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I'm talking about dooming, not questioning. Do you understand the difference or do you need it to be explained in more detail? If you aren't down with the mission go do something else instead of weakening the movement. Good luck in boot camp again.

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Doomers please leave your whine justification comment under this comment, so I can easily report you for dooming. Then please join a military branch so that a drill sergeant can smoke you for 9 weeks until you toughen up. Thank you.

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Whiny doomers are useful idiots for satanic pedophiles by decreasing the morale of the digital soldiers in the arena fighting the infowar.

And before you complain about that not doing anything, then why are have we been banned from every big tech platform and constantly attacked by the MSM? Because we are an effective fighting unit ushering the great awakening.

And now we are about to be unleashed on Twitter again, exactly according to plan.

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Trust me, digital soldiers have done way more in the infowar and woken up a lot more people than any whiny doomer like you.

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Acting is what the movement is all about. Q gave specific mission parameters. Digital soldiers fight the infowar. Dooming hurts morale, and spreads hopelessness, which decreases the will of the fighting forces.

Doomers are literally working for the enemy by weakening morale, and therefore, the fighting capacity of digital soldiers.

Doomers and whiners are useful idiots for satanic pedophiles.

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There are dark and light aspects to most occulted knowledge, including Thelema.

Remember that evil cannot create, it only corrupts and inverts.

Mark Passio is the expert if you would like to dive in: https://youtu.be/ozXV0WpWP9k

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So propaganda has no effect? Your decades old observations are outdated. Digital soldiers have had a major effect in countering the fake news and fomenting a great awakening. I know this because we have been totally deplatformed while being slammed in the MSM constantly. If the MSM thought internet had no effect they wouldn't be on it and spend so much money on bots and astroturfing.

The battlefield for people minds is online.

The Q operation is based totally on this fact, is exclusively an online phenomenon from a team typing to us on a keyboard, and look at how it supercharged the truth movement.

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Do most here agree that Elon is one of us or is there still skepticism?

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What we know:

Runbeck printed mail-in ballots.

Runbeck gave mail-in ballots to USPS to deliver.

Runbeck received mail-in ballots.

Runbeck sorted received ballots - 40k per hour.

Runbeck has been partnered with Dominion.

Runbeck has been partnered with Maricopa County.

Runbeck was allegedly caught sending pallets of fake ballots to Fulton County, Georgia.

Runbeck was allegedly caught printing ballots with a ~30% error rate for Tarrant County, Texas.

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Do you more info or a link so I can better understand the FOCUS connection to that

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The US Space Force is also there. Space Operations Command (SpOC). 45th Mission Support Group. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/RAF_Ascension_Island

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I provided evidence in the video though

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First sentence in this so called debunk - "the video starts with some guy talking Qanon shit about pedophiles, people in power, finance and these sort of stuff". Wow, brilliant! Maybe he'll "debunk" Epstein next, because he was jewish and it's "Qanon shit".

Think I'll pass on this "debunk" by an obvious shill who sites the commies at Wikipedia of all places to prove his points (LMAO). Besides promoting anti-Q material here, you should also be banned for thread sliding.

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"If the world hates you, remember that it hated me first." - Jesus, John 15:18

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Was this tweet deleted? can't be found with a search

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  1. Foreign aid goes to Ukraine.
  2. Ukraine invests in $FTX
  3. $FTX donates back to the Democratic Party (directly and through charities).

Sam Bankman-Fried himself spent $40 million on campaigns, second only to George Soros.

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1913 began the roller coaster ride that our great country has been on ever since. Soon after we saw the roaring 20's which was quickly followed by a major transfer of wealth with The Great Depression!


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Doomers are bad for the movement because they hurt morale. High morale translates into participation in the work to spread awareness, the fight to take back the country, and the perseverance necessary to win. While doomers may think they are the "reasonable" ones whose self-important mission is lecturing us on the dangers of "hopium", they are actually useful idiots working for satanic pedophiles by weakening the Movement. I'd much rather them quietly sit on the sidelines or take a break rather than demoralize with their whiny rants.

Dooming is against the rules and can get you banned for good reasons.

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Keeping the place clean from propagandizers, cabal narrative shapers, and dooming demoralizers is probably the most important service you do and also takes the most work. You are the most effective and hardest working mods around, thank you.

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