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Easily detected and dealt with.

Long gone are the days when you can doctor a document and pass a check.

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  • Only people ready to fight a war should vote
  • If they vote to fight, they should fight it

It's really simple.

All the old people, the infirm, etc... should not have a right to vote, at least when it comes to war.

And if you vote for war, you should pick up a rifle.

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The fact that I have guns

Means that I am already taking up arms

If the government ever wants to question whether I would fight them to protect my family....

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There's no need for a forced deport when they can't get work here

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It's actually quite easy to send them all back, barely an inconvenience.

You pick up all the criminals, do a background check on them. If they are not a US citizen, then after they have finished their time, you put them on a plane -- ADIOS!

The ones who are looking for work will go back home very quickly when businesses are required to do background checks. The federal government was supposed to set up a system where employers could easily verify people's IDs a long time ago.

The ones who are creating fake IDs are easily caught as well. Round them up, ship them off after they have served their time.

Don't go after the illegals directly. Go after the people that make it worth their time. Shut down the people trafficking in illegals. Throw them in prison, or give them a short trial followed by an execution.

Illegals are not coming here on their own. They are not staying here on their own. They're easy to deal with if we simply went after the real criminals.

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You think that putting the property into private hands will ruin it?

You ACTUALLY THINK that private property owners will do WORSE than the government has with these lands?!?

I'm sorry, I can't help people stuck on stupid...

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If you like it the way it is, you can buy it for yourself, or your state can buy it.

The federal government was NEVER meant to own vast tracts of land. Look at the constitution.

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Let the people living on the border take care of the problem.

Maybe we send them free ammo.

Or maybe we give them $10k for every illegal they dispatch.

We don't need police. We need to stop tying citizens' hands behind their backs.

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North Korea is probably more closely aligned with the US general sentiment than most other "modern" nations.

We have been sold a lie about what is going on over there. The country has been staunchly independent since day 1 and has tried to maintain its sovereignty above all else.

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The truth is we could solve the debt crisis and make the dollar the #1 currency in a few minutes, if we wanted to.

  1. End the Fed. Nationalize it.
  2. Stop allowing banks to create money. They can only loan money they actually have. Not a penny more. If they do, then they get seized by the government for fraud.
  3. Have congress print enough money to maintain a stable currency. Shoot for 0% inflation. That money must be spent on the American people in projects or things that will benefit everyone -- not welfare checks or such.
  4. Sell all the federal land in a public auction. Including the military bases and such. Because we don't need a standing army. Let the states maintain their own militias.
  5. End all federal regulations and taxes. Just start over from 0. Disband all the federal agencies. The executive branch will be the president and like 4 other guys doing everything. No one else.
  6. Because we need to print enough money to keep the money supply stable, we need to match the economic growth. Say the economy grows by $1 trillion in a year. That means we need $1 trilling in new currency to match it. Since the banks can't create any of that money, the congress must do so. So congress prints $1 trillion brand new and spends it on whatever it deems worthy. The extra money can go to paying down the debt (if any is left after we've nationalized the Federal Reserve). If congress runs out of things to spend it on, they can write checks to the states and have them spend it as they see fit.
  7. With no taxes and no regulations, the economy in the US will grow rapidly, probably 20% or more. That means every year, we need to print 20% of the economy in new currency, which we need to spend to avoid deflation.

This solution is so simple and obvious it's been stumbled upon multiple times throughout history, and inevitably an economic explosion followed.

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In all honesty, this is some serious reconstruction-level bad ness. This is exactly what the republicans were trying to stop the democrats from doing during reconstruction. Read "no one is allowed to bear arms" as "no black person is allowed to bear arms" and it makes a lot more sense what is really going on.

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Anyone in government who attempts to subvert our 2nd Amendment right to carry MILITARY ARMS wherever the hell we go is guilty of depriving us of our rights under the color of law.

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In the trial, you establish facts.

Those facts determine certain things, like whether it is lawful to hold a trial at all.

In fact, those facts can be used in other trials.

See, the way it works, is you need to have a law, you need to have facts that the law was broken, and you need the jury to convict. If you are missing any of those, there can be no conviction. So a bad jury can't convict someone when there are no facts or no laws being broken.

That said, a bad jury can certainly exonerate someone since we have the double jeopardy rule in the constitution.

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Rabbits are one of the worst forms of protein as it takes more feed to create protein than other animals.

  • Chickens have the best feed-protein ratio, better than insects even.
  • Sheep, goat, and cattle convert non-edible grass grown on non-arable land into protein. Basically, time + sun + rain -> protein. It's also being discovered that ruminants are critical for turning marginal farm land into productive grain land.

Both of the above are totally available, practically for free, to anyone with a little bit of land. There's no reason we should be buying protein from the store at all.

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They substitute the fake for the real using sleight of hand.

When you want to reject the fake and embrace the real, they make you jump through fake hoops that don't exist.

There is no need to repeal unconstitutional laws.

There is no need to pay taxes to an unconstitutional government.

There is no need to obey unlawful orders.

In fact, not shooting anyone on sight who infringes upon your sacred rights to life, liberty and property is an injustice.

Remind yourself that you have the power, all of the power, and you allow evil and wicked men to conspire simply because of the grace of God.

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Why is it harder to revert a change that was immoral to begin with? It should be easier, not harder, to remedy an evil.

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I don’t think our founding fathers planned for it to be this way.

They KNEW that any government, given enough time, will become absolutely corrupt.

What they were counting on was the system of checks and balances.

You were told in school that only the legislative, judicial, and executive branches can exercise control over each other. This is wrong. There are other pieces that can exert enormous control over the government.

  • The STATES. As sovereign governments composed of millions of people, the states have ENORMOUS power over each other and the federal government. Never think that the state is merely an administrative unit. States are SOVEREIGN meaning nothing exists above it.
  • The PEOPLE. Individuals come together to form collectives, and the collective of the people is the most awesome authority ever. Not even states can withstand the power of the people when united in a common cause.
  • Not to mention other things, including powerful individuals who have gained their power by wealth or by virtue.

The federal government is absolutely corrupt, and has been for a long time, probably over 100 years. It is up to the states and the people, as well as others who wield enormous power, to keep it in check.

My proposal is that we begin singing this chorus to each other: "The government can't exist without the consent of the governed, and I do not consent. Therefore, the government doesn't exist anymore."

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