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I believe every word this man has said. Interesting to note that in the last two months tor so our local free community news magazine has not had the usual report of deaths from the Parish Register.

We need the Great Awakening NOW!

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Over 40k old people have been deliberately infected and killed off in the UK; the National Health Service has spent millions on gag orders. Many medics have resigned. The ones I know are strangely evasive about this and claim not to know much - its clear their mortgage repayments are taking priority. I have lost all respect for them.

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White Hat plan for BAAL Gates is also real - his future is orange.

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I respond with "Yes! Its so deadly you need to be tested to see if you've got it!"

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From what I can see, the people who saw this coming are those with God given discernment, who prayed for years for the corruption to be exposed and the satanists to be done away with. The rest have been blinded by the god of this world and are in for a rude awakening.

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The dam will break at some point - this can't drag on forever. Something is telling me to go and fill my car up with petrol and grocery, best to be prepared.

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That poor kid! I must have looked like that when my brothers took me on a sledge ride off a ski slope. We started just below the jump point; broke the sound barrier - my little life flashed before my eyes. Overshot the landing apron and became airborne, fir trees shot past. Next thing I was being pulled out by my legs from a snow drift and my bros yelling: DON'T YOU DARE TELL MUM! One of the reasons I know God exists - I lived to tell the tale.

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It was the endless pics of her in uniform that made me doubt.

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