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Yes, in the Uk, I ordered it from the US

I took it prophylactically for a while, now I'm saving what remains.

I had no issues from taking it. The brand was Bimectin.

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I tell everyone I know to take vitamin D. It could have prevented this entire crisis on its own if everyone was above the 50ng level.

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Oh that sounds very hard!

I know what Alzheimers looks like. My grandmother died of it in the nineties. My grandfather heroically took care of her at home until she forgot how to breathe and died.

She was such a kind person all her life, but she was mean and difficult when she had the Alzheimers.

It is very hard caring for someone with dementia

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Hi Mary

Regarding early dementia, there ere are several things to try besides coconut oil.

Some people also try Lion's mane mushrooms or Gingko Biloba, some people try CBD oil.

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Something huge and world changing happened IMO. We just don't know what it is yet.

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Here is the eye pictograph on this web page - in a rectangular table in the middle


You're on to something here.

I like this much better than the anagram of moronic.

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Coconut oil may reverse prion damage in early dementia

This is good to know about:


If you are vaxxed or forgetful, a spoonful a day would be a good idea IMO.

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I believe that they are referring to the container ship the "Evergreen Ever Given" which blocked the Suez canal a few months ago by getting wedged sideways. It drew a cock and balls in the sea before it entered the canal. Hence the blockage was almost certainly on purpose.

The anon means that people who were on GA when this happened know this but a new person might not.

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It's a human medicine, it won the nobel prize in 2015, nothing wrong with horse paste if ivermectin is it's only active ingredient.

i know! the part that makes me go hmmmmm is where it says don't give the horse paste to horses meant for human consumption.

Well, that would be uncontrolled medication that people wouldn't know they were taking.

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It is a zinc ionophore, but it also works in other ways. It stops the spike from docking to ACE2 receptors for instance.

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Also, prone position (lying on front) can lower death rate from the 'rona when ventilated (I think). I know this might not be appropriate for some reason because of his condition, but it might be worth looking into.

It's so simple and they don't always do it.

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WIll they give him other useful stuff like intravenous vitamin C? It's helpful.


From this link above.

Perhaps, the reduction of the cytokines storm in the late stages of the Covid19 infection is the most significant application of IV Vit-C. Covid19 pneumonia is a complex medical disorder with high morbidity and mortality rate. This causes severe lung injury that results in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), a life-threatening lung disorder. This process prevents the necessary oxygen to enter into the lungs and ultimately causes death. Coronaviruses increase oxidative stress that promotes cellular malfunction and ultimately results in organ failure. It is believed that pulmonary failure (ARDS) is the principal cause of Covid19′s action on humans. This helps to increase oxidative stress considerably because of the generation of free radicals and cytokines. This process finally leads to serious cellular injury, organ failure and death. The administration of anti-oxidizing agents along with proven conventional supportive therapies is believed to have an important role in controlling these medical situations. Appropriate vaccines and antiviral drugs for the Covid19 epidemic are not available. IV Vitamin C and other antioxidants are extremely good agents for ARDS. These can be applied clinically. Importantly, high dose IV Vit-C is safe and effective. In this paper, we review the use of high-dose Vit-C as an efficient method of treatment for patients with cancers and infections.

Make sure he has enough vitamin D as well.

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This place is great. If you don't like it, perhaps it's not for you!

Except that you are paid to be here aren't you.

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This plan you outlined is brilliant and it follows the Trump bait and switch pattern.

If Trump were to be blamed, he would be exonerated once they start looking for proof, leaving the cabal red handed.

It suddenly feels well planned.

There is somewhat of a "Queen Sacrifice" already with Trump supporting the vax which will be revealed to be toxic. We know he did it as a judo move to ruin the great reset. If Trump is going to justify this move to normies, it had better be good!

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Here you go:


I'm sure there are extra things to add to this list such as black seed oil.

Maybe get some advice on fasting to detox.

Be well fren!

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No matter how much you stim and cover your ears, you will never be a real autist!


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Oh those are convenient things to run short of if you are trying to depopulate. Weren't we were already short of insulin?

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Thank you for this.

The Romanians and the Serbians have both suffered much in the 20th Century. I hope that cabal influence is removed from these countries.

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