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Hijacking top comment to post the 4chan thread, which has a lot more from this "insider":


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FYI - Q confirmed that Ghislaine Maxwell was the "First indictment [unseal] will trigger mass pop awakening."

So I don't understand all these elaborate theories when Q told us who the first arrest was.


by Quelle
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Here's a post with all the evidence that user maxwellhill is Ghislaine Maxwell for anyone interested. https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/ocbgl6/today_is_the_one_year_anniversary_of_ghislaine

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This is why the floor of Masonic temples are black and white tiles, which represent the dualistic base consciousness of the masses.

You also see the black and white tiles on police uniforms on their hats, in a band across the forehead. This is occult mockery of their order followers.

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Q gave us digital soldiers specific missions


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I posted this on Reddit and received this reply:

"I am an Army ER physician and know Dr. Long. Can vouch for the authenticity of this (though I know most of you will just think “Who’s this rando?”)

Since the DOD has rolled out vaccines this year, I have see about 30 or so soldiers in the ER personally with adverse vaccine reactions. Some were minor. At least 2 were myocarditis, 3 had blood clots in the extremities, and 2 had pulmonary embolisms. All were healthy and in their 20s. Those were just my personal patients, and I’m just one doctor at my shop (out of 7).

I’ve easily seen the same number of dependents (mostly spouses or retirees) with adverse reactions. Most of them had symptoms without a clear diagnosis (I.e. unspecified abdominal or chest pain, difficulty breathing, strange rashes). Though I have seen one case of Guillain-Barré syndrome, and a colleague at my MTF has seen at least one stroke after the vaccine. I suspect many of the unspecified symptoms are due to micro thrombosis."

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There may be difficult times ahead, but if left to their own devices Americans would find solutions. It would take time but machine shops could step up and start making the needed parts. Even manufacturing for IC chips could be engineered. We have plenty of raw materials and steel mills in this country. Solutions are there and when motivated and at the precipice people will provide the solutions. But we know this doesn’t happen overnight, so get prepared and stock up as it’s going to be a rocky road ahead!

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Durham just brought down another indictment. Hardly nothing. Stop living in your blackpilled delusions.

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Four flight recorders in flights 11 and 175 were supposedly never found: https://archive.is/mm9gL

Crash proof passport: http://www.911research.wtc7.net/disinfo/deceptions/passport.html

Use the cached source links.

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He’s become more friendly since then. He’s now teamed up with x22 and writes articles for his webpage and went on the x22report in July. He also reposts people like Praying Medic and other Q friendlies on his Telegram.

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Complaining won't help keep us out of them.

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I did boot camp at Fort Sill.

Guess you are the whiner that doesn't like being told to keep your pussy bitch complaining to yourself as it accomplishes absolutely nothing.

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They said "an army", not the Army.

Not that it matters and distracts from the point they are making.

The point is not to be a whiny bitch.

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Complaining does absolutely nothing. It is worse than nothing it you succeed in dampening morale, and that makes you a useful idiot for the enemy.

This is war, whine and complain in your own head and stfu.

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I've also seen this interpretation:


Fe = iron = 26 on the periodic table

fefe = 26x26 = 676

6+7+6 = 19

Covfefe = Cov19

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Don't jump the gun, there's no source for this claim. Tried with google translate. Does not work.

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Where is your source for the meaning. I've tried to verify this but never could.

Google translate does not work for it either.

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Try not to be get triggered about it and think rationally instead of acting like a tantrum throwing bitch.

Who cares if the anon wasn't right about the element. That Co5Fe2 is a nanoparticle that matches Covfefe that Trump tweeted on purpose is interesting.

You said yourself that you don't know what Co5Fe2 is used for so maybe we should do a little research on it since we still don't know what Trump meant by Covfefe.

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What happened to Phil McCracken, Sook Mahdic, Ophelia McCaulk, Eileen Dover, Don Kedik and Wayne Kerr?

Hopefully Mike Hoc, Oliver Klozoff, Seymour Buttz, and Mike Rotch will step up.

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