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We don't win by jumping in their bear pit.

We have to work in the terrain as we find it.

Why not just call the cabal by their deeds and not try to associate it ethnically or by religion? That way we can identify them wherever they are.

We have it all after all.

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This subject is too far outside the Overton window. We have a job to do and cannot afford to be purist.

The Overton window moves and what you can discuss moves with it.

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If we conflate the cabal and the Jews, then we fall in a trap which has been laid for us. the cabal will re-name and escape as they always have and leave the Jews (all of them) to take the blame, no matter whether they are guilty or not.

Not only that but we can be accused incorrectly of anitisemitism, which is the 3rd rail right now.

It's just incorrect and a really really stupid tactical move in 5G warfare.

Why can't you guys see that. It's just a trap.

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Thank you for keeping to our community standard fren!

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Probably because of comments like the ones you are making today.

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Not here. You'll get your post removed at the least.

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We have a policy that we take down posts which imply that the cabal which we fight are the same as "the Jews". They aren't.

The cabal is much much older and hides within sectors of all religions and secret societies.

We can't afford to make an identification mistake or they will escape.

No escape for them this time.

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It is very much the attitude of the post that would cause it to be taken down.

Blaming things on Jews as a group is not allowed.

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Ok the other mod says the post can be reinstated as a meme.

No need to remove links or anything.

I've re-instated it now.

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Carlson seems to say it was four weeks after his interview with Putin.

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Thank you fren!

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