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Each..and...every...time...I'm around my leftist family, which thankfully is down to once or twice per year now, I literally can feel the energy leaving my body in their presence. Even when I attempt to have a decent time, I come away mentally drained and exhausted that take me days to recover. This has been increasing in severity as their outlandish communist beliefs also increase in severity over the years. I think it is just my brain trying to keep up with processing the nonsense I hear while also restraining myself from acting out, but I do wonder if they are some sort of communist energy vampires on a metaphysical level, and I'm being totally serious, even if they don't know they are doing it, it could just come with the communist package so to speak.

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Well done. Nothing worse than being controlled and made to feel guilty. I spent years thinking I was to blame for being abused, then realised it was a satanic lie. Forgave, prayed for my mum and step-dad and got free and happy. Got the chance to reconnect with them years later, treasure the way she said she was grateful I'd forgiven her. God is good.

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So do it because Jesus said we should, out of respect and obedience to Him. Or at least ask for the grace to do it. It is important: there is a passage in the Bible about God being hindered in His ability to bless us. Obedience is better than sacrifice, its to benefit us and help us grow.