am not opposed to the "Time Traveling Trumps" theory, and indeed, I find it a fascinating, and at this point at least plausible explanation for some things that seem to defy other reasoning. However, "stretched out by time travel" makes no sense to me. While there is "sci-fi" that supports the idea, there is no actual physics that would suggest such a thing.

Anyone who can build a wormhole can negate the gravitational effects. In fact, if you can create a traversable time like wormhole, flattening out the space around it becomes trivial in comparison. In addition, if there were some sort of "spacetime stretching effect," the probability that it would be just enough to give Barron a couple inches over his brothers, but not enough to turn him into spaghetti defies credulity. Hitting that "sweet spot" without doing it on purpose is just shy of no fucking way.

I think it is much more likely that he is just tall, just like his siblings are all super tall. He is only a couple inches taller than Don, Jr. e.g..

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My research suggests that while some of the people likely won fair and square (Obama both terms, Reagan 2nd term, e.g.) there has never in the history of the world, much less our country, been a "free and fair" election, i.e. there has never been an election without fuckery "sufficient to change the outcome of the election."

Not once.

Almost every time, the Cabal has controlled both candidates, so it really doesn't even matter if they cheat. At that point it's nothing more than a Cabal faction war at best, or the illusion of choice at worst.

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