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Not to mention:

Birth-control pills could add 10 million doses of hormones to our wastewater every day. Some of that estrogen may wind up in our taps.


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Pray and proclaim Ps 94 daily: the word of God is powerful in bringing down strongholds.

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Whenever I get attacked I ask the Lord to show me what I need to repent of or remove. Sin gives Satan a legal right to interfere with us, it opens a doorway which needs to be shut. When the Lord shows me what the problem is I ask for forgiveness, ask for the demonic influence to be removed and for the doorway to be shut for all eternity and sealed with the Blood of Jesus.

Objects in our possession can also open doorways if they have any occult connection. My daughter nearly died while we were on holiday many years ago. I then saw that the tshirt she had bought had a pentagram and threw it out. Ask for discernment and keep praying, praising and declaring JESUS IS LORD.

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Sorry, no direct link - reposted from gab. Maybe its on Rumble, bitshute, or YT.

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It's in South Dakota.


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And declare PS 94 daily. God's word is mighty at pulling down strongholds.

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This place is a haven for us: sharing info, joys and sorrows; getting prayers and support, and encouraging each other. Thanks to all the mods for keeping us going.

God bless you all frens.

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Its difficult to get to the age when most of the people you treasured are gone. They live on in our hearts.

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May the Lord comfort and strengthen you and your family at this sad time. Losing loved ones is never easy.

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Errors / gnosticism started creeping in early on, Satan did not waste time to pervert, obscure and nullify the work of Jesus. Catholicism is a pagan, anti-Christ cult. Read Pagan Christianity by Frank Viola & George Barna - most religious practices are pagan.

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It seems to have become a bit of a cult for sure. Keep your eyes on the Lord.

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But hey - he had the rainbow and the Ukraine flags so can't be all bad.

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And still the sheep don't see it. Maybe if they swapped the catechism for the Bible they might.

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