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first link is blocked for violating terms of service.

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Heather Podesta was married to Tony Podesta and serves on the Washington D.C. Police Foundation Board according to Wikipedia.

Link that Bannon is responding too: US Capitol Police chief rips into Tucker Carlson over ‘offensive’ use of January 6 footage

An 11-year-old reported being raped twice, wound up with a conviction

Chief Peter Newsham Protects James Alefantis

Newsham and Alefantis pic source.

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Hope is the thing with feathers

that perches in the soul

and sings the tune without the words

and never stops at all.

– Emily Dickinson

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We are at war, doomer demoralizing crybaby bitches get the banhammer. Go cry in your pillow so we don’t have to be subject to your whiny tantrums.

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Well, if your opinion is doomer faggotry, you will be deported, since dooming is against the rules.

Dooming is bad for morale, which any fighting force needs to be effective. So I'm glad that people don't like voicing their whiny doomerisms here.

In any case, I didn't accuse, I only asked.


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They would tune it out more if it came from "Qanon conspiracy theorists" first.

The controlled release of the J6 footage by Tucker is proving to be a good move. Tucker has the most viewers of any cable news show by a large margin and he just blew up the establishment narrative in a series of surgical strikes, on the first day of coverage. This makes it much harder for the fake news to dismiss.

It is my hope and prayer that I won't hear doomers complaining for at least a few days. Tall order I know!

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Nice job scolding the ethical hacker for bravely trying to bring pedophiles to justice instead of the pedophiles themselves and the FBI and MSM for doing nothing about it I guess.

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How do you explain drop 2647, in which Q highlights a one year delta?

Fact is Q taught us that deltas are important on various timeframes. There are many examples of matching deltas if you have been following for a sufficient amount of time.

Don’t tell us we’re wrong for watching for deltas when you haven't even read the drops.

You joined the community two months ago and already lecturing the veterans about how to read the drops? Gtfo.

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Seth Rich was a Bernie bro. The stolen nomination is why he decided to leak the DNC files to Wikileaks.

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There are some hints that the white rabbits are the predators.

Look at the art from drop 2051.

Also check out this article on the subject.

Q might have been saying that HRC was a victim of the white rabbits by calling her Alice in drop 2049.

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I'm talking about dooming, not questioning. Do you understand the difference or do you need it to be explained in more detail? If you aren't down with the mission go do something else instead of weakening the movement. Good luck in boot camp again.

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Doomers please leave your whine justification comment under this comment, so I can easily report you for dooming. Then please join a military branch so that a drill sergeant can smoke you for 9 weeks until you toughen up. Thank you.

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