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Ivermectin is probably Ivermectin. A molecule is a molecule and very likely sourced from the exact same place.

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I agree. Send the documents to Siemens Registered Agent. That is the purpose of the Registered Agent. They will accept the document and it will be registered as having been delivered to the corporate body itself as the RA is their legal representative.

I don't know what company you work for exactly, but here is a list of corporations with the name "Siemens" in the US. Here is the list for active Oregon Siemens. Here is a list of corporations registered in Delaware which I include because it is very common for corporations from all over to register their main branch in Delaware due to very relaxed laws that allow for all sorts of corporate fuckery.

When you click on a corporation their Registered Agent is listed. It is most likely the be United States Corporation Company, Corporation Trust Company, or C T Corp. (all kinds of things to say about those companies). They are very common RA's.

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I dream of sneaking up on her and crouching down behind her, taking her in my arms, and saying, "Look at me. I want you to see what death looks like. Listen to me. You won't survive. You will never see your family again."

Turns to Huma: "Bring me three more children!"

Turns to the child's mother: "As hard as it might be to imagine, your daughter will never grow up. I will eat her now, in front of you. Then I will eat you after the terror has consumed your soul. I will become the President of the United States and will eat children like your daughter every night."


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I was giving worst case scenarios, but yes I agree. If I see them coming for me, and I know it will result in a trip to a FEMA camp, I will do everything in my power to ensure I see the pearly gates before I see the camp fences. I'll also be working diligently to bring along as many of my would be captors as I can to that meeting with our maker.

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He showed the greatest grace under the worst possible pressure when it mattered the most. That all by itself was enough. Anything else is irrelevant. Wanting more than a clear defense of 2A in a court of law at this crucial time is asking too much. His actions on that day were heroic. That doesn't make him a hero.

Wanting (or needing) heroes is detrimental to the GA. We must realize our own personhood, and what "personhood" really means. We must let go of our need for heroes to find our own meaningful actions, to forge our own way forward. I am very glad he is not retaining hero status by being an otherwise ignorant kid (like almost all kids due to the training of The Matrix).

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First it was Global Cooling. Then we had a decade of respite from Climate scares while we worried about Iran and the USSR and forgot about the imminent Ice Age. Then it was Global Warming. Then it was Climate Change.

For a decade the world was held under the threat of Global Cooling and no one remembers a thing.

The Building 7 of the Climate Change saga.

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Heart damage is for life - the heart does not heal by replacing damaged cells.

While I don't disagree with what you are saying, I will say that part of my area of study was in tissue regeneration. Regenerating heart tissue in vivo is within the framework of modern tech (albeit experimental). Once we are free to be open and honest about research, and no longer hindered by the PTB, resolution to these damages, as well as many of our other plagues (like cancer and diabetes) will likely be quickly forthcoming.

There have been many solutions to these "terrible problems" that have been working in the lab environment for decades, never allowed to see the light of day. That doesn't even touch on the solutions through nutrition, which are verbotten to even be talked about. Cancer, diabetes and heart disease aren't just caused by the food we eat (are forced to eat by nature of the institutions in charge), but can also be cured (not just treated, but cured) by dietary changes.

Yes, it is terrible what is happening, but I believe there will be solutions to many (all?) of these problems for those that survive to the end.

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Believing the news that said he was an evil dictator.

To be fair, it doesn't seem that his dictatorship was very much for the sovereignty and empowerment of "We The People" with all of its socialist programs and his complete unwillingness to be not a dictator.

I don't know the truth about Ghaddafi. He is a mystery. Some day maybe I will do a deep dive there. I think there is a great deal more to that story than can be gleaned from a cursory inspection.

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"Sins of the flesh"

Like everything we are about to get out of the Maxwell case

is not as serious as

Pride (being sure you are right about) and Hating the Pope's "Sins of the flesh" when he flew on the Lolita Express.

No conflict of interest there!

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I think we should stop with the "Wait 3 weeks, then get another shot" or "every three months, six months, etc." thing. We don't need to go such long times between vaccinations.

Why can't "vaccinated" be "right before you do something." Like if you want to go shopping for food, you get injected before you walk in the door. If you want to get on the bus, injection. Every day before work, you get injected, just to be sure.

I shall redefine vaccinated:

You got your shot just now in my presence.

This is how we can get the world back to normal.

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The evidence is the evidence is the evidence. I will always accept new evidence. I look for it every day. If there is "new knowledge" then it can't be "told" it can only be "shown". Anything other than showing the truth is a meaningless gesture.

It is statements of "I know the truth, and this is it" that cause all the problems. That is how the world has been controlled forever. If you have evidence of something, show it. I will use my critical thinking and discernment to consider it. I will bring my thoughts on it to the debate table. From there it can be discussed with the purpose of determining the validity or implications of the presented evidence, what was really shown, and its scope.

This is how we get to the Truth. We don't hear it from a prophet, a leader, a wiseman, etc., we experience it. Then, since we are flawed limited human beings that carry along with us all the bad teachings we have been given by The Matrix, we all debate our experiences as "eye witnesses" from different perspectives to find the common thread. Somewhere along that common thread is the most likely direction towards the Truth. The endeavor towards finding new (and even contrary) evidence never ends though. We must always be vigilant and willing to allow for any evidence to be presented.

Believing that you have found the Truth is the primary control mechanism of The Matrix. It puts boundaries on your thought, disallowing honest investigation and creating unresolvable conflict when someone disagrees with your assessment. This keeps us divided and controlled. The Matrix exploits "belief of Truth" all day long, every day, for thousands of years in every person. Until you stop believing you "have it figured out" The Matrix controls you still.

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Any asset backed by faith fails when faith is gone. The PTB have been controlling faith for thousands of years. Thinking that crypto is beyond their reach is the ultimate naivety. They own all the money in the world (literally, its theirs). They use the crypto market as a pump and dump for stock market manipulation. It's all theirs.

Having said that, I think that crypto absolutely will be the currency of the future, but not one backed by faith. At some point we will have the infrastructure for asset backed cryptocurrencies. There are fledgling companies that provide such a system with limited exchange now (like Kinesis). Stocks are an obvious path to create an asset backed crypto. The stock market will almost certainly become a crypto market in the not too distant future. Gamestop is already showing the way, though it hasn't yet gone full "stocks as crypto" yet.

At some point the system of fiat currency will fail completely. Once the game is fully exposed, and people really understand what it is, and what it's for, no one will want anything to do with it. The entire crypto market could easily crash completely before that reveal (it is owned by the PTB despite everyone's protest that it is beyond their reach), but even if it survives to the Fiatpocalypse, it won't last past it.

All of the crypto's in use today (except those few backed by an asset) are not assets. It can't be stated more simply than that. Btc et al is not an asset. It has no value except what other people believe it does. Only real assets are reasonable long term investments. Anything else is just trading one fraud for another.

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I will never be the same person.

I do not trust Q (I trust no one). I do not know if Q is the ultimate mind-fuck. But if not for Q, I wouldn't know about any of the mind-fucks that I have lived with my entire life. For that I will be eternally grateful.

Even if I end up a slave to an indescribable evil and a guillotine takes my head in a FEMA camp, I will die more free than I ever lived prior to Q.

Q showed me that I am sovereign. I am not a vassal to a would be totalitarian world. I am the King of my own life. Nothing can take that away.


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And that’s what God did.

He didn't kill the Pharoah's son (which I still assert would be evil beyond all reason and sanity), he killed everyone's son.

I'll say it again, since you seem to have skipped it.

Imagine if God came and killed your son because of the actions of Joe Biden.

It's the exact same thing that you are justifying.

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wouldn’t you want to get even



Getting even makes no sense.

Getting even is evil by all measurements of morality.

Justice is never about getting even. Justice is meted out with sorrow and sympathy. You enact Justice because you have to, never because you want to.

Especially when pharaoh was boasting about being a god and made his decree against the Israelites like an arrogant deity. God, stepped in, like alright, bet. Watch this asshole.

So we are told. I believe absolutely nothing is straight forward about that story, but even if it was, there is no concept of a "Chosen Race" that makes any sense.

I mean, who is the chosen race today? The Jews (the children of Judah (from the land of Caanan), not the Israelites). Who are the Egyptians? The Goyim. Who are you? The Goyim. Your first born son would have been killed too.

Because of the actions of one person? One asshole ruler?

Imagine if God came and killed your son because of the actions of Joe Biden.

Same thing.

Looking at history, these types of actions sound like Molloch. They sound nothing like any benevolent Creator God.

Your beliefs were created to rule an empire. They worked really well to control the minds of half the world for nearly two millennia. They have nothing to do with the Teachings of Jesus. If you have found wisdom there, if you have found comfort there, that is wonderful. But believing that the stories are True, or that the dogma is Reality would not make Jesus proud I don't think. In fact, upon a deeper reading, with more of the works included, I think they are antithetical to his teachings.

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Really? Who told you that? The same book that has a "chosen race"? The same book that demands first born son sacrifice? The same book that is the basis of the Jewish Law?

If that were true, if God (a benevolent Creator God) were to take any direct action (which is ludicrous, but whatever) it would be to punish the people who did it, not slaughter their innocent CHILDREN!!!

A God of Justice doesn't "pay back". A vindictive Creator God doesn't make sense. A murderer of children Benevolent Creator God doesn't make any sense.

If someone killed your son would you go kill his son or would you want punishment for the murderer himself?

If you kill his son, you are a murderer, if instead the murderer is killed, that is justice. Do you see the difference?

I bet a benevolent Creator God probably would too.

Who writes the History Books? The book publishers. Who writes ALL books... same people.

Did you know that the Bible was finalized in 325 A.D. by Emperor Constantine who murdered his wife and child and was a self-proclaimed worshiper of the Sun God? Did you know he did it to unite the disparate Roman areas so he could expand his territory and create a larger Roman Empire? Did you know he codified these beliefs into Law in order to make sure all the religions of the various regions agreed on the "appropriate beliefs"? Did you know that the "Triune God" was not formalized to include the Holy Spirit until 380(ish) A.D. and that Jesus as God wasn't formalized until 325? He had to make it into Law to get everyone to agree. Many Christians didn't, perhaps most. These types of Trinity ideas btw come straight from the Sun God type of belief system. These are the beliefs of the Religion people call Christianity. This is the origin of that Religion.

Welcome to the Holy Roman Empire!

Please note that I am in no way disparaging the Teachings of Yeshua. If you would like to learn more of his teachings I suggest you look at the Gospels not included in the Bible. There are many interesting things there. Those were books (among many others, including the Book of Enoch) that were left out by the people that created the final edit of the Bible 300 years after he died to unite the Roman Empire under one God-Emperor (Called the Pope, a divine ruler).

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Luciferian families wish to enslave the Jews again.

First, I am by no means certain that the Egyptians "enslaved" the "Jews" at all. I don't know that the Pharoahs were evil. I don't know that any of what we think we know about history has any truth to it at all. Everything I have seen lately makes me think The Matrix has been around for a very long time, and all of our history has been rewritten. I think the destruction of the Library of Alexandria (each time) was done by the same people as have done the same things to us today (destroy our history to lead us down their path).

As for the Jews, who are the "Jews"? The Jews are the decedents of Judah. While Judah was a son of Israel, he was not the only one. In fact the Kingdom of Judah was distinct from Israel and they were at war often.

When they were in Egypt however, they were not called "the Jews" but "the Israelites".

And what does it even mean to be "the chosen people (race)"? What kind of God chooses one race of people over all others? Molloch? Molloch is that kind of God. They were from Caanan... I mean, this God of the Chosen People demanded first born son sacrifices.

"Oh, but that's just the way the world was then." Really? So the Christian God wanted first born son sacrifices just like Molloch? And then he Changed? But he also says "I am unchanging"?

Look at the original Passover event. The Torah (old Testament) version of the "Creator God" apparently wanted all first born Egyptian sons to die so badly, he sent his angels to kill them all. "Oh, but that was only a last resort because they wouldn't let 'God's chosen people' go" (think about who those people were, one chosen race above all humanity in the entire world). Please note that murder by angel directive is not the same thing as "allowing bad things to happen". This is a direct act of murder by thug. So God wouldn't have killed them all (because presumably such a direct action of murder is bad) if they had only let the people go. God had to choose the lesser of two evils...

What kind of Creator God has to choose the lesser of two evils? Does that make ANY SENSE AT ALL?

The whole "Jew" story stinks to high Heaven (all puns intended). There is all kinds of fuckery there, left, right, and center. I don't think anything we think of as "Jewish" history can be thought of as unsuspicious.

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It may be that Hitler was a Rothschild. His grandmother was Maria Anna Schicklgruber.

This suggests she was a maid in the house of Rothschild and became pregnant there. (Skip past the Angela Merkel part.) That is an excerpt from “Was Hitler a Rothschild?” which I have not read. They provide no other source for their statements. I am still working on trying to track down evidence to support the claims.

The amount of fuckery in WWII is off the chains. The Nazi's may have been largely inspired by American elite and their Eugenics movement. The Nazi's were definitely largely funded by American banks (see Brown Brothers Harriman and Prescott Bush e.g.). There were many collaborations between the Nazi's and American industries (see Standard Oil (Rockefellers) and I.G. Farben e.g.). Almost everything we learned about WWII in school turns out to be completely fabricated. Not all of it of course. The best lies are built on truths, but as I said, the amount of fuckery is off the chains.

It may be that the entire thing was designed to get enough sympathy for the "Jews" that the world gave them Israel (which is exactly what happened). It may be that not as many Jews died as we might think. It may be that this ploy to get Israel was so they could rebuild the Temple of Solomon.

Who knows what happened. All I am sure of, is that nothing about WWII is what I thought it was.

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If the Fed fails, if that fraud is fully exposed, the precipice won't be far behind.

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I bet the secrets in Antarctica will play no small part in future steps of the GA.

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