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No one ever said "repent of your attitude." It's always "repent of your sins."

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They already have.

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I think the most important aspect of common law is that we all recognize it. Each of us has a choice to either adhere to it ir embrace chaos.

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Not a lawyer, but here goes.

A long time ago the English had laws that applied to everyone. It was roughly based on the Bible. It may have been written down, but it was so long ago we can't remember.

Over time and numerous cases, the law has been updated and interpreted by the judges and the people. Although there is no one "official" source it lives by being understood and agreed by everyone as universally binding on everyone, even the king.

Fast forward to 1776, and the Americans are trained in common law and use it to declare their freedom from England. The constitution is written in context of the common law. Every state is based on it.

It still applies today, and is a framework for every discussion of law. In fact, if we were to abolish the states, the federal government, the queen of england and parliament, we would still have the common law.

Other countries have different traditions, notably Germany, which is the foundation of both Korean and Japanese law IIRC.

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One theory is that Pompeo is the acting pres. Since Biden, Harris, and Pelosi can't serve, Pompeo became pres on 1/21.

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I'm floored by how much and how commonly glyphosate is used in my neck of the woods. Operations that are otherwise completely natural rely heavily on glyphosate for weed control.

The stuff should be banned.

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People who sell stuff that destroys lives deserve death

It's not rocket science

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Sell drugs to my kids

I will kill you

For trying to destroy my family

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Angry white women didn't take Jerusalem

Or conquer the world

But they did send their sons and husbands to do so

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People like Greg Judy have proved that the beef industry creates topsoil, restores spent agricultural land, and frees producers from slavery.

Imagine being able to raise cows with no inputs. Just sun, rain, and soil. Of course a bit of thinking and work, but it is now possible.

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