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V Gerasimov is a very professional hard nosed general who, I'm sure, has a major hand in the "Special Military operation"

What I don't get it why he bothers to speak to Milley.

I mean who the fuck is Milley anyway, relatively speaking?

Is there something I don't know about Milley? Is he deep cover?

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I'm perfectly happy with you looking for signs and listening to God and I'm not Christian.

These insights could be messages from God, they could be from the universe somehow, they could be from the a collective consciousness via telepathy, they could be your intuition and your subconscious.

The subconscious is my go-to explanation.

In any case it's helpful, especially as your justifications for these insights make sense.

I'm glad you aren't letting the other commenter bully you.

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I hope those Polish and American mercs are captured and made public.

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They are TPTB enforcers, that's where their loyalty lies.

They serve the public some of the time when interests align.

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t would be great if the police or DHS or Sheriff, whoever could raid the do the GPS tracking surveillance to the stash houses/non-profits. Raid them and arrest those who are committing felonious crimes! BOOM!

That would be so good. maybe they'll do that for the mid-terms if the mules persist.

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Marc Elias is testifying for the prosecution. He's more important to the dems than Sussman and may be trying to save his own skin.

Any dem leaning biased juror may have difficulty trying to pick a side. They may opt to throw Sussman under the bus to help Elias.

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I was just listening to Tim Pool and a left MSM guest Matthew Binder.

Matt Binder was talking about how QANON is a cult and encourages people to believe that the world is run by a cabal and blackmailed politicians and that the election was stolen and how dangerous these beliefs are.

Tim refused to be drawn into that subject, but I was just thinking that all of the points he has mentioned are obviously supported by evidence which is in or near mainstream

cabal - Davos meetings

blackmail - epstein

election fraud - 2000 mules.

Who is really in a cult? Q guys talking about a mil-int back channel or people like him with their finger in the news dyke. it would have been better for him if he didn't even bring it up. People might start putting 2 and 2 together. What have Q guys been wrong about (apart from datefagging)

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I know the Russians are down with the white hat plan, they are just saying it for the record.

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I've never listened to Tim Pool before.

I'm 58 mins in and he is really pinning down his guest Matt Binder who keeps shifting his arguments to try to prove his assertions including approximately: "Twitter rules has been not been biased against conservatives" "facebook does not promote left content over right etc." Binder is a really twisty guy and if he loses an argument he shifts the goalposts, reframes it in emotional terms and then tries to shift back to claim that he won the argument.

Once you see it you can't unsee it.

Binder is a sllimy guy.

Tim Pool seems consistent. He's not a conservative though, he's a old school liberal as far as I can tell. He says he is pro choice and pro green agenda. I would listen to him more if I had the time. I think he's good at redpilling people who have had their head in the sand on most issues.

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This is genius.

If the jury in the Sussman trial is biased to support the clinton machine, they will support Marc Elias as much as they support Sussman at least.

So it looks like Durham has put two chess pieces in opposition and is forcing the jury to sacrifice one or the other (or they can act as a proper unbiased jury)

This will make it very likely that Sussman is convicted if the evidence presented warrants it.

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I like your post.

It's very strategic thinking you did to see that the movie 2000 mules could be meant as a warning for the mules. The mules do not need to be convinced that they cheated. They know, they just didn't know they could be found out.

If this is right, it doesn't matter if the NPCs avoid watching this film. it's not for them, they won't believe the election was stolen until their MSM tells them to believe it.

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That would save thousands of lives, mostly those of Ukie soldiers who are dying at around 500 per day.

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I am so delighted to see the same copy/paste statements from these politicians. It gives strong credence to this being comms for their questioning or detention.

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Yes, Identifying and removing biased jurors is a positive thing for justice.

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It's great that they admit it, a known biased person can be removed from the jury and replaced by someone who might not be biased. That's an improvement towards a less biased jury. Every time someone selects themselves out for bias, it makes they jury better.

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I like that some of the jurors are honest in that they admit that their judgement could be biased by their political affiliations.

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