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There is a great deal of confusion about how communism "works". (It doesn't.)

You will NEVER convince ANY portion of the population that communist ideas are any good.

  • Communist leaders know they are crap.
  • Mid-level managers know they are crap.
  • The workers know they are crap.

What really happens in a communist society is everyone starts playing a game with each other.

  • Leaders talk about communism as if it is a fantastic wonderful thing, and then use it to try to persuade people to do really bad things.
  • Mid-level managers use communism as a litmus test for who is most likely to do what they ask them to do, and as a means of showing off why they need to be promoted and given more responsibility.
  • Workers sing the praises of communism ironically but also because they know that if they don't, they can be drug off to a prison camp somewhere.

No one actually believes in communism. But everyone sings its praises.

That is the point of propaganda: Not to persuade, but to confuse, and to demoralize.