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I think it's on one of the two Saturday parts on the bottom right, but having trouble playing them. I know that OAN cut away when Lin started talking about Q. https://twitter.com/willsommer/status/1383277740233687048

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Here's the full conference. If anyone knows which day and timestamp comment below, I can't find it.


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Pretty sure the white hats are forcing a move with this. We'll have to wait and see what the outcome will be but usually it is some kind of boomerang play. Also could be so the deep state expends it's ammo before later investigations opened by Gaetz and the Judicial Committee.

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If you didn't notice, MSM and social media was overrun with obedient shill drones pushing the Gaetz story immediately after Gaetz said he has intelligence that taxpayer money is funding human trafficking. And he said straight out:

It's sad to admit it, but the US government may be one of the biggest human traffickers in the world.

The scum who take orders from the pedocabal pretend to care about children by pushing the fake Gaetz story but in reality they are running cover.

Rep. Gaetz to Newsmax TV: Immigrants Crossing the Border on Taxpayers' Dime

Now when you search for this story, all you get are results about the fake Gaetz trafficking allegations...see how that works?

This is why the FBI is going after Gaetz and want to ruin his political career.

Think about this from the State Department's perspective. The State Department paying NGOs to "process" migrants is a well known secret in DC. The reason politicians on the the left and right never bring attention to this issue is due to the fact that tax payer money that ends up in NGO hands, a good portion of it goes into politicians hands as contributions. It's just a scheme to funnel money into politicians bank accounts so politicians on the left and right stay quiet.

Until now. Gaetz is blowing the whistle. Now the State Department and many politicians are concerned. They are concerned because the chance that the GOP takes back the House in 2022 is likely. And with Gaetz serving on the Judicial Committee he will have a big influence on the direction of the Committee's investigations. The Deep Staters and the politicians profiting off the State Department/NGO scheme do not want to be exposed and they will get exposed if the House post 2022 has hearings on this issue.

Thus, time to take Gaetz out.

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There's no doubt that the video this person saw and is talking about is the Project Camelot interview with Bill Wood:


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This person is a professor and the director of the Center for Humanities and the Arts at the University of Colorado. So this is what young people go into soul crushing debt to learn in college these days. No wonder they come out raging fucking lunatics

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Trump is not the saviour. He’s just one part of a much bigger plan.

You are in a Q board, so we know.

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Big pharma could not turn down the money that Trump offered them to push the vaccine through.

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Ron said on his telegram:

Ive noticed that the fake news media is FALSELY reporting that i am Q.

It is simply not true.

Here are the facts:

I am not Q.

Ive never spoken privately with Q.

I dont know who Q is.

Q is a group of genius level military intelligence with very high security clearances. There is 0 chance Ron is Q or is directly involved with the operation.

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